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Obama Goes Global: Cops Sicced on ‘Extremists’

Conservative Christians ‘becoming the targets’

(Freedom Outpost) – You know what “extremism” means for Obama: patriots. You can get all the background on Obama’s disregard for American sovereignty in my book The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War On America.

On Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced at the United Nations that her office would be working in several American cities to form what she called the Strong Cities Network (SCN), a law enforcement initiative that would encompass the globe.

This amounts to nothing less than the overriding of American laws, up to and including the United States Constitution, in favor of United Nations laws that would henceforth be implemented in the United States itself – without any consultation of Congress at all.

The United Nations is a sharia-compliant world body, and Obama, speaking there just days ago, insisted that “violent extremism” is not exclusive to Islam (which it is). Obama is redefining jihad terror to include everyone but the jihadists. So will the UN, driven largely by the sharia-enforcing Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the pro-Islamic post-American President Obama, use a “global police force” to crush counter-jihad forces?...(MORE)



Started by National Director, Dee in Obama Administration. Last reply by Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret) 1 minute ago. 132 Replies

Crews remove Ten Commandments from OK capitol in dark of night

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Rev. Graham Just Made a Bold Move Against Obama – In All 50 States, THIS Will Happen

(Political Insider) – The Rev. Franklin Graham, son of legendary Rev. Billy Graham, has been a bold Christian leader. In today’s age of “gay marriage” and political correctness, it’s harder than ever to stand up for our values, but Rev. Graham is doing it!

President Barack Obama has been toxic to our nation. He has shred the Constitution and told Christians to “be quiet” in the public square. As gun violence is on the rise in our schools, it seems like they are banning prayer and God at at time when students need it the most!

America is in trouble. After Obama is out of office, it will be a major effort to clean up the mess he has created. That’s why he Rev. Granklin Graham just announced in a video (below) that in 2016, he will host prayer rallies at every state capital. It’s called the “Decision America Tour” and will start just as the Presidential election heats up.

Here is what Rev. Graham posted on Facebook. This is EPIC!

I have heard from people all over America who believe that our nation is in trouble—morally, spiritually, and politically. But as attention turns to an election year, I do not believe that Republicans or Democrats (or any other party) can turn this nation around–only God can.





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