My Humble Opinion of this Trying Time


Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers took to Twitter on Sunday and tweeted what appears to be positive and encouraging words to anyone who is following her.

Rogers tweeted a two part message that reads, “The audit is coming guys, I promise you. I get a lot of comments asking and people think I can speed it up but I can’t speed it up. It is a process and it is coming. Also – other information is coming out I can’t disclose. Just know that it is all going to happen and this (1/2)”

“is real. Keep the faith. Make sure YOUR state is doing an audit because when our audit comes out the next steps are to get this done in other states. Start pushing that now. – Wendy (2/2)”

I can analyze and conclude that she feels that the results of the Arizona forensic audit will be coming out in the future but the process is long and must be followed. The part that is difficult to swallow is that Arizona's forensic audit will not change the outcome of the election.

I predicted quite some time ago that it will take at least three states or maybe even more finding fraud and foreign interference for the 2020 election to be declared null and void.

We must be diligent and call our representatives constantly telling them that we want a forensic audit. We cannot let up. We are told that freedom doesn't come without a cost. Well, do your part and help by being a part of the solution. Cost comes in all shapes and forms; contribute!

This brings us to the reality that it will take a very long time for the country to be back on track with the freedom to have a free election in the future.

I hear the words of President Trump talking about being reinstated in my head. He said he'd be back but it was going to take a very long time.

It is very difficult to sit back and wait when you see the country being destroyed by the current administration.

We wait as we hear about the deaths of our American military dying in Afghanistan. We've been waiting as we hear that the January sixth patriots are still sitting in jail and being denied basic rights according to our constitution.

We live with a fear of COVID passports looming in front of our faces with the possibility of forced vaccinations of a drug we don't trust. Speaking of which, some military personnel are choosing to leave their ranks and not accept the tyranny of being forced to take an experimental drug. The ones who are stepping down are ones with similar beliefs as mine. I would dare to presume that these are the people who would not have followed orders to fire on their own people.

Welcome to the true realities of the nightmare we are all living.

I know that my patience runs very thin at times. The words, "Patience is a virtue," runs through my mind. I start to think that taking the country back with force is an option. Is it? Do we have that kind of power? Would our second amendment rights be enough to win against the forces of the military that is controlled by the very people who would like to see depopulation?

More and more I am brought to the realization that waiting is the only sane option we have left. Maybe that is the "Plan" we are left with. Maybe patience is a virtue and just maybe, with the help of God Almighty, it will reward us in the end.

God bless America!

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Hermitage, PA

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