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Senior NATO Official: “We’ll Probably be at War This Summer”

“If we’re lucky it won’t be nuclear”

(Infowars) – A senior NATO official told former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler that the world would “probably be at war” sometime this summer.

“We’ll probably be at war this summer, if we’re lucky it won’t be nuclear,” the official told Schindler last week.

Although the tweet was retweeted over 400 times, the comment garnered no mainstream media attention whatsoever, which is odd given that Schindler is a former U.S. Naval War College lecturer and is known to have many high level military contacts.

Although not specified, the reference was almost certainly in relation to growing tensions between the United States and Russia.

One analysis of the comment suggests it may have been a “deliberate “leak” from NATO sources, to emphasize how serious the situation is.”

Earlier this month NATO launched its biggest ever wargame exercise on Russia’s doorstep. Moscow responded by conducting “provocative” wargames in the Mediterranean Sea in coordination with the Chinese PLA, the first ever naval drill involving both superpowers...(MORE)


The Rise of Executive Federalism

Started by National Director, Dee in Government Overreach. Last reply by James C. Watson DC 19 minutes ago. 1 Reply


Pro-Lifers Exiled to ‘Religious Ghetto’ at County Fair 

‘Deliberate and intentional isolation’ of groups blasted as ‘discrimination’

(Thomas More Society) – The Thomas More Society has demanded that the McHenry County Fair stop discriminating against religious and pro-life exhibitors. A letter from the non-profit legal firm details the Fair’s deliberate and intentional isolation of any organization they deem “faith-based.” The 2015 booths for Peter’s Net, McHenry Deanery Respect Life, and 1st Way Pregnancy Support Services of Johnsburg have all been assigned spaces far removed from the main traffic way because of their religious message, while an organization associated with Planned Parenthood and espousing support for abortion has still been placed in the main exhibition area.

The Society’s letter references documented comments made by McHenry County Fair executive Larry Macheroux that confirm that this segregation is intentional. He told Paula Emmerth, president of opposing Peter’s Net, that he would never allow the group in the same building as the Planned Parenthood associate organization because it would create a potential conflict between the pro-life views of Peter’s Net and the opposing pro-choice views. On another occasion Macheroux commented about the three fetal model displays by Peter’s Net, McHenry Deanery Respect Life, and 1st Way Pregnancy Support Services of Johnsburg, that as far as he was concerned, “That’s three too many.” He also stated that he supported the pro-choice message of Planned Parenthood.

This comment coming from the Fair’s principal executive shows that its exile and segregation of faith-based and pro-life groups into a remote “religious ghetto” constitutes a grievous violation of the Civil Rights Act and the Illinois Human Rights Law. These statutes forbid denial, based on religion, of “the full and equal enjoyment of the facilities, goods, and services” of the Fair, which qualifies as a “place of public accommodation” under federal and state civil rights law...(MORE)




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Has Obama Handed China U.S.’s Superpower Status?

An expert on United States-China relations who is a former United States Defense official serving under the Reagan administration, says that China is well on its way to surpassing America as the world’s superpower, compliments of President Barack Obama and his allegedly unconcerned administration. (One News Now) – Former Assistant Under-Secretary of Defense for Policy ...

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Reuters Equates Patriot Motorcycle Riders with Texas Bike Gang Shooters

(Breitbart) – If its Memorial Day story is any indication, Reuters news services can’t seem to tell the difference between a group of patriots celebrating Memorial Day with a motorcycle event and the Texas biker gang shootings that left nine dead. The wire service begins its Memorial Day story tying the Texas biker gang shooting directly to the patriot riders ...

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Thad Cochran Marries Aide After Denying Alleged Affair

(Breitbat) – Sen That Cochran, 77, adamantly declared that there was no affair between him and top aide Kay Webber, 76, during his bid for re-election. His staff also insisted there was nothing to the rumors that surrounded the couple. Now, it seems Cochran has used to cover of Memorial Day to minimize news that the two ...

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‘Murder’ Chants Hurled at Israeli Athletes

Team members detained at airport, tournament refuses flag (YNetNews) – “We will murder you” and “you’re not wanted here, go home” are just some of the chants which were directed at the members of Israel’s judo team over the weekend, while they competed at the World Masters competition in Rabat, Morocco. The Israeli athletes’ problems ...

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Court: Choose Life’ Slogan ‘Patently Offensive’

Judges let state impose ‘speech discrimination’ (Daily Caller) – A new decision by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals holds that New York’s state government has the right to ban “Choose Life” license plates on the grounds that such a statement is “patently offensive.” The dispute stems from a now-suspended program offered by New York’s ...

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