SAD: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Pancreatic Cancer And Received Radiation; Too Bad Google And YouTube Are Censoring Cancer Cures That Actually Work

Earlier today the US Supreme Court disclosed that Ginsburg received treatment this summer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

The beloved Supreme Court Justice has pancreatic cancer and is receiving radiation.

It’s too bad research on real alternatives that could save Ginsburg’s life are no longer readily available online.

The tech giants deleted Natural News from their platforms over the past year. Natural News specializes in alternative treatments and methods to treat diseases. They are no longer allowed by the liberal tech giants to offer alternatives for ailing Americans.

Democrats cheered when Natural News was deplatformed because they have a conservative bent.

So liberals thought it was great.

Now those same tech giants are killing beloved liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg by censoring alternative treatments that could save her.

Via Natural News.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has pancreatic cancer. Multiple media sources are now reporting that she recently underwent three weeks of radiation treatment for a “localized malignant tumor” that was found on her tumor July 31st of this year. This is her second cancer treatment this year, according to media reports.

Pancreatic cancer is an especially severe expression of cancer, and it often leads to rather disastrous outcomes if treated with conventional cancer treatments like radiation, surgery or chemotherapy.

We have the knowledge to help RBG heal and live longer, but Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have censored nearly all the prominent channels offering holistic cancer treatments and cures that can, in some cases, effectively treat pancreatic cancer.

Big Tech is killing RBG

We don’t wish death upon anyone. In fact, our mission here is to promote life, longevity, health and liberty. Yet we cannot avoid stating the obvious: Big Tech’s censorship of natural cancer treatments and cures is killing RBG and others like her. Because of extreme censorship of natural health information by the techno-fascists who run Twitter and YouTube, people like RBG have no real access to information about alternative cancer treatments that are less toxic and far more successful than conventional treatments.

One of the most common side effects of radiation treatment for cancer is more cancer, by the way. Why? Because ionization radiation causes cancer, of course. And that’s the kind of radiation that’s typically used to treat cancer tumors, which helps explain the shameless failures of the cancer industry that continues to promote barbaric medicine that rarely works.

The cancer industry is quite literally treating RBG with 19th century technology (radiation) rather than 21st century natural medicine. Is there any doubt about the outcome? If RBG survives the next 12 months, it will be surprising.

Pancreatic cancer can be treated holistically, and while no treatment offers a sure cure, holistic treatments have the advantage of supporting the body’s immune response rather than destroying it.

Cancer is rarely limited to just one group of cells, especially when diagnosed in elderly individuals. Although we don’t have access to RBG’s medical records, it is statistically likely that she currently suffers from multiple cancer tumors across her body, affecting multiple organs. Media sources tell us that RBG’s doctors have pronounced the rest of her body is “cancer free,” which is practically confirmation that her body is likely riddled with cancer.

Radiation treatment, sadly, will only serve to accelerate the growth and malignancy of the other cancer tumors due to the immunosuppressive effects of ionizing radiation, even when that radiation is localized to cancerous tissues. As it turns out, radiation interacts with such tissues and reflects in seemingly random ways, irradiating nearby tissue. There’s no such thing as a radiotherapy treatment that only irradiates cancerous cells.

Leftists happily support the very same censorship that’s now killing one of their beloved leaders

Sadly, the very same Leftists who openly espouse the censorship of independent media and alternative information are now screaming their heads off on Twitter about the fact that RBG may be approaching biological finality due to cancer.

Some liberals are offering to donate their own organs to RBG, including their lungs. In other words, Leftists are willing to commit suicide to keep RBG alive.

They are not, however, willing to end censorship.

As a result, more of their heroes will be murdered by a corrupt, criminal cancer industry that routinely harms and kills Americans — by the hundreds of thousands each year — with toxic chemotherapy and radiation “treatments.”

As it turns out, even a U.S. Supreme Court Justice can be endangered by the cancer industry. And if that’s what they have in store for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, how do you think that same industry will treat you?

From the point of view of the for-profit cancer industry, you are nothing but a cash machine. And to make sure the cash keeps flowing, Google and the other tech giants continue to censor the truth about holistic cancer treatments that save lives … and might even help save national heroes from premature death.



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