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Sheriff Calls for U.S. Troops on Rio Grande

(Newsmax) – With Middle East turmoil grabbing all the headlines, the growing national security threat posed by America’s porous border with Mexico has dropped off the federal government’s radar, an Arizona sheriff told Newsmax TV on Friday.

“We’ve been forgotten about by our president and others in this administration whose eyes are averted and are off the ball,” Pinal County, Ariz., sheriff Paul Babeu told “MidPoint” host Ed Berliner.

“We’ve been saying for years … that this is probably the greatest national security threat that our nation faces,” said Babeu, “because it provides — with this open border — a natural avenue of approach for our enemy from any part of the world — not just ISIS, any possible terrorist threat.

“The border is not secure,” he concluded.

With hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants entering the United States through Mexico each year, most simply in search of jobs and better lives, it’s not a stretch to assume that a motivated terrorist would have even less trouble crossing over, said Babeu...(MORE)


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Illinois Cop Loses It As Driver Attempts To Exercise Rights At Unconstitutional Checkpoint

Whacked out officer rips open car door and yells like a drill sergeant

(Infowars) – An enraged police officer in Illinois was caught on camera during an exchange Friday with a driver who attempted to exercise his Constitutional rights at a random police checkpoint – making for compelling yet disturbing viewing.

Ryan Scott set a camera in his car to record as he was ushered into the checkpoint, believing that his rights were about to be trampled upon. The resulting footage shows what happened when Scott asked police whether he was being detained or not.

Scott writes “I was just stopped at an unconstitutional CHECKPOINT in DeKalb, Illinois. This was Illinois State Police conducting the unconstitutional searches. You won’t believe how this just went down!” The action begins at 3.30 mins.

When he explained to the first officer that he was not obligated to provide his driver’s license if he is not being detained or suspected of committing a crime, the second officer ripped open the car door and yelled “YOU KNOW WHAT, YOU ARE OBLIGATED, GET OUT NOW!”


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