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Tea Party Congressional Warning Goes Viral!

Dear Fellow Tea Party Loyalist,

I’m about to reveal something shocking to you.

I really thought long and hard but I have to share it with you. I promised you that I would always be forthright and honest no matter how grim or frightening. I’m having trouble believing it myself.

My thoughts are filled with the unthinkable acts Obama is planning to commit against our beloved nation now that he has nothing to lose and cannot be reelected.

The abuse of power and the blatant disregard for the office of the president of the United States has shocked Patriots everywhere, embarrassed America and fractured the freedom that we have all come to love and embrace.

Obama’s actions are utterly disgraceful—from his actions to legalize illegals to his willingness to import deadly disease without character and passion for the women, children and families of America.

Every day I hear more stories of how Congressmen are worrying about the shockwaves that could smother America and turn our great land into a Third World nation overnight.

Obama will wreak havoc from the stock market to the supermarket simply because he wants his own way his way. His New World Order spells death to liberty and a complete conversion into a socialist fascist state.

And that is why the TEA PARTY IS FIGHTING BACK!

We’ve created a message so powerful it’ll rock the Obama socialists—stop them dead in their tracks. We’re going to send a powerful CONGRESSIONAL WARNING that’ll make their blood boil and their stomach churn. Are you with me?



EXCLUSIVE: True The Vote Appeals Dismissal of Lawsuit Against IRS

Started by Asst Natl Dir Melony B. DeFord in Corruption. Last reply by Thomas Laman 31 seconds ago. 18 Replies


Started by National Director, Dee in GOP. Last reply by Thomas Laman 2 minutes ago. 104 Replies

Memo to Obama: Your Power Has Limits

Started by kathyet in Government Overreach. Last reply by ROY S. MALLMANN II 3 minutes ago. 6 Replies

U.S. asks Vatican to help relocate Guantanamo inmates

Started by National Director, Dee in Obama Administration. Last reply by ABU TOM 3 minutes ago. 38 Replies

Obama: ‘Good black people’ don’t use racism as an excuse

Started by Asst Natl Dir Melony B. DeFord in General/Potpourri. Last reply by TopDrifter 1SG Retired 6 minutes ago. 35 Replies

Why Did John Kerry Just Apologize for America?

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‘Draft Gowdy for Speaker’ campaign takes off: ‘Bring some BOOM into the ROOM’

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Rejuvenated Obama: ‘I’m Not Done’

Fundraising email touts ‘progress,’ ‘change,’ promises much more

(Politico) – This time eight years ago, Barack Obama and his staff were in the final stages of preparing to launch a presidential campaign. So was pretty much everyone else. The midterms were done, the opposition party had ridden a wave to a wipe-out.

The political world was already looking past President George W. Bush. Obama was leading the charge.

On Friday, Obama stood at the podium at the White House and dared anyone to try the same with him.

“Interesting stuff happens in the fourth quarter. And I’m looking forward to it,” Obama said, at the outset of the 2014 wrap-up press conference at the White House, as he promised a year that would be heavy on outreach to Congress but also moving forward on his own — protecting health care and financial regulations, and pushing forward on immigration reform.

Or, as he put it in the subject line of the email that went out from his old political group Organizing for Action as the press conference wrapped up: “I’m not done.”...(MORE)




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