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USA 4ME posted a blog post
Democrats have lost a sense of common decency, love of country and respect for our institutions.
The Party of Hate The Democratic Party of today bears little resemblance to the political home of former Presidents such as Harry Truman and John F.…
Oct 4
USA 4ME posted a blog post
Judge Coney Barrett Will Too Experience Kavanaugh Sewage Treatment by Lib Propagandists Leftist Radiation: Without Propaganda, Trump's Popularity Would Soar for Certain Reelection
INTRO: Propaganda Cocktails There is a figure in Catholicism, Saint…
Sep 27
USA 4ME posted a blog post
Fox News host reports that Nashville’s Democrat mayor was caught red-handed intentionally obstructing economic recovery!

Using absurd claims that Tucker Carlson is a racist, white supremacist, bigot, etc., etc., etc., the Left has furiously…
Sep 20
USA 4ME posted a blog post
Vote for freedom in November. Do not allow another coup attempt against our duly elected president to succeed Radical Leftist Democrat Coup Attempt.
Election Fraud. The radical leftist 2020 Democrat tactical political operating principle is, “If at…
Sep 4
USA 4ME posted a blog post
Negating American history – BLM/Antifa embody ISIS on U.S. soil. It wasn’t that long ago that ISIS swept across Syria and Iraq, bulldozing historical shrines in an effort to eradicate the past. The purpose was to replace history with its own version…
Sep 2
USA 4ME posted a blog post
Delusion that socialism works if it is tried the "right way" or by the "right people," look at Cuba--it oozes poverty out of the pores of every decaying building; Look at Venezuela with the richest oil reserves, yet it cannot feed its people!…
Aug 26
USA 4ME posted a blog post
How many more must die before the anti-gun right extremists admit they’ve been wrong? Seattle Homicide Count More Proof Restrictive Gun Laws Fail! 
A Wednesday report in the Seattle Times offers more proof that restrictions placed on law-abiding…
Aug 22
USA 4ME posted a blog post
‘Socialist Convention’: Rage, Hatred and Histrionics On Full Display! Thanks to the Democrat convention, which kicks off today, voters won’t have to wait until after the 2020 election to see what Socialism’s all about, they will be able to see…
Aug 18
USA 4ME posted a blog post
From her time as California’s attorney general, Kamala Harris made it evident that she would aggressively persecute pro-life individuals like Sandra Merritt and David Daleiden who expose Planned Parenthood’s illegal profit from the abortion…
Aug 16
USA 4ME left a comment on Comment Wall
"If you are a dumb $hit, don't leave a comment."
Aug 15
USA 4ME posted a blog post
Aug 14
USA 4ME left a comment on Comment Wall
"Hi Karma, I just deleted your A$$ because I don't like silly comments. You would not provide a link and you are incoherent."
Aug 14
USA 4ME left a comment on Comment Wall
"Kamala Harris Is The Whore of Babylon! Questions?....didn't think so!"
Aug 13
USA 4ME posted a blog post
Kamala Harris will do, say and act any way she can to gain political traction for her communist party and herself. She truly is the Whore of Babylon! 
Kamala Harris epitomizes exactly what the Democrat Party has become, this is why she was the…
Aug 13
USA 4ME posted blog posts
Jul 28
USA 4ME posted a blog post
Modern "Race War Radicals" Follow Well Worn Path to Revolution. Compare Original '45 Goals Of Communism' To Modern Woke Crusade. Think I'm kidding? Compare Original '45 Goals Of Communism' To Modern Woke Crusade. 
Have you ever wondered what the…
Jul 26

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