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Russian Strategist Calls for Nuclear Attack on Yellowstone National Park

Rest of world would see catastrophe, but ‘U.S. will cease to exist’

(Infowars) – Russian geopolitical analyst Konstantin Sivkov has called for Moscow to launch a nuclear attack on Yellowstone National Park and the San Andreas fault line, noting that the devastating consequences would ‘disappear’ the United States as a country.

Sivkov made the comments in a piece for Russian trade newspaper VPK News, which were translated by theSydney Morning Herald.

Arguing that NATO aggression against Russia required the “complete destruction of the enemy,” Sivkov went on to depict a chilling scenario.

“Geologists believe that the Yellowstone supervolcano could explode at any moment. There are signs of growing activity there. Therefore it suffices to push the relatively small, for example the impact of the munition megaton class to initiate an eruption. The consequences will be catastrophic for the United States – a country just disappears,” he said...(MORE)


UK: Muslim women abused under Sharia courts

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Judge Bans Constitution In Ohio

(Infowars) - A judge in Xenia, Ohio said “there will be no mentioning of the Constitution” during a trial of a journalist who is charged with a misdemeanor after he was cited for protesting against an anti-panhandling ordinance.

Judge Kathryn Barber laughed when the defendant, Virgil Vaduva, argued his protest on a public sidewalk outside the Xenia police station constitutes free speech.

The exchange between Barber and Vaduva occurred after a prosecutor said mentioning the Constitution during the trial would “confuse the jury.”

Many Americans are surprisingly ignorant of the Constitution and the founding principles of the United States...(MORE)




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Republicans Probing ‘Potential Retaliation’ Against Federal Agents Who Enforce Immigration Law

(CNS News) - Concerned about the alleged “mistreatment” of Border Patrol and other Homeland Security employees who are trying to enforce immigration law, Republican senators want to know how may DHS employees have been disciplined over the last six years for refusing to comply with the Obama administration’s “prosecutorial discretion” policy. “We write regarding potential retaliation ...

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Iraq Vet Lawmaker: Iran ‘Killed a Lot of My Friends’

(Breitbart) - Rep. Steve Russell (R-OK), when asked to comment on the nuclear talks between U.S.-led world powers and Iran, said it is important to remember that Iran was behind the killing of many American soldiers in Iraq. “I don’t trust this governing council or the Ayatollah that runs the country [Iran]. They have exported terror ...

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Obama Declares Cyberattacks A ‘National Emergency’

(The Hill) - President Obama declared Wednesday that the rising number of cyberattacks against the United States is a national emergency, and issued an executive order that would sanction those behind the attacks. “Targeted sanctions, used judiciously, will give us a new and powerful way to go after the worst of the worst,” he said in ...

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Netanyahu — Flanked by Boehner — Calls for ‘Better Deal’ with Iran

(Newsmax) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday it was not too late for world powers locked in nuclear negotiations with Iran to demand a “better deal”. He made the comments before meeting in Jerusalem with the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, John Boehner, a leading Republican and strong critic of the ...

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Ernst Offers Bill To Improve Veterans’ Access To Mental Healthcare

(The Hill) - Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) has introduced legislation to strengthen veterans’ mental healthcare by making it easier to get help outside of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The proposal would amend the Veterans’ Access, Choice, and Accountability Act, to allow veterans access to non-VA mental healthcare if they can show the agency is not ...

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