The Most Dangerous and Treacherous Times in U.S. History! (Part 76)

Please Read Part 75:

The Most Dangerous and Treacherous Times in U.S. History! (Part 75)-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On July 5, 2018:

The following recent thought-provoking article revealed that we have the same anti-American Socialists in Washington and their main stream media propaganda distributors upset over President Trump’s recent summit with Vladimir Putin over the fact that the president never confronted Putin over election interference during the last election, which are allegedly the same Socialists who tried their best to keep President Trump from getting elected and continue to try to get him impeached after he won, so that former Dictator Obama and the Socialist Leftists, both in power and on the street, can move on with finishing the job of transforming the US into a Socialist country. So, basically what we allegedly have today is influence and a concerted effort by Obama to reclaim his Nazi inspired Socialist empire that he thought he would never lose because he, Clinton, and the DNC had the elections rigged for his chosen successor Hillary Clinton.

It also revealed that all those in office in DC and their supporters who fight President Trump every step of the way are allegedly the Socialist anti-American factions who wish to destroy the USA as an independent free constitutional nation, as evidenced by them burning our flag, tearing up the streets with violence, fueling the NFL to get rid of our National Anthem, taking away our history by taking down statues and monuments, wanting the UN to lead our country and wishing for us to have no borders-thereby ceasing to be the US of A.

Additionally, it also revealed that these anti-Americans allegedly want to create a nation under Socialism that would make everyone who has ever fought and died in the US military for freedom, justice, and liberty null and void, signifying the actual defeat of the US at the hands of Social insurgents within their own government. If True-What’s wrong, but not surprising about this picture?-You Decide:

The Anti-American Socialists Attack!-Posted on Eagle Rising-By Tony Elliott-On July 18, 2018:

Note: I believe that the information revealed in the following articles and videos relates to and/or further supports the disturbing information revealed in the above thought-provoking article-You Decide:

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reacts as she listens to a question from the audience during a campaign event at Uncle Nancy's Coffee in Newton, Iowa on September 6.

Non-profit Files FEC Complaint Against Clinton Campaign, DNC over Dossier!-Posted on Kristina Wong-On July 19, 2018:

Hillary Clinton Kris Paronto

Hillary Tries Attacking White House Over a Diplomat — Benghazi Survivor Reminds Her Of Her Own Record!-Posted on Independent Journal Review-By SAM DORMAN-On July 20, 2018:

Mueller Offers Clinton Ally Immunity to Testify Against Trump Ally!-Posted on Front Page Magazine-By Daniel Greenfield-On July 20, 2018:

Video: Tom Fitton: FBI Director Doesn’t Believe Mueller Probe is a Witch Hunt!-Posted on Fox Business-On July 19, 2018:

Video: Are Manafort and Podesta being treated the same by Mueller?-Posted on Fox News-On July 20, 2018:

Video: If Congress Won’t Jail Hillary, “People’s Grand Juries” Can!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On July 19, 2018:

Ocasio-Cortez: Occupy Airports, Shut Down ICE!-Posted on The New American-By R. Cort Kirkwood-On July 19, 2018:

ICE Agent

133 House Dems Showed Just How Serious They Are About Their Party's Calls to Abolish ICE!-Posted on Independent Journal Review-By SAM DORMAN-On July 20, 2018:

Chuck Schumer is in deep trouble after one major mistake!-Posted on July 20, 2018:

Harry Reid birthright citizenship

Democrats Scrambling to Hide Reid’s Comments on Illegals!-Posted on The Political Insider-By Matt, Contributor-On July 19, 2018:

Gallup: Record Percentage Say Immigration Top Problem for USA!-Posted on Terence P. Jeffrey-On July 19, 2018:

The Hypocrisy of the Criminal Socialist Left Screams for Democracy when what They Really Want is The Total Opposite!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Tony Elliott-On July 19, 2018:

Who's Really 'For the People'? ‘Democrats trot out their latest campaign slogan. Let's count the ways it's false advertising’!-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Thomas Gallatin-On July 20, 2018:

Dems Sue Trump Over Tax Cuts: ‘Politicians in high-tax blue states seek to shield themselves from the consequences of their tax policies’!-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Business Review Board-On July 20, 2018:

U.S. President Trump holds cabinet meeting as Ivanka Trump looks on at the White House in Washington

Trump Doubles Down on Criticism of Fed Rate Hike, Bashes Trade Deals: 'We Are Raising Rates - Really?'-Posted on Independent Journal Review-By AARON CREDEUR-On July 20, 2018:

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Says Trump’s Trade Battles Have Not Hurt US Economy!-Posted on The Western Journal-By The Western Journal-On July 21, 2018:

Huckabee Takes Jab at Obama, Praises Trump for Knowing ‘What’s Best for America’!-Posted on The Western Journal-By Jack Davis-On July 22, 2018:

Grand Domestic Product — 2Q GDP Growth Hits 4.1%: ‘Trump's regimen of tax cuts and deregulation is yielding solid economic growth’!-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Business Review Board-On July 27, 2018:

Jeanine Pirro by Gage Skidmore (cropped 2).jpg

Judge Jeanine describes ‘ballistic’ Whoopi got WORSE backstage: She spit at me…get the f**k out of this building!-Posted on BizPac Review-By Samantha Chang-On July 20, 2018:

judge jeanine whoopi

Judge Jeanine Pirro Says She Can Go ‘Toe-To-Toe’ With Anyone After Showdown With Whoopi Goldberg!-Posted on Political Insider-By Nick Givas, Daily Caller-On July 20, 2018:

From Government to Entertainment Industry, Latest Violent Whoopi Goldberg Outburst May Be Part Of Bigger Satanic Cult!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Tony Elliott-On July 21, 2018:

Ridicule, Not Reasoned Debate, Is the Best Medicine for Political Cults: ‘Time to take off the gloves’!-Posted on Front Page Magazine-By Bruce Thornton-On July 27, 2018:

BREAKING: Petition to fire Whoopi Goldberg hits 25,000 signatures in just 8 HOURS!-Posted on Clayton-On July 20, 2018:

WATCH: “NOBODY intimidates me”; Judge Jeanine responds after heated debate on ‘The View’!-Posted on Clayton-On July 21, 2018:

People chant slogans as they burn a U.S. flag outside the Los Angeles office of U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, Thursday, July 19, 2018, in Los Angeles.

Maxine Waters supporters burn American flag outside California rep's office!-Posted on Paulina Dedaj | Fox News-On July 19, 2018:

Maxine Waters and Her Followers Prove Our Point!-Posted on Oath Keepers-By Stewart Rhodes-On July 19, 2018:

Maxine Waters White House Petition

Petition to Expel Maxine Waters Crosses 100k Signatures – White House Must Respond!-Posted on The Political Insider-By Matt, Contributor-On July 20, 2018:

Antifa Lauren Southern

Antifa Attempts Attack on Lauren Southern – Fails Miserably!-Posted on The Political Insider-By Matt, Contributor-On July 20, 2018:

Participants wave republican and anti-fascist flags during a march called by the Friends of International Brigades Association to commemorate the involvement of the International Brigades in the Battle of Jarama during the Spanish Civil War at Morata de Tajuna near Madrid on February 21, 2015.

Outrage: ‘Commie Camp’ Summer Activities Encourage Children To Craft Antifa Propoganda!-Posted on The Western Journal-By Cillian Zeal-On July 21, 2018:

Shouting protesters throw feces at coffee shop because owner supports Trump’s immigration stance!-Posted on The Blaze-On July 19, 2018:

'Hang Trump' T-shirts peddled on Facebook: ‘Seller also cashing in through popular fundraising website’!-Posted on Art Moore-On July 19, 2018:

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook FINALLY Removes Page Calling For Violence Against Republicans!-Posted on GOP Presidential-By GOP Presidential Staff-On July 18, 2018:

Anti-Semitic, Anti-American, Pro-Islamic Congressman Keith Ellison Demands Amazon Censor Books By SPLC-Labeled Hate Groups!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Tim Brown-On July 21, 2018:

The Left's Beheading Obsession: ‘A window into progressive bloodlust’!-Posted on Front Page Magazine-By Mark Tapson-On July 20, 2018:

Video: Paul Joseph Watson Video: The Truth About Migrants: What is really happening to Europe?-Posted on Front Page Magazine-By July 20, 2018:


“Tolerant” Antifa Twerps Stashing Bombs and Guns for Coming Conflict!-Posted on Andrew West-On July 19, 2018:

Barack Obama with the hammer-and-sickle flag of the old Soviet Union.

Media Trash Trump for Putin Summit, Praise Obama at Violent Communist’s Bday Party!-Posted on The Western Journal-By Benjamin Arie-On July 19, 2018:

Obama's Delusional Lecture in South Africa: ‘Ex-president complains about the problems he helped make worse’!-Posted on Front Page Magazine-By Joseph Klein--On July 20, 2018:

Obama Blasts “Strongman Politics”— While Hyping Man Who Worshiped Castro: ‘The totalitarians Nelson Mandela celebrated and admired’!-Posted on Front Page Magazine-By Humberto Fontova-On July 30, 2018:

Video: Dr. Steve Pieczenik About Obama, Mandela, Putin And Trump!-Posted on OpenMind-On July 18, 2018:

Gutsy Judge Nap Goes for It, Takes Big Stand for Trump on Putin Relationship!-Posted on The Western Journal-By Nick Givas-On July 19, 2018:

Nikki Haley speaks out on Putin summit and she does not hold back

Nikki Haley speaks out on Putin summit and she does not hold back!-Posted on The Blaze-On July 23, 2018:

Trump Slams Obama as 'Patsy' for Russia!-Posted on Todd Beamon-On July 19, 2018:

Newscaster Poppy Harlow vs. President Donald Trump

CNN Cripples Own Russia Narrative, Admits Trump’s Tougher on Putin Than Obama!-Posted on The Western Journal-By Ben Marquis-On July 19, 2018:

Woman Tears Apart ‘Trump’s Soft on Russia’ Lie in Video Every American Needs to See!-Posted on The Western Journal-By Joe Saunders-On July 19, 2018:

Trump Digs Up ‘Classic’ Video of Hillary Talking About Russia to Make a Point About ‘Fake News’!-Posted on The Western Journal-By Benjamin Arie-On July 20, 2018:

Trump invites Putin to Washington and the Lefties are outraged at the invitation!-Posted on The Washington Times-By Dave Boyer and Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times-On July 19, 2018:

Photo of Chuck Schumer smiling with Vladimir Putin goes viral

Photo of Chuck Schumer smiling with Vladimir Putin goes viral!-Posted on Patriot News Alerts-By Jerry McCormick-On July 19, 2018:

White House Worried That Coats Is Undermining Trump Over Putin Summit!-Posted on The New American-By  R. Cort Kirkwood-On July 20, 2018:

Dan Coats apologizes for disrespect, reaction to Putin summit. ‘Press mis-characterized my intentions.’!-Posted on BizPac Review-By BPR Wire-On July 22, 2018:

Trump Charges “Fake News” Is Pushing for a U.S.-Russia Confrontation!-Posted on The New American-By Steve Byas-On July 20, 2018:

WayneAllynRoot Head.jpg

“Russian Collusion” by Saul Alinsky!-Posted on Wayne Root-On July 20, 2018:

The Real Colluder-in-Chief: ‘The facts about Obama the establishment media conveniently forgets’!-Posted on Front Page Magazine-By Ari Lieberman-On July 20, 2018:

Video: Tucker Carlson Declares That a Coup Has Commenced Against Trump!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On July 19, 2018:

John brennan putin

Did John Brennan Out an American Spy in Russia to Hurt Trump?-Posted on The Political Insider-By Jim E-On July 19, 2018:

America First Doesn’t Mean Intelligence Agencies First!-Posted on Eagle Rising-By Joe Scudder-On July 20, 2018:

WSJ: Was John Brennan The One Who Actually Engaged In "Treason"?-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Tim Brown-On July 21, 2018:

House Judiciary Committee sets sights on ex-CIA boss John Brennan after questions mount!-Posted on BizPac Review-By Samantha Chang-On July 23, 2018:

Video: On Watch: Strzok — “No One Left to Lie to” — & Will Obam...-Posted on Judicial Watch-On July 18, 2018:

What of Two FBI Emails Involving “White House Counsel?” “I Want Obama Deposed”!-Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On July 18, 2018:

Peter Strzok Knew There Was No Basis for the Mueller Investigation!-Posted on Eagle Rising-By Joe Scudder-On July 20, 2018:

Bombshell: Report Indicates Lisa Page Testified Under Oath That FBI Had No Basis For Mueller Investigation!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Tim Brown-On July 21, 2018:

Judicial Watch Attorney: “There are 13,000 Pages” of Communications between Page, Strzok:  ‘Claim:  “The Good Stuff” To Be Found In Personal Email Accounts’!-Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On July 20, 2018:

Judicial Watch Victory: FBI Begins Releasing Strzok-Page Documents!-Posted on Judicial Watch-On July 21, 2018:

In unprecedented move, DOJ releases Carter Page FISA applications. ‘Ignorance or insanity?’-Posted on BizPac Review-By BPR Wire-On July 22, 2018:

Did the FBI Tell the Truth to the FISA Court? ‘Applications Claim “Probable Cause” of “Violations of Criminal Statues” Against Former Trump Campaign Adviser’!-Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On July 21, 2018:

President Trump used a series of tweets to argue that heavily redacted documents show that FBI agents misled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by using a dossier partly funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign to obtain a warrant to snoop on Carter Page. (Associated Press/File)

Trump's claim of FBI 'illegal scam' puts him at odds with lawmakers, including Republicans!-Posted on The Washington Times-By Tom Howell Jr., The Washington Times-On July 22, 2018:

Gowdy Trump innocent

Gowdy Offers Proof Trump Is Innocent on Russian Collusion!-Posted on The Political Insider-By Matt, Contributor-On July 23, 2018:

Former CIA Agent Kevin Shipp: ‘Indictments Are Coming…Trump Cannot Be Bribed’!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Mac Slavo-On July 17, 2018:

DULUTH, MN - JUNE 20: President Donald Trump greets supporters after speaking during a campaign rally at the Amsoil Arena on June 20, 2018 in Duluth Minnesota. Earlier today President Trump signed an executive order to keep undocumented families together as outcry continued to grow over the policy of separating …

Slate’s Jamelle Bouie: Reporters on Mission to ‘Fracture Donald Trump’s Base’!-Posted on Joshua Caplan-On July 19, 2018:

J.D. Pendry

What Happened To Our Country? These Are Not Our Values, This Isn’t Who We Are!-Posted on J.D. Pendry-On July 21, 2018:

One, Two, Three Strikes, You’re Out! ‘Which Will Win “Globalism or Nationalism”?-Posted on The Post & Email-By Linda Goudsmit-On July 21, 2018:

Roger Anghis

Who Will Stand For America?-Posted on Pastor Roger Anghis-On July 22, 2018:

Roger Anghis

Who Will Stand For America! (Part 2)-Posted on Pastor Roger Anghis-On July 29, 2018:

Video: ALEX JONES (FULL SHOW) Friday 7/20/18: Norris Sweidan, Lee Stranahan, Martina Markota, Ashton Hess!-Posted on Ron Gibson-On July 20, 2018:

Eli Crane, Reuters

'Undeniable Bias': Navy SEAL Says Bureaucrats Like Comey Shouldn't Be Off the Hook for Trump's Russia Comments!-Posted on Independent Journal Review-By EMILY HULSEY-On July 22, 2018:

Video: Flashback: ‘Eight Years of Obama’s Weakness Toward Russia’!-Posted on The Washington Free Beacon-By Andrew Kugle-On February 26, 2018:

In this photo taken on Sunday, April 21, 2013, Maria Butina, leader of a pro-gun organization in Russia, speaks to a crowd during a rally in support of legalizing the possession of handguns in Moscow, Russia. Butina, a 29-year-old gun-rights activist, served as a covert Russian agent while living in Washington, gathering intelligence on American officials and political organizations and working to establish back-channel lines of communications for the Kremlin, federal prosecutors charged Monday, July 16, 2018. (AP Photo)

Accused Russian spy Maria Butina was meeting with senior Obama administration officials in 2015!-Posted on BizPac Review-By Frieda Powers-On July 23, 2018:

U.S. President Trump holds cabinet meeting as Ivanka Trump looks on at the White House in Washington

MSNBC’s classic reaction to news of Trump’s highest approval rating of his entire presidency!-Posted on BizPac Review-By Frieda Powers-On July 23, 2018:

Will the Trail of Bodies Ever Grow Large Enough to Make Hillary President?-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On July 20, 2018:

Investigative Journalist Jen Moore Found Dead 1 Week After Interview Of Bill Clinton Rape Victim & Reporting To FBI & DOJ!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Tim Brown-On August 16, 2018:

Obama and Holder Team to Take Out Walker in 2018, Flip Ryan's Seat

Holder’s ‘Sue ‘Til Blue’ Redistricting Lawsuits Cost Va. Taxpayers $10M!-Posted on Liberty Headlines-By Lionel Parrott-On July 20, 2018:

Candace Owens: We need to stop calling them liberals and begin referring to them as exactly what they are …’!-Posted on BizPac Review-By Vivek Saxena-On July 22, 2018:

Musician John Rich of Big & Rich speaks during the 52nd Academy Of Country Music Awards Cumulus/Westwood One Radio Remotes at T-Mobile Arena on April 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Country Music Star Has a Compelling Message for ‘Young Folks Leaning Socialist’!-Posted on The Western Journal-By Cillian Zeal-On July 21, 2018:

James Comey angers Democrats, again: ‘Don’t lose your minds’ and vote for left-wing socialists!-Posted on BizPac Review-By BPR Wire-On July 23, 2018:

Joe Lieberman: If Democratic-Socialism is our Future, We’re in Trouble!-Posted on Eagle Rising-By Onan Coca-On July 22, 2018:

Centrist Democrats Push Back against Extremists!-Posted on Eagle Rising-By Joe Scudder-On July 22, 2018:

The 'New Face' of the Democrat Party? ‘The surge of socialist sentiments is bad for Democrat midterm hopefuls and bad for the future of Liberty’!-Posted on The Patriot Post-By Mark Alexander-On July 25, 2018:

socialist democrat poll

Vast Majority Of Americans Won’t Vote For A Socialist, New Poll Finds!-Posted on The Political Insider-By Joe Simonson, Daily Caller-On July 26, 2018:

'The Civil Rights Movement Has Turned Into the Civil Rights Industry' — Writer Explains Why He Walked Away From Dems!-Posted on Independent Journal Review-By MADISON SUMMERS-On July 31, 2018:

Cover image for Paul Kengor: ‘A Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism and Socialism’

Paul Kengor: ‘A Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism and Socialism’!-Posted on Emilie Cochran-On August 1, 2018:

Barack Obama Just Ignited A Civil War With One Announcement!-Posted on Great American Daily-On August 4, 2018:

The Self-Destruction of the Democratic Party!-Posted on Eagle Rising-By Ed Brodow-On July 20, 2018:

The Powerful Women Behind the Deep State’s Puppets!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On July 22, 2018:

Washington Post Columnist: “God Bless the ‘Deep State’”!-Posted on The New American-By Steve Byas-On July 22, 2018:

Obama Says He is “From Kenya”: ‘Then Is He A “Natural  Born Citizen” Of The U.S.?-Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On July 23, 2018:

Kenyan Senate Minority Leader: Obama Was Born in Kenya!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Dean Garrison-On July 25, 2018:

What? Why Did Donald Trump Offer Barack Obama $50 Million?-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Dean Garrison-On July 27, 2018:

Barack Hussein Obama: Con Man & Criminal Admits He is Foreign-Born!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Bradlee Dean-On August 3, 2018:


Zullo: “Pandora’s Box” Would be Opened if Obama Birth Certificate Probed!-Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On July 22, 2018:

Please Read Part 77:

The Most Dangerous and Treacherous Times in U.S. History! (Part 77)-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On July 23, 2018:

Note:  I also believe that the extremely disturbing information revealed in the above articles and videos relates to and/or further supports my following blogs from the recent past-You Decide:

Letter to our NM U.S. Representative Michelle Lujan-Grisham (re: Shadow Party’s alleged agenda to take down America)!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On February 13, 2015:

Obama is the Manifestation of a Multi-Generational Soviet Plot to Destroy America!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On April 2, 2014:


Was Obama's Real Job to Destroy America's Moral & Ethical Foundations?- Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On January 24, 2014:

When A U.S. President IS Muslim Brotherhood!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On August 17, 2014:

Who ran cover for Obama's Islamic Background? 'Tracing The Politics And The Money Behind Obama's 2008 Campaign'!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On July 30, 2012:

Why did a black preacher from Harlem have a "hit" placed on his life?-Posted on WordPress-com-On October 19, 2010:

Was Obama Pre-selected & Groomed To Be Our U.S. President & Take Down America to Usher In The NWO Due To His CIA, Communist and Muslim Connections & Influences?-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On November 16, 2016:

Obama: Submit to Globalism or Face War, Death, Destruction!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On November 17, 2016:

Do Alinsky's Rules Define This Administration's Governing Style?-Posted on May 18, 2010:’s-rules-define...

Is Obama Employing the Cloward-Piven Strategg?-Posted on January 7, 2010:


Investigators Find That Obama's Online Birth Certificate Presented To The American Public Is 'Fake'!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On December 15, 2016:

Peace is possible if Trump is elected.

Not Since JFK, Has a President Spit Into the Face of the Globalists, Until Now!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On November 21, 2016:

Nazi Collaborator Soros Continues Multi-pronged War on Trump, Calls Him “Would-be Dictator”!-Posted on The New American-By William F. Jasper-On January 4, 2017:

Who Is George Soros?-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On September 26, 2012:

The MSM conglomerates are the most prolific and insidious "fake news" propagators in the marketplace of ideas!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On November 30, 2016:

Note:  The following videos wholeheartedly share my sentiments regarding what we are currently experiencing in America today-You Decide:

A Republic, If You Can Keep It!

The Fightin Side of Me!

When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty!

“Food for Thought”

Hello: Are Americans Going To Wake Up and Take a Stand Against The Deplorable Obstructionists That Are Doing Their Utmost To Take Down Our Democratically Elected President, His Administration and Ultimately Destroy our Country/Republic?-God Bless America!

Please Pray For Our Country/Republic.
Semper Fi!

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Comment by Jake Martinez on July 20, 2018 at 5:50am

Dear Bonnie Somer:

Thanks for taking the time to read my recent blog and for your much appreciated comment(s), which I totally agree with.

God Bless-Have a great day-Stay Safe.

Thanks again.


Comment by Bonnie Somer on July 20, 2018 at 5:26am

this is why everyday i email the president.   i think it is important to do that.

yes i agree this is what is happening but many see it.   our job is to stop it.    

our kids need us now more than ever

their schools are bastons of hate and indoctrination

we have to do all we can now to stop the end of this nation   the war has started.   the next level cannot be far behind.....................................................



Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by Tom StiglichPolitical Cartoons by AF Branco


Fact Check:   'Joe Biden Claims ‘We Didn’t Lock People Up In Cages’

CLAIM: Former Vice President Joe Biden claimed, on immigration: “We didn’t lock people up in cages.”

VERDICT: FALSE. The “cages” were built by the Obama-Biden administration.

Univision moderator Jorge Ramos asked Biden at the third Democrat debate at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, why Latinos should trust him after the Obama administration continued deporting “undocumented immigrants.”

Biden claimed that the Obama administration’s policies were more humane than those of President Donald Trump: “We didn’t lock people up in cages,” he said.

In fact, the “cages” were built by the Obama administration to deal with a surge of unaccompanied minors who crossed the border illegally in 2014.

Originally, the Obama administration was “warehousing” children — literally — in overwhelmed Border Patrol facilities. Breitbart News broke the story of the surge, which was partly triggered by Obama’s policy of allowing illegal alien children who entered the country as minors to stay in the country (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA).

Above image credit: AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, Pool, File

The above photo was published by the Associated Press in June 2014, and the photo below is of Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, touring a Border Patrol facility with “cages.”

Above: Border Patrol officers escort Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Gov. Jan Brewer through the department’s Nogales processing facility for immigrant children. (Photo courtesy Barry Bahler/Department of Homeland Security)

The “cages” are chain-link enclosures in Border Patrol processing facilities that are meant to protect children from adults in custody. They are not permanent accommodations.

In mid-2018, as the Trump administration began enforcing a “zero tolerance” policy that stopped the “catch-and-release” policy of letting illegal aliens go after they were arrested. Detaining adults and children meant that children had to be processed separately; the enclosures prevented adults from harming children.

As Breitbart News reported at the time, children were not housed in “cages.” They were processed and then taken to shelters, where they were given medical care, toiletries, education, recreation, and counseling, and where staff attempted to find relatives or sponsors to whom they could be released.

Democrats began tweeting images of “kids in cages” to condemn the Trump administration. Journalists, too, shared those images.

One problem: they were taken during the Obama administration.

Public outrage at the images led President Trump to end the policy, and require families to be detained together.

Democrats keep repeating the mistake, however: in July, they had to delete a tweet that used an image from the Obama era and cited the “inhumane treatment” of children by the Trump administration.

Republicans argue that not detaining illegal aliens is actually the cruel policy, because it encourages migrants to undertake a dangerous journey, often guided by cartels and smugglers.

As Breitbart News’ Alana Mastrangelo noted recently:

But what’s worse than “cages,” however, are reports of migrant children also being handed over to human traffickers during the Obama administration — while Biden was vice president — according to the New York Times. Between October 2013 and July 2015 alone, nearly 80,000 unaccompanied children from Central American countries were detained by U.S. authorities.

It remains unclear how many of the tens of thousands of children were handed over to human traffickers — including sex traffickers — during that span of nearly two years, as those cases are reportedly not tracked.

“Others were ransomed by the very smugglers to whom their families paid thousands of dollars to sneak them into the United States,” reported the New York Times in 2015, during Obama’s presidency and Biden’s vice presidency. “Some lost limbs during the journey or found themselves sold into sexual slavery.”

Biden told voters in South Carolina last month that he would close all border detention facilities, guaranteeing that the migrant flow would continue.

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