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January 1

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


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Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
Have you ever got into a heated family discussion, AKA argument and wondered, how can my sister, brother, crazy Uncle Louie ALL think this way? Maybe they were ALL adopted! During these emotional times it may be hard to take a deep breath and…
Jun 12
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
Meanwhile, watch for all Coronavirus-pushing rats to take sudden dives from the Wuhan Ship, over coming days, weeks and monthsKERPLUNK: Rats Jumping Off the Coronavirus Wuhan Ships former U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director…
Jun 4
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
May 31
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
You sheep out there, go back to sleep. But all you Patriots, wake up. We have work to do!The time has come to be brutally honest about our country, what is going on, and hopefully waking up America and getting them to Stand Up.Businesses can’t find…
May 16
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
In her ongoing anti-America activism, is Michelle Obama basing her latest contention that Black Lives Matter “KIDS” are “taking to the streets because they have to” solidify the Democratic narrative that leads to mobs burning down American cities?…
May 9
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
“May G*d bless America!” (but will He bless America after we distroyed His house and people?)Grace Life Church Must Be Crushed By Covidstan, before it inspires others! Covidstan’s true intentions have been hiding in plain sight nearly the whole…
Apr 22
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
Think about this....if you dare! The concept of self-identification is an evil man-made concept by the Marxist Dimms to maximize the opportunity to divide Americans and create friction between these self-identified groups. America finds itself in…
Apr 14
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
You accept these impositions in silence, and then wonder what happened to the land of the free and home of the brave. America has become a strange and intolerant place.The country that says it is racist to expect black Americans to identify…
Apr 10
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
Honest elections are just not acceptable to greedy, power hungry psychopaths that want to rule the world. Globalist bosses are trying to transform America into a communist corporatocracy, like Communist ChinaGlobalist bosses are trying to transform…
Apr 9
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
If Major Leftism, aka USSR & Commie China, Killed 200 Million, What's the Defect? Why is Liberalism so Wildly Destructive?Intro: Having observed liberalism for many years, here are observations which would appear to explain its inevitably…
Feb 28
Joela Cornilus posted blog posts
Feb 13
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
The American exceptionalism and spirit has taken a beating. The Washington Post’s statement that the much-touted American exceptionalism no longer exists No Longer Creeping Socialism, but installed Socilaism.  
“I see rich people, they donate money…
Jan 21
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
“We assess that DVEs [Domestic Violent Extremists] pose the most likely threat to the Presidential Inauguration or associated events, particularly those who believe the incoming administration is illegitimate.” 
Capitol Damage was assessed at over a…
Jan 17
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
Big Tech, Big Media, Pandemic - Welcome to the New Dark Ages
For the past few decades Western culture has gradually drifted toward totalitarian rule. This trend is now accelerating in an astonishing manner, as three factors, Big Tech, the legacy…
Jan 11
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
We have slipped off the slippery slope. America can no longer consider itself a Republic
“Liberty and order will never be perfectly safe, until a trespass on the constitutional provisions for either, shall be felt with the same keenness that resents…
Jan 10
Joela Cornilus posted a blog post
The tree of liberty has been waiting a long time, too long, for refreshment. And it is thirsty, it is nothing less than a thirsty tree!!
“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” —Thomas…
Jan 6

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