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Mark Levin: Our Political Leaders Won’t Discuss Illegal Alien Crime

(Newsmax) – Conservative radio host Mark Levin said on his show Monday that the brutal murder of a woman in San Francisco allegedly at the hands of an illegal alien is just another reason President Barack Obama needs to have a frank and open discussion on immigration.

Levin wondered why Obama chose to talk about the United States’ strategy on defeating the Islamic State (ISIS) on Monday and not about a 32-year-old woman who was shot to death by an illegal alien last week.

“Talk about this 32-year-old beautiful young lady who was murdered for no reason whatsoever. An illegal alien, who was deported five times,” Levin said.

Levin then went on to explain that “an enormous amount of crime is being committed in this country by illegal aliens. It’s enormous.

“That’s why Jeb Bush won’t discuss it. That’s why Barack Obama said nothing about it today. He’ll reach into Ferguson, Michael Brown, where an officer shot him dead in self-defense. Michael Brown, who had just tapped a store, knocked it over, stole stuff from them. It’s funny what moves Barack Obama to speak. The Confederate flag, which had nothing to do with nothing...(MORE)


Dem Sen: First Amendment doesn’t apply to individuals

Started by National Director, Dee in Congress. Last reply by Norma R. Thompson 8 minutes ago. 33 Replies

Was 7/4/15 Our Last Forth of July as a Free Nation?

Started by The Tradesman in Tea Party. Last reply by Skip peters 9 minutes ago. 16 Replies


Started by William M. Finley in Tea Party. Last reply by forrest jane cline 19 minutes ago. 49 Replies

Preventable Tragedies in Sanctuary Cities

Started by National Director, Dee in Illegal Alien Invasion. Last reply by John L Sprague 37 minutes ago. 13 Replies

Declaration of Independence 2015

Started by Bob Russell in Patriot Solutions. Last reply by Randal W. Howard 37 minutes ago. 43 Replies


Russian Bombers Intercepted Off CA Coast

(ABC News) – As Americans were celebrating the Fourth of July holiday, four Russian long-range bomber aircraft flew close enough to the US shores that they were intercepted by military fighter jets. The first set of two bombers flew near Alaska and just 30 minutes later a separate set flew far off the west coast of California.

According to officials at NORAD the flights stayed within international airspace and at no time did any of the Russian bombers enter or get close to entering sovereign North American boundaries.

The first incident occurred at approximately 10:30 a.m. EDT on July 4, when Alaskan-based NORAD F-22 fighters intercepted and visually identified two Russian TU-95 “Bear” long-range bomber aircraft flying off the coast of the Aleutian Islands within the Air Defense Identification Zone (an area of international waters that stretches 200 miles from US coastline), officials at NORAD said in a statement to ABC News.

Then at approximately 11 a.m. EDT, NORAD F-15 fighters from the Continental NORAD Region intercepted and visually identified two additional Bear bombers flying off the central California coast, well away from U.S. sovereign airspace...(MORE)




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Palin Nixes Subscription for Online Channel

(Mediaite) – One year after it was first announced, Sarah Palin is quietly shutting down the subscription-based SarahPalinChannel.com. Or rather, as she says in a new video posted this week, “We’re making all of my content free now!” The site posted this message to subscribers, who will get refunds for the remainder of the year if they for some ...

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Graham: God Might Smite Obama with Lightning

Prez ‘arrogantly flaunting sinful behavior in the face of Almighty God’ (Gospel Herald) – Rev. Franklin Graham has warned U.S. President Obama that he should “have some extra lightning rods installed on the roof of the White House” if he continues to flaunt “sinful behavior,” such as the legalization of same-sex marriage, “in the face ...

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We ‘Refuse to Comply’: Christian Bakers Won’t be Bullied by Gag Order

(Bizpac Review) – It’s going to take more than a gag order from a state bureaucrat to shut up two Christian bakers under assault for refusing to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple in Oregon. As reported by Bizpac Review on Saturday, Aaron and Melissa Klein were not only hit with a $135,000 fine for refusing to bake the cake, but they ...

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Dempsey: ‘The Global Security Environment Is As Uncertain As I’ve Ever Seen It’

(Free Beacon) – Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey testified Tuesday that he has never seen a more precarious global security environment than the one that the U.S. faces today. “I’ve said before that the global security environment is as uncertain as I’ve ever seen it,” Dempsey told the Senate Armed Services ...

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One in Five Americans Participates in Government Assistance Programs Each Month

Largest share of participants on assistance for three to four years (Free Beacon) – One in five Americans participates in government assistance programs each month, according to the most recent data released by the U.S. Census Bureau. “Approximately 52.2 million (or 21.3 percent) people in the U.S. participated in major means-tested government assistance programs each ...

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