Question:  Could it be true that our young men and women are brainwashed and used as pawns to fight wars that are totally 'unconstitutional and against humanity' in the name of supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic’? 

The following thought-provoking article from the recent past seems to make a good case that all modern wars are engineered for ‘profit, business posturing, and global imperialism’ and that there are no ‘honest’ wars today.

Additionally, it basically goes on to state that our young men and women sign up for the military and go to war because of 'blind patriotism' and ‘love of country’ because our ‘enemies’ are regularly 'defined and redefined by a government that has proven itself to be deceptive, hostile to human life and individual freedom,' along with being 'hostile to the national interests of the American people.' If True-I believe that it provides us with the disturbing answer to above question-You Decide:

DOGS OF WAR, ARCHITECTS OF TERROR!-Posted on Darren Weeks-On July 25, 2014:

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” — Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State, as quoted by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in “The Final Days”

All modern wars are engineered for profit, business posturing, and global imperialism. There are no “honest” wars today. This is one message that I’ve worked for years to instill within my listening audience. It is frivolity to sign up for the military and go to war because of blind patriotism and “love of country.” As great as it would be to be able to pronounce that fighting “enemies” abroad equates with “serving one’s country”, the truth is much different. “Enemies” are regularly defined — and redefined — by a government that has proven itself to be deceptive, hostile to human life and individual freedom, and hostile to the national interests of the American people. Anyone who doesn’t see this truth, is either a pitiful victim of the Establishment media propaganda outlets, or is choosing to live with their heads buried deep in the sand. If they don’t wake up soon, they may find themselves literally buried in the sand — perhaps, Middle Eastern sand.

We’ve oft heard the repeated adage that to understand the world around us, one only need to look at the players and “follow the money”. If trails of money and blood are to be followed, the drivers of the wagon, down that well-worn path, are a clan called the Kagans.

One individual who has been making the rounds on the TV “news” outlets as an “expert” on the Iraq Syria conflict is Kimberly Kagan, the founder and leader of the Institute for the Study of War. When asked in a recent CSpan appearance what the purpose was of her organization and who funds them, she was quick to go on the defensive by saying they “do not advocate war, we study it.” This claim rings hollow when you examine the corporate sponsors of the organization, which are listed in their annual report (pdf) on their website:

• General Dynamics — Fifth largest defense contractor in the world, supplying “marine, combat, information technology and aerospace systems.”

• CACI International — Fortune 1000 company that “provides information services in support of national security missions and government transformation for intelligence, defense, and federal civilian customers.” Incidentally, CACI was one of the companies that was involved in the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal in the early days of the war on Iraq.

• DynCorp International — Private military contractor and aircraft manufacturer.

• Palantir Technologies — Computer analysis and software company whose main customer is the United States government. It was cofounded by Peter Thiel, the same Libertarian that sits on the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group, and who bankrolled Ron Paul’s 2012 election campaign. (Sorry, I just had to point that out for all of patriot sheep / hero worshippers.)

• Northrop Grumman — 4th largest aerospace and defense technology company in the world.

These are some of the corporate sponsors of the Institute for the Study of War. As you can see, they are backed by a formidable “Who’s Who” of the Military Industrial Complex. You don’t think the Kagan clan could be influenced by some of the largest military defense, contracting, aerospace, and IT companies in the world, do you? Perish the thought! Put on your tin foil hat, you silly conspiracy kook! Better go pop your happy pills and play nice with the little kitty.

Now that we got rid of the conspiracy nutjobs, let’s get down to business!

Kimberly Kagan is married to Frederick Kagan, whose father is Donald Kagan. Donald’s brother is Robert Kagan, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, foreign policy advisor to several Republican candidates as well as to Hillary “Rotten” Clinton while she was Secretary of State. Robert Kagan’s wife is former State Department spokesdrone Victoria Nuland. Talk about keeping it all in the family! Sheesh. Of course, Victoria Nuland is the “diplomat” known for being, shall we say, not quite so diplomatic?”

Speaking of lacking diplomacy, the rest of the family isn’t quite your “Brady Bunch” variety either. Frederick, Donald, and Robert Kagan were all original founders, along with Richard “Despot Dick” Cheney, of the Project for the New American Century. The PNAC was the neocon think tank which produced the report Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources For a New Century (pdf). It is this document that I refer to as the blueprint for the war on terror. Or, more accurately, “the War Of Terror”. The PNAC poops laid out the countries wherein they wanted to enact regime change and even stated that they needed a “new Pearl Harbor” type event to pull it off. Nothing like stating your goals plainly. After all, nobody ever actually reads anything these think tanks publish anyway, right? What’s that? Someone did read it? Whoops! Who’d a thunk it? We’ve gotta get that “Common Core” thing moving a little faster!

Rebuilding America’s Defenses was published in September 2000, before the Bush presidency. One year later, their “Pearl Harbor” event was conveniently executed. They planned the “War Of Terror” before 9/11, used the engineered crisis to overthrow the Middle Eastern governments which remain destabilized to this day, costing countless lives on both sides, as the bodies continue to pile up. That, my friends, is no laughing matter.

For their crimes against mankind, they were given toplevel clearance and access to classified documents by General David Petraeus, who allowed these war profiteers to plan U.S. war strategy during his command. Putting representatives of the Military Industrial Complex in charge of U.S. war policy and planning? What could possibly go wrong?

The Kagans brag about how they took no money from the U.S. government for their “services,” as they worked 18 hour days, 7 days a week, sometimes visiting dangerous battlefields. Kimberly Kagan would have us believe that the ongoing work they do is — as her website states it — out of frustration “with the prevailing lack of accurate information documenting developments on the ground in Iraq and the detrimental effect of biased reporting on policymakers…”. She reiterated this on CSpan: “We study ongoing conflicts in order to provide policymakers and decision makers with the best possible information about what’s going on in war zones…”

Gee, isn’t this why we pay intelligence agencies, God knows, how many billions? God really is the only one who knows, because their budgets are all classified. I guess the intel agencies are now too busy eavesdropping and collecting information about the American people to worry about camelriding cave dwellers and sand fleabitten jihadists. The Kagans have taken over and are doing it now out of a general love of — what? Killing people? If we’re to believe it isn’t their Military Industrial Complex cash cow, then what else could it be?

At a time when poverty is on the rise in the United States, and Americans are increasingly going homeless and hungry, the Obama administration has taken taxpayer monies and funded, trained, and armed the “moderate” Syrian rebels. Priorities! These are the same rebels who “moderately” cut the heart out of a soldier and took a bite of it on camera. Swell bunch of fellows, these “moderates”. Boys will be boys, I guess. Glad they’re on our side, huh? Hope the money doesn’t run out. Of course, they are also aligned with other terrorist organizations. But hey, no one’s perfect.

So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they crossed the border into Iraq, and decided to establish their new caliphate under the name of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). After all, who doesn’t want their own caliphate? It’s the “in” thing, you know.

I suppose I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that in Greek mythology, Isis is the mother of Horus, whose eye sits atop of the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill. The pyramid is an ancient symbol of Illuminati power, which proves that Islamist jihadists really do have a lot more in common with the Washingtonites who fund them. I suppose being an “expert” on war is really easy when you’re pulling the strings of the combatants.

Speaking of combatants, now I hear that the ISIS is a threat to the American homeland. I bet that wasn’t supposed to happen. It seems the Kagans, the Cheneys, and the other “experts” are singing that little tune about fighting them “over there” so we don’t have to face them at home. Strange, I think I’ve heard that some place in the past. Now, line up your children, patriotic sheep. Bahhh. It’s not kind to keep the nice recruiter waiting. Time to “serve your country”. Off to the slaughter.

About The Author:

Darren Weeks is a husband, a father, and a lover of America. A graduate of the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in Southfield, Michigan, he has been a professional radio and television broadcaster since 1991, spending much of his career with local television news operations.

It was at his job, when flipping through satellite channels that he discovered patriot broadcasting, and his subsequent awakening ensued.

Weeks currently hosts Govern America every Saturday from 11AM to 2PM Eastern Time on the Republic Broadcasting Network.


Web site:

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The following thought-provoking article revealed that the world is currently at the crossroads of the most serious crisis in modern history because, on or about 2003, the US embarked on a military adventure, ‘a long war’, which threatens the future of humanity that is best defined as a ‘war without borders’ and is being carried out at the crossroads of the most serious economic crisis in World history, along with being conducive to the ‘impoverishment of large sectors of the World population.’ If true-I believe that this article relates to and/or further supports the above thought-provoking article-You Decide:

America’s “Long War” against Humanity!-Posted on The Real Agenda News-By Michel Chossudovsky-On January 29, 2014:

The following video exposed the New World Order (Secret Societies) and how 'evil is systematically fulfilling Bible prophecy.'  It is a 6,000 year survey of secret societies and a 220 year survey of progressively engineered warfare. Far from 'conspiracy theory' or 'Bible thumping', it calmly relies on original source documents. This video will challenge your world-view regardless of your background and is for those who want the truth. I believe that this video relates to and/or further supports the above articles-You Decide:

Video: NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophecy (Vol. 1)!-Posted on YouTube-By LeonardUlrich-On June 1, 2011:

The following recent thought provoking article revealed that FDR was not surprised by the attack on Pearl Harbor because some comprehensive research has shown not only that Washington knew in advance of the attack, but that it ‘deliberately’ withheld its foreknowledge from our commanders in Hawaii in the hope that the ‘surprise’ attack would ‘catapult the U.S. into World War II.’ I believe that this article relates to and/or further supports the above articles and videos. If True-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:

Day Of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor: Hawaii Was Surprised; FDR Was Not!-Posted on The New American-By James Perloff-On December 7, 2016:

The following video reveals some extremely disturbing information regarding the real outcome of the Vietnam War-You Decide:

Question:  Did the United States win or lose the Vietnam War?

Answer:  We are taught that it was a resounding loss for America, one that proves that intervening in the affairs of other nations is usually misguided. The truth is that our military won the war, but our politicians lost it. The Communists in North Vietnam actually signed a peace treaty, effectively surrendering. But the U.S. Congress didn't hold up its end of the bargain. In just five minutes, learn the truth about who really lost the Vietnam War:

History: The Truth About The Vietnam War?

The following article from the recent past revealed that upon the urgings of billionaire George Soros, Obama sent an initial force of about 100 military advisors to Uganda, on or about 2010, to supposedly advise the country’s officials in capturing or eliminating the rebel leader Joseph Kony, who headed the rebel force that calls themselves the Lord’s Resistance Army and had been charged with human rights violations, along with being on the US list of terrorists. It is alleged that the real reason that US military advisors were sent to Uganda was to 'help protect Soros’ financial investments' there because he had a financial connection to the recently developed oil industry in Uganda, which is estimated to be sitting on 2-6 billion barrels of crude oil.  If true-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:

George Soros – Commander-in-Chief?-Posted on Godfather Politics-By GIACOMO-On October 17, 2011:

I believe that the following recent thought-provoking articles and videos contained therein relate to and/or further support the disturbing information revealed in the above articles and video-You Decide:

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The following report revealed ‘Operation Northwoods’, which was a ‘time-phased plan’ to actively mislead the nation into ‘war’ and begs the question as to whether or not the plan is currently being used to fool the American public into supporting a war with Russia because since Trump’s election the media and this administration have been caught in so many blatant lies and the intelligence community seems to be covering up the glaring lack of evidence regarding the alleged 'Russian hacking' of the DNC to influence the election. Could this be true?-You Decide:

Capture a a a aapohspdoaafassd

Operation Northwoods!-Posted on American Liberty Report:

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President Obama has sent US troops to the Russian border with Lithuania amid increased military aggression by Vladimir Putin

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The following recent article revealed that there may currently be a coup in America today because Obama has recently sent U.S. Special Operations Troops to the Russian border in hopes of starting a 'war with Russia' before Trump’s Inauguration. If True-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:


Is This The Coup In America? “U.S. Troops On Russian Border” To Start War Before Inauguration!-Posted on Mac Slavo-On January 13, 2017:

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More U.S. Marines deployed near Russian borders!-Posted on The Washington Times-By Carlo Muñoz, The Washington Times-On January 16, 2017:

Video: SHELL GAME: Interview with a Military Whistleblower on Terrorism, Russia, Wikileaks!-Posted on Army Psyop-On July 5, 2017:

Note The following recent article revealed that a coalition of lawmakers are seeking to end illegal wars-You Decide:

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Righteous Anger!-Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On March 13, 2015:

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In conclusion, let us not forget the many sacrifices that current and/or former members of our armed forces have endured for the 'Love of Country/Republic', along with their families and/or survivors, as documented in my following blog-You Decide:

Time To Remember Those Who Fought and Died For What They Thought Was Freedom!


Although I share numerous resources with you, as a means of supporting my concerns, it does not necessarily mean that I support and/or agree with the contents of all of them, word-by-word, but find them thought provoking because, they provide me with other views, which may be different from mine, on these and other issues and, thereby, help me make my case.

As a retired Marine Corps Mustang Officer, I pride myself with loving my God, family, friends and country.  I am not a politician and thus am not known for always being politically correct because I call it as I see it and those individuals that I am honored to call a friend know that I would never intentionally say or do anything that would hurt or demean anyone, to include my God and Country.   I have always preached to my own family and do my utmost to follow the rule of “filtering everything that comes from my brain through my heart before it comes out of my mouth.”   This rule has done me well for 70 years of my life and would highly recommend it to anyone who dares to share their own views with others knowing full well that they may not agree with them, but are able and willing to accept that by not taking it personal. In other words we can all agree to disagree and that’s what makes America great.

As an American I also believe that I have a God given right and/or duty to stand up for and defend those rights given me under our “Constitution” and/or “Bill of Rights” and have chosen to do this under my “Freedom of Speech Rights” by laying out my numerous concerns, which are backed-up by what I consider to be reliable sources and posting them on my blog websites as a means of getting the word out regarding those issues that I believe will ultimately destroy our Country and/or Republic as we know it.

A Republic, If You Can Keep It!

I am also proud to say that I come from a long line of Veterans; my two eldest sons honorably served their country as Marines. My eldest son participated in the first Gulf War as a Marine and Iraqi Freedom as a weekend warrior with the Air National Guard, which he continues to be a member of. Four out of my six male siblings honorably served their country and my father was a WWII Veteran who survived the Battle of the Bulge, but lost the battle with his severe PTSD symptoms/condition at the young age of fifty-nine.  I served my tenure in the Marine Corps during the course of the Vietnam War and lost many a friend during that war that fought and made the ultimate sacrifice to uphold and defend those freedoms that are provided us under our “Constitution” and “Bill of Rights”, which sadly too many Americans take for granted.  I have to admit that I tend to get extremely concerned when I see politicians and others, regardless of their political affiliation, sex, race, color (in the Marine Corps we were all green), creed, ethnic/national origin or religion, doing things and/or taking actions that I see as a threat to: 1) those freedoms and/or rights provided each of us under our “Constitution” and “Bill of Rights”; and 2) the safety, security or welfare of our Veterans, active duty members and their dependents and/or survivors.

When Loving Your Country And It's Constitution Makes You A Domestic Terrorist!

Knowledge empowers all of us and this is the least I can do to hopefully help change our nation’s current destructive course before it’s too late, if it's not too late already, because it has become quite obvious to me and many others in our country that the main stream media has deliberately and blatantly kept these pertinent issues from the American public as a means of helping this President, which I now believe was selected by the powers-that-be for the job, his Administration and allies to intensify their stealth push to transform us into a One-World Socialist government (New World Order) under the umbrella of the United Nations. 

For the sake of our families, comrades, friends and, most important our beloved Country/Republic for which so many young men and women in uniform have fought and died for, I hope and pray that in time my concerns are proven to be unfounded and without merit, but if they are not-God Bless Us All.

Note:  The following videos wholeheartedly share my sentiments regarding what we are currently experiencing in America today-You Decide:

A Republic, If You Can Keep It!

The Fightin Side of Me!

When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty!

Note:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog and/or videos, please copy website link and paste it on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial by this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide:

“Food For Thought”

Hello: Are Americans Going To Wake Up and Take a Stand Before The Lights Go Out?-God Bless America!

God Bless Our Country/Republic.
Semper Fi!

Please See:

Dogs of War, Architects of Terror!-Posted on New American Gazette-On January 4, 2017:

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Political Cartoons by AF Branco

Political Cartoons by AF Branco


Horrible: Democrats Set The Constitution On Fire With Fraudulent Impeachment

House Democrats unveiled two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on Tuesday morning after an investigation that violated fundamental provisions of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The investigation of the president began with the complaint of a so-called “whistleblower” who turned out to be a rogue Central Intelligence Agency employee, protected by a lawyer who had called for a “coup” against Trump in early 2017.

Democrats first demanded that the “whistleblower” be allowed to testify. But after House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was found to have lied about his committee’s contact with the “whistleblower,” and after details of the “whistleblower’s” bias began to leak, Democrats reversed course. In violation of the President Trump’s Sixth Amendment right to confront his accuser, Democrats refused to allow the “whistleblower” to testify. They argue the president’s procedural rights, even if they existed, would not apply until he was tried in the Senate — but they also invented a fraudulent “right to anonymity” that, they hope, might conceal the whistleblower even then.

Schiff began the “impeachment inquiry” in secret, behind the closed doors of the Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facility (SCIF) in the basement of the U.S. Capitol, even though none of the testimony was deemed classified. Few members of Congress were allowed access. Schiff allowed selective bits of testimony to leak to friendly media, while withholding transcripts of testimony.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), having allowed the secret process to unfold, legitimized it with a party-line vote authorizing the inquiry. The House resolution denied President Trump the procedural rights enjoyed by Presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, and denied the minority party the traditional right to object to witnesses called by the majority.

Rather than the House Judiciary Committee, which traditionally handles impeachment, Pelosi also deputized the House Intelligence Committee to conduct fact-finding; the Judiciary Committee was turned into a rubber stamp. Schiff held a few public hearings, but often failed to release transcripts containing exculpatory evidence until after they had passed.

In the course of the Intelligence Committee’s investigation, Schiff quietly spied on the telephone records of his Republican counterpart, Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA). He also snooped on the phone records of a journalist, John Solomon; and on the phone records of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, acting as President Trump’s personal lawyer.

Schiff’s eavesdropping violated both the First Amendment right to press freedom and the Sixth Amendment right to counsel. Yet he proceeded undeterred by constitutional rights, publishing the phone logs in his committee’s report without warning, confirmation, or explanation, alleging that Nunes and the others were part of a conspiracy to assist the president’s allegedly impeachable conduct. When Republicans on the Judiciary Committee asked the Intelligence Committee’s majority counsel, Daniel Goldman, to explain the phone logs, he refused to answer,

Ironically, Schiff had done exactly what Democrats accuse Trump of doing: abused his power to dig up dirt on political opponents, then obstructed a congressional investigation into his party’s and his committee’s misconduct.

Democrats’ articles of impeachment include one for the dubious charge of “abuse of power,” which is not mentioned in the Constitution; and one for “obstruction of Congress,” which in this case is an abuse of power in itself.

Alexander Hamilton, writing about impeachment in Federalist 65, warned that “there will always be the greatest danger that the decision will be regulated more by the comparative strength of parties, than by the real demonstrations of innocence or guilt.” Democrats have fulfilled Hamilton’s worst fears.

The Trump impeachment will soon replace the 1868 impeachment of President Andrew Johnson — which the House Judiciary Committee staff actually cited as a positive precedent — as the worst in American history.

In service of their “coup,” Democrats have trampled the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Republic has never been in greater danger.

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