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Dem Warns: Flood of Refugees INVADING Southern Border

(WOAI) – Border Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Laredo) says as the U.S. debates the fate of Syrian refugees, the refugees are coming and will continue to arrive on our southern border, and rather than debate, the country needs to start deciding how to handle the coming flood of desperate people from the Middle East, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

“They are going to try to short circuit that wait of 18 to 24 months,” Cuellar told News Radio 1200 WOAI in an exclusive interview.  “They will come in here, make their claim, and if there is nothing to hold them, they will be released.”

Two groups of Syrians, mainly families, have already done that, arriving in the U.S. in the Laredo area and then immediately presenting themselves to Border Patrol officers, surrendering, and asking for political asylum.

The standard operating procedure right now is to place them into the family detention centers in Dilley or Karnes City, but many are released on bonds or on ankle monitors after a few months in the facilities.  And Cuellar points out that once they are released, the demands of governor like Gov. Abbott that they not be housed in Texas are meaningless.  They have the right to settle whenever in the U.S. they want, as long as they present themselves for immigration hearings, which could be set for several years in the future...(MORE)


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The Weekly Standard's Kristol: I have Come to Loathe Donald Trump

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Death By Tea Party 

(Tea Party) – It was never the intentions of the Tea Party to target the Democratic Party for demolition, but instead to contain and eliminate socialism within the ranks of America.

The Tea Party mantra of smaller government and lower taxes flew in the face of those who believed big government was the answer, and that higher taxes were a tool for the redistribution of wealth. Little did anyone realize the big-government, high-tax crowd had infested the Democratic Party, and by default the Tea Party unknowingly eviscerated the Democratic Party by electing literally thousands of conservative candidates from dog-catchers, to Senators and Governors. This paradigm shift filled the ranks of the conservative movement and ripped from the clutches of the socialists the power they so lusted after. The result being that the Democrat Party was slowly crushed under its own socialist doctrine.

At one time the Democrat Party would beat their chest and bellow that they owned the dinosaur media and controlled major universities, filling the heads of young, hungry students with socialist doctrines and big government cures. But the liberal socialists didn’t stop there with their bombastic blathering, as they also invented issues out of thin air such as climate change, a.k.a. ‘global warming’ and the war on women, all the while protecting the rights of the mother to kill her baby.

Keyboard bullies, the dinosaur media, the silent treatment, and of course the all-time favorite nonsensical ridicule seemed to be the magic silver bullet to kill the Tea Party, but it appears the political gun has backfired, mortally wounding the attacker while the Tea Party lives on unscathed......(MORE) 




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(Telegraph) – As the law professor prepared for her class on sexual assault, she opened her emails to find a strange request: could she give assurances that the content of the class would not be included in the end-of-year exam, her students asked? They were concerned there might be victims of sexual assault among their ...

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(Conservative Tribune) – President Barack Obama and his liberal friends are always quick to jump on any instance of white-on-black crime as an example of racism still being alive in America. Interestingly enough, they consistently refuse to comment of the thousands of black-on-white crimes that occur every day as well. For example, the Detroit Free Press reported that a ...

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Truck Driver Gets Ambushed by Muslim ‘Refugees’… He Gives Them a NASTY Surprise!

(Conservative Tribune) – A truck driver headed for the United Kingdom from France delivered an epic rant while in his tractor trailer before he swerved his rig to scare migrants walking on the shoulder. The video, which was posted to YouTube on Friday with English subtitles, shows the truck going through the traffic to get through the tunnel that ...

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15K Lose Food Stamps After Failing To Work

(Daily Caller) – Nearly 15,000 Wisconsin residents have lost their food stamp benefits because they refused to seek out employment, according to reports Sunday. The new work requirements went into full effect back in April, and residents had until July to comply. Under the new FoodShare Employment and Training (FSET) qualifications, recipients are required to ...

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Turkey Reminds Obama Of Mexican Border After He Tells Them To Close Border

(Daily Caller) – President Barack Obama wants Turkey to close its 60-mile-long border with Syria to end the influx of new Islamic State fighters pouring into Syria and Iraq. If Turkey acquiesces to Obama’s demands, no entry points will remain between the two countries. The entire border is 550 miles long, The Wall Street Journal reports. But ...

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