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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

MYPOIC-1.jpg?width=186Obviously, there has been a mountain of things going on in the world over the past couple of weeks, and in a 24/7 news cycle, one would think that the mainstream media would have plenty of hard-hitting, current and relevant things to cover.

Take ABC’s news magazine, 20/20 for instance…

The name of the program suggests it has a clear, sharp vision of what’s important, relevant and news worthy. One would expect current topics, in-depth analysis and introspective investigative reporting…right?

Well…before I tell you what they hyped since Christmas for their first show of the new year this Friday, January 4th, 2019…let me tell you a few of the things they didn’t cover on that show.


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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

cnn-1.jpg?width=224Thanks to Project Veritas, we now have indisputable proof that CNN is everything President Trump has said they are…a fake news organization…because they, themselves, have admitted to it.

With their hidden cameras, Project Veritas has caught CNN blue handed saying that their “coverage” of the whole Trump/Russian collusion fabrication is for ratings, that it is, indeed, a BS story, and that no collusion evidence is to be had anywhere.

Apparently, CNN has all the security of Hillary’s private server and private email account, and they vet the people they actually tell the truth to the way Obama’s regime vetted “refugees” seeking to become an invasion force emanating from Islamist nations.

Last week, during a White House press briefing, Sara Huckabee Sanders more or less went off on the fake news industry which drew a stern rebuke from CNN’s Jim Acosta when he called her statements “inflammatory.”



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Mainstream Media…Harmful if Swallowed

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

“This not a laughing matter. I’m sorry, delegitimizing the press is un-American.”press-1.jpg?width=212

That was the tweet let loose last week by Chuck Todd, the Host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” after President Trump played BEAT the Press in a news conference with reporters at the White House in which the President spent a good deal of time absolutely blasting the mainstream media.

Todd is almost half right…it’s no laughing matter…but even that is somewhat dubious, as I will point out in just a bit.

The other half of his obtuse tweet is so 100%, dead wrong, on so many levels, that it’s difficult to know exactly where to begin.

First of all, what Chuck Todd and his gaggle of echoing mainstream media ninnies have been harping about since what should be considered one of the greatest presidential press conferences in history, is just how wrong it was of the President of the United States to step forward and say what he said…about them.

In other words…


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I wanted to share the following recent thought-provoking video with you because it reveals some extremely disturbing information regarding the current chaos in Colorado that may be signs that the powers-that-be (Globalists) might be in their final stages of implementing their New World Order scenario via a possible ‘False Flag’ event meant to give them the opportunity to declare ‘Martial Law', on or before January 20, 2017, (Inauguration Day). If True-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:

Video: Chaos In Colorado: The NWO Is Making Their Move!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-On December 7, 2016:

I believe that the following recent thought-provoking article relates to and/or further supports the above video-You Decide:


Leaked EMP-BIO Attack To Stop Trump Dec 19th!-Posted on Project Nsearch-By Glenn Canady-On December 12, 2016:

Sunday   December 11, 2016

CIA and the Washington Post Face Final Decapitation

UNITED States of America   -   It can now be reported that the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate controlled CIA and its operational and financial affiliate, the Israeli Mossad-riddled, crooked Washington Post, are conspiring together to edit and censor alleged fake news stories reference the 1st Amendment Constitutional rights of the American People.


Washington Post editor ‘Book and Snake’ Bob Woodward and Washington Post columnist CIA and Israeli Mossad asset David Ignatius, along with former presidential candidate and former CIA employee Evan McMullin and year 2000 election-stealer, Nazi Jeb Bush, have compiled a CIA blacklist of independent social media websites that will be taken down by the Obama Administration after a new 9/11 FALSE FLAG terrorist attack that is scheduled to take place before the Electoral College meets on December 19th.

This 9/11-style FALSE FLAG attack will be biochemical in nature and will allow the Bush-Clinton-NAZI Paperclip CIA Crime Syndicate’s declaration of martial law on American soil aka “Jade Helm”.

Expect a major physical confrontation between the NAZI Paperclip CIA (still totally controlled by the NAZI German Bush Crime Family) and the patriot U.S. Military Flag Officers in the next 72 hours.

The patriotic U.S. Military Flag Officers have fingered and confronted the TREASONOUS NAZI Paperclip CIA Bush Crime Family with massive crimes against the U.S. Constitution and our American Republic, including:

It is important to note that junior BushFRAUD was AWOL from his own National Guard unit in Texas and never attended one funeral of any American soldier that died in Iraq.

P.S. We can also divulge that U.S. Treasury agents have opened up a criminal investigation of the CIA, the Washington Post, the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, CNN, AOL, Amazon. com and Jeff Bezos involving a $600 million slush fund tied to the CIA, HSBC of Englewood, Colorado and the then 2016 presidential candidacies of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.

We can also reveal that the U.S. Military Flag Officers have also begun a massive investigation of the Washington Post for illegal spying against the American People on behalf of the Israeli Mossad.

It is important to note that the criminal Washington Post conspired with now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the aforementioned Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, alleged Clinton era independent counsel Kenneth Starr, and known CIA troll Larry Nichols, to engage in an espionage operation against the Clinton White House in the late 1990s.

The media trumpet for this espionage was none other than current and then internet media mogul Matt Drudge and now Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty.

It should be noted that Kenneth Starr was not investigating Clinton but blackmailing him on behalf of the Bush Crime Family and that the espionage operation directed against the Clinton White House made their major target then Vice President now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.

This gang of filth actually bugged Al Gore’s bathroom at his Vice Presidential residence.


Source Link:

I believe that the following articles and/or videos from the recent past relate to and/or further support the above thought-provoking video and article-You Decide:


JADE HELM 15 is REAL & Here’s the Proof!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By Lorri Anderson-On March 24, 2015:


Video: SHOCKING Leaked DHS Drill: Military, Veterans, Capitalists Are The Enemy!-Posted on Western Journalism-By KRIS ZANE-On March 26, 2014:

4064265570?profile=originalJADE HELM: Troops to “Operate Undetected Amongst Civilian Population”!-Posted on The D.C. Clothesline-By Paul Joseph Watson-On March 26, 2015:


Video: BEYOND DENIAL: PREPARATIONS FOR MARTIAL LAW IN AMERICA: ‘The federal government and the U.S. Army have been readying for domestic unrest for decades, and preparations are accelerating exponentially’!-Posted on PAUL JOSEPH WATSON & ALEX JONES-On March 27, 2015:


CLEAR SIGNS THAT JADE HELM 15 IS GOING LIVE!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On April 4, 2015: FEMA camp facility in Grayling, MI., is the sight of martial law training for the Michigan National guard commencing on July 15, the inception date for Jade Helm. This facility also houses hundred of UN military vehicles.

Jade Helm’s Trojan Horse!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On April 8, 2015:


The Connection Between Jade Helm and ISIS!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On April 17, 2015:

4064265658?profile=originalJade Helm and the Forced Relocation of Tens of Millions of Americans!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On April 12, 2015:

United States Map1

Will The United States Government Survive When the SHTF?-Posted on The Daily Sheeple-By Joshua Krause, Ready Nutrition-On April 11, 2015:

I believe that the following recent articles and video relate to and/or further support the above thought-provoking articles and/or videos-You Decide:


Why Was A Mysterious Navy Plane Conducting “Secret Electronic Command/Control Drill” Over Denver?-Posted on Family Survival Headlines-By Mac Slavo-On November 18, 2016:


Top US Spy Chief Flees To Trump After Stopping “False Flag” Attack!-Posted on Sorcha Faal-On November 20, 2016:

Video: US Spy Chief Stops False Flag! Obama Retaliates!-Posted on Truth Warriors-On November 21, 2016:

The following recent thought-provoking article reveals the ‘New Civil War’, which is described as ‘Globalism vs. Nationalism’, which I believe relates to this disturbing issue-You Decide:


Globalism vs. Nationalism-The New Civil War!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On December 12, 2016:

The Following recent article revealed a ‘Call to Arms’ for all 62 million Americans who voted for Trump due to Congress recently legislating against the ‘Independent Media’ and the government controlled ‘main (lame) stream media’ aligning social media against any conservative expression of opinion and, as a result, it is time to take action because this may be your last opportunity to organize against the ‘tyranny’ that is seeking to destroy our Country/Republic. I believe that this article relates to this disturbing issue-You Decide:


A Call to Arms for All of America!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On December 11, 2016:

The following recent thought-provoking articles and video revealed: 1) that a ‘False Flag’ or conflict with Russia may be on its way; 2) that recently there were military planes and helicopters circling Manhattan without warning and the 'NYPD was clueless'; and 3) that we were recently warned to prepare for ‘No Food, Water & Power’ by Inauguration Day. If True-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:


False Flag or Conflict With Russia On the Way? Top “Conflict Risks” For CFR Elite in 2017!-Posted on Zero Hedge-By Tyler Durden-On December 14, 2016:


Why Did Military Planes and Helicopters Circle Manhattan Without Warning This Afternoon? NYPD Says It Doesn’t Know!-Posted on December 13, 2016:

Mike Adams

Video: Prepare for No Food, Water & Power by Inauguration Day- Mike Adams and Dave Hodges!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On December 13, 2016:

I believe that the extremely disturbing information revealed in the above thought-provoking articles and videos relate to and/or further support my following blogs-You Decide:4064265672?profile=original

What is Jade Helm 15?-Posted No We Won’t-By Jake Martinez on March 23, 2015:

4064265587?profile=originalLetter to our NM U.S. Representative Michelle Lujan-Grisham (re: U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Training Exercise)!-Posted on No We Won’t-By Jake Martinez-On April 7, 2015:


Why Was A Mysterious Navy Plane Conducting “Secret Electronic Command/Control Drill” Over Denver?-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On November 18, 2016:


Top US Spy Chief Flees To Trump After Stopping “False Flag” Attack!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On November 24, 2016:

4064258232?profile=originalObama: Submit to Globalism or Face War, Death, Destruction!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On November 17, 2016:

Peace is possible if Trump is elected.

Not Since JFK, Has a President Spit Into the Face of the Globalists, Until Now!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On November 21, 2016:

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence embrace at their election night rally in Manhattan, New York, U.S., November 9, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar

The Left's Coming Counter-Attack!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On December 8, 2016:

4063855577?profile=originalCIA Assessment Concludes Putin Was Trying to Help Trump Win White House!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On December 10, 2016:


The MSM conglomerates are the most prolific and insidious "fake news" propagators in the marketplace of ideas!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On November 30, 2016:

4063518143?profile=originalWhen Loving Your Country And It’s Constitution Makes You As A Domestic Terrorist!-Posted on Tea Party Command Center-By Jake Martinez-On July 7, 2012:

4063359777?profile=originalNote:  The following videos wholeheartedly share my sentiments regarding what we are currently experiencing in America today-You Decide:

4063590393?profile=originalA Republic, If You Can Keep It!

4063360053?profile=originalThe Fightin Side of Me!

4063359977?profile=originalWhen Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty!

4063359777?profile=originalNote:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog and/or videos, please copy website link and paste it on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial by this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide:

“Food For Thought”

4063359991?profile=originalHello: Are Americans Going To Wake Up and Take a Stand Before The Lights Go Out?-God Bless America!

God Bless Our Country/Republic.
Semper Fi!
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I wanted to share the following recent report and video that revealed that Admiral Mike Rogers recently prevented a false flag attack in the U.S. and is now being punished by Obama!-You Decide:

Top US Spy Chief Flees To Trump After Stopping “False Flag” Attack!-Posted on Sorcha Faal-On November 20, 2016:

An astonishing Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that US Navy Admiral Mike Rogers, who heads the Obama regimes National Security Agency (NSA), United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) and is the Chief of the Central Security Service (CSS), fled to New York City on Thursday (17 November) seeking an urgent meeting with President-elect Donald Trump just hours after he, Rogers, singlehandedly aborted the unauthorized flight of one of America’s “Doomsday Planes.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


New American hero Admiral Mike Rogers

According to this report, during the late afternoon (Moscow time) of 16 November, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) requested urgent “assistance/guidance” from the SVR relating to the takeoff from California’s Travis Air Force Base (TAFB) of a US Navy Boeing E-6 Mercury airborne command post and communications relay aircraft (popularly known as a “Doomsday Plane”) that was designated with the radio call sign of “IRON99”, and whose destination was not able to be determined.

The flights of these types of “doomsday” aircraft, this report explains, are strictly “governed/observed” under the procedures, protocols and guidelines of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) signed between the Federation and the Obama regime that took effect on 5 February 2011—and that this “IRON99” doomsday plane flight was in “strict/blatant” violation of due to the US failing to notify the MoD of its exact mission status.

Upon being notified by the MoD of this grave New START treaty “war threat” violation by the Obama regime, this report continues, SVR Director Sergey Naryshkin contacted his US counterpart Admiral Mike Rogers—and though the exact details of their conversation are higher classified than this general report allows, it is important to note that immediately after Director Naryshkin contacted Admiral Rogers, this “doomsday planes” flight was halted over the skies of Denver, Colorado, where it was put into a “holding pattern” with it eventually returning to Travis Air Force Base.


 Holding pattern of “IRON99” doomsday plane flight over Denver

 As to why the US Navy ordered this doomsday plane to take flight at all, this report notes, is “highly alarming” as the American Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) has previously been implicated by the SVR as a “controlling partner” in the “false flag” attack events known as “9/11” that occurred on 11 September 2001—and that were only able to be stopped when a cruise missile was fired into ONI’s Pentagon communication center.

The 9/11 video that was aired once and never aired again!-Posted on dustin lehr-On December 22, 2011:


 First photo taken of Pentagon on 11 September 2001 after cruise missile destroyed US Office of Naval Intelligence communication center

With Admiral Rogers having stopped what was another obvious “false flag” attack from occurring at the hands of the ONI, and his fleeing for protection to President-elect Donald Trump afterwards, this report continues, the Obama regime and its mainstream propaganda media sycophants have now placed this esteemed US military commander under a withering public assault and are calling for him to be removed from office—and that President Obama is said to now be considering

And in what this report states can only be described as “farcical irony”, the same Obama regime propaganda mainstream media lapdogs that are now calling for Admiral Rogers destruction, were just 3 days ago praising him for his public statements saying that a nation-state (presumably Russia) was responsible for the hacking of secret Hillary Clinton related emails.

But to the “real/true” reasons behind the Obama-Clinton regime wanting to stage another “false flag” attack upon America, SVR intelligence analysts in this report say, is their fears over President-elect Trump’s assembling what is being described as a “nationalist dream team” to defeat the satanic and tyrannical forces of globalism forever. 


And so decimated have these elite globalists become in America, this report notes, these warmongers are only able to rule now from what are called their “Coastal Citadels with fully one third of all US Congressional seats held by their communistic Democrat Party coming from just three States—California, New York and Massachusetts.

Even worse, this report continues, these elite globalist Obama-Clinton Democrats are still failing to realize that President-elect Trump won the popular vote when adding 49 States (out of 50) and lost the popular vote only when adding in the communistic State of California.

With President-elect Trump winning these 49 States with 57.8 million votes compared to Secretary Clinton’s 55.9 million, this report further states, the Obama-Clinton supporting Washington Post newspaper is astonishingly even today beginning their re-writing of American history falsely proclaiming that Trump won only 14 States—which has led the highly respected former US Congressman, and presidential candidate, Ron Paul to include this propaganda mouthpiece on his list of real “fake news” media sites that not only colluded with Hillary Clinton, but continue to lie to the American people too. 


Protecting these real “fake news” Obama-Clinton media sites, this report continues, are America’s top technology giants—and who were joined yesterday by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg whose message for his billion-plus users is most plainly stated as: “you're not capable of deciding for yourself what is 'news' and what is not, so we will do it for you”.

And among the many things being kept hidden from the American people by these real “fake news” propaganda mainstream media sites, this report says, are the astounding 81,640 pages of new regulations the Obama-Clinton are unleashing upon these unsuspecting people before President-elect Trump can take power, and that goes along with the stunning $2.4 trillion of additional debt they are being saddled with too.

Not making any sense either about the elite globalist supporting propaganda US mainstream “fake news” media, this report continues, are their astonishingly insane “new ideas” for America—and that include Japan establishing a large military training facility in the United States to create jobs and boost real estate values.

Continue Reading:

Video: US Spy Chief Stops False Flag! Obama Retaliates!-Posted on Truth Warriors-On November 21, 2016:

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Why Was A Mysterious Navy Plane Conducting “Secret Electronic Command/Control Drill” Over Denver?

Retired Head of the FBI Tells All about Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings in U.S. Government!


Obama: Submit to Globalism or Face War, Death, Destruction!

4063359777?profile=originalNote:  The following videos wholeheartedly share my sentiments regarding what we are currently experiencing in America today-You Decide:

4063590393?profile=originalA Republic, If You Can Keep It!

4063360053?profile=originalThe Fightin Side of Me!

4063359977?profile=originalWhen Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty!

4063359777?profile=originalNote:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog and/or videos, please copy website link and paste it on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial by this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide:

“Food For Thought”

4063359991?profile=originalHello: Are Americans Going To Wake Up and Take a Stand Before The Lights Go Out?-God Bless America!

God Bless Our Country/Republic.
Semper Fi!

Please See:

Top US Spy Chief Flees To Trump After Stopping “False Flag” Attack!-Posted on New American Gazzette-On November 25, 2016:

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I wanted to share the following video by a retired head of the FBI that provides us with shocking information regarding the Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings in our Government, along with the Illuminati’s agenda to take down America-You Decide:


Video: Retired Head of the FBI Tells All about Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings in the Government!-Posted on Curatolo-On January 1, 2018:
4063359777?profile=originalWhat follows is a ‘Special Wayne Madsen Report’ that reveals that back in 2008, after eight brutal years of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, the nation was ready for any change, but unfortunately, the CIA, through ‘Looking Glass, MK-Ultra, Artichoke, Pandora’ and other behavioral science programs were ready to answer the call and they answered the call with Obama and most of us bought him and his “Hope and Change” propaganda fecundity “nurtured” by CIA programs going back some sixty years, which was revealed in Part V of said report. I also believe that the information revealed in said report relates to the shocking information revealed in the above video-You Decide:

The Story of Obama: All in The Company (Parts I to V)-Posted on–By Wayne Madsen-On August 16, 2010:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent eye-opening videos and report exposed: 1) Illuminati family member spills the beans; 2) the 21st Century Illuminati; 3) Pizzagate; 4) the sick world of D.C.’s occult elites; and 5) a disturbing infographic that lays out the damning  evidence of John Podesta’s pedophile ring case-You Decide:

Video: Illuminati Family Member Spills the Beans (1989)!-Posted on Matrix Ministries-On November 21, 2016:


21st Century Illuminati:

Video: Obama, Clintons, Soros! Unthinkable In Plain Site! (Pizzagate Wikileaks)!-Posted on A Call For An Uprising-On November 16, 2016:

Video: How 4chan Uncovered the Sick World of D.C.'s Occult Elites!-Posted on Matrix Ministries-On November 17, 2016:

Disturbing Infographic Lays Out Damning Evidence of Podesta Pedophile Ring Case!-Posted on The D.C. Clothesline-By The Daily Sheeple-On November 15, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent video revealed a Sorcha Faal report saying that Admiral Mike Rogers prevented a false flag attack and is now being punished by Obama! Also covered is information on The Pedesta Pedo Ring that could bring down the entire government!-You Decide:


Video: US Spy Chief Stops False Flag! Obama Retaliates!-Posted on Truth Warriors-On November 21, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following articles and video that revealed: 1) that there were more clues in leaked Wikileaks emails that tied the Clintons to a child prostitution ring; 2) that the NYPD forced the FBI into exposing the Clinton pedophile network; and 3) a reporter was recently found dead in Haiti while investigating Clinton prostitution ring-You Decide:

WikiLeaks: More Clues That Tie Clintons/Podesta to Child Prostitution Ring!-Posted on Eagle Rising-By Philip Hodges-On November 5, 2016:
Video: FBI Exposes CLINTON Pedophile Satanic Network!-Posted on Richard Reid-On November 7, 2016:

Video: BREAKING News! Reporter Found Dead While Investigating Clinton- Reddit User finds smoking gun!-Posted on Culture Shock News-On November 18, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following article from the recent past revealed that Hillary Clinton is a high ‘Priestess of The Illuminati’!-You Decide:


Hillary Clinton is a

Guccifer: Hillary Clinton Is A High Priestess Of The Illuminati-Posted on Your News Wire-By Baxter Dmitry-On September 25, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent articles revealed: 1) that Reddit recently banned ‘Pizzagate Investigation’ into D.C. area Child Sex Ring; and 2) that a top Obama bundler was recently accused of child rape. What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:


Reddit Bans ‘Pizzagate’ Investigation into D.C.-area Child Sex Ring — Labels it a ‘Witch Hunt’!-Posted on The D.C. Clothesline-By Jay Syrmopoulos-On November 25, 2016:


Shhhhh - Top Obama bundler accused of child rape: Column!-Posted on USA Today-By Brett M. Decker-On November 20, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following article and videos contained therein revealed: 1) that before mysterious death of Andrew Breitbart he had targeted Podesta in Tweet alleging that he was world class underage sex slave op cover-up; and 2) that VP Joe Biden was caught fondling a little girl’s breast. What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:

Before Mysterious Death, Andrew Breitbart Targeted Podesta in Tweet!-Posted on Tea Party News-On November 28, 2016:






Video: Joe Biden Caught Fondling Girls Breast! Pedophile!-Posted on Glenn Canady-On November 27, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent articles and videos contained therein revealed: 1) that Clintons are connected to yet another creepy and occultic pizza place; and 2) that VP Joe Biden seems to be caught creeping on young girls. Is this another sick ‘PizzaGate’ issue?-You Decide:



Clintons Connected to Yet Another Creepy, Occultic Pizza Place (#Pizzagate)!-Posted on The Daily Sheeple-On November 28, 2016:

Joe Biden Creeping on Young Girls, Video After Video!-Posted on The D.C. Clothesline-By Ryan Banister-On November 29, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent articles and video contained therein revealed: 1) the possible origins of ‘PizzaGate’ and whether or not Breitbart was murdered because of what he knew about this disturbing issue; and 2) that the NY Times is covering up ‘PizzaGate’ and is now accusing Comey and Putin of rigging the election. What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:

Andrew Breitbart

The Origins of Pizzagate: Was Breitbart Murdered for What He Knew?-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On November 29, 2016:


NY Times Is Covering Up PizzaGate and Now Accuses Comey And Putin of Rigging the Election!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On November 29, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalI believe that the following article from the past relates to the information revealed above regarding Breitbart’s alleged assassination-You Decide:



Michael Savage: Was Breitbart Assassinated? ‘Media activist recently promised to publish revealing Obama videos!’-Posted on March 1, 2012:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent article revealed evidence that Andrew Breitbart may have been murdered to conceal ‘#Pizzagate’-You Decide:



Evidence that Andrew Breitbart May Have Been Murdered to Conceal #Pizzagate!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By MIchael DePinto-On December 1, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent article video revealed that Doug Hagmann, host of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report Radio Show recently dropped a bombshell regarding possible weaponized attacks in the U.S., ‘Pizzagate’ and the unthinkable-You Decide:


Video: Doug Hagmann Dumps BOMBSHELL Weaponized Attacks, Pizzagate & The Unthinkable!-Posted on Lisa Haven-On December 1, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent article revealed that accusations of pedophilia seem to follow the globalists and elitist politicians wherever they go because they often exhibit characteristics of narcissism and psychopathy, but their ideology of moral relativity, to include abandonment of conscience and a sense of emptiness, is what normally leads them to such horrible crimes. What's wrong with this picture?-You Decide:


Understanding Evil: From Globalism To Pizzagate!-Posted on Alt-Market-By Brandon Smith-On December 8, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalThe Following recent articles revealed: 1) that a Clinton and Obama insider recently revealed that the Podesta ‘Pizzagate’ emails included the White House; 2) that ‘Fake News’ CNN’s Anderson Cooper had previously reported on “Child Porn Linked To Top Pentagon, NSA Officials’; and 3) that the Washington Post (fake news outlet) seems to be covering up ‘PizzaGate.’ If True-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:

Clinton Obama Insider Podesta Pizza Gate Emails Include White House

Clinton Obama Insider Podesta Pizza Gate Emails Include White House!-Posted on GOP Daily Dose-By Rick Wells-On December 10, 2016:


Fake News? CNN’s Anderson Cooper Reported on “Child Porn Linked To Top Pentagon, NSA Officials”!-Posted on Mac Slavo-On December 10, 2016:

The Washington Post, your leader in propaganda, PSYOP, fake news and the cover up of crimes against children.

Why Is the Washington Post Covering Up PizzaGate? More MSM Fake News!-Posted on The Common Sense Show-By Dave Hodges-On December 10, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent article revealed that the California Democrats recently ‘decriminalized under age prostitution.’ If true-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:







California Democrats Decriminalize Under Age Prostitution!-Posted on NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri-On January 3, 2017:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent article revealed that the ‘State Department’ & Jeffrey Epstein are tied to ‘child trafficking operation.’ If true-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:


State Department & Jeffrey Epstein Tied to Child Trafficking Operation!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By MIchael DePinto-On January 2, 2017:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following article reveals that Youtuber recently claimed that his life and lives of loved ones ‘threatened’ by Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis after exposing Pizzagate ‘Pegasus kill room.’ If True-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:



Youtuber claims his life and lives of loved ones “threatened” by Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis after exposing Pizzagate “Pegasus kill room”!-Posted on Shepard Ambellas-On January 9, 2017:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent article revealed that Elijah Wood recently exposed ‘rampant Pedophilia In Hollywood.’ If True-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:


Elijah Wood Exposes Rampant Pedophilia In Hollywood!-Posted on Freedom Outpost-By MIchael DePinto-On January 12, 2017:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent article revealed a new video that revealed that Planned Parenthood was caught covering up ‘child sex trafficking’ and did nothing about it. If True-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:


BREAKING: New video: Planned Parenthood was caught covering up child sex trafficking, did nothing about it!-Posted on  Life Site-By Claire Chretien-On January 17, 2017:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following recent video revealed the only TV Anchor in America that is willing to tell the truth about ‘Pizzagate.’ If True-What’s wrong with this picture?-You Decide:



Video: The Only TV Anchor in America Willing to Tell the Truth About Pizzagate!-Posted Free Thought Project-By Jay Syrmopoulos-On January 18, 2017:

4063359777?profile=originalWhat follows is an article that revealed that Austrailian 60 Minutes had recently exposed a ‘Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network’-You Decide:


Australian 60 Minutes exposed the Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network!-Posted on The D.C. Clothesline-By Preston James-On November 14, 2016:

4063359777?profile=originalThe following eye-opening videos revealed: 1) a key eyewitness to ritual child killings by Dutch royalty and other elites including George Soros, which have occurred since 2004 in Belgium and Holland; 2) that a witnesses revealed that approximately 800 Irish babies were slaughtered and that George Soros was involved in hunting children-You Decide:

Video: Child Killing by Royalty, Soros: Eyewitness!-Posted on Kevin A-On September 9, 2014:

Video 800 Irish babies slaughtered, Witnesses to Dutch Prince PM, Soros hunting children!-Posted on 911truthncDotOrg-On September 14, 2014:

4063359777?profile=originalI believe that the above articles, videos and report relate to and/or further support my following blogs-You Decide:


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Obama: Submit to Globalism or Face War, Death, Destruction!

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Brainwashing in America: ‘WHY FEW DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY'! (Part 3)

Columbia Obama Cover Up!
Just Happened!
Are We Witnessing Conversational Hypnosis at Work?
An Open Letter To Communist Valerie Jarrett!
Who Is George Soros?

4063359777?profile=originalNote:  The following videos wholeheartedly share my sentiments regarding what we are currently experiencing in America today-You Decide:

4063590393?profile=originalA Republic, If You Can Keep It!

4063360053?profile=originalThe Fightin Side of Me!

4063359977?profile=originalWhen Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty!

4063359777?profile=originalNote:  If you have a problem viewing any of the listed blog and/or videos, please copy website link and paste it on your browser.  Sure seems like any subject matter that may be considered controversial by this administration is being censored-What happened to free speech?-You Decide:

“Food For Thought”

4063359991?profile=originalHello: Are Americans Going To Wake Up and Take a Stand Before The Lights Go Out?-God Bless America!

God Bless Our Country/Republic.
Semper Fi!


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4063494041?profile=originalAs a black conservative Tea Party patriot, I have been struggling with what I should do, if anything, in response to the rash of incidents of racial violence resulting from the Martin/Zimmerman case. Folks, a great evil is running the show in our country right now.

Prolific race-hustler Al Sharpton is heralded as a hero. Attorney General Eric Holder ignores the New Black Panther “dead or alive” bounty on George Zimmerman. Three major TV networks are caught manipulating facts of the Martin/Zimmerman case to fuel racial hatred and anger. Minister Farrakhan tweeted referring to the Martin/Zimmerman case, “Where there is no justice, there will be no peace. Soon and very soon, the law of retaliation may very well be applied.”

Even a nut case white supremacist group have thrown their hat, or skinned heads, into the ring, threatening violence.

Rather than showing pictures of 6'3” seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin, nearly every TV news broadcast features pictures of Trayvon as an adorable little boy in his little league football uniform. This is done by design to further the media's storyline: innocent-little-black-boy-murdered-by-evil-racist-white-man. Zimmerman is not white. He is Hispanic. To further the mainstream media storyline, the New York Times has deemed Zimmerman, a “white” Hispanic.

I do not know what transpired between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. I do know that the Race Industry has gone to extraordinary, dishonest lengths to promote its innocent-little-black-boy-murdered-by-evil-racist-white-man storyline.

Even president Obama despicably and masterfully fueled the flames of racial hatred by saying, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon”. As a seasoned professional politician, president Obama surely knew his comment would up the ante of black rage.

So yes, as Christian and as patriot, I wondered, what should I do to help calm the storm of Martin/Zimmerman related racial violence? Should I rally black conservatives to denounce the violence and call for unity at a press conference? No, the liberal biased mainstream media would not cover such a press conference. Non-victim-minded blacks do not fit the media-desired image of America. Blacks who love their country without resentment toward fellow Americans who are white are as repulsive to the mainstream media as showing Dracula the cross.

Well, what about a racial peace rally – blacks and whites standing together, singing songs and talking about unity. No, Obama's SEIU thugs and/or the New Black Panthers could exploit the event by showing up to assault patriots.

Remember Kenneth Gladney, the black conservative who was beaten and sent to the emergency room by SEIU thugs at a town hall meeting during the health care debates? Many believe Gladney's beating was in response to Obama White House's clarion call to “push back twice as hard” and get in the faces of those opposing Obamacare.

The mainstream media will never tell the truth about black-on-white crime. When reporting incidents of black-on-white violence, the media walks a tightrope, bending over backwards to avoid mentioning race. And yet I heard a report on the radio in which the reporter, without hesitation, up front and in your face said five “black” men were shot by a “white” male in a white pickup truck. This type of story fits the racist image that the media desires to portray of white America. According to the media, blacks are ALWAYS the victims and never the aggressors.

So how do we right-thinking, decent Americans counter all the racial hate, evil and violence, fueled by media and the Obama administration, that's contaminating our great country?

Mary is away, up north visiting family. Thus, I found myself in the grocery store checkout line with my shopping cart one-third full. An elderly white gentleman in line behind me had two items. “Excuse me sir – you can go in front of me.” He gleefully replied, “Thank you very much.” After the cashier had bagged his items and given the elderly white gentleman his change, he thanked me again.

I thought, that's it! For now, until God leads me otherwise, I can simply continue doing what I, along with millions of my fellow Americans, do every day: seize every opportunity to spread racial harmony and kindness. I know that sounds corny, but I know it is the right thing to do.

Despite what the Race Industry would have you believe, a majority of Americans are not at each other throats, divided along racial lines. However, this is unquestionably the agenda of the Race Industry. Incidents of race related violence are on the rise since the Martin/Zimmerman incident.

Most Americans are over “the race thing.” Americans live, work and play together just fine. Interracial marriage is far from being the big deal it was in the past. Unfortunately, it is the mission of the mainstream media, the Obama administration and race profiteers to keep the Race Industry alive and profitable. These people (race instigators and exploiters) are evil.

Therefore, it is up to us – proud responsible Americans – to continue sowing seeds of racial harmony, brotherhood and peace.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman –

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Patriots – Never Let A Crisis Go to Waste

If you wonder why so much publicity by the Democrats over Coke and Wal-Mart voter ID laws, look no further, because the DEMS want to distract you and take your eyes off the ball. The Democrats and Liberal News Media play by their own set of rules and what’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander. 4063488022?profile=original


Good Ole Soros has his hands in just about everyone’s pocket including many journalists and a variety of different news venues.  Soros directs, dictates and controls what is said in the Progressive News Media, because he wants more airtime for the Progressive agenda depending on the theory that if something is repeated often enough people will start believing the message.


According to George’s executive summary, he’s connected at the hip with about 30 major mainstream news outlets. This includes CNN, ABC, New York Times, Washington Post and believe it or not the Associated Press (AP.) Maybe you heard the raving reviews about Obama yesterday by Associated Press Chairman Dean Singleton – this is Liberal bias in the lowest degree. 


Is it a breach of ethics when prominent journalists like Christine Amanpour from ABC, Jill Abramson executive editor for NYT, Arianna Huffington from Huffington Post, Geneva Overholser (Director of the School of Journalism) at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication and Matt Thompson (Big dog from NPR?)  take“Ole George’s Cash” in exchange for editing and slanting the news to the far left.  It’s crooked as a dog’s hind leg and violates the Professional Journalists’ ethic code. 


Since 2010 all these vile corrupt organizations have their marching orders from Obama and Soros – they’ve been instructed to take FOX news out of the picture.  This is pretty much the time class warfare kicked into full swing – ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, MM attacked FOX form all sides accusing them of race baiting, ethic animosity throwing in words like Islamophobia and Mother Jones (Soros backed organization) said the goal is to take FOX down. 


It’s time to do what Soros did; we need an investigative team to start spending extensive amount of time researching these Open Society organizations and the Liberal News Media.  Expose them daily – show America the difference between “fair and balanced” news and regurgitated, re-edited political propaganda. 


Here are some of Soros’s and Obama’s top “Junk Yard Dogs” who thrive on George’s money in exchange for promoting his Progressive agenda –


Let’s cut to the chase – if you want to help expose those who are backing Obama and Soros and their radical agenda please go to:


Help your tea parties and conservative groups by tweeting, using face book, Digg, and other social venues.  Be pro active take never let a crisis go to waste.  Great example start telling our youth, the African Americans, Hispanics, women the real story fair and balanced.  Here are a few examples right now that need our attention.


Obama threatened our Supreme Court Judges


The DOJ is attacking the Cold Case Posse and Sheriff Joe


Obama gave illegal aliens a get out of jail free card


Chu – has stolen billions of dollars from American taxpayer’s for the “Green Companies.”


Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, Jackson and all those inciting racism


It’s time to take our Country back one baby step at a time!  We are Americans and we will “Take Back Our Country.” 


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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G.S. Spent $27 Million Anti-Bush 2004

$1.8 Million with NPR Last Year

Wants Progressive World without Borders


            When you’re a megalomaniacal multi-billionaire, what’s $45 million more or less anyway?  Well one thing that George Soros’s $45 million definitely is . . . is confirmation that inflation is rampant in this country.  Last year’s bribes, er’ donations, to over thirty major American news organizations only cost “Spooky Dude” Soros $27 million . . . so the cost of attempting to control America’s opinions by controlling our media outlets has risen 67%.  Of course the purse strings are always open when it comes to defeating Conservative candidates; Soros donated almost $20 million for President Obama’s 2008 campaign.  Mr. Soros who funds more than 50 progressive (We must ‘progress’ beyond the ‘out-dated and ill-conceived U.S. Constitution’ if we’re ever to make ‘progress’ toward our earthly utopia) foundation aligned with his “Open Society Initiative,” is looking for a world without borders headed up by the United Nations.

            On occasions too numerous to count, Mr. Soros  has said “the biggest obstacle” -- to progressive desiderata like radical environmentalism; to his version of peace around the planet; a borderless enlightened society; etc., etc. -- “is the United States.”  Known as “the Man who Broke the Bank of England,” Soros won his multi-billions by deliberately undermining and then wrecking currencies in Thailand, Malaysia, England, Russia, the Balkans and Japan.  He has recently taken an ultra-aggressive stance (including making speeches to progressive American groups in New York) toward getting the Chinese Yuan to replace the American Dollar as the world’s reserve currency and will profit mightily if and when the Buck takes a serious hit such as that one.

            When it was revealed, in the middle of the recent National Public Radio (NPR) controversies over progressive-biased reporting, that Soros had contributed 1.8 million to NPR, the already strident calls for cutting off NPR’s $455 million in federal funding were multiplied greatly.  One of the most embarrassing revelations came from citizen-journalists playing the role of wealthy Arab sheiks interested in funding NPR, but only if Jews were not involved.  Not surprisingly, NPR-funder Soros was born into a family of semi-practicing Jews and at age 16 under the guise of being a Gentile in his native Hungary, young George assisted the Nazis by playing the role of messenger and Judas goat to the Budapest area Jewish population.  In several interviews since becoming rich, he’s denied any regrets and called those times “some of the most exciting days of my life.”  You’ve undoubtedly heard him comparing G.W. Bush to Hitler and FOXNews to the Nazis.  Here’s a partial interview on CBS’s 60 Minutes program where Steve Kroft asks Soros about working for the Nazis as a boy and wrecking currencies:

Soros not only has no guilt about deliberately working toward destroying the currencies of millions of people; he also has no regrets about helping the Nazis (“if I didn’t do it someone else would have”).  Soros, who spent $27 million trying to defeat President Bush in 2004, has ties to more than 30 mainstream news outlets – including The New York Times, Washington Post, the Associated Press, NBC and ABC.  Prominent journalists like ABC’s Christiane Amanpour and former Washington Post editor and now Vice President Len Downie serve on boards of operations that take Soros cash. This despite the Society of Professional Journalists' ethical code stating: “avoid all conflicts real or perceived.”

Soros’ Open Society Foundations is funded by It is a network of more than 30 international foundations, mostly funded by Soros, who has contributed more than $8 billion to those efforts.  He funds and more or less runs another 24 or 25 (who’s counting?) progressive foundations just in America.  Even though almost all the newspapers associated with Soros are going broke because readers don’t like to have yellow journalists telling them what to think, the left-wing so-called mainstream press considers Mr. Soros’ millions and billions a well-deserved windfall year after year.  How far does Soros’ influence go?  According to an investigation by FOXNews which Rajjpuut will quote in detail:

“Among the supposedly “neutral press” Soros OWNS a 14-person Journalism Advisory Board, stacked with CNN’s David Gergen and representatives from top newspapers, a former publisher of The Wall Street Journal and the editor-in-chief of Simon & Schuster. Several are working journalists, including:

“Jill Abramson, a managing editor of The New York Times; Kerry Smith, the senior vice president for editorial quality of ABC News; Cynthia A. Tucker, the editor of the editorial page of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.”

Soros’ “Center for Public Integrity” is another great example. Its board of directors is filled with working journalists like Amanpour from ABC, right alongside blatant liberal media types like Arianna Huffington, of the Huffington Post and now AOL.  The CPI board is a veritable Who’s Who of journalism and top media organizations, including:

“Christiane Amanpour – Anchor of ABC’s Sunday morning political affairs program, “This Week with Christiane Amanpour.” A reliable lefty, she has called tax cuts “giveaways,” the Tea Partyextreme,” and Obama “very Reaganesque. And . . . Paula Madison – Executive vice president and chief diversity officer for NBC Universal, who leads NBC Universal’s corporate diversity initiatives, spanning all broadcast television, cable, digital, and film properties.  AND Matt Thompson – Editorial product manager at National Public Radio and an adjunct faculty member at the prominent Poynter Institute.  The group's advisory board features: Ben Sherwood, ABC News president and former "Good Morning America" executive producer.”

So what? Journalists, we are constantly told, are neutral in their reporting. According to FOXNews’ investigation:  “In almost the same breath, many bemoan the influence of money in politics. It is a maxim of both the left and many in the media that conservatives are bought and paid for by business interests. Yet where are the journalists raising concerns about where their own money comes from?”

And also according to FOXNews, that “$48 Million number is an understatement. It is gleaned from tax forms, news stories and reporting. But Soros funds foundations that fund other foundations in turn, like the Tides Foundation, which then make their own donations. A complete accounting is almost impossible because one media component or another is part of so many Soros-funded operations.”

            According to the Media Research Centers Business & Media Institute which has been looking into George Soros and his influence on the media.

“ Soros’ influence doesn’t just include connections to top mainstream news organizations such as NBC, ABC, The New York Times and Washington Post. It’s bought him connections to the underpinnings of the news business. The Columbia Journalism Review, which bills itself as ‘a watchdog and a friend of the press in all its forms,’  lists several investigative reporting projects funded by one of Soros foundations.”

Additionally, the “News Frontier Database” includes seven different investigative reporting projects funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute. Along with ProPublica, there are the Center for Public Integrity, the Center for Investigative Reporting and New Orleans’ The Lens. The Columbia School of Journalism, which operates CJR, has received at least $600,000 from Soros, as well.  None of this is new news, however.

The book “Soros: The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire,” he has been fascinated by media from when he was a boy where early career interests included “history or journalism or some form of writing.” As one of the world’s richest men (No. 46 on Forbes’ list), he gets to indulge his dreams. Since those dreams seem to involve controlling media from the ground up, Soros naturally started with Columbia University’s School of Journalism. Columbia is headed by President Lee Bollinger, who also sits on the Pulitzer Prize board and the board of directors of The Washington Post.  Not strangely, Bollinger, like many of Soros’ other funding recipients, is pushing for journalism to find a new sugar daddy or at least an uncle – Uncle Sam. Bollinger wrote in his book “Uninhibited, Robust, and Wide-Open: A Free Press for a New Centurythat government should fund media. A 2009 study by Columbia’s journalism program came to the same conclusion, calling for “a national fund for local news.” Conveniently, Len Downie, the lead author of that piece, is on both the Post’s board and the board of the Center for Investigative Reporting, also funded by Soros.

Soros funds more than just the most famous journalism school in the nation. There are journalism industry associations like:  The National Federation of Community Broadcasters; The National Association of Hispanic Journalists; Committee to Protect Journalists; Investigative News Network (INN), a collaboration of 32 non-profit news organizations producing what they claim is “non-partisan investigative news; the James L. Knight Foundation also backs the network and is possibly the most-well-known journalism foundation. Knight President and CEO Alberto Ibargüen is on the board of directors for ProPublica a Soros-funded entity.

            Also according to According to the Media Research Centers Business & Media Institute, INN includes the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University, the liberal web start-up MinnPost, National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting, National Public Radio, and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism. The network had included the liberal Huffington Post investigative operation among its grants, but HuffPo investigations merged with the possibly even more left-wing Center for Public Integrity, on whose board Arianna Huffington sits.  The Soros corruption seemingly never stops, liberal academic programs, left-wing investigative journalism and even supposedly neutral news organizations all paid for by a man who spends tens of millions of dollars openly attacking the conservatives, the Constitution, and fiscally-concerned citizens in this country.   Is it any wonder that only one news organization in the country is trusted more than distrusted?  (FOXNews +12% with 49% trust; 37% distrust; while the next closest, CNN, is distrusted by 3% more than trusted; NBC -9%; CBS -12%; and ABC is distrusted by 15% more than those who trust it) . . . Our Founding Fathers counted on an unbiased journalist corps to serve as watchdogs.  It looks like the watchdogs are working with the bad guys and the public knows it!


Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,



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Rajjpuut Begins Weekly Media Evaluation

By any measure, July, 2010 was a Bad Day at Black Rock for the journalistic professionals, particularly the MSM (mainstream media). Hoping that July 31, marks the lowest of the low and a media resurgence is in the air . . . .

MEDIA MEASURES July 23 - 30, 2010

Rajjpuut hopes to stimulate the rebound of the American Journalistic Profession by running a weekly blog to be called “Media Measure” highlighting the best and the worst aspects of journalism over the past seven days. Since at present the weakest area of the media is political coverage, until further notice that will be the emphasis for Media Measure. But is such a blog truly necessary? Judge for yourself . . . .

The last full week in July, 2010, saw ten key stories play out in the political arena. Here’s a summary of what’s went on:

#1 Wikileak Reveals over 100,000 leaked Afghanistan War documents:

EVENT: A blogsite releases huge amounts of Field documents on the Afghanistan War many of which are covered in depth by the NY Times, etc.

IMPORTANCE: Unlike the “Pentagon Papers” released during the Viet Nam War this is NOT a case of our government lying to us, but rather someone getting a lot of secret documents and releasing them. It appears that the lives of troops on the ground are not that important and certainly in the Wikileak version, many Taliban informants are outright named in the documents putting their lives in danger. The NY Times ran the story but was about 95% effective in taking out names and GPS coordinates and other key information. Wiklieak and the NY Times both slanted things anti-war.

Best Reporting: ABC FOX NEWS CBS

Other: WS Journ jumped the shark to accuse liberal media of wanting to end the Afghan War without considering consequences. Excuse me? This is journalism, getting inside other journalists’s heads without proof? FACTS, FACTS, FACTS, please.

#2 JournoList Conspiracy to slant news

EVENT: After e-mail leaks, over 400 liberal journalists, academicians, media people are discovered to be involved in a thirteen-year old conspiracy via e-mail called JournoList to slant news coverage in the Barack Obama and distract attacks on him using the terms “racist” and “racism.”

IMPORTANCE: Why is it that some seemingly important news doesn’t get covered while other trivial or even distorted stories are covered in sickening depth? This could be the answer. This 400+ person group conspired to lessen the impact of the “God Damn America” story with Obama’s reverend Wright by downplaying, by ignoring and by seeking or making unsubstatiated charges against conservative leaders. One woman journalist told the boys to bite the bullet on Wright that she was hurt “as a woman and a journalist” by having to ignore Monica, Jennifer Flowers, etc. for the good of the cause. These people conspired to make Barack Obama president and he succeeded.

Best Reporting: Only FOX NEWs covered the story with any depth; only FOX noted that JournoList had become extinct overnight, but that the group was still getting together as a new listserv group called CabalList.

Other: The Wall Street Journal has long criticized the MSM for left-leaning media bias, now when the proof is handed them, they completely bumble the coverage. WSJ did a horrible job on the two main stories of the week.

#3 Obama and Biden Begin “Summer of Recovery Tour”

Event: The President and VP are campaigning under the guise of a “look what great things we’ve done for you” evaluation of the economic situation.

Importance: Media coverage is automatic. If Media doesn’t put the “tour” in its proper light (a propaganda event at every stop rather than as hard news (which Obama prefers) than the Big Lie that “He’s saved us from a Great Depression” has a chance at being successfully sold and the administration's failure to provide jobs will be overlooked. Rather than using the Stimulus money back in early 2009 as one would expect, NOW, the administration is releasing a bunch of it to highlight their “tour."

Best Reporting: only FOX News and WSJ questioned the administrations, facts figures and conclusions every step of the way. Virtually all the rest of the media all the time covered the events as isolated incidents and gave ultra-positive coverage to the adminstration.

#4 and #5 and #6 Reverse-Racism Scandals Rock the DOJ + Sherrod firing by the Agriculture Department

Events: A) Obama appointee Deputy Attorney General Julie Fernandez, heading up the DOJ, has told a roomful of Department of Justice Employees there is “no interest” in investigating or prosecuting voter-intimidation or discrimination cases with White victims and Black perpetrators; and that the DOJ will not investigate violations of the Motor Voter Law “because it would dampen turnout.” B) the DOJ dropped a case won by the Bush administration against four New Black Panthers who intimidated a Black poll watcher and White voters in Philadelphia during the Presidential elections giving one Panther less than a slap on the wrist “punishment” and exonerating the rest. In another “racially-tinged matter, the administration, the Agriculture Department and the NAACP all rushed to judgment and fired a Black employee for racism; then reviewed the evidence and sought to apologize while accusing FOX News of causing their mistake.

IMPORTANCE: Is that the Department of INjustice? The first “post-racial” president has used the words “race,” “racism” and “racist” as the cornerstone of their reason for being and as their excuse for every charge of incompetence brought against them. Accusations are treated most often by the mainstream media as PROOF without further investigation (such as the “N-word” controversy during the Obamacare vote passage . . . despite literally hundreds of videocameras, the N-word was never used at that event). FOX news actually dragged its feet and did NOT cover the story until after Ms. Sherrod was fired despite administration and NAACP claims to the contrary. Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity of FOX covered the firing and the abbreviated video clip condemning Sherrod as the NAACP had and as the president and Agri-Dept did in firing her. O’Reilly and Hannity apologized to Ms. Sherrod once they had the full tapes (apologies do NOT happen in the MSM even though they have much more to apologize for than FOX).

Best Reporting: No one looked particularly good WSJ with a B- and FOX with a C+ were easily best. The rest of the media ran the NAACP and administration line that FOX had caused the Sherrod fiasco without checking it out, and of course, never apologized to FOX. Most importantly, the MSM ignored the Julie Fernandez and Black Panther stories for the most part and earned an F- as a group.

#7 White House memo on Amnesty by Presidential Edict is revealed

Event: An undated White House memo discusses the option of Presidential Directive to provide Amnesty for illegal aliens without resorting to congress

Importance: President Obama seems bent upon making the U.S. congress a rubber-stamp organization or totally irrelevant. This is clearly an unconstitutional act being contemplated

Best Reporting: ABC A FOX News B+ Too often FOX opinion commentators get off track forgetting that opinion is only valid if facts are there to support them. ABC was truly the “fair and balanced” people on this story. The problem was that there was just too little evidence to allow conjecture of the sort that FOX’s Hannity for example allowed himself to make. FOX New’s straight news coverage was actually a bit better than ABC’s but FOX opinion folk need to learn restraint. Yes, 55% of the voters now DO call Obama a “socialist” but moving from there to dictator in one fell swoop is not professional without evidence to back it up.

Lesser Stories: #8 Gulf Oil Leak Nearing Resolution? #9 Arizona Anti-Illegal Immigration Law #10 Pelosi and Rangel Scandal

Events: Ongoing long-time hard news stories

Importance: is treatment objective and accurate? Does media hold government accountable?

Best Reporting: FOX News far and away A+. Wall St. Journal A- The MSM did its best coverage on the oil spill, BP and the moratorium, but many downplayed the moratorium story, thus protecting Obama. MSM showed very little appetite for Rangel’s corruption proceedings and totally went to bat for Obama in virtually all coverage of the Arizona law. According to the MSM, Rajjpuut, a half-Hispanic is an overt racist because he thinks the prefix “il” in the word “illegal” means something.

OVERALL GRADES for the Week of July 23-30, 2010:


Wall St. Jour C+




PBS 40%

WASH Post 30%

NY Times 10%

CNN Totally irrelevant

Critical Commentary:

FOX needs to remember that no one needs or wants pure opinion without a strong factual basis.

The Wall Street Journal with its narrower “business” orientation does work at a handicap to broadbased news organizations but can do better.

ABC showed itself capable of hard news treated evenly and in depth with:

but needs to totally revamp to once again regain the glory of its earlier history.

CBS “Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? Or you Walter Cronkite?

NBC It’s been a long, long fall since Huntley-Brinkley.

PBS This is what the nation and “viewers like you” are paying for?

Washington Post Until they re-learn what journalism is about there is little hope. One only wonders if Mr. Obama gives them plenty of orgasms while bedding them.

NY Times Pushed the progressive Democrat agenda all week long. While it did much better than Wikileak, it still endangered our troops and Taliban informers unnecessarily.

CNN Back in the '90's, Rajjpuut some days would watch CNN coverage 3-4 hours a day, but look at their vaunted political coverage now:



· Broken Government

· CNN Polling Center

· State of the Union Address

· Midterm Elections

· The 44th President: The First Year

· Edward Kennedy: 1932-2009

· The Sotomayor Vote

· Election Center 2008

· Freshman Year

· Transition to Power

· The 44th President: Inauguration

· The 44th President: First 100 Days

Over all: A very bad week all around. Rajjpuut earned a 3.92 GPA and was his university’s “Academic Excellence Award” in Journalism winner, but takes no pride in that now . . . what a sorry disgraceful week to call oneself a “journalist!”

Ya’all live long, strong and ornery,


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Monday the White House, NAACP, and the Department Of Agriculture freaked out over two video clips posted on an Internet blog showing Shirley Sherrod; who was the state director of rural development in Georgia addressing a NAACP sponsored event for it's members telling them how she in passed years handled a poor White farmer in need of saving his farm. In the video clips, Shirley Sherrod used racist, bigoted words describing how she dealt with the White farmer at first. In the rest of the video she tells how she learned race did not matter when people need help.

NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said Shirley Sherrod, who is African American should be fired. Then Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said she was fired and the Obama White House supported his decision.

CNN went to death-com one to find out who Shirley Sherrod was, how to contact her and find the White farmer. CNN called Shirley putting her on air live asking her what was going on. Shirley said the White House wanted her resignation or she would be fired, they said I was going to be on the Glenn Beck show.

Shirley went on to say she was driving home at the time she received four phone calls from Cheryl Cook, the federal USDA rural development undersecretary. The last call from Cheryl she “asked me to pull to the side of the road and do it, resign,” she said. The Obama, White House is standing firm that they did not pressure Shirley Sherrod for her resignation. It was the secretary’s decision, as he has said.

Glean Beck's Monday show did not air any reports about Shirley Sherrod or the videos, on his Tuesday show Beck said Shirley Sherrod firing was wrong. The NAACP owned and had a copy of the video tap that has caused all this racist blowout, they themselves did not teke the time to review their our full copy of the tape before throwing Shirley Sherrod under the bus as did the Obama White House. Yet, the NAACP released a statement saying they were snookered by Fox New. That's the blame game at it's best, don't let the facts get in the way.

Shirley Sherrod is an Obama political appointee, anyone believing the White House did not have a say in Shirley resigning would have to live in the land of OZ. Yet, CNN and other national news groups seem to work in zombie-land and believe whatever the White House puts out. From Monday till Wednesday CNN had Shirley Sherrod in almost lock-down at their Atlanta news headquarters or a reporter with her everywhere she went. Some think CNN may have more information as to a White House involvement and for some reasons are not reporting the connections name. White House press secretary Gibbs is saying he has no idea who from the White House staff corresponded with the Department Of Agriculture.

All that's being said now is a White House liaison person "No name given" working within the Department Of Agriculture dealt with the Shirley Sherrod issue and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. All Vilsack is saying about the issue is, it was his decision. This issue is not over by no means no matter who wants it to go away.

The NAACP did not ask Tea Party leaders to come to their Kansas City meeting this past weekend and discuss any issues they had with the group. Instead the NAACP went to the national media saying they were going to draft a resolution they knew would smear the Tea Party as a racist group leading up to the November election. The NAACP resolution was basic and had no real facts backing it up in calling on the Tea Party to expel any racist or fringe groups in it ranks. In going after the Tea Party all the NAACP accomplished was bring a boat load of heat down on its own national group alone with questions about its own ranking members and group associations.

The NAACP playing the race card and crying wolf at the Tea Party has only made Americans take a strong look at how politics and political back stabbing are getting way out of hand across the country. The NAACP has it now where anyone not for the democratic party is branded as a right wing racist. Obama has repeatedly bashed the Tea Party movement in his town hall meetings.

Andrew Breitbart told CNN’s “John King USA” on Tuesday that releasing the video clip he was given was “not about Shirley Sherrod.” “This was about the NAACP attacking the Tea Party, and this is showing racism at an NAACP event,” he said. “I did not ask for Shirley Sherrod to be fired."

NAACP's actions against the Tea Party has Americans fearing a racial divide will erupt and cause wide spread violence at a time when all Americans are hurting from the economic crisis. The Tea Party has been all along policing its members and groups, it's posted on their websites what they require from their members. What's not getting national air time is all the racist attacks against Tea Party member at their events held around the country. Plus they're having to deal with left wing fringe groups trying to infiltrate their events starting trouble or setting up a video fake racist act and claming it was Tea Party member's, this is happening and has been documented.

The NAACP's race card actions against the Tea Party movement is having a major backlash effect. This week the Congressional Tea Party Caucus became a reality, and the movement is growing even bigger. Americans are focused on the economy and jobs and that's the Tea Party's banner message for democrats and republicans who want to keep their job or be elected to office.

Mike Graham, Founder United Native America
Citizen Oklahoma Cherokee Nation
Service Connected Disabled Veteran
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This week our nations First Lady Michelle Obama had no problem attending a NAACP meeting held in Kansas City knowing the organization was going to issue a resolution that would basically brand the Tea Party as a White racist group.

Tea Party leadership and supporters rejected the NAACP's racist claim and resolution as a sad and uncalled for attempt to discredit the newly formed national political grassroots movement.

Now, Tea Party supporters are demanding that the NAACP look in it's own back yard and lead by example and denounce any Black racist groups or racist elements within their national group.

After First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at the NAACP meeting the Obama family went on a weekend vacation trip to Maine. This action by the Obamas made news over the weekend because Michelle and President Obama have been on TV numerous times over the past three months, pleading for Americans to vacation in the Gulf Coast area to support them in their time of need while dealing with the oil disaster. President Obama needs to address the NAACP's actions against the Tea Party movement.

Two main issues national media groups are not pointing out about the NAACP's action against the Tea Party Movement is:

1. The NAACP never requested a meeting with Tea Party leadership to discuss with them what the Tea Party is all about; or if they in anyway tolerate racists or racist groups within their national group.

2. The NAACP never offered Tea Party leadership an invitation to attend their Kansas City meeting to find common ground so the two groups could work together for a better America for all citizens.

Instead, the NAACP showed it's true democratic colors and went straight for the Tea Party's throat, smearing the group in the national media with a racist resolution. The NAACP's handing of the Tea Party with an in-your-face racist resolution leaves no doubt they never intended to reach out to the Tea Party movement as the group is seen as an affront to the democratic party and its big government policies.

The fact that First lady Michelle Obama attend the NAACP meeting and Obama is on record calling members of the Tea Party Tea Baggier's as a put down joke begs the question, how far and willing are democrats prepared to go in trying to disgrace the Tea Party movement?

The NAACP Tea Party resolution and media coverage of it, has made Americans think back at how left-leaning prominent media groups trashed Sara Palin and her family members in the 2008 election. It was nothing less than a hundred year setback for the women's movement in our society this day and time.

Americans are far more politically savvy than network talking head pundits pushing a political party's agendas while getting paid for it.

The Tea Party movement this week has showed all Americas it has a strong backbone and true to it's founding principles by staying focused on the groups cause and core issues; all the while the NAACP and media groups were hell-bent on destroying the Tea Party with fake wolf cries. Tea Party members across America have been physically and verbally attacked at their events by Black racists, Union members, left-wing activists, and dealt with attempts of hate groups trying to infiltrate their events trying to make them look bad. Americans have seen that national media groups are very willing to ignore all the racist acts and race hate threats toward the Tea Party movement.

NAACP, the political ball is in your court now for all Americans to see if you will step up to the plate and practice what you preach to others. The NAACP should have no problem going before the national media denouncing the Black Panthers Party, the New Black Panthers Party or stating they will not tolerate any racist group or like-minded persons within their ranks as well.

Mike Graham, Founder United Native America
Service connected disabled veteran
Citizen Oklahoma Cherokee Nation and America
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