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Trey Gowdy Opens Benghazi Hearings: ‘We Can Just Be Americans in Pursuit of the Facts’

(TPNN) – Congressman Trey Gowdy issued the following opening statement (see video below) at the beginning of the Select Committee on Benghazi Hearings that began on Wednesday, stating that both the American people, including the families of those lost during the tragic terrorist attack on 9/11/12, are owed the truth.

“We can just be Americans in pursuit of the facts, the truth, and justice no matter where that journey takes us,” Gowdy stated. “They deserve an investigative process that is worthy of the memory of the four who were killed, and worthy of the respect of our fellow Americans.”

A little over two years ago, four Americans were killed serving our country in Benghazi, Libya.  Two were killed when a facility emblematic of our country was set on fire.  Two were killed because they dared to fight back and defend themselves and others.   Sean Smith, Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty represented us.  They represented our country and our values.  We sent them to do that.  They were killed in an attack rooted in the animus some people hold toward us, simply because we are us.



US Knew Turkey Aided al Qaeda but Did Nothing to Stop It

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Federal Judge Envisions ‘Rape License’ for ‘Right to Rape’

Started by National Director, Dee in Corruption. Last reply by Katherine Hovey 15 minutes ago. 12 Replies


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100,000 Obamacare Enrollees could lose their Coverage

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Vindicated! ‘Fast and Furious’ Whistleblower Wins Lawsuit Against Government

(BizPacReview) – The United States government went after retired Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent Jay Dobyns in court, accusing him of violating his employment agreement by writing a book and producing a movie about his experiences.

Federal judge Francis Allegra rejected the government’s claim and has ordered the U.S. to pay Dobyns $173,000.

Citing “organizational weakness” within the ATF, the judge said that there did not appear to be a conspiracy against Dobyns, who has fought the agency for years over alleged mistreatment, as it attempted to cover up its own corruption.

But Allegra wrote in his conclusion that what happened to the former agent was not about justice, KVOA reported. It was more comparable to Franz Kafka’s book, “The Trial.”

You can learn more details about the complicated judgement and Dobyns’ saga on his blog...(MORE)

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House Passes Bill to Audit the Fed. Will Democrats in the Senate Obstruct it?

(TPNN) – Congressman Ron Paul may be gone from the House, but his legacy lives on as the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to audit the fed- a longtime goal championed by the former Congressman and two-time presidential candidate. The Federal Reserve was formed over 100 years ago as a means to fight ...

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Pro-Amnesty Marriott CEO Asks Guests to Start Tipping Maids

CEO likely expects customers to pay for immigrant workers if amnesty is passed (Infowars) – Months after joining President Obama in a push for amnesty, the CEO of Marriott International is asking hotel guests to start tipping maids, suggesting that he and like-minded CEOs expect customers to pay extra for workers legalized by amnesty if it’s ...

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Bloomberg Receives French Award for Supporting ‘The Ideals of Liberty’

Elites reward one another for a job well done (Infowars) – Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg traveled to France this week to receive the country’s top civilian honor. The “Legion d’Honneur,” an award that “embodies the ideals of liberty,” was given to Bloomberg by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius Tuesday at the Quai d’Orsay. ...

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Endorses Hamas?

‘Fake’ Holocaust survivor stumps Democrat on Israeli-Palestinian conflict (Front Page Mag) – Like Hedy Epstein, Eva Steiner Moseley is another fake Holocaust survivor who uses phony claims of being a Holocaust survivor to attack Israel and support terrorists. Eva Moseley is even more fake than Hedy Epstein because she and her familymoved to New York in 1939. Moseley ...

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Famous Eatery Won’t Hire Commandment-Keeper

Now feds sue franchisee on behalf of Christian (USA Today) – A Dunkin’ Donuts franchise here will go to federal court to answer charges that it refused to hire an Asheville man who could not work on Saturday because of his religious beliefs. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Charlotte office filed a federal lawsuit Thursday ...

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