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Ramos Admits to Ann Coulter: Bring All of Mexico to Live Here

(Breitbart) – Conservative columnist and 10-time New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter steamrolled Fusion host Jorge Ramos in an appearance Tuesday filled with dramatic moments, none more interesting than where Coulter got Ramos to admit he doesn’t believe there should be a limit to how many Mexicans the United States will allow into this country—either legally or illegally.

“One last question and you asked we ask on Twitter: Tell me anything new that is not known generally,” Ramos asked Coulter to wrap the interview about her new book, Adios America.

“Well, obviously you brought one up: 30 million illegals, not 11,” Coulter fired back, referencing a fiery opening exchange to the interview.

“It’s 11, it’s 11,” Ramos insisted. “Not 30 million.”

Coulter trekked forward with her answer. “More Nigerians than English since the 1970 immigration law,” she said. “Oh, that the people who passed the 1965 immigration law—Teddy Kennedy, the rest of the Democrats—they swore up and down it would not change the ethnic composition of this country. This has been the most dramatic historic ethnic change to any nation in world history. This is with lying to the American people—and without even consulting the American people on it, which is why I’m particularly enraged that every night I can see enthusiasm on MSNBC for ‘the browning of America, the browning of America, the browning of America.’ But if I say, ‘I don’t like what you’ve done,’ oh, that’s racist.”...(MORE)


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81% of respondents to Al Jazeera poll support the Islamic State

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Dick Morris: Obama Will Lose on Immigration at Supreme Court

(Newsmax) – President Barack Obama will eventually lose at the Supreme Court on his attempt to stop deportations of some illegal immigrants, political analyst Dick Morris tells Newsmax TV.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the administration on Tuesday, setting up a possible appeal to the high court. The case was brought by 26 states with Republican governors who say Obama’s executive action, signed in November, places an undue burden on the states.

Morris, appearing Tuesday on “Newsmax Prime,” praised the move of then-Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott for filing the suit before a conservative Texas federal judge. Abbott is now Texas governor.

Even the three-judge panel at the Fifth Circuit represented a conservative court, and the Supreme Court is currently 5-4 conservative.

“It bypasses all the liberal circuits,” Morris said. “So Obama’s amnesty is in serious trouble. And of course it should be. It’s totally illegal.”

But the ruling isn’t likely to see deportations begin immediately, Morris added...(MORE)




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(Breitbart) – The recent increase in the minimum wage to 15 dollars per hour by 2020 voted on by the Los Angeles City Council may have a larger impact on the entertainment business than previously thought. Many people falsely believe that the entertainment industry contains only high paid creative professionals. In fact, caterers, prop houses, ...

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ISIS Burns 80-Year-Old Christian Woman to Death

(Breitbart) – Reports from Iraq indicate the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) burned an 80-year-old woman to death after she failed to obey Sharia law. The vicious act occurred in a town just 12 miles south of Mosul. Sa’ed Mamuzini with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) told the media the Christian woman hailed “from Kremlis in the Nimrud area of the Hamdaneya ...

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China Puts Weapons on Its New Artificial Islands

(Sunday Morning Herald) – China has moved weaponry onto artificial islands that it is building in contested areas of the South China Sea, adding to the risks of a confrontation with the United States and its regional security partners including Australia. Australian officials are concerned that China could also introduce long-range radar, anti-aircraft guns and ...

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Killer Robots Will Leave Humans ‘Utterly Defenseless’

(Telegraph) – Killer robots which are being developed by the US military ‘will leave humans utterly defenceless‘, an academic has warned. Two programmes commissioned by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are seeking to create drones which can track and kill targets even when out of contact with their handlers. Writing in the ...

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ISIS Threats Against Airlines?

(Reuters) – Islamic State sympathizers may have been behind more than a dozen threats in the last two days to international flights using U.S. airports or flying over American airspace, U.S. law enforcement and security officials said on Wednesday. However, one official said the FBI has not identified who was behind the threats and does ...

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