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February 5

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Walt Hutchens commented on Lowell Guy Mahler's blog post A German's View on Islam
"This is the link to the original piece with correct attribution:


Op-Ed: Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant
Paul E. Marek"
Aug 29, 2013

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  • I am a True Christian that does beleive in who is without sin throwing the first stone. But, if you will check out Jesus'  Luke 22:36 He that has no sword to defend himself, let him sell his garments, and buy one. Amen. The European peole layed down and did nothing, remember the Idiot Bristish Premier who made a deal with Hitler and before he got back home, Hitler was on the move. The French layed down is 3 weeks. The Devil always whispers to the cowardly groups who always need help from those with Strength and Guts. People have forgot that our Nation once Proud and under God had our forefathers who died for our religious Freedoms. Now Russia, China and others can and have come less than 100 miles off our coast and shoot Nuclear Missiles off Nuclear subs and blown away NY, DC. Boston, and maybe even Chicago in one firing. Pray for the lost souls, because True Christian will never die, but spend Eternity with God our Creator and his son Jesus Christ. Be Prepared for the end of this era is near.

  • p.s. massive protest , mailings, calls to our respective politicians is mandatory to at a minimum make them pick up their heads from their "smartphones" to see a real face or hear a voice that is fed up with this new age compliance with bull shit.  Either start running the nation like a business to provide the citizens with maximum return for their taxes or be removed........I dont think there is a will amongst the population to push for pro American legislation and progress in light of the completely stupified mentality of the younger generations that through not their fault alone have been dumbed down into a globalist, UN focused agenda that creates a guilt and retribution concept in their minds against their own country, parents, ancestors and history.  I have watched this "transformation" of a nation strong and proud to a cowering, wimpering population of lemmings.  I cannot emphasize enough the dumb, irrational, brainwashed aura over the people of the US. 

  • It all may be legal.......but maybe we need to stop placing INSANE people in charge of our lives.....ie congress, wh, senate, state houses and departments.  Time for the same backround check, piss test and medical plans given to a school custodian to be applied to these hacks and theives that we elect to "run " our lives into the ground.  Man made laws are not irrevocable.......especially when the same stupidity is repeated over and over (Einstein's definition of INSANE), expecting a different result.  It would seem as time went on and the collection of stupid politicians perverted the "original" laws as set by the founders, we need to purge the bilge from the system .....no more semantics, or emotional feelings to interpret the constitution.  Reduce the faux legal system of non elected departments and regulators that operate only under a political master and not the constitution.  Eliminate departments like education, energy which provide nothing to enhance the nation's needs in those areas.  Time has shown such agencies not only wast money, but add layers of meaningless crap to slow down progress or real change that benefits citizens, not the politician.  Their respective oversights can be assigned to congressional committees already elected.

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