JUST IN: Over 2,000 People Dead… Trump Tried To Warn Us

When he was still just a candidate for president, Donald Trump was excoriated in the mainstream press for suggesting that many illegal immigrants from Mexico are criminals. President Trump’s dark view of Mexico has been proven right once again.

June was the deadliest month in Mexico in over twenty years. All told, 2,234 murders were recorded, many of which are connected to Mexico’s ongoing Drug War, via Associated Press.

While most tourists avoid the typically violent regions of Mexico, June proved that even tourist traps are getting more dangerous.

Mexico City, Veracruz, and Baja California Sur all experienced upticks in violence last month.

In just six months of 2017, Mexican authorities investigated 12,155 homicides.

As the violence exploded, the Drug War has become part and parcel of everyday life near America’s border with Mexico. Gun battles, murders, and car bombs all happen within sight of the Stars and Stripes, via ABC.

Making gang violence worse in America is the policy of “sanctuary cities.” These cities tell their officers not to cooperate fully with federal agents. The goal is to protect illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America because the Democrats rely on their political support.

Police officers in the city of Phoenix, Arizona have come forward to warn that any implementation of a “sanctuary city” policy could lead to a large increase in gang violence in the city, via Breitbart.

Besides heavy death tolls, the other threat posed by Mexico’s war creeping across the border is the looming specter of corruption. In Mexico, high levels of corruption among the municipal police and politicians have helped the Drug War’s fires to spread and grow larger.

In the U.S., there have already been cases of crooked cops using their authority on behalf of Mexico’s drug cartels, via Houston Press.

Once again, when it comes to Mexico, President Trump is right. This country is close to becoming a failed state thanks to the power of narco-terrorists who use their wealth to buy cops and politicians. A vast majority of this wealth comes from drug deals in America, with American addicts lining the pockets of low-level dealers who kick back their profits to the cartels.

Just this week, it was reported that ICE is planning a nationwide sweep designed to arrest and deport illegal alien drug dealers. This would be a massive blow to the cartels and a victory for America’s sovereignty, via Breitbart.

It is high time that America finally gets serious about protecting our citizens from Mexican drug violence.

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