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October 23

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Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Rush Limbaugh...Biden will not show for debate
"If that happens then Trump can say, if he can't handle a debate how could he handle another foreign leader? Would he give in to whatever they wanted or have Kamala take care of it? This is what his fans should think about. Oh and can't you just…"
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Loser Pelosi, Democrats unveil bills to rein in "White House abuses of power"
"As usual the game isn't going her way so she wants to make up new rules. How elementary. "
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion This WuFlu public service announcement montage will BLOW YOUR MIND
"They are an insult to my intelligence."
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Trump: ‘Great News’ that Kamala Will Lead Opposition to SCOTUS Confirmation
"Just like those idiots to jump the gun. They start yelling and making threats before anything has even got started. Oh wah wah, they're not getting their way. Boo hoo. They should all be happy they aren't looking at the world through bars with all…"
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Susan Rice: Trump’s Patriotic Education Exec Order ‘Communist, Retro, Crazy’
"She is so wrong. She must have smoked a lot of bad weed as a teen and burned her brain cells. From what I keep noticing the leftists are accusing Trump for doing what they are doing."
Sep 18
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Fires Are Part of the Communist Game Plan - we were warned
"Anybody who says Trump is dividing the country hasn't seen the hordes of people at his rallies. He's doing just the opposite. He's bringing people together in a way I've never seen before. People need to stop listening to leftist propaganda, and the…"
Sep 14
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Fires Are Part of the Communist Game Plan - we were warned
"I've been saying things along these lines for some time now but I've been ignored or humored because I'm just a dumb old woman. I keep going back to the fact that it's a presidents responsibility to see that his people and the country is taken care…"
Sep 14
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Street Artist Sabo's Latest Stealth Hits Will Have You Roaring With Laughter
Sep 14
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion BLM Terrorists Block ER Entrance After Cops Shot; Try to break in
"These so-called people are home grown terrorists. I say start rounding them up and take them on a one way trip and drop them in the middle east and let them meet real terrorists. They think they're so bad just see if they can survive that. Then they…"
Sep 13
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Trump Campaign Lawyers Demand Biden Campaign Yank False Ad Using Debunked Atlantic Accusations
"The thing that gets me the most is that there are so many people who are ready, eager and willing to listen to and believe every bad thing that's said about Trump. They think whatever the Democrats say is gospel. I guess the old saying is true that…"
Sep 13
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Alyssa Milano says 'entire GOP should be tried for treason' and calls Biden 'our only hope'
"By the way Alyssa dear, why not use some of your money to buy yourself a wig since you've complained your hair is falling out. It's not the virus that did it though, it's your horns sprouting."
Sep 12
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Alyssa Milano says 'entire GOP should be tried for treason' and calls Biden 'our only hope'
"I see all this about that book for what it is. Just another hatchet job on Trump. The left is so scared that he's going to be re-elected that they don't know which way to turn. Woodward probably burned the candle from both ends in a hurry to get…"
Sep 12
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion Nutty Nancy Pelosi on the Wildfires: Mother Earth is Angry
"I was just thinking today that it's possible that God is trying to destroy California because he sees so many sinful people there. Unfortunately there's a lot of good people caught in the cross fire. But that always happens. He said He wouldn't…"
Sep 12
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion President Trump changes campaign rallies to "Peaceful Protests"
"He has a quick sense of humor. Good for him!"
Sep 9
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion BLM protester arrested in DC was also at Portland and Kenosha riots
"The dumbells should have held onto him and gotten information from him to find out who is funding him to travel from place to place to riot. If they really want to find out who the people are that are enabling these people they would stop letting…"
Sep 3
Jane Binkley replied to Admin Dee's discussion BLM inc. threatening to “rip the president out of the White House”
"They are so out of control now that nothing is going to work to restore peace except to just turn the guns on them when they attack and let them rip. There will be many bodies littering the street but it looks like it's headed in that direction. The…"
Aug 30

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  • Dear Jane,  I have made many good, trustworthy friends on this site and also email them about 'sensitive matters' that need not be published to "Big Brother Rat"--lol.  I love to teach and share the truth of the Bible to all who listen, and if you can trust me with your email address, I will explain to you anything you want to know!  We can expect the Lord to return with the Rapture at ANY TIME NOW!  We MIGHT suffer in the USA to some extent when the economic/ USD $$ melts down, for sure, and I share how to PREP.. now!  Important.  My email:  tschuckman@aol.com  --Also, read my humble Christian based Blog:  TOM'S JOURNAL.   Warm Regards,  Tommy Schuckman, happily married to a pretty blonde lady.

  • Hi Jane,  Don't sweat the small stuff!  If you have an IQ above 70, and love Jesus Christ,  you are already ahead of the curve.   And the old slogan applies...  'You get out of something -- t he same as  you put into it -- like hard study, home work, as all good, biblical Christians do -- me included.  And that is pretty much it, sweety pie.  Please feel free to email and chat too, as I love to make new friends who are open minded, and like to  have a laugh or too.  I am happily married, and live in Iron Mtn, MI.  --Tom S.     email:  tschuckman@aol.com

  • It's very hard to elect the best people.  It's usually the "lessor of the evils", but these days the lines are getting more separated.  The Dems and Repubs used to have simple differences, but usually on the same purpose.......ie win a war, create jobs, protect citizens, keep taxes low, provide education etc.  Today....there is no dem party......they are a range of socialists to marxists.  The repubs are actually the dem party with their soft center to slight left leanings...such as McCain, Bush and many of the psuedo Republicans who are not conservative.  We have to use the means at hand, but with more involvement to remove these hacks that work against Americans.  This dancing around about illegals is coming to the point that we will not be able to reverse the mess.....massive illegals using schools or medical care.  They babble about "comprehensive immigration reform".......that only means amnesty.  Hell there are many laws on the books concerning illegals.....but these hacks including soft repubs............REFUSE to enforce the law and protect "we citizens"  Only some people like Brewer or Sheriff Arpaio take the brunt of the attack.  These psuedo conservatives are worse than the enemy like Obama whose agenda is blatant.  They steal our money, our rights and legacy.  They insult us, they insult my parents and ancestors who served and protected the nation, paid taxes, worked and contributed in a positive way, while these bastards steal and tear down what was hard earned......to bring this nation to a high standard of living and a place to provide individual rights and hope.  Obama, his gang and the entire lazy element of the population that feel they are entitled to a free ride are criminals and destroyers.  they need to be stopped, exposed, insulted, embarassed.........anything it takes to stop their destruction of this nation.  

  • Hi Jane,

    patriotic welcome



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