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Just perused Sanford's HR 1072 and Rand Paul's S 222.

Almost identical bills in House and Senate, they totally repeal Obamacare.

They introduce:
HSA Health Savings Accounts

Small business associations for the purpose of obtaining healthcare group rates

Medicaid would be administered by the states

Some amendments should be added at last minute for women's issues like the Ryan plan

Freedom Caucus, the Republican conservative group who didn't like Ryan's bill, likes these. If Ryan's ego doesn't interfere, they are better plans. SPEAKER RYAN MUST IMMEDIATELY SCHEDULE THESE BILLS FOR VOTE. IF HE DOESN'T, THEN TRUMP HAS GIVEN HIM ENOUGH ROPE TO HANG HIMSELF.

Didn't see anything about defunding Planned Parenthood but Diane Black's HR 354 with 139 co-sponsors still has to be voted on.

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A Tax Cut for Air Travelers

Conservatives should praise a new effort in the House of Representatives to reform the whole structure of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and, hopefully, lower some taxes while they are at it. 

A Tax Foundation titled Improving Airport Funding to Meet the Needs of Passengers documents the ways the federal government hammers average Americans with tax after tax after tax.   

First they hit the passenger with a 7.5 percent Domestic Passenger Ticket Tax an then a $4.00 Domestic Flight Segment Tax (for international flights the charge is $17.70 per ticket).  There is an additional jet fuel tax and a September 11th fee that is $5.60 per segment per flight.

If you add up the domestic ticket tax and the flight segment tax, the federal government scooped up almost $9 billion in 2013 revenues with an additional amount of almost $3 billion in international flight tax revenues (this includes flights to Alaska and Hawaii).  The security fees made $2 billion for the feds. This money is supposed to go to the Airport and Airway Trust Fund and for the massive bureaucracy that was created at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

The problem is that the money is not well spent.  The trust fund money is not distributed on the basis of what airports are in dire need of help.  Representatives and Senators who serve on the committees that dole out the airport cash tend to favor home state airports regardless of need. 

The idea behind tax reform is to restructure the tax code so that it makes sense, is fair and results in economic growth.  If the domestic tax on tickets were to be cut, there will be money on the table to invest in refurbishing airports in need of repair.  Part of the federal tax is supposed to be set-aside for this purpose, yet the feds have a hard time distributing money in an effective and fair way.

One conservative idea that has great weight with the Tea Party is the idea of devolving federal programs to the states.  Senator Jim DeMint, now President of the Heritage Foundation, pushed the idea of devolving the federal gas tax to the states to allow the states to collect more money while the federal government eased out of the highway business.  The same idea can work with our local airports.

Cut federal taxes on air travel and allow local airports to collect more money would cut out the middleman – the feds.  This type of solution would save money for travelers and would help increase air travel. 

The Passenger Facility Charge is a local charge that airports use to collect money for the airport where the travel commences.  This local fee is capped at $4.50 per ticket and the local airports should be allowed to raise that fee while the taxes on domestic and international flights are dramatically cut.  This will convert a tax system into a more reasonable local user fee for air travel. 

The Tax Foundation report concludes “the current system of airport funding is not ideal for air travelers. The most important, most popular airports generate plenty of revenue for the government but do not necessarily get that money back to spend on their own capital expenses. Much of the funding granted by the federal government could be better spent by the airports directly.”

Remove the cap on the Passenger Facility Charge, lower federal taxes on travel and let the local airports to spend the money on their own airports.  Comprehensive tax reform should be tried on the whole federal tax code and it makes sense as a way to restore sanity, local control and free-market capitalism to the air travel market. 

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Stand with Rand Paul-2016

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist  -

Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

We must seek the truth and let the people know. Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties.

Fellow Americans, let’s declare 2016 the year of our country’s reform. Years of government corruption and self-serving legislators has placed our country in jeopardy of self-destruction. Our worst enemy is ourselves, apathy and the lack of interest of what is taken place in our country, has given carte blanche to the Washington politicians to pass ill legislations that eroded our US Constitution, the rule of law and our God given freedom. Seeing the present state of our country and the cover-up done by our President and the mainstream news media; the only thing that we must do to correct this path of self-destruction is to call on all Americans to fight for the future of our country and our future as a free society.

Fellow Americans, nothing matters but our constitution and our freedom, no matter if we are Republicans, Democrats, independents, libertarians or any other political party. Now is the time to stand united as one to fight for our country and our future. Today we are not a Democracy, we have become a Plutocracy an oligarchy system of government that is making the majority of Americans economy slaves; like never in our history we have millions of homeless, millions working for slave wages, millions depending on government handouts, true unemployment is 13%, our education system is a failure, free trade demise millions of jobs and we are not able to create jobs for Americans, our immigration system its dis-functional, our military expending is out of control and poor managed, ill military interventions that promoted hate toward the American people and made us the world’s number one bully. I have talked to hundreds of people and we have enough of this type of government, we need to change this path of self-destruction and reform our country’s agenda for a future that will ensure the security and prosperity of the American people.

2016 is the year of the reform and we want Rand Paul as our president. We ask you to stand with us and support Rand Paul. Every one count we all want to reclaim our country, Republicans, Democrats and any other political parties; we are all Americans; let’s stand for our country and support Rand Paul.

Ron Paul at the University of Minnesota

Monday, April 6 at 7:00pm

Ted Mann Concert Hall in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Stand with Rand Paul.


Millions of high school fails the ACT test

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By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist  -

Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

We seek the truth and let the people know. An informed citizenry is vital for the preservation of our democracy. Truth and knowledge diffused among the people are necessary for the preservation of our Democracy, rights, freedom and liberties.

Demand the teaching of our immigrant’s history in the schools.

America is our country, the land of immigrants that come in search of economic freedom and liberty to be the best they can be through self-determination; many of us know what is like to be an immigrant and what we went through to gain the acceptance and respect of our community. First generation of immigrants is the ones that paid the price so their sons and daughters can have a better life here in American, no matter where we come from, we suffered discrimination and exploitation. The land of the free to the new immigrants becomes the land of the oppressor and the predator that was determined to destroy the immigrant. The irony of this behavior is that they complete forgot about their pass and what they went through when they come as immigrants and the humiliation they experience by discrimination and exploitation to the point that many immigrants were persecute and killed just for being an immigrant.

Today, we must deal with our present immigration issue, and we must acknowledge that we are the ones that are to be blame for this immigration issue. We are the ones that allowed this to take place, Illegal immigration is the result of our failure to enforce our laws, we turned a blind eyes to this issue by convenience, the illegal immigrants are the source of cheap labor, so we do nothing because we benefit from this cheap labor and the exploitation of these people that come here, like us and the millions of immigrants that come to this country before us.

The truth is that Obama have the opportunity to pass an immigration reform in 2004; he had the support of Democratic control of both houses of the United States Congress; and this issue could be resolve as the first act, by the Obama administration after assuming control in 2004, but he preferred to use this issue as a political tool to get political power in the future as projecting an image that he was working on this issue, he continue using this issue by passing the dream act.  Democrats and Republicans use the issue of immigration reform to gain political points at the expenses of human beings that the only thing they want is to have the opportunity to be part of this country, and we did it and our fathers before us.

Fellow Americans 2015 is the time to deal with this issue of immigration reform; this is a matter of human rights and social justice, the exploitation of the illegal immigrants and the incertitude of their families must end.  We must remember that ones we were the new immigrants and were exploited oppressed, discriminate and treated like second class citizens; we do not want to do this to the new immigrants nor to the illegal immigrants; we must embrace this new source of human capital and do our best to educate them and teach them our history and our contribution we made to make this country great.  We are a Christian nation, we believe in our God given rights to freedom, liberty, self-determination and being our brother’s keeper. This is our land the land of the free build by immigrants.

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Our founding fathers come to seek freedom and social justice.

The First English Settlements

European expansion displaced the Native American peoples.

German immigrants

Why do they come?.

American- slavery of the Black people.


East Asians of the United States exploited and discriminated.

Japanese immigrants 1880

The Italian Immigrant Experience in America

Immigrants in their own land

We are a nation of immigrants.

Documentary Latino Americans Foreigners in our Own Land Episode 1

Documentary | Latino Americans: Empire of Dreams (Episode 2)

Documentary | Latino Americans: War and Peace (Episode 3)

Documentary | Latino Americans: The New Latinos (Episode 4)

Documentary | Latino Americans: Prejudice and Pride (Episode 5)

Documentary | Latino Americans: Peril and Promise (Episode 6)

 The war profiteers, got rich at the expenses and the lives of Americans.

We are proud to be Latino Americans. This is our land.

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More than one million Americans may be receiving the wrong Obamacare subsidies and the government has not been able to solve the issue yet — meaning people who inadvertently got too much money could face crippling tax bills in upcoming years.

According to internal documents and people familiar with the situation, Americans who listed incomes on their insurance applications that differ significantly with what is on file with the Internal Revenue Service are likely receiving too much money, reports The Washington Post.

"I have this sick feeling that there are these people out there who have made unintentional errors, and in a few years will be subject to massive tax bills,” said Jessica Waltman, senior vice president for government affairs at the National Association of Health Underwriters, a lobbying group for health insurance brokers.

Normally, customers are notified if there is a problem with their applications and told to upload or mail in their proof of income. But only a few have done that, say IRS documents, and even for those who have, the federal computer system for the marketplace isn't able to match the proof with the application because the capability to do that hasn't been built.

The unprocessed documents are being stored at federal contractor Serco's Kentucky office as the improper subsidies keep being paid, and under current rules, people who get the subsidies will be required to return the extra money next year.

Federal health officials and Serco, facing pressure from the White House, are starting this weekend to resolve the inconsistencies. Serco, however, is facing its own issues, with dozens of workers complaining this past week that they're sitting idle,  playing games, or looking busy punching a computer button every 10 minutes because they're not being given enough work to fill their days.

The subsidy issue is one of the computer problems that have been going on since the Obamacare marketplace website,, floundered when it was launched last October. 

And although contractors have corrected many of the problems that made it difficult for Americans to choose a health plan, many parts of the website are still defective or not finished.  

Since the operational system isn't complete, it is impossible for federal officials to know how many of the 8 million people who have signed up for healthcare coverage have paid their premiums, or how many enrollments were attempted but never completed.

Members of the Obama administration, however, promised congressional Republicans last year that an income-verification system would be in place.

Since the computer system isn't capable of doing the income comparisons, Serco workers will have to do the work by hand. But at first, sources told The Post, the work will focus on the approximately one million cases in which people enrolled or tried to enroll faced questions about their citizenship status.

Immigration documents, like the income information, are also caught in the backlog, meaning that sorting out the income issue and the improper subsidies will not start until summer, likely causing recipients to receive even higher tax repayment bills next year.

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Big Business and Immigration Reform/Amnesty


I am writing to as many tea party leaders, activists and conservative leaders as I can find.  We need to find out why big business is fighting for amnesty and immigration reform.

As conservatives, we are working toward deregulation and free enterprise, and the businesses that will benefit the most from our efforts are opposing us.  It is illogical.  We need to engage big business directly to find out what is going on and to let them know what we are doing and can do to help them and to let them know what we need from them.

  1. What makes foreigners, and illegal aliens more attractive than Americans as employees? 
    1. It is government control of our education that has reduced the competence of American citizens and college grads.
    2. Once “illegals” are legalized, they will be subject to the same requirements that make Americans expensive, minimum wage, able to sue for discrimination, etc.
    3. The illegal alien community is only about 12 million people.
    4. Agriculture workers comprise less than 10% of the workforce and that is the hew and cry:


  1. Why does big business support big government when it cripples free enterprise, which the US Chamber of Commerce says it supports?
    1. How much and what types of corporate welfare do they receive?
    2. Is the elimination of competition by government overregulation more valuable to big business that free enterprise?


  1. Why aren’t deregulation and elimination of the EPA their highest priorities.  They should be full on-board with the tea parties.
  2. Is big government, the Republican Party, promising big business something in exchange for their assistance in defeating the Tea Parties and conservatism?


We need to engage the US Chamber of Commerce, our local Chambers of Commerce and Big Business.  Message me if you would like an Excel spreadsheet of the CEO’s of the Fortune 500 as of June of 2013.  While some of these people may have changed position most of them will still be accurate.

I recommend a two-pronged approach:


  1. Tea Party and Conservative leaders need to reach out to these businesses to engage them and work with them to find solutions to the problems.
  2. Phone calls, letters and emails directly to big businesses opposing amnesty and immigration reform from as many citizens as possible.  We need to flood their phone lines with opposition to this legislation.

If we can find out what businesses met with John Boehner in Tuesday’s close door meeting, we need to contact them asap.


Following are more links on big business and amnesty/immigration reform:


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When Welfare Pays Better Than Work


The Cato Institute (Michael D. Tanner) released a study showing that welfare benefits pay more than a minimum wage job in 33 states and the District of Columbia. Even worse, welfare pays more than $15 per hour in 13 states.
According to the study, welfare benefits have increased faster than minimum wage. It ’ s now more profitable to sit at home than it is to earn an honest day ’ s pay.
Hawaii is the biggest offender, where welfare recipients earn $29.13 per hour, or a $60,590 yearly salary, all for doing nothing.
Here is the list of the states where the pre-tax equivalent ´salary that welfare recipients receive is higher than having a job: 
1. Hawaii: $60,590
2. District of Columbia: $50,820
3. Massachusetts: $50,540
4. Connecticut: $44,370
5. New York: $43,700
6. New Jersey: $43,450
7. Rhode Island: $43,330
8. Vermont: $42,350
9. New Hampshire: $39,750
10. Maryland: $38,160
11. California: $37,160 
12. Oregon: $34,300
13. Wyoming: $32,620 
14. Nevada: $29,820
1. Minnesota: $29,350 
16. Delaware: $29,220
17. Washington: $28,840
18. North Dakota: $28,830
19. Pennsylvania: $28,670
20. New Mexico: $27,900
21. Montana: $26,930
22. South Dakota: $26,610 
23. Kansas: $26,490
24. Michigan: $26,430 
25. Alaska: $26,400
26. Ohio: $26,200 
27. North Carolina: $25,760
28. West Virginia: $24,900
29. Alabama: $23,310
30. Indiana: $22,900
31. Missouri: $22,800
32. Oklahoma: $22,480
33. Louisiana: $22,250
34. South Carolina: $21,910
Now do you think we should reform 'Welfare' ?
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Now Hear This:

This article  by George F. Will, is one of the worst pieces of tripe I have ever read on the subject of so-called “immigration.”

 How can this  man,  with his unremarkable views, call himself a conservative  when he is so eager to  collude with  the surrendering of our country to “La Reconquista?”

Conservatives believe in conserving the republic for their posterity, not surrendering it as a petri dish experiment in social engineering for the elites, to pave the way for the ascendancy of Big Brother.

“The last gasp of white America; understand that!”- says the cheeky Mechista.

 What part of this affirmation from a hostile foreign power—in  active annexation of American territory—does  Mr. Will not understand?

 It is completely beyond comprehension how a man of such great intelligence as Mr. Will, can comport himself as a pigeon-brain and lackey of vested interests.

 What Tower of Babel would he build, in his quest for “vibrancy?”

How can the reader take any of Mr. Will’s madcap notions  seriously—most particularly regarding “assimilation” of the Mexican  peasant army-- when he lacks a basic grasp of what constitutes  “immigration,”  as he fails to differentiate wholesale invasion of America, from valid immigration policy.

Should not a pundit be able to winnow-out the sugar granule from a pile of sand, like the wise ant?

This writer believes that it was Fred Thompson who said that it is “time to start offending people” and this article falls into alignment with that view, as it deals with politicians and journalists who would unremittingly force the Mexican conquest onto the American people against their will.

 This republic does not need snake-oil salesmen or traitors in the sacred halls of government or media.

The American people will not eat this “bad penny” which continually returns like a nightmare, no matter how many times the American people swat it down, or how many times the central bankers try to shove it down our throats.

We the People, are sick-to-death of the quislings who infest the Beltway and the airwaves, continually exhorting us to solve Mexico’s domestic and international  problems !

According to Mr. Will, “Many Republicans see in immigrants only future Democratic votes.”

Wrong!   Such a Simple Simon view and warped weltanschauung  must  be  discounted with mocking laughter, cat calls and hisses.

 It must also be directly challenged with facts and reality.

Conservatives see a territorial incursion—in the form of a blatant race war— prosecuted against the United States of America by Mexico and  Mr. Will,  would encourage us to open wide the gates of Rome to the barbarians who have come—by their own admission-- to supplant Americans!

 Has George Will ever read the works of the great Patrick J. Buchanan, regarding the “bright shining lie” of free trade?

 If he had, he would not be waxing sentimental about Bill Clinton and NAFTA:

“ But President Bill Clinton, refuting opposition — much of it from Democrats — to the North American Free Trade Agreement, splendidly said: “Protectionism is just a fancy word for giving up.”

 Is  Mr. Will aware of Mr. Buchanan’s  take on the subject  of attempting to “assimilate” an obvious invader? 

 Does Mr. Will not understand what constitutes national suicide, in the form of any tolerance for a vigorously professed genocidal race war against white America?

It was Mexico which first established the concept of  “Deguello,”  which is the belief that no quarter be given to the enemy.

Tell  us, Mr. Will;  how tenderly did Mexican forces treat the small band of American defenders at the Alamo?

 Is it not you, with the “dim memory?”

Should America not return the “favor” in this Second Mexican War, by following the ground rules of engagement first established by Mexico?

Mr. Will asks the question: “Are we sure they are resisting assimilation?” 

This has got to be the most asinine question of all time, betraying the mindset of  those politicians and pundits,  who exhort us to play fair with an invader,  as if it were a civil rights or constitutional issue.

Americans are “pretty sure” that the Mexican nationals in our midst—telling Anglo-Saxon America to “go back to Europe”—are not too keen on any idea of assimilation with the “gringo.”

  "We have an aging white America. . . . They are dying. . . . They are shitting  in their pants with fear! I love it!   We have got to eliminate the gringo and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst,  we have got to kill him.”

--Jose Angel Gutierrez, professor, University of Texas, Arlington; founder of La Raza Unida political party; and beneficiary of American generosity. 

 Will talks about the “East Germanization”  of  the Mexican border, implying that  one  race or people is being kept apart, when such comparisons are the equivalent of erecting a straw man argument for Mexican annexation of the American heartland.    

Mexican nationals-by their own cheeky admission—are here to “take over.”

The American people have “had it” with the Mexican invasion and are in no mood to suffer the indignity of serving as a cash cow and financial slave to wretched  mestizos and degenerate lawmakers, especially when our own people are living in tent cities alongside the railroad tracks of major metropolitan areas.

It is the position of the American people that the U.S. is the cradle of the Anglo-Saxon race, NOT the Mexican, no matter how many Mexican eggs are deposited by stealth warfare, in the nest of the American Eagle  as  a switcheroo.

George Will makes a spurious and unenlightened charge that: “Opposition to immigration because the economy supposedly cannot generate sufficient jobs is similar defeatism. Zero-sum reasoning about a fixed quantity of American opportunity is for a United States in a defensive crouch, which is not for conservatives.”

“Supposedly," he says? 

George Will must also imagine that  disenfranchised young Americans are going to shoulder paying for  “Obamacare,”  if he subscribes to the absurd notion that opportunity is endless during a time  of universal, worldwide depression.  Never mind granting concessions to invaders with no strings attached.

Does this brilliant “solon” not know that one third of  Americans  are out of work—that AMERICAN college graduates cannot find work to pay off their student loans and that thirty year-olds are living with Mom and Dad?

Does he think it a good idea that young  Americans  of all colors—including Hispanic Americans--- be unable to have a future, because their living space and jobs have been stolen by interlopers from the Third World?

Does Mr. Will not see how the central bankers have hijacked America and that these third world hordes come at the behest of vested interests, to  be employed as corporate shock troops and modern-day  “Hessians” against the American people?

Does Mr. Will fathom what is at stake here?  Does he understand that this nation and its future belongs  to the American people and  NOT  the Third World, or the United Nations?

The real state of our Union is that it is in dire straits, due to the fact that irresponsible and criminal lawmakers seem hell- bent on forcing young Americans—who are living in their parents’ basement—to surrender their collective future to an alien race and culture.

 Now hear this:  No American should have to compete for jobs with third world wretches in his own country.

This position is the only course which will ensure that Americans remain an  exceptional people—based on ONE common culture-- rather than a mish-mash of debt slaves and what President Theodore Roosevelt described as a “tangle of squabbling nationalities.”

The American  people  are here to remind the Beltway that We the People, are NOT the Santa Claus of the World, nor are we  debt slaves to the banksters.

We further assert that the traditional host/parasite relationship between the United States of America and Mexico is O-V-E-R.

 The American people are embroiled in the Second American Revolution, to throw off the debt shackles to usury.  They do not have time to entertain any nonsense from border-breachers regarding their  “rights,” based on a sense of their own self-entitlement.

 The American people  are resolved to return these wretched scarecrows of  “La Reconquista” back to from whence they came, so that they may prosecute their own revolution in Mexico City, rather than meddle in and subvert the American political process.

 The occupation army of 40 million Mexican nationals must be forcibly expelled from American territory—if they refuse to self-deport-- before the American people feel inclined to grant any concession to Mexico.

They—unlike Speaker Boehner—will not surrender an inch, until Mexico comes to the  glaring realization that its bid for carving a “new mestizo nation” out of American territory is NOT going to happen, no matter what kind of a ruckus they think they are going to make.

Mexico must be punished for its arrogant stance, by being forced to sign articles of surrender, so that  in future,  it  makes no “politically incorrect”  mistake about American resolve to repel the  Mexican incursion.

 The American people require  clarification from Mexico regarding what it deems American and what it sees as distinctly Mexican, as the present definition by Mexico engenders the grapes of wrath for our people.

This stance of the American people, is non-negotiable and any lawmaker  or  pundit who imagines otherwise, will self-immolate politically.

Is George Will  aware of the number of people on food stamps?   What planet is Mr. Will from?  Seriously!

Does he really imagine that we as a people,  should simply lie down for his absurd argument, not to mention the insult he made against Americans, with his patronizing assessment of our “dim memories?”

These are the ravings of a “whacko bird.”  

 “Many are understandably disposed against immigration because they have only dim memories of a more dynamic United States and have ‘little aptitude for politics’ suited to, and aimed at restoring, vibrancy.”

Hogwash!  This is an insult to the intelligence of a vigilant, deliberate and revolutionary people.

This writer remembers when America was  ninety percent white.  Will  is not addressing a dumbed-down audience, as there are millions of Americans who  remember when America was powerful, feared, respected…and  “vibrant” based on the achievements of Anglo-Saxon Americans—not an alleged “Muslim achievement in space” contribution to NASA.

George Will —through his condescending attitude—has betrayed himself as an elitist and tool of the central bank.  

 It is he, who  obviously  has “little aptitude for politics,” at least in the wide-awake sense.

 Nor does he possess a rapport with or empathy for, the serious plight of the American people, for if he did, he would not be a carnival shill for amnesty.

 Like most establishment types, Mr. Will functions as a vassal and jumping jack cheerleader for the vested interests.  He serves as an intellectual prostitute.  

He promotes the sunset of decline—even as he professes “vibrancy.”

 Will paints an abstract picture when he   states:  “A mass murder committed by mostly Saudi terrorists resulted in an almost limitless amount of money being made available for the deportation of Mexican house-painters.”

 Such a vainglorious attempt to evoke sympathy for Mexican invaders--by painting them as innocent victims-- is  a  “no-fly zone” for the American people.

This is patently untrue, as evidenced by the recent thwarted plans of Mechistas,  who intended to march on Washington D.C., demanding their “rights”  to annex America  for Mexico.

It’s not about "house painters,"  but it is about the theft of  America and American jobs,  through Mexican invasion and the corresponding end of the American Dream.

The American people can admire the two Mexican men who walked barefoot across a fiery desert,  in order to save their shoes for employment.  We would welcome such men as honored guest workers in our agricultural industry, where they do not directly compete with Americans.

 But first, the American people require final clarification from Mexico, regarding its territorial ambitions, as we ostensibly came to accord with that nation in 1848 and there is a question as to who owns what in Mexico's national psyche.

 Mexico has a sense of self-entitlement to the American landscape, based on a roughly 25 year tenancy.

Maybe California should be returned to Russia, due to the occupation of Fort Ross--which predates the Mexican claim-- under this  demented  line of reasoning?

The American people too,  have a “set of principles” and a cardinal principle is that  this nation does not reward interlopers, nor does it transfuse its lifeblood into the veins of the invader.

Any agreement between the United States and Mexico must be predicated on Mexico’s understanding that it has NO CLAIM HERE.

The American taxpayer does NOT owe Mexican nationals one thin dime.  These parasites  are NOT the responsibility of our people.

The governed will deny their consent to any special consideration for Mexican nationals, until Mexico signs formal articles of surrender, in this Second Mexican War  AND  agrees to make provision for the upkeep and accountability of its nationals, while they are guests here, including retroactive restitution to American victims of the Mexican crime wave.

Further,  due to the current criminal history of  Mexican  interlopers  in America; the American people insist that Mexico build service centers in America—at their own expense, much  like America does at Gitmo in Cuba-- in order to isolate its nationals from the general population, as we are discussing slave labor for corporate America here, NOT  potential American citizens.

 Mexican nationals have lost any chance for tolerance from the Americans they have victimized.

How keen will the proponents of CIR and amnesty  be, when they realize that Mexico must meet ALL financial obligations for housing, education, entertainment,  medical and dental care and providing a social safety net in the form of a Mexican social  security program for its own people,  while they are guests here?

Mexico is a nation wealthy in natural resources and tourist destinations and can well afford to pay its own way, rather than sponging off the American people, as a common carrion crow.

Any “comprehensive immigration reform” plan which fails to hold Mexico financially accountable for its own nationals while they are guests here, will be grossly unacceptable to the American people.

 Mexican obligations must be outlined before any forward momentum can take place in bilateral relations between invader and the one invaded.

 Such an article of surrender requires documentation, as we are discussing matters of race  war  here—not  “immigration.”

 It is NOT the responsibility of the American taxpayer to subsidize his own demise, nor grant “citizenship” to a cheeky invader.

The American people regard the absurdity of alleged "dual citizenship," to be nothing more than a ploy of war.

"Comprehensive immigration reform"  means   holding Mexico accountable for prosecuting  a blatant race war against America.


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Campaign Finance Reform for Individuals

Should voters in New York be allowed to contribute to local elections in New Hampshire?
Should voters in Concord, NH be allowed to contribute to elections in Manchester, NH?
If you can not vote in an election, why should you be allowed to contribute to that election?
Whom do you want politicians to raise money from, their constituents or people that can NOT vote for them?
Campaign Finance Reform should be about Insiders versus Outsiders not hard money versus soft money.
US Citizens
An Example for US Citizens Who Live, Vote and Pay Taxes in the Government District:
Three people contribute to a campaign.  One contributes $10,000 worth of time, one contributes $10,000 worth of resources and one contributes $10,000 in cash.  
Which has violated campaign finance laws?  
The person that contributes $10,000 cash. The persons that contributed $10,000 worth of time and resources are making legal contributions.  But all three people live under regulations, pay taxes, and earn income in the government district that the candidate represents.
If you are not going to limit the time and resources a voter may contribute to a candidate, why is it fair to limit the cash a voter can contribute?
Time, resources and money are all acceptable and equivalent contributions.  There should be no limits on contributions by people who can vote in an election.  They pay taxes and live under that government's regulations so they should be allowed to help select their representative any way they can, with time, money or resources.
Conversely, if a person can NOT vote in an election then they should not be allowed to contribute anything to a candidate, not time, money or resources.
Voting in an election is the key determiner of Insider versus Outsider.  If it were not so, we could vote in all 50 states, for 50 governors, 100 senators, etc.  Because we are limited to whom we can vote for, we should also be limited to whom we can contribute to.  This limit applies to time, money and resources.

An Example for Unlimited Campaign Contributions by Voters in an Election District:
Let’s use New York City as an example.  Two billionaires live in New York city and one billionaire we’ll call Michael, wants to be mayor of New York city.  Michael contributes $10 million to his own campaign, which is perfectly legal under the current campaign finance laws.  The other billionaire, we’ll call Donald, does not want to be mayor, but he also does not want Michael to be mayor.  He would like to contribute $10 million to another candidate.  This is not legal.  Why?  They both live, work, pay taxes and vote in New York city.  
If you are having problems with allowing voters to give unlimited campaign contributions please ask yourself these questions:
If you had a million dollars investment in the stock market, would you pay a stock broker to manage that investment.
If you paid one million dollars in taxes, would you not contribute to a politician to manage your "investment" in government?
If you received one million dollars in government contracts or tax deductions or subsidies, would you not contribute to a politician to manage your "revenue" from government?
If you paid one million dollars to comply with government regulations would you not contribute to a politician to manage your "investment" with the government?
Remember that billionaires can only make unlimited contributions in one election district, the one they can vote in.
Non-voting US Residents
The Supreme Court has ruled that people that can not vote in the US, but pay taxes to the US can participate in a limited way in elections.  This ruling applied to permanent residents who are not yet citizens.  The Supreme Court did allow restrictions on the amount of money non-citizens could contribute to an election.  They limited their contributions to only the amount of money the person earned in the US.
Two people make the same amount of money in a government district and pay the same taxes to that government, but only one of them can vote in that district.  Should the contributions by the nonresident be limited to the same amount of contributions as the voters in that district?  Should nonresidents be banned from making contributions of time and resources because placing a value on it and accounting for it is difficult to impossible?

An Example for People that Can Not Vote in a Government District:
Two people work in a election district, but only one can vote in that district.  Think of people who live in one district/state but work in another such as traveling sales people.
Person A represent the average constituent in the election district.  He makes $100K, pays $10K in taxes in that election district.  He contributes $100 to the election he can vote in.
If Person B who is not a constituent, represents Outsiders who are affected by the government in the election district.  He makes $100K and pays $10K in taxes in that election district.  He should be allowed to contribute $100 to that district.  If person B makes the 10 times the money or pays 10 times the taxes, he should be allowed to contribute 10 times the campaign contribution as person A.
Notice that if voters (Insiders) do NOT makes cash campaign contributions and only contribute time and resources, then person B can NOT make any cash contributions.  This means that people who vote in an election determine how much money will be spent on a campaign.  It is not the Outsiders, because their contributions are limited.  The limitation is calculated by dividing the total Insider donations by the number of constituents in the district.
People that can vote in an election have unlimited contributions to the candidates running in that district.  
Voters determine how much money is spent in an election.
People that can NOT vote in an election but who are affected by that government's by taxes, laws and regulations have some limited contribution to the candidates running in that district based on what Insiders contribute.
People that can NOT vote in an election are NOT allowed to contribute time or resources to that election.
People that are NOT affected by that government may NOT contribute to the candidates running in that district.  Not time, not money and not resources.
Final Question
So which campaign finance laws do you want to live under?  The existing hard money and soft money laws with unlimited spending by Political Action Committees? Or would you rather have the campaign finance laws regulate contributions based on Insiders versus Outsiders?

This and other papers can be found at
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A Vision for Health Care in America

Here is a vision for health care in America that all people can agree upon:
Imagine a doctor and patient sitting in a doctor's office.  The patient has all the money they need to pay for their medical needs.  There are no insurance companies in the room.  There are no government bureaucrats in the room.  Just the doctor, the patient and the money.

How Do You Get There?  
With the tax deduction “Cash in the Hand”: 
For Individuals:
  • If you could deposit your income tax payment in a Health Savings Account, would you do it?
  • If you could deposit your property tax payment in a Health Savings Account, would you do it?
Waiters and Waitresses:
  • Would you like all the sales taxes collected each day by your employer to be divided equally between all the workers in the restaurant and deposited into a Health Savings Account for you?
Workers in a big box store:
  • Would you like your employers property tax bill divided equally between all the workers and deposited in your Health Savings Account for you?
  • Would you like your employers corporate income tax bill divided equally between all the workers and deposited in your Health Savings Account?
What can you do with the money in an Health Savings Account?
Buy Health Insurance
Pay for any health related expense
Do you want to live under the ObamaCare health care laws or would you rather have a Health Savings Account made possible by the tax deduction “Cash in the Hand”?

This and other papers can be found at

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Just when you thought it was safe to glance away from Congress for a moment, another poisonous issue raises its ugly head in the Senate.And it's on a very, very short fuse - September 6, to be exact, the very day the Senate returns from vacation.Yes, we were wrong to think that just because Congress is on vacation that we were safe to check in with how the kids feel about going back to school, or work on that sorry household budget, or enjoy the staycation.   As if the administration and Congress had not soured the economy enough already, on the Senate's very first day back in session, Harry Reid plans to make our challenged economy much, much worse.The "America Invents Act" is more poison for the US economyIt's known as  "patent reform" (HR 1249/SB 23) and it's anything but reform with it's current Section 18 intact.  It's a bald-faced sellout to Big Banking and Wall Street.  There are several difficulties with the bill, but the one that jumps out at me is the fact that it's simply a major job-killer.   And for unconstitutionality, it's a two-fer.Target: Hold and AmendThrough the kind graces of Sen Tom Coburn (R  OK) the Senate version of the bill is currently on hold, but that won't last when Reid moves for cloture.   We should vocally support Coburn in insisting that the bill be brought to the Senate floor in amendable fashion so Section 18 can be removed and the remaining act be given full public consideration, then passed.  As noted above, time is short, and this is our last chance.  The House version HR 1249 has already passed the US House.Section 18 is the poison pillNormally, when we speak of a poison pill, we think of an amendment to a bill that will prevent passage.   In this case, the poison is for property rights and job creation in the US.Predictably, Sen. Chuck Schumer is the one who inserted the Section 18 language into the Senate version of the America Invents Act, and Harry Reid wants the Senate to pass the bill without knowing what's in it, so he scheduled the bill to hit the floor in non-amendable fashion the day the Senate reconvenes.Section 18 applies only to the electronic payment processing industry* and it gives the US Patent and  Trademark Office (USPTO) the authority to revoke patents it has granted in the past.  Under this measure, the USPTO can only reconsider patents that have been upheld in federal court when challenged.   If the America Invents Act passes with Section 18 intact, then expect to see big banks and Wall Street challenge issuance of patents to inventors to whom they currently must pay royalties.There's the pay-off for the banks and Wall Street: they get out of millions of dollars of royalties paid to inventors by getting Congress to confiscate the property rights of inventors and kill plenty of jobs in the process - after a court has confirmed the validity of the patent!How does Section 18 kill jobs?If inventive companies get their patents revoked by the USPTO,  then those companies lose their royalty revenues and go out of business and the corresponding  jobs disappear.   But it gets much worse.  Remember, this measure applies only to the electronic payment processing industry.  Can you think of any companies that process payments electronically?   Venture capitalists are simply balking now at investing in new companies with new payment technology because of  Section 18.  Those jobs may never appear, and are certainly being delayed.But many venture capitalists aren't just balking at investing in new electronic payment companies, they are also hesitating to invest in any new company that will rely on electronic payment processing to receive a major portion of its revenues.When new companies don't form, new jobs never appear.Then there are many established companies that will almost certainly be threatened in one way or another if patents are revoked simply because Wall Street wants them revoked.  Paypal, for instance, holds at least 4 patents that I'm aware of.Oh yeah, then there's that bothersome Constitution thing...As one might expect, Section 18 gives the bill some serious constitutional difficulty.First there's the simple concept of property rights.The word "right" is used only once in the entire US Constitution.  That's in Article 1, Section 8, paragraph 8 granting powers to Congress:
“to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.”
Section 18 allows the USPTO to withdraw or void a patent, without due process, even if a high federal court has examined the patent, confirmed it, and ordered transgressors to pay the patent-holder damages for unlicensed use of the intellectual property.The second difficulty is the separation of powers issue (noted above) raised by allowing the executive branch to overrule the judicial branch.  Section 18 does not simply allow for the possibility of violation of the separation of powers, it requires it in every case.  The USPTO cannot consider a challenge to withdraw or void a patent unless that patent has already been challenged in court.Violation of property rights, absence of due process, and violation of separation of powers is non-trivial in my world.Politics is no predictorCuriously enough, politics is no predictor of the position a given member of Congress is likely to take on Section 18.   Obama and Reid are for it, but Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and uberliberal Maxine Waters are against it.   The best predictor of a politician's position on this issue is to look at campaign contributions. You can figure that one out. 
Unexpectedly, even Rep. Maxine Waters says Section 18 "is just wrong."
Since we know that politics is no predictor on this issue, there's nothing for it but for us to contact all our Senators and insist they they help Sen. Tom Coburn keep a hold on the bill until Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid agrees to allow the bill onto the Senate floor in an amendable form.  Then insist that the bill be considered in the full light of day, with full public disclosure, before passage.Action Center AvailableMy good friends at TEAPAC - the Pasadena Patriots in CA have taken the lead on this issue.   They've erected a web site called which contains on online petition you can sign and an online Action Center with a sample letter to help you contact your Senator.If you are a new media/social media  type or a blogger, there's help for you there, too.Action NowIf we follow our normal drill of waiting until the Senate has been back in session for a couple of days before we check in on what they are doing, we'll have already lost this battle, and that's exactly the way Senator Harry Reid has planned it.Spread the WordThe Action Center also has tools to help you spread the word to your friends and this part is important: We only have 12 days to get the word out and get this travesty in the Senate stopped.   We'll have to overcome the natural inertia activists usually feel when Congress is allegedly on vacation.If we fail to slap ourselves out of our August angst for activism now, we'll see more jobs disappear, far less investment in new jobs, and a Congress that feels safe in confiscating still more of our rights in order to reward still more big campaign contributors.Join us.Crossposted to save jobs and protect private property rights*Disclosure:  I hold provisional patents, although not in the electronic payment processing industry.  I have been active in the payment processing industry, processing payments for more than 10,000 merchants for over 15 years.  I believe strongly in the value of intellectual property and the property rights of  inventors, artists and creators to enjoy the fruits of their creations.
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Mr. President, how stupid can you get?
"He is a top executive at JPMorgan Chase, where he is paid as much as $5 million a year and supervises the Washington lobbying efforts for the nation’s second largest bank. William M. Daley also serves on the board of directors at Boeing, the giant defense contractor, and Abbott Laboratories, the global drug company, which has billions of dollars at stake in health care reform." New York Times 01/06/11 more
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osted by Rajjpuut's Folly on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 8:20:22 PM

Hopefully, the next congress and all the congresses to come will reinstitute integrity into the House and Senate. Over the years Rajjpuut has received numerous e-mails dealing with the subject of congressional term limits. The last suggestions were pretty decent . . . so with a few deft adjustments, here is Rajjpuut’s . . . .
Term Limits and Political Reform Act**
for 2011

I. Term Limits:
President ten years maximum (for example: maximum two years during the term of a deceased president + two full four-year presidential terms.
Congress twelve years maximum, for example:

A. Two Six-year Senate terms
B. Six Two-year House terms
C. One Six-year Senate term and three Two-Year House terms
D. Some other combination

2. No Tenure / No Pension for most politicians.
A Congressman collects a salary only while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office except those serving a full dozen years who would get a pension the equivalent of 1/20 of what a 20 year congressman now receives.

3. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. In the case of the 12-year congressmen, they are entitled to double-dip.

4. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.

5. Congress will no longer be allowed to vote itself a pay raise. During inflationary years (they create inflation) congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI increase or +2% deviation.

6. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.

7. Congress must abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

8. All contracts (including pensions) with past and present Congressmen are null and void effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make these contracts with Congressmen. Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves therefore they are against the spirit of the Constitution.
9. On the positive side, the congress will have much more time off and time to visit with their constituents because, while true “emergency” sessions can be called, the congress will meet for only 90 days each year and be a part-time entity much like the original design of a part-time legislature by the Founding Fathers.

Ya'll live long, strong and ornery,


**Actually Rajjpuut would prefer that a constitutional amendment be passed, if necessary by petitions within the American people, if the congress hasn’t the integrity to do it by itself (and require ratification by the American people).
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100% of "Obama-Reform" 100% NOT Actual Reform

Back when you were a child and young adult, didn’t the noun, “reform” when talking about government and laws mean “improvement,” “removing corruption,” or perhaps a “change in policy aimed at improving or removing corruption?” When exactly did it come to mean, “moving closer to socialism and total control by the federal government?’

The country is stagnating beneath hideous new laws that give us greater socialism under the “reform” banner of Obamacare; takeover of the student loan program; etc. while President Obama is putting comprehensive immigration “reform” forth as the next great crisis that can only be solved by giving him more power. The amnesty he wants is expected to give him 85% of the estimated 12-20 million new voters created by this “reform.” And tonight in Washington, the House of Representatives will vote on “Financial Regulatory Reform.”

Anyone with a conscience and integrity must vote “NO,” but expect roughly 95% of the Democrats in the house to support one more travesty. By taking control of the American financial industry without actually reforming the sector that actually DOES NEED REFORMING (Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and the four mortgage guarantee laws passed between 1977 and 1998), Obama will make the world safe for Communism but certainly NOT for the American Republic.

The bill represents a huge lost opportunity, according to Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn. A lot went wrong between 1977’s Community Reinvestment Act; and the ’92 law that expanded it to include Fannie and Freddie; the two further expansions in ’95 and ’98 and the incredible abuse by ACORN of the incredibly irresponsible notion of forcing lenders to make bad loans to people without I.D., without jobs, with abysmal credit ratings, to people without even rental references or rental addresses, and even to illegal aliens. That is the single greatest and most important cause of the recent financial collapse and no one seems to want to talk about it. Those laws are still on the books. That REFORM would be valuable and help the nation survive, that reform will not occur under this disgusting law. Blackburn opposes all laws aimed at crippling the economy to the benefit of a bigger Washington.

We could have had a bi-partisan bill protecting the nation’s economy. Instead we’re given a monstrous truckload of ill-conceived new regulations, one more new bailout fund, and a whole set of new bureaucracies in this bill; none of which are likely to address the root causes of the financial crisis or prevent the next one. For example, as mentioned above, the bill doesn't address Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. The bi-partisanship will occur among those who oppose the bill virtually all Republicans and a good twenty conscientious Democrats.

The new law also makes it much harder for community banks to compete according to Marsha Blackburn. These community banks, which have far fewer resources than the big New York firms, will have to comply with the same regulatory and reporting requirements. They won't, however, have the benefit of a permanent bailout fund to use as a hedge against risky and potentially profitable moves. This is the second greatest problem with this stupid law . . . . locking-in the concept of “too big to fail” which encourages risky behavior that can payoff big but (because we’re “too big to fail”) has NO DOWNSIDE. Once more Barack Obama has had a chance to be a real leader and really help the country and opted instead for ideological nonsense that takes the country in the absolute wrong direction.

According to Minnesota's Michele Bachmann, similar to Obamacare "reform" passed three months ago, this final bill negotiated between the House and the Senate is 2,000 pages of bureaucracy in which the people who wrote it again don't even know what's in it. In fact, Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), the man most responsible for crafting this piece of legislation, said a la Nancy Pelosi, “No one will know until this is actually in place how it works." Of course Dodd and his Dem cronies rejected a series of Republican amendments that would have dealt with Freddie and Fanne; the ridiculous notion of too big to fail; and bailouts of all sorts.

The new bill, should it become law absolutely guarantees more and more dangerous financial Armageddons for the country. The mainstream media accuses the TEA Party of claiming that Barack Obama is the “Anti-Christ” . . . Wow! Rajjpuut hates to see the Anti-Christ’s name get taken in vain like that.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,

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The possibility of Obama ‘vetoing’ his Obamacare legislation because of recent discoveries from the Congressional Budget Office that it violated two of his campaign pledges about overall costs and reducing the deficit . . . now seems to be on the back-burner. Apparently the sensible notion was released as a trial balloon and was just a “tease” designed to confuse conservatives. No change is now expected. This is a perfect time to see how well President Obama came through on the fifteen most crucial promises he made about “reforming” health care in this country.

  • 1. Health care will cost less for the individual and the government. That was why the "vetoing" of Obamacare actually made sense. It has now been revealed by the CBO that it will cost much more and will not help reduce the deficit.
  • 2. Better care would result. Not according to the Congressional Budget Office and American physicians. Worse care and longer waits are the future for American patients.
  • 3. Deficits would be reduced and Obamacare would help the nation meet the challenges of the future. Sorry, the CBO shows that Obamacare will NOT pay for itself even using ten years of taxes to cover the first six years of the program's operation. It will increase deficits and the National Debt.
  • 4. It was part of his promise there would be “no new taxes on the middle-class.” However, Obamacare will begin collecting taxes on virtually everyone including the middle-class right away to pay for the program’s start in 2014.
  • 5. Abortions will NOT be paid for with Obamacare and your tax dollars. The reason that Bart Stupak and eleven other “pro-life” Democrats held out till the last 24 hours was that they could see there was no provision in the law forbidding abortion funding. Then President Obama gave Stupak a promise there would be no funding of Abortions – a promise that has no legal power. Abortion funding is still NOT prohibited in the law as passed.
  • 6. Not one dime over $900 Billion to fund it. The CBO now shows it coming in at over $1 TRillion which is what’s causing the deficit increases it will bring.
  • 7. Health Care unconscionable profits for Insurance agencies will be reduced dramatically. First of all health insurance profit margins were 3.2% last year one of the lowest profit margins of any profitable industry. Secondly, thanks to Obamacare their absolute profits wil rise at least for the foreseeable future as 30 million new customers are added to their client rolls.
  • 8. This is NOT socialized medicine. Ahem, FDR implemented 39 key agencies as part of the “New Deal" . . . but Obamacare creates almost 400 new agencies in just one monster law . . . medicine will become much more complicated and less user-friendly and, yes, it is obviously a government program now incorporating all the old agencies and 392 new ones . . . .
  • 9. We will seek bi-partisan input and support. The only thing bi-partisan was that 34 House Democrats joined the Republicans in voting against Obamacare. Obama held a shuck-and-jive bi-partisan meeting where Republican input was totally ignored though it obviously made the most sense. Democrats talked for a bit longer than Republicans but Obama talked and harrangued for longer than both together. In the end not one of about ten great Republican ideas made it into the bill.
  • 10. We’ll put this on C-Span; the creation of this new law will be open, transparent and a non-political process. BARF!
  • 11. You’ll till be able to keep your current doctor and current health care insurance if you want to. Sorry, but a lot of doctors will not be a part of this program; and a lot of insurors will no longer be insuring the same employers because of the debilitating effect of Obamacare on employer finances.
  • 12. There will be NO rationing of health care. Were you born yesterday? Longer lines? Fewer doctors? More regulations between you and your doctor? Attempts to call a great deal of the most expensive medical possibilities “optional” for the elderly – rationed care is the ONLY way that Obamacare could hope to work, sort of.
  • 13. We’ll not go down that road (reconciliation) to pass the bill. That’s how they did pass it.
  • 14. We’ll make sure there’s a five-day period for public comment before the bill is signed into law. Never happened.
  • 15. We will “reform” the health care industry. They have enlarged the government and the health care bureaucracy and thrown a lot of money at the “problem.” The word “reform,” however, means to “improve” or “make better.” They clearly have NOT reformed the health care system.

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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