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Pentagon Official: ISIS Executioners Had No Idea Special Forces Chasing Them -- Until Obama Told Them

Daily Caller) – On Wednesday, the White House leaked a classified special forces operation to rescue American hostages in Syria. The reason: political cover. The cost: so far, unknown.

But this much, we know: The politicized leak of this operation cut through the fog of war to let our enemies know exactly what happened that day in the desert, and because of that, future attempts to free American hostages will be more difficult to plan, farther between, and more dangerous to carry out.

On Wednesday, Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby confirmed reports of the U.S. military’s failed clandestine hostage rescue operation in Syria. The operation was designed to rescue a number of Western hostages, including American journalist James Foley, that were being held by Islamic State terrorists in Syria. Details of the failed raid were leaked by senior White House officials earlier that day after the Obama administration came under intense scrutiny about what actions it had taken to free Foley following, who was beheaded . The leak was designed to provide political cover for President Barack Obama, who has been taking fire from the press for failing to take more decisive action against the Islamic State in either Iraq or Syria.

The operation involved an extremely large number of U.S. special operations forces moving over long distances. It has been described as the largest U.S. hostage rescue operation undertaken since the famed raid on the Son Tay prison camp in Vietnam – meaning it was larger in scope than the mission to free the U.S. hostages being held at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1980...(MORE)


China shows Citizens what Islam REALLY is while America hides it

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How an Arrest in Iraq Revealed ISIS's $2 Billion Jihadist Network

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US Marine and Iraq War Veteran Responds to ISIS in aftermath of Journalist Foley's Beheading

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Family Friend of Officer Darren Wilson: " CNN Report is WRONG!"

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George Soros Plans to Save the Senate

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Curse Of Obamacare Now Curses Cursed Chicago Cubs

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Obama's 'Weakly' Address

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Westboro Baptist Church to protest in Iraq

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St. Louis Cop in Hot Water Over Video Rant

(The Blaze) – The St. Louis police officer who was caught on live TV “pushing” CNN anchor Don Lemon back while he was covering unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, has reportedly been relieved of duty after video emerged online of the cop giving a speech railing against affirmative action, President Barack Obama, Islam and more.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar confirmed to USA Today that he immediately placed officer Dan Page on administrative leave once he learned of the video. Though he said he doesn’t have the legal authority to fire the officer at this point, he argued he would have let him go if he were a probationary officer.

Page will reportedly under a psychological evaluation and be subjected to an internal investigation.

In the video reportedly recored at an Oath Keepers meeting months ago, Page refers to Obama as the “undocumented president” from Kenya and rails against the “four sodomites on the Supreme Court.” He also speaks out against affirmative action and radical Islam.



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