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Obama Vows to BYPASS Congress and Release GITMO Terrorists

(Newsmax) – President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that he may ignore fresh congressional restrictions on transferring detainees from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, setting up another confrontation with Republicans over the limits of his power.

“The executive branch must have the flexibility, with regard to the detainees who remain at Guantanamo, to determine when and where to prosecute them,” Obama said in a statement Wednesday after signing a national defense policy bill that includes the restrictions. He called restrictions on prisoner transfers a potentially unconstitutional violation of presidential authority.

The president, he said, must have flexibility to decide “when and where to transfer” detainees at the prison, “consistent with our national security and our humane treatment policy.”

Obama’s threat to exert his powers in contradiction to congressional direction comes while he’s locked in a number of legal and rhetorical battles with Republicans over his use of executive power to act in areas where Congress has not, including immigration and environmental rules...(MORE)


Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret

Started by National Director, Dee in Terrorism. Last reply by Little Bright Feather 4 hours ago. 63 Replies


Border Agents Issue Dire Warning Over the Latest Threat to America

(Reuters) – Standing two feet from Canada on windswept Montana prairie land, U.S. Border Patrol agent Andrew Herdina looks out over a line of crooked old fence posts with no wire between them — the international border.

“If somebody is set on doing it, there are plenty of opportunities to cross this border,” said Herdina, surrounded by a vast expanse of prairie grass where there were no border posts, or checkpoints, or any visible signs of security.

With U.S. security concerns heightened following the attacks in Paris claimed by Islamic State, the relatively porous state of America’s northern border has attracted little attention as politicians, mostly Republicans, have attacked President Barack Obama’s plans to allow in 10,000 Syrian refugees.

But in Montana, which shares a 500-mile (800-km) border with Canada, border agents and some residents say they are concerned about Ottawa’s plan to bring in 25,000 Syrians by year-end, even though the government there insists its screening will be thorough and there are limited indications that militants may be seeking to use refugee status to cross borders.

The world’s longest shared land border attracts a fraction of the U.S. attention and security resources taken up by the much shorter southern border with Mexico, which is patrolled by 18,000 U.S. border agents compared to 2,200 in the north.

The National Border Patrol Council, the border patrol union, says at least another 2,000 agents are needed on the Canadian border, which runs 5,500 miles from Alaska to Washington State and Maine. Herdina says the most effective tool in tracking illegal border crossers is not the border agents or surveillance airplanes; it’s the roughly 100 ranchers who span Montana’s border with Canada...(MORE)




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Cab Driver Al Roker Called ‘Racist’ Against Blacks Wasn’t Even White

(Bizpac Review) – Al Roker went ballistic after he believed a cab driver snubbed him in favor of a white passenger. The famous weatherman said this type of thing “happens to folks of color everyday.” Unfortunately for Roker when one jumps to conclusions one risks being left with egg on his face. As it turned out Roker’s “racist” cabbie ...

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15 Times Donald Trump Said Something People Thought Would Damage His Campaign — And It Didn’t

(Daily Caller) – Donald Trump had only been in the presidential race for weeks, but when he famously accused Arizona Sen. John McCain , a prisoner of war during Vietnam, of not being heroic, commentators predicted his time as a frontrunner would soon be over. “Apologize for this pronto,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol tweeted. “Otherwise ...

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What a Police Officer Tweets About Black Lives Matter Protesters Lands Him in Hot Water

(The Blaze) – Police officer John Hurlman found himself in hot water after sharing less-than-complimentary words about Black Lives Matter protesters on social media. “Black Lives Matter is planning a protest at Lloyd Center on Black Friday. Oh joy,” Hurlman, of the Portland, Oregon, police department, wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “Stuck late again at ...

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Why FDR Changed the Date of Thanksgiving

(The Blaze) – Glenn Beck revealed Wednesday the little-known reason behind President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1939 decision to change Thanksgiving Day, a choice headlined by Time magazine as a “mistake” one year later. “At the tail end of the depression, Franklin Roosevelt — hoping to boost the economy by providing shoppers and merchants a few extra days ...

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State GOP Chair Attacks REPUBLICAN frontrunner Donald Trump for ‘Divisive Rhetoric’

(Breitbart) – New Hampshire GOP chairwoman Jennifer Horn seemed to have abandoned efforts to remain neutral in the 2016 GOP presidential primaries on Wednesday, taking the extraordinary step of attacking not just any GOP presidential candidate but the 2016 frontrunner for her own party’s nomination. “Shallow campaigns that depend on bombast and divisive rhetoric do ...

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