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October 23

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Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Devin Nunes slams Pelosi's commission
"It infuriates me when they let her get away with these things. They need to grow a set and refuse to leave. They need to push the issue hard and heavy just like the Democrats do. They have bullied their way through everything. They don't care if…"
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Rasmussen: More Voters Want Congress to Investigate 2020's Violent Protests than Support Pelosi’s 1/6 Commission
"When will the people who make up these polls realize that the leftist Democrat crooks don't care what the voters want? They look upon us as peasants who can be ignored. Things have gotten out of hand so far in this country that's now being run like…"
Jul 23
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Biden's Town Hall Was an Epic Failure-Nobody Showed Up
"They probably offered them a free diner for attending. I've received invitations to meetings and symposiums before that offer a meal afterwards, sitting there and listening to a lot of BS. Some people will do anything for a free meal."
Jul 23
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Biggs, Gohmert question DOJ treatment of Jan. 6 protesters
"That is the way a Communist country treats their people. This isn't supposed to be a Comunist country! I think people had better wake up to the changes that are being made to the land we are living."
Jul 23
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion BLM Rioter Threatens Police Officer and IMMEDIATELY Regrets It
"I know I'll probably catch some flack for saying this but I think they should bring back the draft. These young people have nothing better to do than run wild in the streets committing crimes and showing their a$$es. Doing harm to others and acting…"
Apr 12
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion BLM Rioter Threatens Police Officer and IMMEDIATELY Regrets It
"I wish the police could just shoot the SOB's. I think it's an insult to law enforcement having to put up with all the nonsense these thugs are dealing out. Shoot them with rubber bullets at least. There is no good reason why this should go on."
Apr 12
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Michigan Elections Forensics Report Says 66,194 Unregistered Ballots Tallied
"So what good does it do for any of us to know this? It just creates more frustration because in the end nobody will do anything about it. The courts certainly won't. So who does that leave? Nobody. The Democrats have all the power and the money and…"
Apr 11
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Traffickers Flee After Dropping TODDLERS from Top of Border Wall
"I say shame on their parents for sending them off like that with strangers. What kind of parents does such a thing? And they can't be that poor considering what those Coyotes charge for bringing them here. There's just no excuse for doing such a…"
Apr 1
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion D.C. Statehood Is an Unconstitutional Democrat Power Grab
"Yes, every senior in my school had to take this mandatory class. Now if I mention a civics class to a school kid or some adults that are younger than me they just give me a blank look and say they never heard of such a thing. They don't even know…"
Mar 6
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Statement From President Donald J Trump After Acquittal
"I think Trump did the right and smart thing by not taking part in the impeachment trial. I can imagine he wanted to go in there and fight but listened to advisors this time. I know full well that they wanted to trap him into making statements that…"
Feb 14
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Most GOP Voters Still Don’t Think Biden Was Elected Fairly
"There is new evidence being found almost every week now. The whole thing was dodgey from the very start. It's funny how Clinton can rant and rave about her loss being unfair because the election was'nt on the up and up and the Democrats agreed with…"
Feb 14
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Mitch McConnell is DONE after making this statemet!
"This old codger should have been gone a long time ago. I don't understand why people just keep some of them in when it's evident they're past their usefulness. He's such a hot and cold personality that you never know how his mind is working or what…"
Feb 14
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Pelosi Interrupts Impeachment Presser Managers to Slam Podium and Babble
"The only thing she said that's right was "these cowardly senators" because she's used to dealing with the cowardly Republican senators. Until now when they threw her a curve ball she can't handle. And she need'nt act like she didn't know what the…"
Feb 14
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Nunes: If GOP retakes House in 2022, pressure to impeach Biden will be great
"Their first problem is that they are still playing by the rules. The Democrats chucked the rules out the window long ago. The dumb Repubs. still haven't realized this."
Feb 12
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Nunes: If GOP retakes House in 2022, pressure to impeach Biden will be great
"That's why I'm done with the Republican party of cowards. We're tired of all the talk, we want action now! You don't see the Dems sitting around whining about everything. They're on the ball getting things done! Even if it's dastardly deeds."
Feb 12
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion VIDEO: Democrat Impeachment Managers lay out case to impeach fellow Democrats.
"I think we all know that riot at the Capitol was a set up from the very beginning. For one thing the press was there and someone with a camera on the outside and the inside filming. If it was as bad as they are carrying on about and they were so…"
Feb 12

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  • Dear Jane,  I have made many good, trustworthy friends on this site and also email them about 'sensitive matters' that need not be published to "Big Brother Rat"--lol.  I love to teach and share the truth of the Bible to all who listen, and if you can trust me with your email address, I will explain to you anything you want to know!  We can expect the Lord to return with the Rapture at ANY TIME NOW!  We MIGHT suffer in the USA to some extent when the economic/ USD $$ melts down, for sure, and I share how to PREP.. now!  Important.  My email:  tschuckman@aol.com  --Also, read my humble Christian based Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL.   Warm Regards,  Tommy Schuckman, happily married to a pretty blonde lady.

  • Hi Jane,  Don't sweat the small stuff!  If you have an IQ above 70, and love Jesus Christ,  you are already ahead of the curve.   And the old slogan applies...  'You get out of something -- t he same as  you put into it -- like hard study, home work, as all good, biblical Christians do -- me included.  And that is pretty much it, sweety pie.  Please feel free to email and chat too, as I love to make new friends who are open minded, and like to  have a laugh or too.  I am happily married, and live in Iron Mtn, MI.  --Tom S.     email:  tschuckman@aol.com

  • It's very hard to elect the best people.  It's usually the "lessor of the evils", but these days the lines are getting more separated.  The Dems and Repubs used to have simple differences, but usually on the same purpose.......ie win a war, create jobs, protect citizens, keep taxes low, provide education etc.  Today....there is no dem party......they are a range of socialists to marxists.  The repubs are actually the dem party with their soft center to slight left leanings...such as McCain, Bush and many of the psuedo Republicans who are not conservative.  We have to use the means at hand, but with more involvement to remove these hacks that work against Americans.  This dancing around about illegals is coming to the point that we will not be able to reverse the mess.....massive illegals using schools or medical care.  They babble about "comprehensive immigration reform".......that only means amnesty.  Hell there are many laws on the books concerning illegals.....but these hacks including soft repubs............REFUSE to enforce the law and protect "we citizens"  Only some people like Brewer or Sheriff Arpaio take the brunt of the attack.  These psuedo conservatives are worse than the enemy like Obama whose agenda is blatant.  They steal our money, our rights and legacy.  They insult us, they insult my parents and ancestors who served and protected the nation, paid taxes, worked and contributed in a positive way, while these bastards steal and tear down what was hard earned......to bring this nation to a high standard of living and a place to provide individual rights and hope.  Obama, his gang and the entire lazy element of the population that feel they are entitled to a free ride are criminals and destroyers.  they need to be stopped, exposed, insulted, embarassed.........anything it takes to stop their destruction of this nation.  

  • Hi Jane,

    patriotic welcome



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