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Ted Cruz Predicts Impeachment of Top-Level Obama Official by GOP-Controlled Senate

(TPNN) – On Saturday, Tea Party’s Scottie Nell Hughes sat down with Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz to discuss a variety of issues facing Americans. The conversation served as a candid glimpse into the mindset of the likely 2016 presidential candidate as he declared that the greatest divide in America remains not between Democrats and Republicans, but between career politicians and the American people to whom they are supposed to be accountable.

“The biggest divide that we’ve got in this country is not between Republicans and Democrats; the biggest political divide we have in this country is between career politicians in Washington in both parties and the American people. As you travel the country, what you hear over and over again from men and women on the streets, they say, “What happens? We elect these people, they go to Washington, and they stop listening to us. They are not listening to us.”

“I think the key to turn this country around is not Washington. If you look at Washington, D.C., you’ll see nothing but hopelessness and despair. The key is the American people. I devote my time not trying to convince people in Washington- they can’t be convinced; they’re not listening. Instead, I devote my time to trying to energize and mobilize the American people because that’s the key. Ultimately, how do you unify Republicans? The American people rise up and demand that we all get back to the free-market principles and constitutional liberties this country was built on.”

Cruz reminded viewers that once, this country was similarly “down and out,” but the Carter years spurred on the “Reagan Revolution” which brought a resurgence of American greatness thanks to the inspired patriots who called for a return to the principles that made America great...(MORE)



Started by Juan Reynoso in Faith. Last reply by M7.62x39 8 minutes ago. 2 Replies

The Ebola of Journalism: Liberalism is Killing Time and CNN

Started by National Director, Dee in Media Bias. Last reply by Robert McGuire 14 minutes ago. 28 Replies

Shots Fired At Camp Lone Star In The Brownsville Texas Area!

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Mexican Federales Stage Raid on the Migrant Train "The Beast"

Started by Asst Natl Dir Melony B. DeFord in Illegal Alien Invasion. Last reply by David Arreguin 32 minutes ago. 46 Replies

Looting Is Good?

Started by National Director, Dee in Corruption. Last reply by Robert Resch 3 hours ago. 28 Replies

"PLEASE RESIGN Mr. President!"

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Latest Big Lie: ‘We Have No Strategy’

Started by National Director, Dee in Election 2014. Last reply by June Gagnon 4 hours ago. 26 Replies


Corsi: Is Obama Planning Another 911 Attack on America?

(Dr. Jerome Corsi) – It’s tempting to believe Obama does not have a strategy to combat ISIS, or to combat anything else, for that matter.

But are we really that naïve?

Obama has always had a strategy and he has not wavered from that strategy since his childhood years when Frank Marshall Davis filled his head with Communist nonsense.

Obama’s plan has always been to reduce the strength, dignity, and glory of the United States of America at home and abroad.


Because he learned from Frank Marshall Davis – as well as a chain of subsequent socialist/communist mentors, including the writings of Franz Fanon, Saul Alinsky, and Cloward/Pivens – the two revolutionary socialists Columbia University allowed to be on the faculty as professors of sociology.

What Obama learned was that the USA is a colonialist, imperialist nation that oppresses minorities at home, rapes populations internationally, and pillages natural resources to preserve an outrageously high lifestyle for those at the top of the capitalist pyramid.


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D’Souza: Obama Exploits America’s Decency for Political Gain

(Newsmax) – Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza says the illegal immigration crisis as an example of how the Obama administration is exploiting American good will for political gain. “Our political leadership has been signaling that it’s not serious about locking the border, and moreover it wants to give amnesty to lawbreakers in the country,” D’Souza, who ...

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Rabbi Boteach: New York Times Censored Our Anti-Radical Islam Ad

(Newsmax) – The New York Times has censored an advertisement taken out by the pro-Jewish group This World: The Values Network, its executive director, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach complains in an opinion piece for Breitbart. The ad, shows the picture of a knife-wielding jihadist with slain American journalist James Foley just before his execution, alongside a photo ...

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Who Invited Her? Miserable Michelle Obama Puts a Damper on Political ‘It-Couple’s’ Nuptials

(BizPacReview) – Weddings are supposed to be happy events, but you wouldn’t know it looking at the pictures taken of Michelle Obama on Saturday. The Obamas attended the wedding of their personal chef and “Let’s Move” Executive Director Sam Kass and MSNBC host Alex Wagner at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, N.Y. The newlyweds were named political ‘it-couple of the ...

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America’s Poor and Minorities are Victims of Illegal Immigration

(TPNN) – Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime; it robs our poor, our minorities, and our most vulnerable of opportunity. With about 12-million already here, and over 100-thousand rushing across the border currently, illegal immigrants young and old are typically poorly-educated and looking for jobs available to unskilled workers. These are the starter jobs ...

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Rep. Mike Rogers: ‘Hundreds’ of Americans Connected to Islamic State

(Daily Signal) – One of the concerns other countries have regarding the Islamic State is citizens who have trained with the terrorist group using their passports to return home and carry out an attack. On “Fox News Sunday”, Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., told host Chris Wallace there are “hundreds” of Americans connected to the Islamic ...

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