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Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
Liberal New York Senator Chuck Schumer has brazenly declared that he will work with President Trump only if he stabs his fellow Republicans in the back.  In an interview with CNN, the Senate Minority Leader declared "The only way we're going to work…
Jan 19, 2017
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
SpaceX, a government contractor, has had multiple launch failures that have cost the taxpayers millions.  Now comes a report that a NASA advisory group has raised concerns about the way SpaceX fuels rockets.  This should give government contracts…
Nov 15, 2016
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
Today in America, we can’t even go a day without hearing a story about the IRS abusing its power and unjustly harassing American taxpayers. Perhaps the most famous case in recent memory is the IRS’s targeted campaign against Tea Party members. The…
Jul 20, 2016
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
Since 2009, the Obama Administration — whether intentionally or not — has been crippling the well-being of our senior citizens. Under the fiscal irresponsibility of Obama’s reign, inflation has risen by over 12%, leaving seniors on fixed incomes…
Jun 25, 2016
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
When Sen. Lindsey Graham announced his run for the presidency he had limited support but one of his donors was none other than Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson.  That should come as no surprise.  After all, Graham is the chief sponsor of…
May 10, 2016
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
When President Ronald Reagan attempted to reform and simplify our tax code in 1985 and 1986, he ran head-long into lobbyists and special interests who came out of the woodwork to protect their designated provisions in the tax code.  The process was…
Apr 26, 2016
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
Oregon's Obamacare exchange was going to the the model for the nation and it is.  It is a cesspool of waste fraud and corruption.Former Democrat Gov. John Kitzhaber was touted by the liberal media as "the man who could save health care" in America.…
Apr 23, 2016
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
The Oscars provide Americans an opportunity to peek behind the curtain about the politics of the Hollywood elite.  It is not a pretty sight. From accusations of racism to denunciations of global warming, each and every pronouncement comes chock full…
Feb 29, 2016
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
H.R. 766, the Financial Institution Customer Protection Act of 2015, is expected to pass this week.  This is a bill to stop Operation Choke Point from discriminating against legal business owners in access to financial services.  Rep. Blaine…
Feb 2, 2016
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
It's the "crisis" you never heard of, but thanks in part of Anita Dunn (who was forced to resign from the White House after showing affection toward Mao) and her public relations firm, you soon will.The bill for decades of liberal spending programs…
Jan 20, 2016
Jack Inglewood posted blog posts
Dec 8, 2015
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
Rep. Paul Ryan has been elected Speaker of the House and the next battle for conservatives centers on who will take his place as chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee.  The Ways and Means Committee is the central battleground for…
Oct 30, 2015
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who is carrying water for casino-owning billionaire Sheldon Adelson, has announced he will be hosting a press conference tomorrow with former Rep. J.C. Watts (who is also a paid lobbyist for Adelson) and a handful of…
Oct 27, 2015
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
After lobbying for ObamaCare, some members of Congress still are trying to do favors for Big Phrma.  An article entitled The Inter Partes Review Process is Working, Even For Pharmaceuticals made the point that when Congress does favors for the drug…
Oct 20, 2015
Jack Inglewood posted a blog post
The Chicago Way has a simple formula -- reward your friends and punish your enemies.  President Obama plays the game well and rewards those who take care of him -- even when they take care of themselves in the process.  The game is being played out…
Oct 7, 2015
Jack Inglewood posted blog posts
Aug 25, 2015

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