EMERGENCY: Elites Caught Plotting Murder of President Trump. This is Not a Drill.


Since Donald Trump won the election, the radical liberals have been alluding to his death. We the People don’t take these threats lightly — the guard of the American people is up!

President Reagan had an attempted assassination when he was in office for only two short months during his first term, because liberals saw him as a threat to their corrupt ways. And now, with security breaches in Trump’s administration and the “next hot thing” being threatening Trump’s life- another presidential assassination attempt may be on the way. 

We have all seen the signs, there has been rioting in the streets, people screaming “not my president,” and celebrities threatening to blow up the White House! They have called for him not to be elected, threats of a recount election, and even calls for impeachment.

But they have failed in all of these things, and the left are starting to get more and more angry. Because of them, they have welcomed violent refugees and illegals into this country, they have starting racist groups like Black Lives Matter, and arranged protests that block traffic and attack those who disagree.

Because these radicals didn’t get their way, they’re acting out – and the American people fear that they may be gearing up for something huge: attempting to kill the President of the United States. Are we going to see another death of a great man?

President Trump is dedicated to helping this country and rescue it from peril, why anyone would want to stop that is beyond me. Whatever the liberals and celebrities believe about Donald Trump is all because of the mainstream media and the corrupt Democrats.

Ever since they lost power, they have been conspiring to continue their regime of terror. Obama gunned for Hillary Clinton to win the election, and even threatened the American people to vote for her. The left tried everything, but the criminal still lost.

And since that momentous day, the left have been trying to steal their power back. Many undercover reporters have shown Democrat elites plotting against Trump, not only to make Hillary win the election, but when that failed, how to sabotage Trump’s inauguration ball.

There have been allegations of Obama starting a shadow government as yet another way to continue to control the American people- and the Democrats have been fighting tooth and nail against every good thing President Trump tries to implement.

There is definitely something shady in the works, and the American people need to be vigilant for attacks against the White House. We elected Donald Trump because of the promises he made to the American people, to drain the swamp, and make this country great again.

Apparently, that water is murkier than could have ever been imagined, and some are plotting not only to sabotage Donald Trump but to take his life and ruin our chances of freedom and greatness. This cannot be tolerated; we need to continue to support Trump and not let history repeat itself! No more good men should have to die!


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