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‘Hillary Just as Radical as Obama’

Bolton says her only chance for presidency is to pretend moderation

(WND) – Hillary Clinton’s only chance for the presidency is to persuade Americans that Barack Obama’s foreign policy is fundamentally sound and that she’s more moderate than Obama is, says former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton.

“She still is yet to separate herself from his foreign policy, and I don’t think she can because she was part of it,” Bolton said on Aaron Klein’s Investigative Radio Sunday night.

“Some people believe for whatever reason that somehow she’s more moderate – forget about it. I knew her and her husband in law school. I think the way you are in graduate school is pretty much the way you are. She was very comfortable in the radical Obama administration. Let’s just look at domestic affairs. Do you think Obamacare is materially different from Hillarycare, the proposal of the Clinton administration in ’93 and ’94? Absolutely not. If you like Obama, you’ll love Clinton.”

Listen to Aaron Klein’s interview with John Bolton:



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Corsi: Is Obama Trying to Cause World War III?

(Dr. Jerome Corsi) – Is Barack Obama’s goal to start World War III?

No, Obama is not starting World War III by finally announcing an intention to destroy ISIS, the horrendously violent al-Qaida descendent currently beheading journalists in Iraq as part of the terror group’s goal to create a resurgent Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

Let’s go back farther in time, to December 2010, when Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declared the Arab Spring a “democracy movement,” supporting al-Qaida splinter groups and the Muslim Brotherhood in their effort to topple Qadhafi in Libya and Mubarak in Egypt.

Or, perhaps even back to November 2008 when Obama was elected president promising he would end the war in Iraq, a telegraphing of military intent that virtually assured the United States would leave Iraq at a time when a Sunni uprising against the U.S.-supported Shi’ite government was virtually certain to occur.

The result of the Obama-Clinton Middle Eastern policies have been to reduce North Africa and much of the Middle East into chaos dominated by radical Islam in which Christians are being slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in numbers never before seen since Charles Martel turned Islam out of Europe at the battle of Poitiers in 732 A.D.


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