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Corsi: Is the Obama Administration Programming Illegal Aliens to Abandon God?

(Dr. Jerome Corsi) – As outrageous as it is, the Obama administration is now using illegal immigration to redefine freedom of religion out of the First Amendment.

Last week, Senator James Lankford, a Republican from Oklahoma, grilled Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson why the federal government is “misrepresenting” American’s First Amendment right to freedom as a “right to worship” as the redefinition quizzed in the civics test given in the naturalization interview with immigrants legally applying for citizenship.

“We in the United States actually have freedom of religion, not freedom of worship,” Lankford, R-Okla., told Johnson yesterday during a Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing.

“The [U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services] questionnaire civics test has in it one of these things, ‘What are two rights of everyone living in the United States, and it listed out six different things: freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to petition the government, freedom of worship, the right to bear arms,” Lankford said. “I’d love to see ‘freedom of worship’ switched to ‘freedom of religion...(MORE)


Cruz: Democrats, big business teaming up to stifle religious freedom

Started by National Director, Dee in Faith. Last reply by MARK BURTON 4 minutes ago. 20 Replies

A 50 States Convention Program- Article V Constitution

Started by Tif Morgan in Patriot Solutions. Last reply by Little Bright Feather 12 minutes ago. 642 Replies

House struggles with reform bill as drug costs skyrocket

Started by National Director, Dee in Congress. Last reply by Katherine Hovey 2 hours ago. 1 Reply


Judge Jeanine Tells Baltimore Prosecutor: ‘Take Race Out of This!’

(Bizpac Review) – Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro said the case of six Baltimore cops charged in the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray should be about the facts and not emotions.

Speaking about the case Saturday in her “Opening Statement,” the host of Fox News’ “Justice witn Judge Jeanine” expanded on comments she made Friday when she praised Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby for her strength and determination but doubted she would get convictions on the six officers.

“I want you to take race, family, preconceived notions for or against law enforcement out of this,” she said Saturday. “This is about the facts. Pure and simple.”

Pirro, a former prosecutor, said she’s been in the same situation as the Baltimore prosecutor, having to charge police with a crime. Pirro said getting convictions in this case will be a daunting task...(MORE)




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Bernie Sanders: The US Should Be More Like Socialist Scandinavia

(Daily Caller) – Bernie Sanderes said socialist policies in nations such as Denmark, Norway and Sweden should be implemented in the U.S. in an interview with “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos Sunday. The ABC News host told Sanders he could “hear the Republican attack ad…he wants America to look more like Scandinavia.” The Vermont senator ...

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SPACE RACE: ‘First Trillionaire is Person Who Exploits Resources on Asteroids’

(NBC News) – A passion for exploration is the fuel to an innovative economy, says astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. In an interview with CNBC’s On the Money, the host of the new National Geographic Channel show StarTalk — based on Tyson’s podcast and Sirius XM radio show of the same name — described the dynamic ...

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‘Lack of Enthusiasm’ for Hillary in Hollywood

Power shifts to those who write giant checks, rather than collect many smaller ones. (Politico) – In the wide-open, Wild West world of political fundraising spawned by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, a once-bright liberal star has dimmed a bit in the current presidential election cycle: The Hollywood bundler. In the 1990s, a donor ...

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Baltimore Riots Final Tally: 200 Businesses Destroyed

Mostly Owned  by Asians and Arabs (Breitbart) – Maryland Governor Larry Hogan held a press conference after Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake announced the 10 pm curfew on the city has been lifted. The curfew had been set after much of the the city was burned and destroyed during riots last week protesting the death of Freddie ...

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NYPost Review of ‘Clinton Cash’ Blows Out Bill, Hillary, and the Clueless Political Press

(NY Post) – The Clintons have been playing the political press for idiots. Revealing what they’ve been up to took a little bit of work. It wasn’t obvious. While Bill Clinton was giving a speech about fighting AIDS in Africa, or about educating girls in Asia, reporters simply regurgitated the press release. They didn’t ask: ...

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