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Obama Scheme Gives Democrats ‘Power for All Time’

Rep. Gohmert blasts tactics by president ‘who does not believe in the rule of law’

(WND) – A conservative congressman says the murder of a San Francisco woman by an illegal immigrant deported five times is a microcosm of the border security dereliction of the Obama administration and liberal city leaders choosing to reward criminal behavior.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, also addressed the fierce debate within the Republican presidential field, taking care to avoid characterizing any candidate but leaving no doubt what he thinks the GOP’s policy position ought to be.

The immigration debate took on a more personal dimension over Independence Day weekend, as 32-year-old Kate Steinle was randomly murdered by 45-year-old Juan Francisco Lopex-Sanchez. The killer, who has since confessed, has been convicted of seven felonies and deported five separate times.

Gohmert said similar stories have played out far too often as the Obama administration effectively waves illegals across the border...(MORE)


EPA Officials Caught Using Talking Points From Soros-Backed Group

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Wilderness Corridors: Agenda 21 under a new name

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Bill O’Reilly: Team Obama ‘Complicit’ in Murder

(Daily Caller) – Fox News host Bill O’Reilly went off on the Obama administration and administrators in San Francisco Monday night after 30-year-old Kate Steinle was murdered by an illegal immigrant, Francisco Sanchez, who was deported five times previously.

During his “Talking Points Memo,” O’Reilly argued that the administration is “complicit” in Steinle’s death, while going even further against the city, saying they are “directly responsible” after refusing to comply with the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Responsibility Act.

“Apparently Sanchez has seven felony convictions. Has been deported five times. Yet, he’s still walking around the streets of San Francisco, this guy,” O’Reilly railed. “That’s because Mayor Ed Lee and the 11 members of the San Francisco city supervisors refuse to cooperate with the federal government on criminal aliens.”

“The feds asked the city of San Francisco to keep Sanchez in custody. The city refused. Ms. Steinle paid for that irresponsible and unconstitutional decision with her life. San Francisco is a sanctuary city and proud of it, and violent crimes committed by criminal aliens have happened there before. City authorities refuse to say how many because they know it’s a huge scandal, a black mark on the history of San Francisco, the most tolerant of cities. The family of Kate Steinle asking for calm, not vengeance, but talking points is not as charitable.”

“In 1996, President Bill Clinton signed the Illegal Immigration Reform and Responsibility Act which stipulated that local and state authorities were to cooperate with the feds in apprehending illegal aliens, especially criminals,” O’Reilly explained. “In 2007, then-Mayor Gavin Newsom issued an executive order stating that as a sanctuary city, San Francisco would not, would notcooperate with federal authorities on illegal immigration matters and would protect even criminal aliens. The feds did nothing.”...(MORE)




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