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Cheney Unleashed: ‘Obama has Dangerously Surrendered Nation’s Global Leadership’

(Dick Cheney) – In 1983, as the U.S. confronted the threat posed by the Soviet Union, President Ronald Reagan explained America’s unique responsibility. “It is up to us in our time,” he said, “to choose, and choose wisely, between the hard but necessary task of preserving peace and freedom, and the temptation to ignore our duty and blindly hope for the best while the enemies of freedom grow stronger day by day.” It was up to us then—as it is now—because we are the exceptional nation. America has guaranteed freedom, security and peace for a larger share of humanity than any other nation in all of history. There is no other like us. There never has been.

Born of the revolutionary ideal that we are “endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights,” we were, first, an example to the world of freedom’s possibilities. During World War II, we became freedom’s defender, at the end of the Cold War, the world’s sole superpower. We did not seek the position. It is ours because of our ideals and our power, and the power of our ideals. As British historian Andrew Roberts has observed, “In the debate over whether America was born great, achieved greatness or had greatness thrust upon her, the only possible conclusion must be: all three.”

No other nation, international body or “community of nations” can do what we do. It isn’t just our involvement in world events that has been essential for the triumph of freedom. It is our leadership. For the better part of a century, security and freedom for millions of people around the globe have depended on America’s military, economic, political and diplomatic might. For the most part, until the administration of Barack Obama, we delivered.

Since Franklin Roosevelt proclaimed us the “Arsenal of Democracy” in 1940, Republican and Democratic presidents alike have understood the indispensable nature of American power. Presidents from Truman to Nixon, from Kennedy to Reagan, knew that America’s strength had to be safeguarded, her supremacy maintained. In the 1940s American leadership was essential to victory in World War II, and the liberation of millions from the grip of fascism. In the Cold War American leadership guaranteed the survival of freedom, the liberation of Eastern Europe and the defeat of Soviet totalitarianism. In this century it will be essential for the defeat of militant Islam.

Yet despite the explosive spread of terrorist ideology and organizations, the establishment of an Islamic State caliphate in the heart of the Middle East, the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and increasing threats from Iran, China, North Korea and Russia, President Obama has departed from this 75-year, largely bipartisan tradition of ensuring America’s pre-eminence and strength...(MORE)


Donald Trump may be helping Ted Cruz with his 'endgame'

Started by National Director, Dee in Election 2016. Last reply by Dale Heathman 4 minutes ago. 38 Replies

Clinton equates GOP with terrorists while accused of passing secrets to lawyer

Started by Asst Natl Dir Melony B. DeFord in Corruption. Last reply by M-AR-15-5.56X45! 52 minutes ago. 17 Replies

Federal judge blocks Obama’s water rule

Started by National Director, Dee in Obama Administration. Last reply by RFB_Mod 2 hours ago. 17 Replies


Started by Marilyn Calkins in Illegal Alien Invasion. Last reply by Laurie Sherman DiSalvo 3 hours ago. 36 Replies


JUDGE: IRS Must say if White House Sought Taxpayers’ information

(Washington Times) – A federal judge Friday ordered the IRS to turn over the records of any requests from the White House seeking taxpayers’ private information from the tax agency, delivering a victory to a group that for two years has been trying to pry the data loose.

It’s not clear that there were any such requests — but Judge Amy Berman Jackson said the IRS cannot just refuse to say so by citing taxpayer confidentiality laws, known as section 6103 of the tax code.

“This court questions whether section 6103 should or would shield records that indicate confidential taxpayer information was misused, or that government officials made an improper attempt to access that information,” the judge wrote in denying the IRS’s request to close out the case.

The ruling marks yet another federal judge who has ordered the Obama administration to be more transparent when responding to open-records records. The State Department is facing a barrage of orders from federal judges demanding more cooperation in releasing former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton’s emails...(MORE)




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Police Shut Down Charity Lemonade Stand Run by Jerry Seinfeld and His Family

(The Blaze) – Police in East Hampton Village, New York, shut down a lemonade stand run by actor and comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his family to raise money for charity. East Hampton Village police Chief Jerry Larsen said officers received complaints Aug. 18 about cars parked illegally around the lemonade stand. A cop was dispatched ...

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Biden Opposed Bin Laden Raid – You Want Him as US President?

(Bizpac Review) – Joe Biden has “a lot of experience being wrong.” With rumors flying that the vice president is considering a 2016 White House run, Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio was asked about Biden’s expected claim to be the “experienced hand in foreign policy.” The Florida senator let loose. Special Headline: Guess Who’s About To Go Bankrupt in ...

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O’Reilly: Erosion of Spiritual Belief in this Country is Causing the Barbaric Behavior

(Bizpac Review) – Stricter gun laws would not have prevented the on-air shooting deaths of a young TV reporter and her cameraman in Virginia on Wednesday, says Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. “Sadly, there is no way any country can stop disturbed individuals from killing people,” O’Reilly said during his Thursday “Talking Points Memo.” “And because of America’s history, there is ...

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FOX SHOCK: Station Swamped With Massive Volume of Angry Feedback Following GOP Debate

(Gateway Pundit) – Conservative viewers were furious at Megyn Kelly’s attacks on the Republican candidates during the FOX News debate. Twitter exploded with attacks on Kelly and FOX News for the constant attacks on the Republican candidates. Here is just one example: After this debate, my opinion changed the MOST about @foxnews, @megynkelly, @BretBaier & Chris Wallace! ...

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Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Assassinated While Pumping Gas

(Gateway Pundit) – A Harris County, Texas Sheriff’s Deputy was shot and killed while pumping gas Friday evening according to a report by KHOU-TV. “The deputy was shot at a gas station while pumping gas at the corner of Telge and West Road in northwest Harris County.” MyFoxHouston reported via Twitter the deputy was shot in the head ...

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