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Obama Demands ‘Welcoming’ for Illegals

(Tea Party) – President Obama’s White House Task Force on Creating Welcoming Communities unveiled its recommendations Friday for a national strategy to “integrate” millions of immigrants and refugees into cities and towns across the U.S.

The chair of the task force, Obama’s domestic policy adviser Cecilia Muñoz, said her focus is on making sure Obama’s historic immigration policies get “institutionalized” so they will live on long after she and her boss are gone from the White House.

Obama created the task force Nov. 21 when he announced his plan to unilaterally grant amnesty to more than 5 million illegal immigrants and child migrants. His administration is also bringing in 70,000 foreign refugees per year from places like Iraq, Somalia, Bhutan, Burma and Syria.


Friday’s conference was titled “The New National Integration Plan: Making the Most of a Historic Opportunity.”

Muñoz, the former executive with the National Council of La Raza, said it was her job “to make sure we build this really into the DNA across the federal bureaucracy, at a leadership level, but much more importantly to make sure that when political appointees like me are no longer here this (immigration strategy) is built into what those agencies do and think about every day...(MORE)


Al Gore: Poor People Don’t Need Coal

Started by National Director, Dee in Tyranny. Last reply by JOHN TYRRELL 44 minutes ago. 29 Replies


“Scary”: Big Spring Residents Report Tanks, Helicopters Arriving Before Jade Helm

(News West 9) – A large-scale military exercise set to run from July 15 to November 15 has sparked rampant conspiracy theories involving everything from Walmart to martial law.

The Special Operations mission, called Jade Helm 15, is just another training opportunity to “practice core special warfare tasks,” according to United States Army representatives.

“The size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart,” said Army Special Operations Command officials. “To stay ahead of environment challenges faced overseas, Jade Helm will take place across seven states… The diverse terrain in these states replicates areas Special Operations Soldiers regularly find themselves operating in overseas.”

Special Operations Forces will only train in five states: Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado.

According to Jade Helm operations planners, training will only be conducted on private and public land with the permission of landowners or regional authorities...(MORE)




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Air Force Vet Tries to Stop Flag Desecration

(The Blaze) – When she saw protesters disrespecting the flag, she took matters into her own hands. She didn’t let up even when the cops got involved. Air Force veteran Michelle Manhart was detained — but not charged — in Georgia after an altercation in which she took a flag from Valdosta State University protesters ...

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Ted Cruz: ‘My Vote on Loretta Lynch is Unambiguously No’

(Newsmax) – Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Saturday that he would not support Loretta Lynch for attorney general and that the only “way to defeat ISIS is a simple and clear military objective. “We will destroy them,” Cruz said of the Islamic State to cheers at the Republican Leadership Summit in Nashua, N.H. The senator, ...

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Huckabee: Christians Shouldn’t Enlist While Obama Is President

(Newsmax) – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told Iowa radio talk-show host Jan Mickelson that the Obama administration had “an open hostility toward the Christian faith” — urging prospective military recruits to enlist after President Barack Obama leaves the White House. Mickelson asked Huckabee Thursday on his WHO-AM program in Des Moines to respond to news reports ...

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Jindal: Obama ‘First President in History Who Doesn’t Believe in American Exceptionalism’

(Breitbart) – Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) addressed the New Hampshire Republican Leadership Summit on Saturday. Currently considering joining the 2016 presidential race, Jindal shared what the American Dream has meant for his family, especially how education created opportunities. What worries him the most about President Barack Obama’s legacy, said Jindal, was what the president was doing to redefine the ...

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Think Global Warming Is Bad? Wait Until You Meet ‘Sustainability’

(Breitbart) – The problem with global warming is that eventually it must meet reality. Either the globe is warming up at horrific rates as the models have promised, or it isn’t. And if it isn’t, then those still calling themselves “scientists,” and meaning it, must admit failure and move on. Incidentally, the globe is not ...

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