I Pee On Dead People

Pissing on Corpses – I wish our President would have the guts to tell the world this:

Don’t make me come over there! When we land, we are going to shoot anyone and everyone who resists us. We are going to piss on every corpse, and then were going to take a dump in your city hall, right on the Governor chair. We are going to teach your people to smoke cigarettes and love Rock N Roll. We are going to take all the minerals out of your soil, drain all your oil reserves, drink all your water, eat all your food and take anything of value back to America.

We are going to take your currency and burn it in the town square, drink all your alcohol and teach birth control to your society so ‘your people’ will come to the point of extinction in one generation. Then we are going to teach English to everyone in your nation and make them dependent on America for everything, including the air they breathe. But of course we won’t stop there. We are going to fill your streets with hundreds of thousands of bicycles ridden by students from the LDS Church. They’ll go to every door, ring every bell, then I’ll send in the Baptists ….and that is only the first wave of our troops.

So…. If I were you, don’t me come over there! Got it! Any questions?"


If America would have taken a position like this along time ago we would have saved a lot of lives. I guess everyone has forgotten the term: 'DON'T TREAD ON ME'

So, should we take a harder stance against our enemies or punish the Marines who did the pissing?

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    O.k., maybe the Marines shouldn't piss on the dead Taliban, but I can! one of my family members were killed by them and believe me, I want to piss on them while they're still alive and able to smell used beer. In war we shoot, bomb, burn, stab, punch, kick and do any and all sorts of extreme activity in the line of duty. Now we must honor the dead?

    Are you telling me dead Taliban are better than urinals?

  • Yes, you are correct. Marines should be above that, but, it sends a strong message to the rest of the world that our armed forces are combat seasoned and don't give a rat ass who knows or cares. Should they stop pissing on dead people?  YES! (when the camera is turned on)

  • I'm peeing now and blogging at the same time! I would love to piss on some dead Taliban, let go help them meet Allah. I'm been saving my bullets for so really good target shooting and maybe you and I could fly over there to Taliban land and by-pass the shit-house and go direct to the battle grounds!  And we'll take Patriot with us! HOT DAMN! 

  • Hey Bob, why aren't you running for President? You got my vote! OBTW - I'm going to start drinking a lot of beer so I can expand my bladder, just in case....!

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