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Obama Just 1 Vote Away from Iran-Vote Victory

(The Hill) – President Obama is one vote away from ensuring his Iran nuclear deal survives Congress.

Sen. Christopher Coons (D-Del.) will support the agreement, becoming the 33rd senator to back the deal — one shy of ensuring that an expected presidential veto of a Republican-led resolution of disapproval would be upheld.

“I will support this agreement because it puts us on a known path of limiting Iran’s nuclear program for the next 15 years with the full support of the international community. The alternative, to me, is a scenario of uncertainty and isolation,” he said at the University of Delaware on Tuesday.

“Finally, I will support this agreement despite its flaws because it is the better strategy for the United States to lead a coalesced global community in containing the spread of nuclear weapons.”

Coons added that he will also vote to uphold a potential veto from President Obama...(MORE)


Shock Poll: 59% Back Trump On Deportation of Illegals

Started by National Director, Dee in Illegal Alien Invasion. Last reply by Steve Harper 54 seconds ago. 34 Replies

Illinois Police Officer Gunned Down After Deploying Pepper Spray

Started by National Director, Dee in Domestic Terrorism. Last reply by M-AR-15-5.56X45! 3 minutes ago. 16 Replies

Clinton emails contained spy satellite data on North Korean nukes

Started by Asst Natl Dir Melony B. DeFord in Obama Administration. Last reply by M-AR-15-5.56X45! 10 minutes ago. 3 Replies

Obama is a criminal President

Started by Charles D. Hargrave in Government Overreach. Last reply by M-AR-15-5.56X45! 13 minutes ago. 1 Reply

Global markets are melting down

Started by National Director, Dee in Economy. Last reply by M-AR-15-5.56X45! 59 minutes ago. 8 Replies

Good for Davis

Started by Charles D. Hargrave in Faith 2 hours ago. 0 Replies

Surrender Monkey Mitch McConnell Caves On Planned Parenthood

Started by National Director, Dee in Congress. Last reply by Eric W Belko Sr. 2 hours ago. 30 Replies


Clinton Campaign Caught on Tape Accepting Foreign Donation

Political Sleuth, to Stalk Campaigns for Wrongdoing

(NY Times) – Campaign rallies are crawling with hidden cameras these days as opposition researchers from rivals, activist groups or political action committees spare no expense in hopes of finding a gaffe or, ideally, signs of unlawfulness.

Presidential campaigns were put on notice on Tuesday that the stakes will be higher in this election cycle as Project Veritas Action, a research team that uses undercover investigators, warned that it was stepping up its stalking.

The group, which considers itself a journalism organization, is led by James O’Keefe, who has experienced his own legal problems over the years for lying to gain access to information. In 2010, Mr. O’Keefe pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges and was fined for posing as a repairman to gain access to the office of former Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. Two years ago, Mr. O’Keefe paid $100,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a former Acorn member after he posed as a pimp during an investigation of the activist group.

Mr. O’Keefe’s team — which he billed as an investigative SEAL Team Six — fired an opening salvo on Tuesday by calling a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington to reveal a purported violation of campaign finance laws by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s staff members...(MORE)




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Poll: 54% of Republicans Believe Obama a Muslim

(Bizpac Review) – A majority of Republicans, and even more Donald Trump supporters, remain unconvinced that President Obama is a Christian as he professes. In a poll released Tuesday by the liberal firm Public Policy Polling — and obtained early by MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show” — 54 percent of Republican respondents said they believe Obama is a Muslim,while 32 percent ...

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FURIOUS Curt Schilling Throws Heat Over Media ‘Smearing’

(Bizpac Review) – A sports website that received a scathing letter from baseball great and outspoken conservative Curt Schilling probably thought it was embarrassing Schilling by making it public. Instead if was giving Americans more reason to admire the man whose views got him suspended from his ESPN commentary job. In a supposedly private letter to Dan Levy, a writer ...

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Iran Vows to Violate UN Restrictions on Ballistic Missiles

Iran missile stocks increase (Free Beacon) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani vowed that the Islamic Republic would violate outstanding United Nations restrictions governing the country’s ballistic missile program and that the behavior would not violate the recent nuclear accord, according to a translation of the leader’s remarks performed by the CIA’s Open Source Center. Iran ...

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Comedian Jim Norton Compares Media Coverage of Two Similar Shootings — Then Goes Off Over the One Thing ‘They Won’t Talk About’

(The Blaze) – Comedian Jim Norton strongly criticized the U.S. media on Monday for refusing to fully acknowledge the fact that racism was one of the main motivating factors in the shocking WDBJ on-air shooting. Vester Lee Flanagan, a black man, waited until WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, both white, were live on ...

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Sheriff Clarke: ‘Stop Trying to Fix the Police — Fix the Ghetto’

(CNS News) – Milwaukee County Sherriff David A. Clarke Jr. criticized the idea that President Barack Obama’s call for reforming the police is helping law enforcement and is instead weakening “the institution of policing,” adding that the solution is to “fix the ghetto” and stop trying to “fix the police.” Sheriff Clarke made his remarks ...

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