Obama: Submit to Globalism or Face War, Death, Destruction!

I wanted to share the following recent article that reveals that Obama and the globalist establishment is not ready to surrender its radical internationalist agenda without a dirty fight-You Decide:
Obama: Submit to Globalism or Face War, Death, Destruction!-Posted on The New American-By Alex Newman-On November 16, 2016:
With globalists facing a series of devastating defeats and mounting global outrage over their agenda, Obama complained that President-elect Donald Trump “tapped into” what he called a “troubling” strain of public opinion that threatens to unleash war, genocide, and death. Obama's divisive comments acknowledging but then dismissing Americans' rejection of the globalist assault on self-government and nationhood were made in Athens, Greece, during his final official trip abroad. The misleading remarks confirm that, despite escalating public fury worldwide as expressed in Brexit and Trump's election, the globalist establishment is not ready to surrender its radical internationalist agenda without a dirty fight.
Speaking at a press conference alongside totalitarian-minded Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Obama lashed out at what he described as “anger and fear in the American population” over globalization. Sounding oblivious to reality, Obama also suggested that much of that “anger and fear” was based on inaccurate rhetoric from politicians rather than the truth. In the real world, of course, successful politicians such as Trump and Brexit engineer Nigel Farage are giving voice to the pre-existing concerns of the electorate, rather than the rhetoric fueling the concerns.
Not in Obama's mind, though — at least not in his public statements. “You've seen some of the rhetoric among Republican elected officials and activists and media. Some of it pretty troubling and not necessarily connected to facts, but being used effectively to mobilize people,” Obama claimed during the news conference in Greece. “And obviously President-elect Trump tapped into that particular strain within the Republican Party and then was able to broaden that enough and get enough votes to win the election.”
By “troubling” so-called “strain,” Obama was referring to the anti-globalist, anti-establishment, pro-sovereignty, pro-borders, pro-America campaign platform that propelled Trump to a historic victory despite the entire establishment and all of its propaganda organs arrayed against him. But by essentially claiming that the sentiment was based on the rhetoric of politicians rather than the concerns and wishes of the voting public, Obama's analysis falls short — almost certainly deliberately — even as it attempts to marginalize the legitimate outcry of tens of millions of Americans. 
Obama also implied that people's concerns about globalist scheming, as expressed through the ballot box, could be dangerous if wiser globalists do not save humanity from itself. “People are less certain of their national identities or their place in the world. It starts looking different and disorienting. And there is no doubt that has produced populist movements, both from the left and the right,” Obama argued, comparing socialist Bernie Sanders with Trump, as if the two represented a similar vision. “That sometimes gets wrapped up in issues of ethnic identity or religious identity or cultural identity. And that can be a volatile mix.”
He put his message bluntly, too: A rejection of Big Government globalism might well lead to war, genocide, hate, and other evils. “We are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism, or ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an us and a them, and I will never apologize for saying that the future of humanity and the future of the world is going to be defined by what we have in common, as opposed to those things that separate us and ultimately lead us into conflict,” Obama claimed, saying in so many words that those who believe in the independent nation-state produce conflict while globalists, responsible for countless wars in recent decades, produce peace.  
Then he brought up World War II. “Take Europe,” Obama continued. “We know what happens when Europeans start dividing themselves up and emphasizing their differences and seeing a competition between various countries in a zero-sum way. The 20th century was a bloodbath.” In other words, surrender self-government and liberty to globalists and their unaccountable institutions, or face death and destruction. Never mentioned by Obama is the essential role of the globalist establishment in the bloodbaths of the 20th century.   
A key purpose of Obama's final trip abroad, according to establishment media reports, was aimed at assuring foreign governments that Trump was committed to United Nations subsidiary NATO and globalist institutions rather than his campaign rhetoric. Whether that is true remains unclear. Indeed, aside from rejecting globalism, Americans also rejected the media's lies. The fringe globalist-minded media, once widely mischaracterized as the “mainstream media,” appears to be dying in terms of both credibility and finances. Polls show Americans now overwhelmingly reject the establishment's propaganda organs as dishonest, with just a gullible fringe still trusting the media.
But Obama and the establishment media were hardly the only ones expressing concerns about the surging global opposition to globalism. Globalist HQ in America, the Council on Foreign Relations, which Hillary Clinton said told her how to think and what to do as secretary of state, also sounded the alarm. “For U.S. internationalists, the election of Donald Trump poses a monumental challenge,” wrote CFR globalist Stewart Patrick on the CFR blog The Internationalist after Trump was elected. “Two decades ago, Patrick J. Buchanan’s pitchfork populism attracted no more than twenty percent of the Republican electorate. Today his ideological heir is bound for the White House.”
Indeed, Trump's opposition to globalism has been clearly stated from the start, and was a major part of what animated tens of millions of his supporters to propel his outsider campaign to a historic victory. “Hillary says things can't change. I say they have to change. It's a choice between Americanism and her corrupt globalism,” Trump wrote in June on social media. In a major foreign policy speech, Trump vowed that “Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.” The reality is that Trump's publicly stated views aligned with those of Americans, and that is why he won despite the entire globalist establishment working fiendishly against him.
Beyond Western globalists, the mass-murdering dictatorship enslaving mainland China has also expressed fears over the global uprising against globalism. Speaking to the BRICS alliance made up of the largely socialist and communist regimes ruling Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, Chinese dictator Xi Jinping complained that anti-globalist forces were allegedly a threat to the world economy. “Some countries are getting more inward-looking in their policies,” the brutal tyrant whined. “Protectionism is rising and forces against globalization are posing an emerging risk.”
Of course, the regime in Beijing and its globalist totalitarian-minded backers in the West — people such as George Soros, David Rockefeller, and other globalist billionaires — have long been pushing for the communist dictatorship to lead what they refer to as the “New World Order.” Soros even called for the regime, which murdered more people than any in history, to “own” the New World Order like the United States owned the previous one. The Chinese dictatorship has been so committed to the regional government approach to global governance outlined by Henry Kissinger that it has even been a key financier of the Obama- and EU-backed African Union being imposed on Africans.
After British voters decided to ditch the European Union, top Chinese Communists again pledged their loyalty to globalism and the destruction of national sovereignty and self-government in Europe as well. “China firmly supports the process of EU integration and believes that the EU's development will not stop, and furthermore is willing to see a stable, flourishing, and powerful EU,” Communist Chinese “Premier” Li Keqiang said in July after the vote, referring to the superstate that former Soviet dictator Gorbachev described as the “European Soviet.” “This suits EU-China cooperation, and also suits China's interests.”
After Brexit, the EU, like Obama following Trump's victory, sounded more detached from reality and tone-deaf than ever before. Among other schemes, leading EU member governments threatened their fellow member states with an “ultimatum” amid a push to abolish the remaining vestiges of nationhood. One reporter described the extreme plot, unveiled shortly after the historic referendum, as a plan to "morph" EU nations into a “Giant Superstate.” Under the plot, control over everything from immigration, taxation, and economic policy to military, intelligence, and law enforcement would be centralized in the unelected bureaucracies of Brussels that essentially rule Europe today by decree.
In a revealing document released in June touting global governance composed of regional governments and based on a “strong UN,” the increasingly EU was blunt, vowing to impose its extremism on peoples worldwide. “We will invest in regional orders, and in cooperation among and within regions,” the unpopular and increasingly autocratic superstate declared in a “Global Strategy” document, echoing almost precisely the demands of globalist war-criminal and population-control fanatic Kissinger in his book World Order. “And we will promote reformed global governance.... The EU will strive for a strong UN as the bed bedrock of the multilateral rules-based order.”
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Note:  The following videos wholeheartedly share my sentiments regarding what we are currently experiencing in America today-You Decide:

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Note:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog and/or videos, please copy website link and paste it on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial by this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide: 


“Food For Thought”

Hello: Are Americans Going To Wake Up and Take a Stand Before The Lights Go Out?-God Bless America!


God Bless Our Country/Republic.
Semper Fi!

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This info fits right in with your blog.

And if by chance anyone thinks the war against the British UK, is over think again. The Crown Of England is very upset over Trump being elected into office.

 Yes, we are very close to having another civil war against England. How is was done is no longer a secret, but based on cold hard facts.

Blog 1 is the documents, Wikileaks has destroyed the Democratic National Committee

Blog 2 is photos, both blogs are a Wikileaks Release and I have a lot of work to do to get 500,000 docs and photos on line

Blog 2, Hillary Clinton's DNC Watergate Scandal- Wikileaks Part 5




Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Rudy Fires Warning Shot – Going to Release Evidence on the Biden’s Millions in Corrupt Deeds!

President Trump’s personal attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped a bomb this morning warning that he is going to start revealing documents related to the Biden Family’s corrupt and criminal dealings in the Ukraine and elsewhere around the world.

Rudy tweeted:

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

Rudy Giuliani    @RudyGiuliani

Everything I tried to tell the press last March is now coming out, and more. I will now start to reveal the evidence directly to you, the People. The Biden Family Enterprise made millions by selling public office. Then when Joe was Obama’s Point Man, they ALL made millions.

It’s time to take these criminals from the Obama Administration to task.  The Bidens, Obamas and the Clintons were criminal enterprises.

Trump Speaks At March For Life Rally

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