One more Liberty taken away by the SCOTUS

The Supreme Court ruled last week that Big brother has the right to take your DNA sample and store it in a National database even if you are found innocent.  This is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment.  the Constitution as George Bush so eloquently said is a just a G-Ded piece of paper.

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  • I look at this as another way of "culling the herd" when they want to commit genocide. DNA will tell them who lives and who dies even though we may be innocent of any wrong doing. They will make it a requirement for everyone as an expansion. Instead of tattooing our wrists, but it comes down to the same thing in the end.

  • this is one thing that should be changed,no more appointed supreme court judges . they should be elected by the people and responsable to the people. The law is not theirs, the constitution is not theirs and the bill of rights is not theirs .  It is OUR'S!!!!!!!

  • Michael m humbled by your words. but I lived in a jungle long ago part of Army intelligence. my Job was making sure that shipments of opium were accomplished without hitch from Cambodia to San Francisco. I have spoken of this Tyranny since I joined TPP in 2009. but now my job is done I have a county to help and others to help me accomplish that. But words have power and power is right there before all of us if we so wish to wield it..

  • Quisno son of the republic you are so correct, you just dont realize how true your words are. Your name written in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS IS THE GOVERNMENTS. not YOURS. They own everything with that name on it.  it is considered an assumed name by law. I have written several papers on this identity stealing. Your govenment does not want you to know THEY own you and everything you think you own, but really you dont own anything.  They (government ) took you birth certificate and mortagaged your life for the national debt, and this is how they done it.  Next time your sued deny this ALL CAPITAL name in written, by a notaized paper, and see what happens.  your will be shocked


    sincerely; for you shall know the truth and you shall be free.

    michael jack stephens

  • Hello! This is a Fiat world controlled by Fiat people. your fiat currency buys your fiat Gmo food and your fiat home is their Castle. Your owned by the fiat Elites who have stolen your manhood/womanhood and delivered all forms of Cancer and sickness to your doors.

    You live in an emasculated metro sexual relationship with others. And now all gripe about what is wrong. Well I moved out of Dodge set up a group which are with 3 County Sheriffs form 3 Counties and have posses to guard each other. We trade and barter so not to continue the Fiat ways of this Elitist banker Class controlled by The Rothschild's.         

    And most in here will ask What is this man saying?  And another group will say he doesn't know what he's talking about ? And only a few >a precious few will understand that its the people who will make themselves free not a group of documents which are nothing more than words.  And once again ill be touted as an arrogant ass. But I did try by giving references to a power base if others wanted it . To study and to replicate. But soon this arrogant ass will go away and you will never see his words again. but  like youThe sheriffs who you elect need your help as they fight this system which encroaches.

    And I will live in my time doing what I set for myself throughout my life and am doing now. I hope this World treats all of you well.           God bless.

    Committees of Safety of the United States of America
    articles, documents, and other historical information about the Founding of the United States of America.
  • That's right unless your willing to fight and mabey die over and for they .They are Just a piece of paper to this Obama, and Bush Admin. thes are nothing more than than a temperary pain in the butt that they have to eliminate,our constitution means nothing to these guyes


  • it is long past time for our elected officials to be held to their oaths and its up to we the people to make sure it happens!  We had a good start in 2010 but then we are still stuck with rinos like mcain and many others who could care less about the constitution . look at the chief justices decisions to date if that is what is considered constitutional I think these people need a refresher course! And I don't even want to get started on those like sotmayor or kagan who are just plain not in a position to be trusted to uphold the courts primary function they are so driven by ideology!!

  • Roberts is a most usless Chief Justice.  He should be replaced with a person that has a brain and follows our Constitution.

  • SCOTUS is infiltrated with people who pretend to rule by the constitution when in fact they do not.

    Roberts needs to be removed -- he proves his incompetence once again.

    No more innocent until proven guilty. 

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