ALERT: Fox News CAVES, Hides MASSIVE Criminal Democrat Scandal

It is well-known that the liberal media will do whatever is necessary to cover up their lies and crimes. We are sickened to see that they even found a way to silence Fox News.

Dennis Michael Lynch reported that Hannity received a letter from Aaron Rich, Seth Rich’s brother. This letter asked Hannity to stop talking about Seth Rich because it is hurtful to the family. The story ceased right away. Oddly enough, Aaron sent the same letter, as a demonstration, to CNN. Interesting.

The letter made mention of Kim Dotcom, a New Zealand hacker who had close ties to Seth. Kim is actively telling the world that there is more to this story and that Rich was murdered by someone involved with the DNC for passing off leaked documents.

Kim has been speaking to the public from his Twitter account, letting everyone know that he is working with his legal team to bring information to the United States to hold Seth’s murderer accountable.

If you didn’t know the whole story with Rich, you would say that it reeks of foul play. He was murdered in a “robbery gone wrong” situation while walking home from his girlfriend’s house. Oddly, NOTHING was taken off of his person.

Rich was murdered just 12 days before the leaked Hillary emails made it to the public via WikiLeaks. Kim Dotcom confirmed that Rich worked with WikiLeaks to get all of the information organized and ready for launch.

We have to wonder why SUDDENLY Rich’s brother cares so much about what is said. Wouldn’t he want the truth to come out? If there were even an inkling of suspicious behavior, I would at least be curious to hear the information presented.

Instead, he shut down everyone from speaking about it by playing the “grieving family” card. Kim Dotcom recently tweeted about the letter on his account.

Dotcom had this to say, “It’s so sad that the DNC manipulates the Rich family with fake kindness to take advantage of them for DNC crisis control and fake news.” It would appear that this is EXACTLY what is going on. The liberal media is thrilled by the news that they get to keep pushing their false narrative.

If it weren’t for these whistleblowers, we would not have a majority of the information that we do today. The Left would rather work in secrecy and take advantage of everyone that they possibly can. Liberals are finally being exposed, and they are TERRIFIED. It is ironic that they seem so concerned about this being fake news, yet continue to push false news stories about memos, ties to Russia, and so forth.

We need to stop them now and let them know that the truth WILL be exposed. An investigation is still going to move forward with or without their approval. They have already dug their graves; now they just have to live with their choices. We could see the Democrats vanish over the next couple of years if they are exposed as scam artists and murderers.


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BREAKING: GOP Lawmaker Calls for Federal Investigation of Seth Rich Murder


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