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India Defies the Dictator: Accuses Obama of ‘Carbon Imperialism’

As Delhi rushes to boost its coal generation to satisfy rocketing energy demands, John Kerry’s decision to single out India as a “challenge” provokes fury

(Telegraph) – It’s rush hour in the world’s most polluted city, and just visible through the dense blanket of smog is an electronic billboard informing motorists that the air quality has dropped from “very poor” to “severe”.

If this were Beijing an emergency would be declared, with schools closed for the day and production at factories halted. But here in Delhi, judging by faces barely visible behind anti-pollution masks, nobody seems to have noticed.

When John Kerry, the US secretary of state, last week singled out the country most likely to pose a “challenge” to climate change talks at Paris, it wasn’t China he named – it was India.

On top of the carbon-spewing traffic that clogs the Indian capital’s streets, that challenge comes in the enormous form of the 1.5bn tonnes of coal the country aims to extract annually by 2020. That is double its current output.

And if there is one thing that Western countries can agree on, it is that dirty, polluting coal needs to be phased out..(MORE)



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How A Secretive Elite Created The EU To Build A World Government

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The Weekly Standard's Kristol: I have Come to Loathe Donald Trump

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Is the Tea Party about to crush the Dems?

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Death By Tea Party 

(Tea Party) – It was never the intentions of the Tea Party to target the Democratic Party for demolition, but instead to contain and eliminate socialism within the ranks of America.

The Tea Party mantra of smaller government and lower taxes flew in the face of those who believed big government was the answer, and that higher taxes were a tool for the redistribution of wealth. Little did anyone realize the big-government, high-tax crowd had infested the Democratic Party, and by default the Tea Party unknowingly eviscerated the Democratic Party by electing literally thousands of conservative candidates from dog-catchers, to Senators and Governors. This paradigm shift filled the ranks of the conservative movement and ripped from the clutches of the socialists the power they so lusted after. The result being that the Democrat Party was slowly crushed under its own socialist doctrine.

At one time the Democrat Party would beat their chest and bellow that they owned the dinosaur media and controlled major universities, filling the heads of young, hungry students with socialist doctrines and big government cures. But the liberal socialists didn’t stop there with their bombastic blathering, as they also invented issues out of thin air such as climate change, a.k.a. ‘global warming’ and the war on women, all the while protecting the rights of the mother to kill her baby.

Keyboard bullies, the dinosaur media, the silent treatment, and of course the all-time favorite nonsensical ridicule seemed to be the magic silver bullet to kill the Tea Party, but it appears the political gun has backfired, mortally wounding the attacker while the Tea Party lives on unscathed......(MORE) 




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Uh-Oh… 14,000 Illegal Immigrants in Sweden DISAPPEAR WITHOUT A TRACE

(Truth Revolt) – The 21,748 people who have been given deportation orders by Sweden’s Migration Agency last month – the largest number in history, by the way – 14,140 are registered by police as “departed” or “wanted,” the Swedish website The Local reports. “We simply don’t know where they are,” said Patrik Engström, the head of the national border police. ...

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Obama Says Widow Refugees Are Safe… But Muslim Widow Proves Him Wrong in Horrifying Way

(Conservative Tribune) – Less than two weeks after President Barack Obama mocked Republicans for allegedly being afraid of Muslim “widows and orphans,” we now know that an actual Islamic State group widow plans to blow herself up and go out like a suicide bomber. “I know what I’m doing,” the widow, Sally Jones, a former British citizen ...

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Conference Organizers Hit the Buzzer as Obama’s Climate Speech Goes 11 Minutes Over Schedule

(Free Beacon) – The French had a message for President Obama during the climate change talks in Paris on Monday: Wrap it up. Event organizers hit the buzzer as Obama’s address neared the nine-minute mark, blowing past the U.N.’s requested time limit of three minutes. Obama's speech at #COP21 getting interrupted by the out-of-time buzzer. ...

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Trump: US Is ‘Not Exactly Loved By Many Muslims’

(Newsmax) – The United States is “not exactly loved by many Muslims,” Donald Trump said Monday, while refusing to budge on his claims that there were celebrations going on in New Jersey and around the world in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. “I’m not saying everybody, but there’s a large percentage of people that ...

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