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An Open Letter to Senator Rand Paul

Most Illustrious Excellency,


I would discuss a matter with you today which has a direct bearing on the health of the American people.

Since you are the doctor who knows best what ails our nation AND given your active role in being a true champion of the American people; I come to you with hat-in-hand, to plead my case for true healthcare reform.

There are some politicians who pay lip service—in their job application for high office—when seeking the approval and support of the American people, but their insincere  assertions only function as an echo chamber  for their product line, which is nothing more than a hollow political slogan.

These cynical  politicians promise the world to  those they consider sheep to be shorn.  Their motives are transparent in nefarious intent, to the people who must suffer the tripe they spew, in lieu of a concrete plan to improve the life of the average American.

The “Big Cheese” (with legs) lies to us, telling us if we buy into  his healthcare plan:  “You can keep your doctor.” 

Then comes the final pronouncement—at the end of the sales pitch; we hear the word, “PERIOD;”  as if such faux “reassurance,” were designed to end all debate in the  establishment  of a foundation on which the American  people can rely.

Such counterfeit claims are as good as the “gold” of a fractional reserve banking system.  In short, the “account” is eternally in arrears, as it is the "fuzzy math" of thin air.

The paper it is printed on, is as worthless as the treaty promises of the "Great White Father,"  which were made to the red man.

The alleged “messiah” who promised to control the tides on his inauguration to the apotheosis of the American presidency,  has taken a perfectly good healthcare system --which was the finest in the world-- and reduced it to rubble.

The  healthcare "solution" he has established, is nothing more than a hot-rush heroin “fix,” to be infused into the veins of a dying republic.

The American people cannot eat Politicalspeak-- burned into stone-- as if it were the staff of life.

Such empty promises from our elected officials go down the collective gullet of the American people, like a golf ball, greased with snake oil.

Like the Native Americans who were concentrated on U.S. government  reservations;  We the People, have been confined and reduced  to specially designated  “spheres of influence,” where our collective voice is drowned-out,  by  the  yapping of coyotes.  Our voice as a people is “Gone With the Wind.”

We “rule” like the Biblical Moses,  insofar  as our law-giving staff, is nothing but a common stick, designed to rule over the scorpions of barren wasteland and NOT our manifest destiny as a people.

We have been stripped of the royalty of self-determination.

Americans  find themselves collectively, as a lone voice, crying in the wilderness AND like Moses of olden times;  We feel the despair of losing our lordship over the land and the sacred halls of our ancestors.

We the People, have been reduced to "lower than the dust" status.

Our concerns are considered marginal at best, as we now lack “standing” in the land our forefathers built.

The banks and corporations have grown up around the people—as  President  Thomas Jefferson  had envisioned would one day occur—to displace us  and steal our patrimony:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, (i.e. the business cycle”) the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property,  until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

Even now the people are witness to corporations forcing American employees to dig their own graves, by training the foreign slave labor which will replace them.

This paradigm paves the way for the ascendancy of Big Brother and the attendant Orwellian state.

Our interests have been surrendered as “implied consent” to special interests.

Soon Americans will be tagged like livestock, under the guise of an alleged national security threat.

That threat has been introduced by the government.  That is the way the game is played, by what George Washington fingered a  “dangerous servant” and  “fearful master.”

The people are not witless, to the wiles of the international bankers, nor how they deprive the people of the benefit of their own government, by controlling  our politicians as if they were so much penny candy, to be bought.

“I have never seen more Senators express discontent with their jobs…I think the major cause is that deep  down in our hearts, we have been accomplices in doing something terrible and unforgivable to our wonderful country.  Deep down in our heart, we know that we have given our children a legacy of bankruptcy.  We have defrauded our  country, to get ourselves elected.”—Senator John Danforth

Government has  NO PLACE in the realm of healthcare, nor should it intervene between the relationship of  the physician and the patient.

There is however one specific area  of healthcare, where the government can actually atone for the historic wrongs  it has committed against  the American people.

That permissible area is medical marijuana legislation to protect the sick and elderly, from fast-buck artists.

New laws are needed which make "weed" more accessible to the afflicted.

Due to the theft of my country, poor planning on my part and a major disability which plagues me; I find myself reduced to the status of "ward of the state."

I defy my assigned fate as a "useless eater."

I seek to  atone for my own folly and personal misfortune, by now addressing  you and our alleged “public servants,” with bold conservative colors.

“Robin Shooteth His Last Shaft.”

The issue which I would raise in specific, is the use of medical marijuana and how something the American people clearly approved, has now been systematically denied and thwarted by the big business of the medical establishment.

I have been suffering from heart disease for more than four years (since 2010) and I just got out of the hospital only the day before yesterday.  I am already feeling I need to go back.  I am just that sick.

I did not sleep last night, because I was struggling to breathe, under the new medication.

I feel horrible from the ravages of the disease and I find no relief from ANY of the prescription medicines prescribed to ameliorate my suffering. 

These medicines not only amplify the suffering, from horrendous side effects; they introduce new pathologies.

I now have extensive skin cancer, which was sudden in onset, from the use of the heart poison Lisinopril.

I went to the dermatologist for excision and biopsy, just one day out of the hospital.

I have been on the proverbial  “drug roller coaster,”  totally victimized by Big Pharma, which grows fat on the death and disability of our people.

The practice of using  poisons, which  corporations peddle and force onto medical patients, is comparable to  Warren Buffet saying  “NO” to development of the Keystone Pipeline, so as not to interfere with his railroad transport  profits.

Never mind that 65% of the American people support such a move. One rich man rules over the majority.


I was told  only days ago, in the hospital,  that I could NOT access medical marijuana in the hospital setting, despite the fact that I hold a valid medical marijuana license.

I was forced to use dangerous narcotics, such as Dilaudid and Morphine to relieve the pain which wracked my body.

No form of marijuana was even available there…but it is available outside the hospital setting, if one wants to pay Big Pharma  sixty- four dollars, for a single tablet.

I hold two valid marijuana prescriptions; one from from a medical marijuana doctor; the other from my cardiologist--who is on the cutting edge of medicine.

I was denied the use of a beneficial herb, created by God, to relieve the suffering of mankind and directed instead by the medical establishment to use dangerous narcotics.

No wonder I feel like Hell incarnate!

You, Sir, are a doctor who understands such things and you may be our next president, or vice president.

As a medical marijuana  patient, I see that scads of money is being made by someone and that the poor are forced to oftentimes forgo Marijuana treatment,  due to the outrageous expense of the product and the "Mother May I?" Rules of Order associated with its use.

 The dispensaries operate under the transparent fiction that  customers are “donating” their money to a charitable foundation and that the product would otherwise be freely available.

Such a ruse, only insults the intelligence of Americans who purchase marijuana for whatever reason.

Based on my own personal  frustration with the system;  I seek redress of grievances on behalf of all Americans, who suffer and cannot gain real relief  from the dangerous side effects of prescription drugs.

It is my fondest hope that you and Senator Sessions will form a coalition of senators to “go to bat,” once more, on behalf of our suffering people, who often fall prey to the snake oil salesman.

Please “get the ball rolling” immediately, to ensure that valid medical patients may receive their  marijuana medicine, without any more bullshit.

Thank you,  Sir,  for being a noble public servant, who continually stands with the American people and never seems to receive the accolades you so richly deserve.

I salute you and Senator Jeff Sessions as men of quality…”manly men” as it were.

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        The cycle of abuse is a social cycle theory developed in 1979 by Lenore E. Walker to explain patterns of behavior in an abusive relationship. Walker interviewed 1,500 women who had been subject to domestic violence and found that there was a similar pattern of abuse, called the "cycle of abuse". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cycle_of_abuse

        Walker also cautions that the length of the cycle usually diminishes over time so that the "reconciliation" and "calm" stages may disappear, violence becomes more intense and the cycles become more frequent.

1: Tension building-During this period, the abuser feels ignored, threatened, annoyed or wronged. To prevent violence, the victim may try to reduce the tension by becoming compliant and nurturing. We see President Obama and the left do this on a daily basis, lest we forget the 'Apology Tour'

2: Acting-out-During this stage the abuser attempts to dominate his partner, with the use of violence. The release of energy reduces the tension, and the abuser may feel or express that the victim "had it coming" to them. Anyone that has read any public boards after the Garland, TX attacks, read the similar comments 'Well, she shouldn't of provoked them'.

3: Reconciliation/honeymoon- The victim feels pain, fear, humiliation, disrespect, confusion, and may wrongly feel responsible. The abuser will often times ignore the event, or offer false apologies.

4: Calm-During this phase, the relationship is relatively calm and peaceable. This stage the enemy regroups and the false sense of rightness prevents separation or intervention. Next few weeks, it will be calm in America, she has earned her day of calm, after appeasing the Muslims.

          Walker also cautions that the length of the cycle usually diminishes over time so that the "reconciliation" and "calm" stages may disappear, violence becomes more intense and the cycles become more frequent. But, don't worry. The cycle will start up again over some perceived offense from the muslims. 
           The point of terrorism is to inspire terror to control people. The point of the Garland, Texas Art contest was to tell the terrorists they are not feared and will not control us. They will kill you whether you draw cartoons or not because they believe you should be killed for not being a Muslim. This isn't about cartoons, it's about world domination of Islam.
           Just like an abusive husband will continue to abuse if the wife lets him, Islam will continue to lash out every time they feel offended.  It's time to quit walking around on eggshells like a battered wife, and stand up to the terror that is assaulting America.

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Open Letter to Congress and Media

21 April 2015

Open Letter to Congress and Media

Gentlemen, Ladies,

To whom it may concern;

Enough is really enough.

In 2013 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posted solicitations on the government website fbo.gov for 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition.....

When Congressional members were inundated by calls and emails from Constituents – questions started being asked by Congress – but Congress accepted the excuse from DHS that this was a multi-year purchase order (which used to be illegal in government budgeting – which runs on a fiscal year) and no physical inventory of DHS was accomplished – no one ever took a look at what they had or did-not-have....

A week ago we discovered another solicitation on fbo.gov from DHS for 62 million rounds of M-16 ammunition – and today we discover ANOTHER solicitation for 95,000 rounds of hollow point Pistol ammunition!!!

Enough IS enough Gentlemen.

Someone desperately needs to defund DHS and put a stop to this. The lies have grown monstrous.

At this point they have at least enough ammunition (numbers based on US Military requirements for Iraq and Afghanistan combined) for a 30 year shooting war...

Either Congress realizes “it can't happen here” is the wrong answer – because it clearly appears to be happening here – or we all go down in flames.

This corrupt, lawless “administration” clearly does not have the best interests of the American People in mind – and appears to be readying itself for a Domestic Conflict...

What other purpose would government agencies like DHS be stocking up on ammunition is such VAST quantities?

I will accept any rational answer – I have yet to discover one...

Please keep firmly in mind – over the past few years Mr. Obama has armed every federal agency with fully automatic weapons... to include the USDA.

A couple of years ago he hired 15,000 new IRS Agents - and they were issued M-16 Rifles.

Again; there is NO rational excuse for any of this.

Gentlemen – this has gone far beyond a simple “concern” - this appears to be something else.

Something called treason. I pray you address this swiftly – because if you “wait and see” - it will be too late to stop it once it starts.


SFC (USA Retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

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Telling the Truth About Muhammad to the PC Crowd
By Eric Allen Bell
Muslims are not what is wrong with Islam. This is what has been nearly impossible to communicate to most Liberals today.  The problem with Islam is the Prophet Muhammad.  According to Islamic scripture, in other words, what mainstream Muslims are taught to believe, the Prophet Muhammad was a slave owner, a rapist, committed mass murder, hated Jews with a passion, wanted homosexuals punished, killed his critics, stripped women of all rights and had sex with a nine year old girl, whom he married when she was six, named Aisha.

If the Prophet Muhammad was a Republican Senator from Kentucky, Liberals would oppose him vehemently. But as I have stated before, within the Liberal mind there seems to be a perceptive disability. When I say “Islam” they hear “Muslim”. Such is the nature of the Collectivist mind.

But Muslims are a symptom and not the source of the problem.  The problem is the Prophet Muhammad. If he were alive today, Amnesty International would certainly have a problem with his followers obeying his laws, which demand that certain people have their limbs amputated and their nose cut off. The Democrats would have him in their crosshairs as being at the forefront on the “war against women”. The New York Times would certainly seek to expose him and any whistle blower in his ranks would be celebrated as the next Julian Assange.  

The Huffington Post and Daily Kos would be collecting signatures, to demand that our government do something to stop him. Media Matters would be reprinting all of the outrageous things he said, such as “I have become victorious through terror”.

Michael Moore would probably follow the Prophet around, trying to trick him into a “gotcha” question, then win an Academy Award for his latest documentary, “Muhammad and Me”. The poster would feature Michael Moore gloating in his baseball cap, next to a cut out of the Prophet – and then of course he would be executed, because of the depiction of the Prophet.

Gloria Allred would be representing all of the women whom the Prophet Muhammad took as sex slaves. Every major women’s rights group in America would send out mailers, asking for donations to stop the Prophet Muhammad from instructing his followers to rape his enemies, as an act of war.  Rachel Maddow would have a field day, every day, with this story – and rightfully so. Organizations for the rights of women would have an issue with the Prophet Muhammad, were he alive today.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper would profile the Prophet Muhammad in his “Keeping Them Honest” segment of his highly rated show, because of all the contradictions in Muhammad’s best seller, the Holy Quran (look up “Abrogation”). 
Cat Stevens
would be held in Guantanamo Bay for aiding an enemy of the United States, since he is a follower of the Prophet and Muhammad says that no government is legitimate, unless it follows the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. And he would be likely be sharing a bunk with Representative Keith Ellison.

The ADL would have an issue with the Prophet Muhammad stating that Jews are all apes and pigs (see Suras 2:65, 5:60, and 7:166), rather than trying to protect the rights of Islam’s female followers to wear black sheets over their bodies, as the Prophet’s laws command. If someone were alive today, calling Jews apes and pigs, while having 1.6 billion followers, the ADL would have something to say about it.

The Daily Show would have more fun mocking the Prophet than taking pot shots at Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.  Bill Maher and Sean Hannity would ironically be sharing a Nobel Peace Prize for their brave and pioneering work, in exposing the war crimes of the Prophet Muhammad. 
No one would be drawing parallels between the persecuted yet devout followers of Muhammad and the Holocaust, if the Prophet Muhammad were conducting his mass genocide of infidels today (see Quran 9:5).

Gay rights groups would be a little concerned about the Mormon Church, but totally freaked out about anyone who follows the laws of the Prophet, known as the Sharia, because Sharia Law calls for homosexuals to be severely punished.  Every cult awareness website and organization out there would put out an alert, since the penalty for leaving the Prophet’s religion is death.

After the Prophet Muhammad beheaded an entire tribe of Jews, possibly no one would have a problem with waterboarding anyone who knew where to find him.  The Prophet Muhammad had several wives, but the one named Safiyya became his wife after he tortured and killed her father, her brothers, the men in her tribe, told his fighters to take the women of that tribe as sex slaves and then raped Safia that night. Anyone who had a problem with that, which would be anyone in their right mind, would not be called a “bigot”.

Given that the Prophet Muhammad advocated slavery and owned slaves, it would be unlikely that any African Americans would follow him.  Louis Farrakhan’s speeches would end up on a blooper reel, right next to Malcom X and of course the champion of human rights, Ben Affleck.

The young multibillionaire owner of the world’s largest social network would not be able to quietly obey the blasphemy laws of the Prophet Muhammad, were he alive today.
  But the Prophet is said to have been told about his impending death by the Angel Gabriel. He was said to have been given a choice between being a great king on Earth and going to meet Allah. Apparently he chose not to remain immortal. However, if we compare the body counts of Pol Pot, Hitler and Chairman Mao against the 270 million people killed in the name of the Prophet Muhammad, I guess you can say he has become immortal after all.

Anyway, that young multibillionaire is named Mark Zuckerberg and his social network is called Facebook. At the time this article was written, there are an estimated 1.2 billion Facebook members and the average time a member spends on Facebook is 55 minutes a day. So, whatever policy Facebook decides to adopt is kind of a big deal – in some ways it has more of an impact than what the United Nations decides.

Currently the United Nations has approximately 57 nations which make up what is called the OIC, or the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.  The OIC is trying to make it an international law that criticizing the Prophet Muhammad become illegal. Vice President of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, here in the United States, Syrian immigrant Abdou Kattih, said he supports such a law.  But the OIC are lightweights compared to the power of Facebook. There is an argument to be made that the world went inside the internet and became the world.

Today as I write this, there have been about 25,000 acts of terrorism committed, just since 9/11 alone, in the name of the Prophet Muhammad.  That is several per day – approximately 2 million people actually.  But you can’t say that on Facebook. A new Facebook educational page went up this morning, called “Exposing the Prophet Muhammad” and was taken down, hours later, as it violates Facebook’s policy concerning anything that offends the followers of the Prophet Muhammad.
What did that Facebook page post that was so offensive?  It posted a video that referenced all of the Islamic scripture that tells the story of how Muhammad took Aisha as his wife when she was six years old and consummated their marriage when she was nine.  Oh, and it referenced the Islamic law that states that anyone drawing a picture of the Prophet be killed.
What does this mean for you and me?  It means that in the Information Age, the most powerful force on the internet has agreed to follow the blasphemy laws of the Prophet Muhammad.  Islamic Law is also called “Sharia”.  Do you still think the Sharia scare is some crazy Right Wing conspiracy theory?

Eric%2BAllen%2BBell.jpgEric Allen Bell is a writer, filmmaker and Media Adviser living in Los Angeles, California.  While making a documentary about the construction of a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in Murfreesboro, TN he attempted to expose “Islamophobia”. Once he stated that Islam was the biggest threat to human rights in the world today, he was banned from the writing for Daily Kos and MichaelMoore.com, after LoonWatch.com created a petition to silence him. His article, “The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam” has been widely circulated and has caused several Liberals to rethink how they look at the Religion of Peace.

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By: Juan Reynoso, activist  -  voteforamerica@gmail.com

http://anticorruptionact.org/.     STAND FOR AMERICA        http://www.teaparty.org/

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Seek the truth and expose the collaborators, the people must know the truth.

The Path to Nazi Genocide will be a duplication strategy of the US Government.


Fellow Americans, the extermination of millions, will be repeated again here in these United States, Hitler was able to kill millions of Jews with the help of the Nazi collaborator and the Christian hatred toward Jews. Today our government is recruiting Christian preacher to help them in the control and subjugation of Americans patriots to be place in concentration camps wen they start defending their rights and confronting the corrupt government that is destroying our country.

Most American will think that this is impossible, just like the German Jews, they can't believe that Hitler will arrest them and place them in concentration camps and exterminate them; but it happen.

Fellow Americans the fall of the Dollar will be the beginning of this human genocide, the people will turn against the government and the government will place them in concentration camps and will kill millions with the help of Christian pastors that are trained to obey the laws of this tyrannical corrupt government. I ask you to open your eyes and see what is taken place in our country.

1- The building of concentration camps in the United States


2- The buying of food supply for millions.


3- the buying of coffins, why?


4- Why HLS is expending millions in ammo.


5-Why the militarization of our police force.


6-Why our government is collecting information on American citizens.


7-Why our government is recruiting pastors and training to act as collaborators.



Nazi collaborators.





History of human extermination will be repeated again here in the USA.

The church should not be part of this agenda.


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I am eager to meet and greet all who can help me [ and helping them in return] in assisting me next Nov, for my run in the 37th District NJ for State Rep. Last week at the Teaneck meeting I heard the story of that young man [Brian Aitken] that was arrested for having registed guns in the trunk of his car. Well, what Mr. Aitken, should have communicated to the Police Officer that , he would be willing to open his trunk , without a warrant , But, Thomas,would be very sad and maybe angry if he did that , and also maybe John and James . And I would not want to see tears in their eyes. And when the Police Officer asked, " who is Thomas , James and "this John" ?. Well , I would have said, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Adam and Mr Madison. You see Officer, Thousands of "young" men and women shed their Red American blood , so we would be able to have a "Bill of Rights".See Officer, Its not me that is refusing you to open my trunk [without a warrant] its our Founding Fathers, asking me from the great beyond to deny you that intrusive illegal request , without a warrant. Furthermore, I will wait anywhere you wish, here , in Jail, until you get that warrant ..... From my study of the legal system, the Officer had no "standing" to get a warrant, and if he did , the evidence, ( the legal guns in trunk) would have been suppressed, the fruit of the poison tree. So Please, fellow Tea Party Members, don't let the Government , State /Federal/ Municipal step on our Rights , if you are in doubt , put the blame on the "Founding Fathers" and say NO!!!!! to any [UNCONSTITUTIONAL] Intrusion by Government officials.


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I am eager to meet and greet all who can help me [ and helping them in return] in assisting me next Nov, for my run in the 37th District NJ for State Rep. Last week at the Teaneck meeting I heard the story of that young man [Brian Aitken] that was arrested for having registed guns in the trunk of his car. Well, what Mr. Aitken, should have communicated to the Police Officer that , he would be willing to open his trunk , without a warrant , But, Thomas,would be very sad and maybe angry if he did that , and also maybe John and James . And I would not want to see tears in their eyes. And when the Police Officer asked, " who is Thomas , James and "this John" ?. Well , I would have said, Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Adam and Mr Madison. You see Officer, Thousands of "young" men and women shed their Red American blood , so we would be able to have a "Bill of Rights".See Officer, Its not me that is refusing you to open my trunk [without a warrant] its our Founding Fathers, asking me from the great beyond to deny you that intrusive illegal request , without a warrant. Furthermore, I will wait anywhere you wish, here , in Jail, until you get that warrant ..... From my study of the legal system, the Officer had no "standing" to get a warrant, and if he did , the evidence, ( the legal guns in trunk) would have been suppressed, the fruit of the poison tree. So Please, fellow Tea Party Members, don't let the Government , State /Federal/ Municipal step on our Rights , if you are in doubt , put the blame on the "Founding Fathers" and say NO!!!!! to any [UNCONSTITUTIONAL] Intrusion by Government officials.


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Flashback to this January 2012 Creeping Sharia post, Imam sentenced to life in prison for JFK Airport terror plot:

An Imam has been sentenced to life in prison for joining a failed plot to firebomb John F. Kennedy Airport in 2007 by blowing up jet fuel supplies with the help of a notorious al-Qaida explosives expert.

A federal judge in Brooklyn gave Kareem Ibrahim, the leader of the Shiite Muslim community in Trinidad and Tobago, the life term on Friday after a jury found him guilty last year of conspiracy.

On tape, Ibrahim told Defreitas that the attackers must be ready to ‘fight it out, kill who you could kill and go back to Allah.’

Ibrahim, from Trinidad, ‘abandoned the true tenants [sic] of his religion’ by participating in the plot, U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a statement.

It will be hard to match the outright corruption of Eric Holder but it shouldn’t be hard to imagine more lies about Islam coming from DOJ.

In 2012, she told a NY audience she has a brother who is a Navy SEAL and her father is a minister.

continue reading here: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/11/08/arizonas-immigrant-smuggling-law-struck-down/18708581/

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Hi again all of you fellow Tea Partiers,,, it is now 1:14 AM on Friday Aug 15th, 2014 and I just posted a photo copy of the obama birth certificate or should I say part of that document and that part has the hospital name therein and if you can magnify the photo you can very clearly see that the name of the hospital that obama wants us to believe he was born at ie Kapiolani is not authentically presented therein as the a & p are touching invading each others space which is called "kerning" and is done buy a computer while next to those touching letters is the i & o & l and those letters have a large space between the letters like a 1961 typewriter and next to those 3 letters are the a & n and they are touching called "kerning", so if the document were authentic how come all of the letters are not the same distance apart,,,   GOD & JESUS Bless America and Israel and all of you Tea Partiers and the GODly and those that want such Blessings!!!!!!      Tim J Maine sr      SHALOM!!!!!!

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Seek the truth and let the people know.

By: Juan Reynoso, activist  -  voteforamerica@gmail.com

http://anticorruptionact.org/.     STAND FOR AMERICA        http://www.teaparty.org/                                       

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

 Seek the truth and let the people know.

The CIA, The FBI, The DEA and the NSA are criminals, trained murders that made our reputation of American Imperialist and created the hate toward Americans all over the world, the world hate us because the crimes and the killings of innocent people done by our corrupt government in foreign countries to control the natural resources and commerce in these countries. Greed for money and power is the evil motivator of these sycophants, sociopaths and pathological liars.

As Americans we have the obligation and duty to seek the truth, we cannot continue ignoring the crimes and corruption done by our government, the very people that we elected to office and swore on the Bible that they will defend our constitution they betray us. Fellow Americans our founding fathers made this act; to be taken the oath and defend the constitution, a requirement to secure the loyalty and moral commitment from all politicians and servants of this country that hold any position and office that serve the citizens of this United States to prevent treason and corruption.

The fact is that our government is corrupt, they trashed our constitution and voided our God given rights; the patriot act legislation passed to take our rights and it was done under the pretense of national security and the war on terrorism.

Fellow Americans, this corrupt government colluded with the US News media to betray the people of this country and keep them misinformed to gain the support of the people to commit all the crimes and killings perpetrated against foreign nationals and Americans that know too much and were a threat to the criminals by exposing the truth.

Washington is corrupt, our hope is the youth of our country, we must prepare them to take our country back and re-store our moral leadership and authority in our country, from Washington to all the states government. We have some good people in Washington that refused to compromise the integrity of their office and their honor, they are our heroes and we praised them they will be the base of the new America, an America that we will be proud off. We must never forget that our enemy is Greed, ignorance and apathy. Our number one job is to repeal the “PATRIOT ACT”.  2016 is set to be the youth revolution to take our country back and end corruption in our government. New Motto” Freedom and honor is non-negotiable” Nothing matters but our constitution, our God given natural rights and God’s law.            

 Mike Ruppert - The Truth And Lies Of 911


In honor of Mike Ruppert. Feb. 3. 1957  -  April 13, 2014



Published on Mar 14, 2014-The CIA criminals In Action


The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order Agenda 21


CIA Crimes in Indonesia - Genocides In Indonesia


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Senator Ted Cruz has written a bill that would restore citizens and groups 1st Amendment rights. Unsurprisingly the main stream media have not reported this challenge to their communication monopoly.

Call your Senators and demand they co-sponsor and vote for Ted Cruz’ “Free All Speech Act of 2014”:

S.2416 - Free All Speech Act of 2014


2d Session

S. 2416

To apply laws that restrict the political speech of American citizens to media corporations.


June 3, 2014

Mr.  Cruz introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation


To apply laws that restrict the political speech of American citizens to media corporations.

 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

SECTION 1. Short title.

This Act may be cited as the “Free All Speech Act of 2014”.

SEC. 2.  Application of laws that restrict the political speech of American citizens to media corporations.

(a) In general.—Any law that restricts the political speech of American citizens shall apply with equal force to media corporations, such as the New York Times, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), and the CBS Television Network.

(b) No application to American citizens if application to media corporations found unconstitutional.—To the extent that the application of a law to a media corporation under subsection (a) is found unconstitutional, such law shall have no force or effect with respect to American citizens.

The IRS is not the major obstacle to the 1st Amendment in America. Stories of IRS oppression swat at a gnat and swallow the proverbial camel.

Hint: Lois Lerner previously worked at the Federal Election Commission an entity dedicated to abridging citizens and groups rights to participate in American politics.

After Watergate, campaign laws were passed:

• But media corporations were exempted creating a State approved press. Is it any wonder news media are among the biggest promoters of campaign law?
• Regulations limited citizen’s donations to politicians. This made it unlikely challengers, who would benefit more from large sums from a few, can defeat incumbents.
• Lawyers have gotten rich defending clients against infractions of myriad, incomprehensible and unconstitutional laws.
• Many non-profits are more concerned with raising donations to defend their tax exemption than restoring 1st Amendment rights to the electorate.

However, freedoms of speech, press and assembly are inalienable rights not privileges. The 1st Amendment does not say unless you assemble as for-profit, non-profit, church, political party, media Corporation or unincorporated group. The 1st Amendment does not limit how much you can spend as an individual or like minded group or require reporting donations and expenditures to the Federal government. The 1st Amendment does not say candidates give up the right to associate with or coordinate with like minded citizens or groups.

A free press is the right to use a printing press without a license from government.

Other than who pays for it, there is no difference between an editorial, slanted news story and a political ad? The poor can make their voices heard by assembling and combining their donations to buy space in newspapers and time on broadcast networks.

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Just by reading a newspaper or watching news on television, it is easily my observation that there is no longer our right to have ‘Freedom of the Press’. The ‘Operation American Spring’ (OAS) in D.C. sure proved that. There were people there for weeks and not one news network picked up the story. All the information that I received was from the ‘Mark Connors Show’.




Joe Esposito, a fellow writer and poet, had his ‘Facebook Timeline’ taken down. His profile was disabled due to ‘Violations of Standards’. What did Joe violate? He posted political poems which he mentioned names of people currently serving under the present government. Was that a violation? Under the First Amendment we are allowed to vocalize and write anything we choose. Have we lost that right?


Situations that I encounter make me think. I wonder how long it will take before more rights as Americans will be taken from us. The government is trying to take control of our lives. They have disarmed many Veterans just because of having PTSD. They want to take away guns from non-violent Americans but that is another story for another day.


Daveda Gruber

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Patriots, let's pray for motherhood

 Let’s pray for motherhood. 6-25-14          http://anticorruptionact.org/


Let’s pray for motherhood.

Father, today we come to you to thank you for all your blessing and pray for all the mothers in the world. We praise the woman that become mothers and preserve the existence of humanity. They are your creation and to be a mother is a holy privilege and a gift from you my Lord; becoming a mother is the greatest joy that a woman can have in her life, when she gave birth we know that the Children are a gift from you my Lord and we are full of joy that a child is born into the world; they are an heritage of you my LORD: and the fruit of the womb is her reward.

Father you specially designed the woman physically and emotionally to not only conceive and bear a child but to nurture and raise a child as well, we ask for your blessing and pray for your protection of the whole family and let nothing compromise the love and duty to rise the child under your laws and principles. Mothers should be willing to put God first and seek to dedicate her child to the service of the Lord.

Lord blessed is the mothers that follow you and give their Childs the knowledge of the kingdom of God. Amen.

Mothers are very special, God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.

Jewish Proverb

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.

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The Stupidity of the Impeach Now Movement

Why I have maintained that attempting to impeach the man in the White House is down right stupid is really simple; however, the explanation takes a little time as it involves education. Try to remember that a failure to convict on the articles of impeachment will render it impossible to do so at a later date., for any reason.

Impeachment is not a finding, it is an indictment. After the indictment comes the trail. Impeaching BOH would be easy. The house presents a Articles of Impeachemnt, the votes are counted and he is impeached. Then comes the problem. The trial. That is conducted in the Senate only and the judge is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as mandated in our constitution. Even Dirty Harry cannot refuse to hold that trial and the president can't use an executive order to make it go away. He must be tried if the house impeaches, BUT, and it is a big but, as things stand now the senate would never vote to convict. So we wait. Thank goodness some of the politicians are being smart. Not too many I agree, but there are some.

If we can take control of the senate with just a few votes over a simple majority there MIGHT be a chance. Here is the full process and some comments on that process:
In the Senate
The Articles of Impeachment are received from the House.
The Senate formulates rules and procedures for holding a trial.
A trial will be held. The President will be represented by his lawyers. A select group of House members will serve as "prosecutors." The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (currently John G. Roberts) will preside with all 100 Senators acting as the jury.
The Senate will meet in private session to debate a verdict.
The Senate, in open session, will vote on a verdict. A 2/3 vote of the Senate will result in a conviction. (note: 67 senators have to vote for conviction)
The Senate will vote to remove the President from office.
The Senate may also vote (by a simple majority) to prohibit the President from holding any public office in the future.
Impeachable Offenses
Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution says, "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." In his report, Independent Counsel, Starr accuses President Clinton of committing eleven acts for which he could be removed from office by impeachment. Are any of those acts "Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors?" Well, that's up to the members of the House of Representatives. According to constitutional lawyers, "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" are (1) real criminality -- breaking a law; (2) abuses of power; (3) "violation of public trust" as defined by Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers. In 1970, then Representative Gerald R. Ford defined impeachable offenses as "whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be at a given moment in history." An excellent definition, Mr. Former President. In the past, Congress has issued Articles of Impeachment for acts in three general categories:
Exceeding the constitutional bounds of the powers of the office.
Behavior grossly incompatible with the proper function and purpose of the office.
Employing the power of the office for an improper purpose or for personal gain.
There are obvious land mines in this process. One of those is when the senate retires to consider it's verdict. The prosecuting attorneys are excluded because they are not senators. How about the defense attorneys? Any defense attorney, selected by the president remember, that is a member of the senate is going to be part of that closed session. Just one reason it has never resulted in conviction. Then there is the seeming fact that one of the things a person serving a full term in the senate seems to misplace is his, or her, conscience. It just seems to get lost, somehow.

So what do we need to impeach and convict this usurper? It appears that we need about 56 conservatives to be elected to the senate. I don't see that happening, do you? However let is be positive. The next session of congress is convened and Dirty Harry is relegated to senate minority leader. The conservatives and the swell of grass roots conservatism convinces a few more liberals that their interest in power is best served by getting BOH out of the White House. Just might happen. Sure can't happen as things stand now.

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Lord Jesus Christ, before you ascended into heaven you gave us the great commission to “Go out into the whole world and baptize in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. We ask you to forgive us as we have failed to do your will.

We believe that you are a God of purpose, you allowed for the people of this country to elect Obama as our president, Lord you have made possible to us to see what an anti-Christ, sociopath and psychopath in power will do to demise God’s country. Only Obama a man without any moral conscience will be able to be the protagonist of all the crimes cover-up and corruption done in this country, to benefit the elite of this country that want to control the world’s economic and enslave your people. Lord your revelation that we the people of faith will save America will be done.  

Dear Jesus, give us the wisdom and courage to free your people. Americans need to study the agenda call "globalization" and what it will be the outcome if this become a reality. We must fight corruption and the anti-Christ and save our country from its own demise, Lord Jesus, get all the people of this country to become one united to fight corruption and free your people now. We know that you are with us and we shall overcome. Amen.    http://anticorruptionact.org/

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San Diego evangelical minister, James L. Garlow, says if history books are not distorted by today’s revisionistic tendencies, President Obama’s legacy should be that he’s responsible for “morally and economically destroying a wonderful experiment called America.”

In this two part video interview with Daily Caller, Pastor Garlow also says that President Obama’s Attorney General has brought the nation “legal anarchy.”

POLL: Should Barack Obama resign the Presidency?

Garlow says, “I do not recall in my lifetime anything remotely close to what we are seeing. For the law enforcer in Washington D.C., the chief in America, to tell the Attorneys General across the states that you don’t have to enforce the law if you don’t like it. That is beyond anything I was taught in school. Rule of law and consent of the governed has been lost.”

Raised on the plains of Kansas, Pastor Garlow has written 12 books, having been a Wesleyan church leader in Texas for 13 years before he came to lead Skyline Church near San Diego, CA in 1995.

Courageous in the public square and a leader in the battle to protect traditional marriage from the secular humanists in California, Garlow has felt the wrath of the militant, vile left for his leadership roles, yet he continues to take strong stances for his beliefs.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2014/05/18/mega-church-pastor-obama-legacy-is-that-he-destroyed-the-experiment-called-america/#ixzz326FUi8lB

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Kirsten Powers: Liberals' Dark Ages


Welcome to the Dark Ages, Part II. We have slipped into an age of un-enlightenment where you fall in line behind the mob or face the consequences.

How ironic that the persecutors this time around are the so-called intellectuals. They claim to be liberal while behaving as anything but. The touchstone of liberalism is tolerance of differing ideas. Yet this mob exists to enforce conformity of thought and to delegitimize any dissent from its sanctioned worldview. Intolerance is its calling card.

Each week seems to bring another incident. Last week it was David and Jason Benham, whose pending HGTV show was canceled after the mob unearthed old remarks the brothers made about their Christian beliefs on homosexuality. People can't have a house-flipping show unless they believe and say the "right" things in their life off the set? In this world, the conservative Tom Selleck never would have been Magnum, P.I.

POLL: Is Common Core indoctrination or education?

This week, a trail-blazing woman was felled in the new tradition of commencement shaming. International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde withdrew from delivering the commencement speech at Smith College following protests from students and faculty who hate the IMF. According to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, this trend is growing. In the 21 years leading up to 2009, there were 21 incidents of an invited guest not speaking because of protests. Yet, in the past five-and-a-half years, there have been 39 cancellations.

Don't bother trying to make sense of what beliefs are permitted and which ones will get you strung up in the town square. Our ideological overlords have created a minefield of inconsistency. While criticizing Islam is intolerant, insulting Christianity is sport. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is persona non grata at Brandeis University for attacking the prophet Mohammed. But Richard Dawkins describes the Old Testament God as "a misogynistic … sadomasochistic … malevolent bully" and the mob yawns. Bill Maher calls the same God a "psychotic mass murderer" and there are no boycott demands of the high-profile liberals who traffic his HBO show.

The self-serving capriciousness is crazy. In March, University of California-Santa Barbara women's studies professor Mireille Miller-Young attacked a 16-year-old holding an anti-abortion sign in the campus' "free speech zone" (formerly known as America). Though she was charged with theft, battery and vandalism, Miller-Young remains unrepentant and still has her job. But Mozilla's Brendan Eich gave a private donation to an anti-gay marriage initiative six years ago and was ordered to recant his beliefs. When he wouldn't, he was forced to resign from the company he helped found.

Got that? A college educator with the right opinions can attack a high school student and keep her job. A corporate executive with the wrong opinions loses his for making a campaign donation. Something is very wrong here.

As the mob gleefully destroys people's lives, its members haven't stopped to ask themselves a basic question: What happens when they come for me? If history is any guide, that's how these things usually end.

Read more at: USA Today Website!!

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The Bureau of Land Management’s siege of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada compels me to re-publish this post. I ask readers to carefully research this issue and to decide for yourself whether or not the federal government has violated public trust and the Rule of Law.

For a painfully long time now, our federal masters and their judicial enablers have ignored and, to my way of thinking, flagrantly violated the Constitution with impunity. All too often, Supreme Court rulings have served to override common sense, constitutionality and original intent.

And so long as black-robed, unelected and unaccountable judicial oligarchs, aka judges–as well as the submissive states themselves–allow “judicial supremacy” to trump “constitutional supremacy” on a whole host of foundational constitutional issues, our economic growth will be hobbled, our liberties diminished, state sovereignty further degraded, constitutional order imperiled, common sense and Rule of Law abandoned.

To wit, per Art 1.8.17 of the Constitution and provisions of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, and despite a veritable cesspool of clubby, contrived and revisionist court rulings over the years through which I was barely able to wade, it appears glaringly obvious to me that our federal overseers are occupying millions of otherwise productive acres within the several states without the “concurrence” of those states and without constitutional justification.

Article 1.8.17 (“Enclave Clause”) granted power to Congress “to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such district (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of the government of the United States [i.e. the District of Columbia], and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of the legislature of the state in which the same shall be for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dockyards, and other needful buildings.” Crystal-clear what the original meaning is here despite the shamelessly self-serving litany of subsequent spin on the part of our judicial overlords, lap dogs of the federal government.

POLL: Will Lois Lerner go to jail to protect Obama?

Clearly this clause meant that the people of the states empowered Congress to exercise complete jurisdiction and authority over all lands or facilities purchased within a state, provided it was with the consent of the legislature of that state, and that such lands would be used for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock yards, and other needful buildings.” Clearly implied in this clause is that the several states, the immediate fiduciary agents of the people, reserve the right to assume title to all lands within their borders which are not being used by the federal government for the specific purposes provided in the clause, that being “the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock yards, and other needful buildings.”

It is also important to note that nowhere in the Constitution is the federal government granted the enumerated power of complete jurisdiction and authority over state territory; thus, state retention and ownership of public lands stems from the 10th Amendment which reserves all rights to the states which are not specifically granted to Congress. The twisted and carefully crafted Delphic court rulings notwithstanding, the original meaning seems abundantly clear to me.

Art 4.3.1 allowed a mechanism for the formation and admission of new states into the union, and Art 4.3.2 described the extent of congressional authority over federal territory within those states. Subsequently, the Supreme Court ruled that federal property applies only to the territory at the time of the Constitution’s adoption and is considered public land only until that territory is granted statehood and the national debt incurred by the Revolutionary War is paid. In other words, temporary federal control over those lands.

In accordance with the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, which was re-enacted after the Constitution’s ratification, all new states were to be admitted to the union on the basis of full equality with the original thirteen states. It was generally understood that as territories were granted statehood, the people of those states would acquire title to all lands within their state boundaries—except, of course, those lands granted to the feds for those well-defined purposes cited in Art 1.8.17.

To help pay down the national debt, Congress assured the states of full title to those lands not used for federally sanctioned purposes when that land was sold off. The following then became the established policy for new states:

1. The feds would retain all ungranted public lands.

2. The feds guaranteed that it would dispose of these lands as soon as possible.

3. The new state would acquire jurisdiction over these lands as fast as they were sold to private individuals.

4. States would be admitted on the basis of “equal footing” with the original 13 states (each of which retained complete ownership/control over their respective territories.

As a result, all states east of the Mississippi and those comprising the Louisiana Purchase eventually acquired title to all but a very small portion of the land lying within their state boundaries.

However, following our war with Mexico, Congress inexplicably digressed from this policy and virtually eliminated the sale or disposal of federal lands in the western states. This resulted in Congress’s retaining major portions of those state lands, this in seemingly direct contravention of the Constitution and of the Northwest Ordinance. Essentially, the federal government became the sole owner and manager of nearly 30%, or a whopping 650 million acres, of America’s landmass, for the constitutionally unspecified purposes of maintaining national forests, national parks, national monuments, Indian reservations, coal and oil reserves, lands leased to farmers and ranchers, and resources-rich so-called “wilderness areas”. And, of course, the cost to taxpayers for maintaining the sprawling federal bureaucracy in order to manage these federally controlled lands is in the billions of dollars.

Federal defenders of this overreach breathlessly point to the so-called “property clause” (Art 4.3.2) which provides that “Congress shall have power to dispose of and make any needful rules and regulations respecting the territory or other property belonging to the United States and any territory or property belonging to the United States.” Clearly, doesn't this create a convenient constitutional ambiguity by contradicting the original intent of Art 1.8.17? Does this not exact restrictions on the western states, which had never been imposed on earlier states? So much for states being admitted into the union on “equal footing” and “full equality” with earlier states. Is federal retention of 30% of America’s real estate really a “necessary and proper” exercise of federal powers? For me to believe that would require a willful suspension of common sense.

To give you an idea of how much state land is now imperially held by the feds, check this out: NV 85%, AL 70%, UT, 60%, OR 53%, AZ 47%, CA 45%, WY 42%, NM 42%, CO 37%, and poor Alaska 96%! Note: 65% of federal land holdings are located west of the Mississippi and a paltry 1% of all federally controlled land in the country is currently being utilized for those specific purposes cited in Art 1.8.17. One must wonder why these lands are still being held by the feds. Pay off the Revolutionary War debt? Gee, I don’t think so. Lofty, if not entirely contrived, constitutional justifications? Or, more likely, the relentless federal grasp for power and, today, a way to placate a host of environmental allies by denying the states and the country access to those climate-warming pollutants such as oil and gas.

Regarding the Enclave Clause, James Madison stated that “the public money expended on such places, and the public property deposited in them, require that they should be exempt from the authority of the particular State. Nor would it be proper for the places on which the security of the entire Union may depend to be in any degree dependent on a particular member of it. All objections and scruples are here also obviated by requiring the concurrence of the States concerned in every such establishment.” But, have the courts sought the concurrence of the states? Nope.

Clearly, the federal government is occupying millions of acres without the “concurrence” of those states, but maintains their grip with the twisted and self-serving judicial sanction of federal Courts intent upon expanding and strengthening federal power.

So, what is the recourse of the several states? My opinion, which is shared by many other originalists, is that in keeping with the doctrine of state sovereignty, original intent and the 10th Amendment, states should simply legislatively assume title of all lands not being utilized by the federal government as specified in the Enclave Clause. Of course, to placate the courts and public opinion, states should first sue the federal government to acquire title. And since the states will not prevail in such a lopsided judicial struggle, they should then rightfully and unhesitatingly assert their 10th Amendment rights by immediately assuming direct ownership and control of what I have dubbed the “royal federal reserves” lying within their state boundaries.

But, do the chastened, weak-kneed, and heavily bribed states have the backbone to hazard the restoration of their constitutional sovereignty and honor? Ah, yes, that’s the burning question.

The constitutional issue aside for a moment, in truth the achievement of energy independence alone should provide ample motivation for the states and their people to step up and take back their land, which is illegally held by the feds. And should the states fail to assert their rights under the original constitution, they should quietly accept their bondage and compliantly move on with their drab, submissive lives.

“An injustice unchallenged is justice denied. “Author Unknown

“Nothing should ever be implied as law which leads to absurd or unjust consequences. “Abraham Lincoln (1861)

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Is It Time For the 2nd American Revolution?


The motto MOLON LABE (come and take them) can be seen from state to state. Militias have grown by at least eight times their size since 9/11. The writing has been on the wall for years, the people of America have awakened. A spark is all it would take to ignite the next American Revolution.

The government has languished in their corruption without fear of reprisal as far back as the Clinton administration (probably farther), when the White Water scandal threatened to ruin our standing President and his wife, any potential witness either disappeared or found themselves the victim of an untimely death. Since then, our government has only become bigger and more oppressive, due largely in part to the ratification of the Patriot Act.

The citizens of America have had their rights not only limited, but potentially changed, a Supreme Court ruling recently has decide to revise the term ‘Right’ to ‘Privilege’ in a landmark case on 2nd Amendment Rights. This decision could alter all of our rights to privileges.  The founding Fathers explained that we were given these rights from God, not man, and no man can take them from us.

As this is being written, there is a potentially explosive scenario playing out in a little town in Southern Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management has taken on rancher Cliven Bundy over his cattle free grazing on Federal land without paying a grazing fee. The Bundy family has owned that land since 1887 and has always free grazed their cattle there.

Violence has erupted over the past week, and now there are over 200 armed federal agents surrounding the Bundy Ranch. However, this will not be another Ruby Ridge, militia men and others from at least 6 states have joined the Bundy family to help keep the peace. So far, no  shots have been fired.

More likely, the spark that will ignite the next revolution will take place in mid-May, Retired US Army Col. Harry G. Riley, who runs the Patriots for America website, has organized a rally in Washington D.C. called ‘Operation American Spring.’ Col. Riley ultimately hopes that millions of American Patriots, including prior military and militia men will stop the government from operating business as usual politics, and will demand the resignation of a number of our top politicians, including the President, Vice-President, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Col. Riley has the support of Retired Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, who has also called on millions of Americans to “stand up” to a government that is “conducting treason and violating the Constitution.”

Revolution is inevitable; we the people must stand up for our rights and protect the Constitution. Without this we will lose our freedoms and become nothing more than slaves. Are you ready?

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It's quiet amusing that folks will assume things if one forget's to log on via the tea party page, frankly it just made me fall out of my chair...Yes I'm aware that birth control is used to prevent an egg and sperm from coming together to form a human...It was funny due to how condescending (forgot who it was not important) came off as...Actually I'm on lo dose birth control myself for other medical reasons and do not agree for myself personally with the use of IUD's (I think that's what they are called?) and The Morning After Pill...Plan B eh no thanks...Now it's over the counter?! Uh what?!

First of all regardless of the moral aspects of that, health wise it's dangerous due to the high amounts of birth control in the pill. It can cause internal bleeding in younger gals, not to mention there isn't an age restriction for it any longer? What? I get not wanting folks to know really I do; because I attended a program called Mercy Ministries for the self injury I used to struggle with, and I spoke with some young women who had taken that pill and had complications afterwards not to mention the spiritual complexities of guilt etc.

The answer really for myself has been my unshakable faith, and facing the things struggled with as well as not avoiding them...The culture of avoidance has gotten many where they are now, and baby steps in a positive direction add up even over a months time...The culture of what's good for you is not good for me and it's all relative has frankly got to stop if any lasting change is to be had...

I spoke of this in an earlier blog post, change comes from first the individual then a group of folks of like mind, not the other way around...

Feel free to post your thoughts below, Thanks for reading :)

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