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Texas Ranger Reports What He Saw INSIDE Military Train Used for “Martial Law” Exercises

(TPNN) – A covert training operation by U.S. military special operations personnel, Jade Helm 15, is taking place in a several states this summer, spreading panic and conspiracy theories as to the true purpose of the mission.

The two-month simulation spans much of the Southwest, requiring special forces from four branches of the military to carry out covert operations amid “hostile” territory in Texas, Utah and part of California.

In at least one of those states, hostility toward the operation has begun a few months early. Online and at in-person meetings, many Texans have expressed suspicion and outright opposition to the project. Some are understandably worried about how it’ll affect their daily lives, while conspiracy theorists claim it’s an attempt to institute martial law.

The military says that they are merely preforming training exercises to help hone soldiers’ skills in the event they face a foreign threat, but some citizens are worried that planners have something more domestic in mind...(MORE)


AZ POLL: McCain in Serious Trouble

Started by National Director, Dee in Election 2016 3 seconds ago. 0 Replies

Media Slam ‘Draw Muhammad’ Event

Started by The Tradesman in Media Bias. Last reply by Jason K 17 minutes ago. 21 Replies


Started by National Director, Dee in The Police State. Last reply by Shirley Williams 1 hour ago. 10 Replies

At What Point Do We Call Schools Orphanages?

Started by National Director, Dee in Indoctrination. Last reply by June Gagnon 2 hours ago. 6 Replies


Hillary Vows ‘To Go Even Further’ than Obama on Exec Amnesty

(Breitbart) – On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton vowed to go even further than President Barack Obama on enacting executive amnesty programs and went all-in on supporting full citizenship for illegal immigrants, proclaiming that anything less than that would confer “second-class status” on illegal immigrants.

At a roundtable event at Rancho High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, Clinton said that “we can’t wait any longer for a path to full and equal citizenship.”

“This is where I differ with everybody on the Republican side,” she said. “Make no mistakes. Today not a single Republican candidate announced or potential is clearly and consistently supporting a path to citizenship. Not one.”

Clinton then said, “when they talk about legal status, that is code for second-class status.”

She also declared that “if Congress continues to refuse to act, as President, I would do everything possible under the law to go even further.”

“There are more people like many parents of DREAMers and others with deep ties and contributions to our communities who deserve a chance to stay, and I will fight for them,” she continued, specifically referring to illegal immigrants who do not have children who are U.S. citizens. Obama’s Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DAPA) executive amnesty only covers illegal immigrant parents of U.S. citizens and excludes those who do not have children who are U.S. citizens...(MORE)




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Not in His Backyard! Chuck Norris Challenges Government ‘Occupation’ of Texas

(Bizpac Review) – Conservative star Chuck Norris capped his acting career playing a Texas Ranger fighting crime in the Lone Star State, now he’s got a part in a much bigger fight — challenging President Obama’s federal government. The upcoming military exercise Jade Helm 15, being held on U.S. soil, has already brought concern from conspiracy theorists, one governor ...

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FLOTUS Plays Race Card: Museums are for White People

(Bizpac Review) – First lady Michelle Obama used a speech Monday that was supposed to be celebrating the opening of a new museum to instead dig deeper the racial divide that’s been growing ever wider during her husband’s presidency. “Museums and concert halls,” she said, just don’t welcome non-white visitors – especially children – the way they welcome whites. Speaking at ...

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Bachmann: Clintons ‘Use Poor People As Human Shields’ To Live ‘Pompous Lifestyle’

(Newsmax) – Former Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann said the Clintons, through the Clinton Foundation, “use poor people as human shields” and likened it to “an international money laundering ring” on NewsmaxTV Tuesday. Bachmann’s latest hits against the Clintons come on the same day the much-discussed book “Clinton Cash” was released. “In all likelihood, [Hillary Clinton] ...

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O’Reilly Slams Hillary Over Clinton Foundation: ‘This Country Is Doomed’ If ‘Presidency Can Be Bought’

(Daily Caller) – Fox News host Bill O’Reilly called for an FBI investigation into the allegations surrounding foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation on “The Five” Tuesday, saying the country would be “doomed” if the presidency could be bought in such a way. “So what has to happen– and this has to happen– is the ...

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200 Pakistanis Honor TX Terrorists as ‘Martyrs of Islam’

(Breitbart) – In Pakistan Tuesday, around 200 Muslims held a gathering to honor the jihadis who attempted to carry out a terror attack against a free speech event on Sunday in Garland, Texas. The terrorists, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi (the latter of whom has Pakistani roots), attempted to storm a “Draw Muhammad” event promoting free speech, ...

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