Panic Mode For Washington Liberal Cabal!

It appears the Tea Party (Hobbits, Racists and Barbarians) are shaking up the Washington Liberal establishment! I can see several things happening which shows to me we are winning.

1. More Troll and Spammer attacks on us!

2. More name calling by the Left!

3. More Panic in the White House!

4. More disorganization of the Democrap Party!

5. More bewilderment by Obama!

6. More confusion by the 'drive-by' media

7. (My favorite) More lame-brained ideas of how to fix the economy.

p.s. "Government is not the answer, it's the problem!"


Congratulation fellow Tea Partiers, this proves we are winning!

Keep up the good work!

OBTW - Keep drinking Tea!


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  • Makes you wonder if the King of England might have had the same reactions in the 1760's? LOL
  • I guess Washington is going bananas! (lol)
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