Earlier this week we all have seen Mr Obama tell the country he wanted to lower housing interest rates....

Here is my take on this - and I think I'm correct in my assessment.

In 2008 this failed "policy" provided a means for this administration to steal (my opinion) taxpayer monies and claim they were bailing out the economy.... A $43 TRILLION dollar lawsuit emerged for Racketeering and Money Laundering against White House staff, Eric Holder and many others..... 

And I quote from the article;

"This lawsuit represents the most massive scale of corruption, theft of public funds, laundering, racketeering, and failure of the government to pursue it’s duty to the citizens of America in history. It promises to unveil and divulge the corrupt inner workings of the federal government along with its malignant relationship with the banking industry, Wall Street, and government officials who have considered themselves cunningly beyond the law!"

Continue reading at http://www.nowpublic.com/world/43-trillion-dollar-lawsuit-awaits-obama-white-house-and-banks

That was then; has anyone seen a penny of that money find it's way back into our Treasury? No, we are told it will take years as it wends it's convoluted way through the Court System. WHY?

It seems to me that $43 Trillion dollars would help our economy out, it would likely put us back in the black..... so why wait? Why drag it out?

Now, we have Mr Obama attempting to do the very same thing all over again..... and not a peep is heard in dissension.

I submit to you that we have been lied to, our National Treasury has been raided by thieves calling themselves elected, we have a felon in charge of the Nation's highest Law Enforcement office - and Congress is doing nothing to prevent any of this.

I submit that should Congress allow Mr Obama to decrease interest rates again, allow him to force or coerce Banks to provide sub-prime mortgages - we will see another Multi-Trillion dollar loss of taxpayer dollars to thieves calling themselves elected... providing an excellent springboard for a marxist/communist/muslim/illegal alien to take complete control of our Nation.... as he invokes martial law when the public finds out the Nation is bankrupt and revolts.

Why has this entire issue dropped completely off the radar and why are there no Congressional Leaders standing up to protect the Nation?

Why has the House refused to cut off Mr Obama and his extremely frivolous spending?

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  • I didn't take advantage of this the first time around and I won't if it comes around again. I don't trust Obama or the govt. I won't get into anything that has to do with the govt. because I don't want them delving into my life. I don't want to be obligated to the govt. in any way, shape or form, especially as long as he's in the WH. My mortgage co. wanted to work with me on refinancing my home for a lower int. rate but I backed out when I found out the govt. was involved in it. Some would call me stupid, I don't care, but I see it as just another way for the govt. to get their hooks into my property. So I'll continue to pay my present rate of interest and help my mortgage company get richer, I don't care. Maybe when the banks are going broke again they'll still be going strong.

  • Rich: I do believe the reason it's hard to get anything out of the kids about what they discussed in school is because as you said "Little Bama brownshirts". I think they've been told by their teachers not to discuss things with the parents because "they wouldn't understand" or "they won't love you". Parents must keep trying to get info from their kids about what goes on in the classroom. You can bet the teachers aren't going to tell you. Remember the article where one teacher stated that she lies to the parents? When parents go to open house and meet their kid's teacher you know those teachers are only going to show you the surface of what the kids are doing. They cover up what's really going on. If a parent gets an inkling from their kid about something that doesn't seem right they need to draw the kid out and keep assuring them no matter what anyone says they can always talk to them. Kids need to be told, "I'm your parent who loves you, this is your home and your family and that's the most important. The teacher has you for part of the day but she doesn't own you, because you're mine and always will be. And you can tell me anything and I'll still love you no matter what". I believe they're using mind control on the kids and we can't let them succeed.

  • Donna you know I tried to tell people a year ago that Obama was after our 401K's and IRA's and they all told me I was nuts. People are such rock heads nothing penetrates until it actually happens. They say their retirement accts are safe. Nothing is safe anymore. Then they scream about it like it's a surprise. How do we get through to these people? The kids in college are too young to care about this, the young marrieds are too wound up in everyday life of working, running and raising their kids they can't grasp it, the middle aged and older people are the only ones who are bothered by this and they need the support of energetic "go get em" senators to fight for them. I bet they'd raise He$$ if their retirements were threatened.

  • Your neighbors, fellow workers, family members wanted a criminal to run the country......why is everybody surprised.  When kids come home from school ask them what was discussed in class....it's hard to pull it out of them......but keep pushing you might be surprised how the current generation is becoming little "Bama brown shirts"  the mind warping, the revisionist history, the untruths or half truths  is amazing.  You have a leftist media, you have teacher unions that are border line marxist with a curriculum in many places that is anti American and pro globalist......in other words "America bad.......everybody else good".  While you are planning dinner, a shopping trip, vacation, the ball game, etc.......your kids are being twisted into little "neo marxists" of the soft variety.  This has been going on for at least 4 decades.....or more.......what other answer can it be that this nation elects an anti American  muslim mentored, commie taught shill to dismantle our institutions, values, successes, and destroy our individual savings, homes and businesses?

  • Donna we have some good lawyers out there who can present good cases against him but the problem is the judges. they're all too weak or scared to do anything about it so they keep deciding against everyone. I'd like to see just one good, honest brave judge that would do the right thing where he's concerned.

  • you know, I am not going to read all of this, because POS has everyone so screwed up and twists and turns, and while he keeps everyone all confused, he is getting ready to trip us off our feet. So where are the lawyers out there? There are enough lawyers to take this fraud out of office!!! They are all corrupt!

    So what are we going to do??? Legally? We are paying for this crap to get ripped off! Now he is going after the IRA and 401 Ks, just like it was said, months ago. So Comments? Lawyers you out there for WE THE PEOPLE? Each day that goes by is like a clock ticking...

  • a revolt could happen soon,i'm in favor of throwing these pinheads out of washington and sending those who have common sens into washington and actually fixing the country's debt situation

  • Do you guys remember when Rumsfeld went on tv and told us that they had "lost"billions(or trillions) of dollars and what happened the next day? Three towers fell into their own footprint...
  • The trouble is that federal 'ice cream' policies never cause a revolt.   Revolts take a substantial fraction  of the population -- maybe 20%?  40%?  More?   They don't happen when one citizen in 100 says "OMG -- This will be a disaster!"   It's free ice cream, folks.  Who's against ice cream?

    The trouble will come when the ice cream stops because there is no more money and our national credit card is suddenly maxed out.   But the marches and riots -- even the revolt if one should happen -- will be about keeping the free ice cream, not about the stupidity of the policy in the first place.   And when the dust settles it's likely that the government will cut back defense a little more, get forgiveness for some of the debt, phase out the Department of Education and keep a scaled back policy of free ice cream, because that's what people want. 

    In theory we could do better than that but we'd need an educational revolution first.  Ask yourself what fraction of people you know understand that Social Security and Medicare pay back more than recipients paid in?   These are less damaging policies than 'no job, no income, no down payment' mortgages because they don't reward slackers but they're still ice cream -- strictly consumption -- and we are doing more than we can afford.   Does one in ten of your friends know that?  Probably not one out of two ...

    If we want to get to where there's a revolt against policies that will be a disaster someday we have a monumental education job on our hands.

  • The verge ?People are fed up with the government we have in place . The left listens only to those who cry about their government handouts

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