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July 22

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Kathleen S replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Time’s Up Declined To Assist Biden Accuser Tara Reade, CEO Praised Biden Instead
"Political whores."
May 10
Kathleen S replied to Admin Dee's discussion Commiefornia Goes Full Stalin: Take WuFlu Test or Lose Your Benefits; Positive? We may take your children
"Could be a problem if this arrives in my state.
I fight back."
May 10
Kathleen S replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion It Never Ends: Now MSNBC Suggests Vladimir Putin Was Behind DOJ Dropping Case Against Michael Flynn
"The democraps have no credibility.  We know they make up stories all the time.  Sheeple feed is all they do.  Disgusting display of elected officials.  Please do not vote for the democraps in your state , local or the national elections."
May 10

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  • Thank you so much for accepting my friend request! :-)

  • Kathleen, how much do you value your choices? It is not just guns with this President but he is attacking everything we want as a free people. I know as I have lived it, born in 1945, and am very much alive and well here. Did Obama give the enemy, the drug cartel the assault weapons to remove a few enemies of the MOB infiltrations from Mexico? Obama is not a radical Socialist because he does not support citizens rights! He is against our rights and that first term should put it on all our blackboards! He wants FED total control and we have too much now! Kennedy had to enact some drastic measures, and why? The Supreme Court kept refusing to give rights to all! Case after case the courts refused our desires and demands! It is this way now. Liberals are the problem as Lincoln found out. He was even killed by one of the earliest Liberals!

  • What good will it be if we are outnumbered at the ballet box?  We need not tic off so many factions of the electorite and build a solid base.


  • Hi Kathleen!  Welcome to the Tea Party Radio Group!  I hope you'll join us on the radio...we are now LIVE 5 nights a week @ 9pm EST!  We've got some exciting programs coming up...Monday we'll have Helen Tansey of Ariticle 2 SuperPac back with us as we go over the mess from judge Malihi's courtroom, Thursday we will have in our 2nd 10:00 EST hour attorney Dr. Orly Taitz talking about what actions she plans to take next and what we can do, and Friday we'll have Patriot Miki Booth joining us live from CPAC!  With the fast pace which things are moving, stay in touch with us on Tea Party Radio and Founder's Quest--The Seigfreid/Toepfer Hour with co-host Peggy Burgess.  Hope to see you there and don't be afraid to call in with your thoughts!--

    Jim Seigfreid

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