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U.S. States Rebel Against Obama’s ‘War on Coal’

Governor decries ‘unprecedented meddling with Texas’

(Newsmax) – State Officials have gone on the offensive against the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan (CPP) limiting carbon-dioxide emissions at existing fossil-fuel-fired power plants.

The CPP would establish state-by-state carbon emissions rate reduction targets.

Gov. Mary Fallin, R-Okla., in late April issued an executive order arguing that the EPA “has exceeded its authority under the Clean Air Act,” the 1970 federal law requiring the EPA to take steps to reduce air pollution that harms the public’s health, from which the EPA claims authority for the CPP.

Fallin also prohibits the state’s Department of Environmental Quality from participating with the development of plans to implement CPP regulations.

And she said that if the CPP is adopted this summer, she “will not submit” a State Implementation Plan (SIP) intended to ensure full compliance with the federal mandate, Thomas K. Lindsay disclosed in an article for realclearpolicy.com...(MORE)


Ben Carson

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This needs to be spread around

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State Nullification: What Is It?

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Our Doomsday Weapon

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Tea Party Honors Our Military Families

Millions of members of the Tea Party across America shall never forget the sacrifice of those who gave all in the defense of our nation and the proclamation of freedom.

It is not the reporter, it’s not the campus organizer nor is it the politician who protects our freedom but it is the Soldier, Sailor and those who serve in the Marine Corps and the Air Force who are truly the protectors of our freedom.

All Americans are the beneficiaries of those who served and gave their full measure.

Our beloved nation must never forget we are sustained by the hand of God and by those brave souls who pledge their life, liberty and their sacred honor in the preservation of our great nation.

-  Steve Eichler, CEO Tea Party/Teaparty.org





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Bob Woodward: Bush Didn’t Lie About WMDs to Justify Iraq War

(Newsmax) – Former President George W. Bush did not lie about the presence of weapons of mass destruction to justify the Iraq War, journalist Bob Woodward said Sunday. The argument has been used for years by Democrats and other detractors, but Woodward said on ”Fox News Sunday” that his own 18-month investigation showed that Bush was actually ...

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California Governor Pitches Amnesty on Traffic Debt for the Poor

(AP) – Calling California’s traffic court system a “hellhole of desperation” for the poor, Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing an amnesty program for residents who can’t afford to pay off spiraling fines and penalties that have resulted in 4.8 million driver’s license suspensions since 2006. The push by the Democratic governor spotlights concern among lawmakers ...

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New Orleans Cop Shot Dead in Cruiser

(ABC News) – A New Orleans police officer was found shot dead in his marked patrol car this morning, city officials said. The shooting was reported around 7 a.m., the New Orleans Police Department said in a news release. The victim’s car rolled forward and struck a curb after the shooting. The officer’s name has ...

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Newspapers ‘Worthless,’ 50% Ad Decline

Circulation hits bottom, nationwide selloff (Washington Examiner) – The demise of big city print media, displayed in full by the painfully slow sale of the mammoth New York Daily News, is going nationwide as ad sales decline 50 percent and circulation plummets, according to a newPew Research Center analysis According to their report, “The Declining Value ...

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