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October 23

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Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion ‘Militant’ Threatens A Violent ‘Revolution’
"I kinda doubt there will be any rioting right now since it got so cold. But I could be wrong. From what I've seen the riots pretty much occurred in warm weather. Of course there are still some states where it's warm. "
Nov 25
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Fauci Downplays Vaccine 'Mandate,' Wants To Use 'Requirements' Instead
"That crook is sure making a lot of money off the pandemic. I say shut him off and send him packing."
Nov 25
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Salvation Army's Donors Withdraw Support in Response to Racial 'Wokeness' Initiative
"I'm so sick and tired of this BS! Those crazies are spoling everything we have done and hold dear for so many years. Why do people keep giving in to them is what I'd like to know. Why can't people just ignore them? Don't give them the time of day…"
Nov 25
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Rittenhouse Defense Attorney: 'This Is A Political Case'
"What do rioters expect when they destroy property and do harm to others and threaten their lives? Everything is fine until the victims start defending themselves from getting killed. Did they really expect Mr. Rittenhouse to just lie there and let…"
Nov 15
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Joe Biden Explains Supply Chain Crisis; Fails Miserably
"Yes Joe, why don't you do just that and ask the people at the next table. Because you have no clue. I'm sure they could tell you and then you'll learn something. But I will tell you one thing: If Trump was in the White House we wouldn't have 60…"
Nov 9
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion McAuliffe CANCELS rally on eve of Virginia vote after saying the state had too many white teachers
"They just need to throw the racist bum out."
Nov 1
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion McAuliffe: Our School Boards Were Fine Until “THESE PEOPLE Started Showing Up”
"In case he doesn't realize it "these people" are parents. Not simply breeders. They refuse to let their kids be indoctrinated into a way of life that is totally diverse to what is sensible. For years I heard about teachers that bemoaned the fact…"
Nov 1
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Doctor FIRED and Escorted Out of Hospital By Guards After Refusing the Vaxx!
"If Communists remain behind the wheel of the country it will be a much different life once they have gotten rid of doctors, other healthcare professionals and police. Simply because they refuse to bow down to the new rules they have implemented. I…"
Nov 1
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Ted Nugent Mocks ‘sheep who got Vaxxed’…
"Everybody is sying something different. I don't fully believe any of them. I was a guinea pig for the polio vaccine at 6 years old, so this vaccine really doesn't scare me. It also wasn't fully approved yet and I came through just fine."
Oct 5
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Ted Nugent Mocks ‘sheep who got Vaxxed’…
"So according to Mr. Nugent he's the only one marching in the right direction and everyone else is marching in the wrong direction. It's, "I'm right and the rest of the world is wrong". Sorry Ted, I don't necessairly agree with you on this one."
Oct 5
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Chip Roy Warns Biden: 'At Some Point The State Of Texas Is Going To Force A Constitutional Showdown
"Talk, talk, talk. Everyone talks and threatens but nobody actually does anything. Talk doesn't scare them. Action does. Wake me up when something actually starts happening. Hasn't it occurred to anybody yet that nobody's going to do anything until…"
Sep 28
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Trump: Dems are Vicious and Fight like Hell-Republicans Do Nothing
"I've been saying that all along. The Republicans are all a bunch of gutless wonders. That's just why I no longer donate to any of their campaigns to get this and that done in Congress. Because they won't push the issues. As soon as the Democrats…"
Sep 23
"Yada, yada, yada! When do they plan on making their case? When Hell freezes over? I'm tired of hearing about it until I see some definite action taken. The question first and foremost on my mind is who gave the Democrats control at all those voting…"
Sep 23
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Prosecutors Tried to Block the Release of This Footage From Jan 6
"Gosh they sure have me scared Just look at all that non-violence!"
Sep 23
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Biden Leaves DC for an Extended Weekend With Americans Stranded in Afghanizan
"He's good at throwing people under the bus.He should be dealt with as a traitor to his country!"
Aug 18
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Ruthless RNC Ad Mauls Biden as "Absent, Distracted, Confused, Failure"
"The GOP isn't even trying to do anything towards impeaching him or anything! This is the very reason I don't donate to their causes. Because it's a waste of money to give it to a bunch of do nothings! In the past I donated to some things and to the…"
Aug 18

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  • Dear Jane,  I have made many good, trustworthy friends on this site and also email them about 'sensitive matters' that need not be published to "Big Brother Rat"--lol.  I love to teach and share the truth of the Bible to all who listen, and if you can trust me with your email address, I will explain to you anything you want to know!  We can expect the Lord to return with the Rapture at ANY TIME NOW!  We MIGHT suffer in the USA to some extent when the economic/ USD $$ melts down, for sure, and I share how to PREP.. now!  Important.  My email:  tschuckman@aol.com  --Also, read my humble Christian based Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL.   Warm Regards,  Tommy Schuckman, happily married to a pretty blonde lady.

  • Hi Jane,  Don't sweat the small stuff!  If you have an IQ above 70, and love Jesus Christ,  you are already ahead of the curve.   And the old slogan applies...  'You get out of something -- t he same as  you put into it -- like hard study, home work, as all good, biblical Christians do -- me included.  And that is pretty much it, sweety pie.  Please feel free to email and chat too, as I love to make new friends who are open minded, and like to  have a laugh or too.  I am happily married, and live in Iron Mtn, MI.  --Tom S.     email:  tschuckman@aol.com

  • It's very hard to elect the best people.  It's usually the "lessor of the evils", but these days the lines are getting more separated.  The Dems and Repubs used to have simple differences, but usually on the same purpose.......ie win a war, create jobs, protect citizens, keep taxes low, provide education etc.  Today....there is no dem party......they are a range of socialists to marxists.  The repubs are actually the dem party with their soft center to slight left leanings...such as McCain, Bush and many of the psuedo Republicans who are not conservative.  We have to use the means at hand, but with more involvement to remove these hacks that work against Americans.  This dancing around about illegals is coming to the point that we will not be able to reverse the mess.....massive illegals using schools or medical care.  They babble about "comprehensive immigration reform".......that only means amnesty.  Hell there are many laws on the books concerning illegals.....but these hacks including soft repubs............REFUSE to enforce the law and protect "we citizens"  Only some people like Brewer or Sheriff Arpaio take the brunt of the attack.  These psuedo conservatives are worse than the enemy like Obama whose agenda is blatant.  They steal our money, our rights and legacy.  They insult us, they insult my parents and ancestors who served and protected the nation, paid taxes, worked and contributed in a positive way, while these bastards steal and tear down what was hard earned......to bring this nation to a high standard of living and a place to provide individual rights and hope.  Obama, his gang and the entire lazy element of the population that feel they are entitled to a free ride are criminals and destroyers.  they need to be stopped, exposed, insulted, embarassed.........anything it takes to stop their destruction of this nation.  

  • Hi Jane,

    patriotic welcome



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