Obama Wants to Control and Tax your Cell Phone

Obama wants to control and tax the internet, but what most people don't know is over 50% of the traffic on the internet now comes from cell phones!    Most of them are called 'Smart Phones'.  This means by controlling and taxing the internet Obama will control and tax your cell phone calls!

Obama's plan is to  tax internet servers, which now means he must tax your cell phone provider because of the new internet from your cell phone applicants!

Not only that, but he want to control content of the interent. At this point content includes your conversation, not just a visual content like a website but an audio, blog and forum content as well if they in any way touch the internet.

Do you want your cell phone tapped by Obama and screened by the government for content? 

How about a T.S.A. style digital "Pat-Down" on your cell phone call?

How about a governement tax on top of your monthly bill from your cell phone provider?

Oh, it's just not about Weiner and his pictures, its about your conversation on your cell phone!

So, Tea Partiers are we going to let Obama get away with it?

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  • All this Government control will be sold to the mainly ignorant truly uninformed public as for national security, safety for all against bad creeps and drug dealers, and protection of our children.  Also, we make a few bucks to boot.  The majority of politicians (most Democrats and enough Republicans)  will lap it up because they know the majority of the public will agree to anything that will benefit children.  It will be sold for the benefit of the public good.  The majority will feel warm and fuzzy about it.  See what one little Weiner started.  Give Obama an opening to take away rights and tax and he will take it in a heartbeat.  God help us.  As far as the pay as you go phones that are the phone of choice by drug dealers he will make you sign your name with ID when you get them put the tax on and the tap too.   Sincerely, Angelo Mule'
    That Son Of A Bitch! I read something like how those cell phones are now eating up a lot of the internet and never connected the dots! Thanks Joela for turning the light on the rat bastard!
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