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Trump Slaps Jeb: Lead By ‘Speaking English While In The United States’

(Breitbart) – 2016 Republican frontrunner Donald Trump told Breitbart News that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush should be speaking English—not the Spanish he spoke to attack Trump in Miami this week—on the campaign trail.

Trump had harsh words for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) in this interview as well and lit into the donor class, all while saying that the “silent majority” in America is waking up and fighting to take back the country from the political class.

Trump also predicted that he will not only win the White House in 2016, but that he will be re-elected in 2020–predicting he will be a two-term president–and that at the end of his eventual eight years in the White House he will be known to all as a “great conservative” just like Ronald Reagan.

“I like Jeb,” Trump said. “He’s a nice man. But he should really set the example by speaking English while in the United States.”

“El hombre no es conservador,” Bush said in Spanish of Trump in Miami, according to theTampa Bay Times. That means, according to that newspaper, that Bush is saying of Trump: “The man is not conservative.”...(MORE)


Planned Parenthood chapters among those receiving new Obamacare grants

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Pentagon monitoring 5 Chinese ships off Alaska

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Majority of Immigrant Households Are on Welfare

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Cheney: ‘Obama Doesn’t Believe in an Exceptional America’

(Newsmax) – President Obama has destroyed America’s reputation as an “exceptional” nation, throwing out decades of strong leadership by commanders-in-chief from both political parties, former Vice President Dick Cheney tells Newsmax TV.

“It’s a dangerous time. We’ve seen rising threats around the world, ISIS in the Middle East, [Russian President] Vladamir Putin on the march in Europe, the Chinese in the South China Sea,” Cheney said Wednesday on “The Steve Malzberg Show.

“And as these threats grow, our capacity to deal with them is being diminished because they cut some of the defense budget and because, frankly, Barack Obama doesn’t believe in an exceptional America.

“If you go back 70 years … you’ll find presidents of both parties from FDR and Harry Truman and Jack Kennedy to [Richard] Nixon and [Ronald] Reagan and the Bushs and forward … shared a basic fundamental proposition … that the U.S. did have a role to play in the world as the exceptional nation.

Cheney, who served as vice president under President George W. Bush, said the Obama “Barack Obama clearly doesn’t believe that.”...(MORE)




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REPORT: Trump Will Sign GOP ‘Loyalty Pledge’

The Donald made the stunning decision to avoid complications in getting listed on primary ballots. (Politico) – A close associate tells POLITICO that Donald Trump plans to sign a loyalty pledge Thursday that would bind him to endorse the Republican nominee, and would preclude a third-party run. Trump made the stunning decision, which he has ...

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