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Trump: Syrian Refugees Could Be Obama’s ‘Trojan Horse’ Set to Topple US

(Newsmax) – The government’s plan to bring Syrian refugees could result in “one of the greatest military coups of all time,” GOP front-runner Donald Trump said Saturday, claiming that ISIS fighters could be among the refugees and the migration would be like a “Trojan horse.”

“I heard about three weeks ago when I saw the migration as they call it,” Trump told Fox News “Cashin’ In” host Eric Bolling.  ”They were talking about 3,000 people coming here. You say who are they, do they have papers? Then I heard 10, 25. Now 200,000 people. If you look at this migration it is mostly young, strong men.”

And, Trump told Bolling, he wondered “why aren’t they fighting for Syria if in fact they come from Syria. Then I said, ‘how are we going to take 200,000 people?’ This could be one of the greatest military coups of all time…some of them definitely in my opinion will be ISIS.”

He continued the influx of refugees would be “like a Trojan horse,” as many of the migrants would come to the United States while “we are unprepared for it.”

In addition, said Trump, the United States is a “debtor nation” that owes $19 trillion, and the infrastructure is bad....(MORE)


Treasury sets Nov. 5 debt limit deadline

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VIRAL: This MARINE Medal Of Honor Recipient Just Issued This BRUTAL Warning To ISIS

(AFF) – While Obama has set his priorities on things like giving amnesty to illegal aliens, giving Iran billions of dollars and ensuring that they can build nukes, fueling racism, politicizing shootings with a gun confiscation agenda, liberating gay people, attacking Christians, kissing Muslim’s butts and all the other useless garbage he does he has completely ignored the huge threat that ISIS poses to our country as well as the entire world.

These savages are completely out of control and Obama does absolutely nothing. The dude defends them. He arms them. They are his Allah loving Muslim brothers and he has protected them to the best of his ability.

ISIS has issued several direct threats pledging to infiltrate (refugees) America and launch attacks against the infidels and our military members.

Well, this U.S. MARINE MEDAL OF HONOR RECIPIENT has a little something to say to these ISIS scumbags! He rips into these Muslim terrorist animals and speaks the truth! This video is absolutely amazing!...(MORE)




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Hah! Bernie Sanders Invites Supporters to Join His Socialist Revolution – Donald Trump Responds

(Bizpac Review) – Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday to take a shot at popular Socialist Bernie Sanders. 20,000 supporters came out to see Sanders in Boston on Saturday. Today Sanders invited his supporters to join him for a political revolution to transform the country economically, politically, socially and environmentally. Donald Trump responded: @BernieSanders As ...

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CNN Panelist: Rand Paul’s Campaign ‘Officially on Death Watch’

Sen. Rand Paul’s (R., Ky.) campaign is “officially on death watch,” CNN panelist and The Atlanticreporter Molly Ball said on Inside Politics Sunday morning, citing Paul’s poor fundraising numbers and low enthusiasm for his candidacy. “That’s never a good look for your campaign when every interview with the Des Moines Register starts with, ‘So, are you dropping out?’” Ball ...

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College Professor Slams Gun-Free Zones

(USA Today) – A lone gunman went on a shooting rampage at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, on Thursday morning. Immediately after news broke, an all too familiar political dance started. Without knowing anything about the shooter, how the gun was obtained or any of the facts other than vague reports, pro- and anti-gun control ...

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Paul Ryan: I Support McCarthy for Speaker

(Newsmax) – Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan says in an op-ed at Town Hall  he is backing Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy for House speaker. Ryan said McCarthy is a “principled leader who will work hard and get results.” McCarthy has been able to get results where others haven’t in areas such as ending earmarks and getting unanimous ...

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No Mercy: Oregon Shooter Told Woman to Beg for Her Life, Shot Her Anyway

(AP) – The gunman had already shot several students at close range when he stood inches from Lacey Scroggins and demanded she stand up. It was only the fourth day of community college for the 18-year-old aspiring surgeon. She was face down, her head tucked between her outstretched arms, among dead and dying classmates. Scroggins ...

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