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Ron Robinson posted a blog post
Just when you thought it was safe to glance away from Congress for a moment, another poisonous issue raises its ugly head in the Senate.And it's on a very, very short fuse - September 6, to be exact, the very day the Senate returns from…
Sep 1, 2011
Ron Robinson posted a blog post
Ron Robinson is author/founder of PROCINCT.net, the online app that broke the PDI/VoterVault monopoly for your precinct walk lists and is a GOP precinct committeeman/state delegate in California.)Rushing past us now like the windows of a fast train…
Mar 7, 2011
Ron Robinson posted a blog post
Join Saul Anuzis, Candidate for RNC Chair, as he answers grassroots questions from all citizens/Republicans.So far, Anuzis is the only RNC Chair candidate to hold a grassroots forum. Be sure to let your RNC folks know, and let your state GOP…
Jan 3, 2011
Ron Robinson posted a blog post
It's been said many times in many places: becoming a precinct committeeman makes you the most powerful public official in the nation. Why? Because it's mostly precinct committeemen who choose sounty and state party chairs, party candidates and…
Dec 8, 2010
Ron Robinson posted a blog post
Many of you may have heard about the Precinct Committeman project where we encourage patriots to get involved with their local parties and actually *govern* their parties from the inside. Of course, the theory is that many of us will be drafted…
Nov 30, 2010
Ron Robinson posted a blog post
Events have conspired to serve us well. Please help yet another race to victory!. Our battlefield is prepared for us as few ever are.Except for small, isolated pockets, there simply is not any good news for the Democrats in these midterm elections.…
Oct 21, 2010
Ron Robinson posted a blog post
Jason Allen has chosen the wrong adversary if he wants to spread lies about an opponent. Dr. Dan Benishek simply has too much grassroots support and Allen's union-based campaign of lies fell flat, flat, flat by late Friday evening.Don't take my word…
Jul 30, 2010
Ron Robinson posted blog posts
Jul 14, 2010
Ron Robinson posted a blog post
We all have someone we wish we could have walked that last mile with. Here's your chance.On June 22, 2009 at 9AM in Southold, NY, filmmaker Matthew Perdie began his walk across America, carrying a large American flag. Protesting big government…
Jun 29, 2010
Ron Robinson posted a blog post
Click on the image to see the extent of this vandalism in all it's gooey glory. Of course, when you are a registered Democrat who puts a Republican's yard sign in your yard, it elevates the misdemeanor to a felony and thus requires a response in…
Jun 22, 2010
Ron Robinson posted blog posts
Jun 21, 2010
Ron Robinson posted a blog post
http://static.ning.com/socialnetworkmain/widgets/index/logo.gif); background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: white; background-position: 100% 0%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;…
May 6, 2010
Ron Robinson posted a discussion in California
Precinct Movement Success in CaliforniaIt's good to know efforts have inspired measurable results in locales across the country. I'm going to speak here of my own state which is the liberal hotbed of California.Wow.Many Tea Party and National…
May 6, 2010

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