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Hillary Wants Shooting Victims to Sue Gun Makers

(Breitbart) – In the wake of the attack on Umpqua Community College (UCC) Hillary Clinton is pushing new regulations on gun shows and a change in laws allowing shooting victims and their families to sue gun manufacturers.

Clinton will introduce these latest gun control proposals on October 5.

According to NBC News, Clinton said she would propose “[tightening] rules governing gun show and Internet sales,” which is a reference to the expansion of background checks that has eluded Democrats and Democrat surrogates like Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly since January 2013. Of course, the problem with this approach is that the UCC gunman passed a background check for his guns, as did almost every mass shooter of note in the last eight years. Breitbart New previously reported that The New York Times admits the clear majority of mass shooters–including Gabby Giffords’ attacker–acquire their guns via background checks.

So expanding background checks would have done nothing to stop the attack at UCC...(MORE)



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High School Students Revolt After Principal CANCELS ‘AMERICA PRIDE DAY’

(Daily Caller) – Students at a Wyoming high school took matters into their own hands last week by festooning themselves in the colors of the American flag after the principal and an assistant principal canceled “America Pride Day” over concerns that some immigrant students could feel sad and left out.

The scene of the red, white and blue brouhaha was Jackson Hole High School in Jackson, Wyo., reports the Jackson Hole News&Guide.

In response to a decision by school officials to replace a previously-held “America Pride Day” with “College Day” as part of this year’s homecoming festivities, a large group of senior students and some juniors protested by bedecking themselves with American flag capes, American flag headbands, American flag shorts and all manner of beautifully and garishly patriotic American flag ornamentation.

After school, one kid also drove a diesel truck around the parking lot with a bunch of American flags waving in the breeze.

Jackson Hole High principal Scott Crisp blamed the results of a student survey and his concerns that some students may feel excluded if they see an American flag for the administration’s decision to cancel “America Pride Day.”...(MORE)




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State Dept. Tells Clinton to Look for More Emails

(Washington Times) – The State Department has instructed former Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton go back to her Internet companies and try to recover email messages from any personal email accounts that she used during her time in government, saying it appears she didn’t turn over all of her documents. In a letter to Clinton lawyer David E. Kendall, the ...

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Hillary Clinton Readies Oppo-Research to Go to War Against Joe Biden

(NY Mag) – If Joe Biden jumps into the Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton will be ready to go on the offensive. According to a Clinton campaign source, a team of opposition researchers working on behalf of Clinton is currently digging through Biden’s long record in office to develop attack lines in case the vice-president runs. ...

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Feds Deport Fewest Immigrants in Decade

(AP) – The Obama administration deported the fewest number of immigrants in the past 12 months since 2006, according to new government figures obtained by The Associated Press. The figures also show that deportations of criminal immigrants have dropped to the lowest numbers since President Barack Obama took office in 2009, despite his pledge to ...

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Marco Rubio Admits: Amnesty Critics have ‘Very Valid Argument’

(Breitbart) – Sen. Marco Rubio still supports immigration reform, including the ability for illegal immigrants to apply for green cards. But in a recent media interview, he admitted that his quest for reform would be difficult to pass through Congress, even acknowledging that critics have a valid argument against it. When asked by CNBC’s John Harwood if he ...

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Black Church Rejects Requests from Clinton to Speak

(Breitbart) – The leaders of the Church of God in Christ, a historically African-American church, have turned down multiple speaking requests from individuals representing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to a source familiar with the decision. The influential Christian denomination has 12,000 churches in the United States with more than 6 million members around the ...

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