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Veteran: Obama Sounds Like ‘Used Car Salesman’

A military veteran and member of the American Legion says many veterans doubt their Commander in Chief is serious about looking out for their interests.

(One News Now) – President Obama addressed the American Legion’s national convention in Charlotte this week amid the growing ISIS crisis and the problems surrounding the Veterans Administration. “The bond between our forces and our citizens has to be a sacred trust,” he stated, “and that for me, for my administration, upholding our trust with our veterans is not just a matter of policy, it is a moral obligation.”

Capt. Darin Selnick (USAF-Ret.) is senior veterans affairs advisor for Concerned Veterans for America and a member of the American Legion. He thinks many of those in attendance didn’t trust the president’s words – but instead are watching his actions.

“When you say you care about the military and veterans and yet you’re constantly shrinking the military and you’re handing out pink slips while they’re in combat, it takes a while to not believe the Commander in Chief,” says Selnick. “… You say you support our veterans but [your actions show] you only support our military [by] giving them a welfare check and making them a victim.”

The CVA advisor also isn’t confident about what the president said about his pledge to fix the problems at the VA...(MORE)


Ron Paul's Campaign Committee Bribed State Senator

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Democrat Freak out in Alabama

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Federal court rules SWAT teams aren’t exempt from lawsuits

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Democracy Alliance Bankrolled Court-Packing Scheme

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Russian Troops Invade Urkraine

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Jimmy Carter to be Featured Speaker at Hamas Fundraiser

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Police Departments Lost Military Weaponry

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Philadelphia VA Hospital depicts Veterans as Oscar the Grouch

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Schools Must Teach Significance of Obama’s Election

New law meant to cement legacy of 1st black president

(Washington Post) – California textbooks will teach about the significance of President Obama’s election under a new law signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown (D).

The measure, AB 1912, requires the California Instructional Quality Commission to consider including instruction on Obama’s election during its next revision of history-social science curriculum. This curriculum hasn’t been updated in nine years, the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Chris Holden (D), said in a statement, and will not be updated until the 2015-2016 school year.

“We want to make sure that future generations understand that the election of our nation’s first African American president was a historic step in the effort towards equality and that previous elections involved intimidation and violence that prevented millions of African Americans from voting,” Holden said...(MORE)


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Rep. Blackburn: Impeaching ‘Imperialist’ Obama Is On Table

(Newsmax) – Impeachment, censure and legal action are all on the table as the House considers how to discipline President Barack Obama for his “imperialist” conduct in bypassing Congress with executive orders, Rep. Marsha Blackburn told Newsmax TV on Thursday. Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, didn’t rule out any of these responses in an interview with”MidPoint” host Ed ...

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