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REVEALED: Obama/Castro Secret Invasion Deal

(Tea Party) – Cuban refugees are poised to flood the U.S. by arriving  right on to the beaches of Florida, while others will pour north through Mexico.

The Tea Party Research Team has uncovered an Obama-Cuba secret connection that will shock America. It is more than just a token crisis of 1,600 migrants, but  rather a massive Trojan horse invasion. Tens of thousands, and possibly millions of illegal aliens are poised to flow from Cuba and several south American countries into Mexico, and then illegally enter the U.S.

Has Raul Castro struck a deal with several South American countries and Washington to release ten of thousands of Cubans? The data given to the Tea Party Research team coincides with Ecuador’s sudden relaxing of Visa requirements – is this to facilitate the million rushing into the U.S.?

Reports of thousands of Cuban refugee’s paying upward of $3,000 per person to cross into both Costa Rica and Nicaragua are increasing. The numbers of illegal entries are swelling and a backroom, nefarious plan is in high gear.

It has been reported that dignitaries from Cuba are traveling to Mexico in an effort to strike a deal which would allow Cuban refugees to enter into a travel arrangement with Mexico so that Cuban refugees can head north to the U.S. border unhindered, and then cross illegally into the U.S.

The tsunamis of illegal aliens are not only women and children, but also Cuba’s worst criminals. If these reports are accurate,  the U.S. will be swarmed by crowds from South America. When these numbers are added to the refugees from Syria and the Middle East flowing into the U. S. legally, as well as the surges of undocumented aliens traveling from Cuba into Ecuador and then though Mexico andentering U. S., the enormity will crush what is left of an already crippled immigration system...(MORE)



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Former New Hampshire GOP chair moves to take Trump off the ballot

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Armed Citizens Surround Florida Mosque, Send Unmistakable Message

(Breitbart) – On November 21 a group of armed protesters surrounded a Irving, Florida, mosque to oppose the pending influx of Syrian refugees and the “Islamization of America.”

Some of the protesters had AR-15 rifles slung across their shoulders while others carried bolt action rifles popular for their long range accuracy. They explained that they were not carrying the weapons for offensive purposes, but to defend themselves in the event that things went badly during the protest.

According to Fox 4, protest spokesman David Wright said, “We are here protesting Syrian refugees coming to America [and] protesting the Islamization of America.” He is convinced that the opposition he and fellow protesters show is “popular” but people “are scared; they are scared to stand up and say anything about it. They are scared to come out to a place like [Irving] and stand in front of a mosque and protest Islam.”

Wright pointed to recent terror attacks in which ISIS has claimed responsibility and to the alleged use of Syrian passports to move an attacker into position for the recent slaughter of 130 people in Paris. In light of these things, Wright opposes taking Syrian refugees. He says bringing them to the US would provide ISIS the chance to put attackers “into the refugee flow.” He said, “I don’t even want one of them to come here.”...(MORE)




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