4063533761?profile=originalFolks, I am in Las Vegas preparing for the Campaign to Defeat Obama July 4th Telethon. We are raising funds to wage campaigns in four states which Obama won last election. Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Nevada are “in-play” this time around. Fifty electoral votes are up for grabs. Fifty electoral votes to Romney means fifty votes not going to Obama. I am co-hosting the telethon.

The driver who took me to my hotel said Las Vegas is struggling, thousands have been laid off and the housing market is in the tank. We both questioned, how on earth could Harry Reid have gotten reelected. But that's another story.

I could say this is our last July 4th as free Americans. However, I refuse to believe that. Yes, the task before us is quite challenging. Obamacare equals the end of freedom in America – government control of every aspect of our lives including who lives and who dies. A death panel will decide whether or not it makes economic sense to approve grandma's transparent. And by the way, to all those knuckleheads who believe the lie – Obamacare “ain't” free and it will be rationed.

Decades of indoctrination by liberal media and public schools has created a generation unlike their parents – people who were grateful for an opportunity to earn a living and did not feel entitled. Our parent's mindset was Government Welfare was something you took as a last resort until you got back on your feet. Obama has 47% of the country on food stamps and is running ads to recruit more.

The massive dark cloud of Obamacare looms large over our heads. Many patriots are depressed. I refuse to join their chorus. I still believe God has His Hand on America.

Patriots, we must vote out Obama and repeal Obamacare. This will require maintaining the House, winning the Senate and dethroning our socialist dictator.

This is why I and my committed team of patriots along with Conservative leaders across America are spending this Independence Day raising funds to take back America! God help us.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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  • Secession takes a pair of huge brass one's,or legal paperwork,such as,how much territory did the queen factually give to prince(german)Rupert?,..How much did prince George actually get?,..I agree with Lloyd,but now i wonder how thing's would be if the south had won?,..

  • I agree with Charles.

  • Why dont the states just seced from the union and declare that they wont be a part of the commie nation?

  • Read these articles...we were sold out and our organic constitution replaced in 1871. We are a corporation, not the sovereign united states of america we thought we were. Did we really ever have freedom?



  • yes, this person has thumbed his nose at evrything american!! thumbed his nose at our system of checks and balances, thumbed his nose at JUDGES  that are supposed to rule on the law of the land and then make sure the ruling gets enforced!!!!??????   this country is in dissarray!!! but what else would you expect with the likes of liberals in control!!!  liberals ruin neighborhoods  what do ya think they will do to a country!???

  • Folks, I hear and read many posts here that beating Obama is our goal and getting him out of office in November is at the top of the list. It is very hard to win an election when the entire election is rigged for the Obama administration to win. Americans will go to the polls on November 6th and cast their ballots on touch screen computers. A computer can be programed to do only what it is told to do with it's program. Then you throw in the fact that a company not even located in the United States but is in Spain has the contract to tally and count the votes?????? Then it turns out the company in SPain that has this contract is own by none other than George Soros, Obama's biggest financial donor in last election and this one. Now with all that going against the voters and Mitt Romney , does anyone honestly think Mitt Romney will be President and any Republicans will get any seats in the Senate but will actually probably lose some and maybe even lose some in the House. Just how many ways can a man show you he cannot be trusted and yet remain in the office of President and even when he is challenged by the Congress just ignores it. He ignores an order by a Federal court to appear to defend a charge against him  and he just blows it off and does not appear. He sends one of his attorneys and the judge holds him in contempt of court, tells his attorney that Obama must appear and sets a new court date and on that one the attorney didn't even show up. The man thinks he is above every law of this land and so far has proven that no one will stand up to him because he will either write an executive order for it or just ignored it and soon it just goes away. Now I don't know if I can explain it any clearer than that but I see this country surviving only because of the 2nd Amendment and a very dedicated bunch of Americans drawing a line in the sand........JMHO

  • It ain't over until we win.


    ObamaCare Focus Turns to Congress and Repeal Vote


    BREAKING: Oklahoma First State to Nullify Obamacare?

    State Rep Mike Ritze announces he'll introduce legislation to ban the mandates - and provide criminal charges against federal agents trying to enforce it.
    READ HERE: http://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2012/07/oklahoma-state-rep-to-... 

    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Help your state nullify!

    All Hands on Deck!

    We have the tools, the legislation, the principles - we need YOU to help right now!  Organize, do outreach, lobby, and more.  
    Take action today: http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/volunteer/

  • People are starting to wake up. But it may not be fast enough and to late. If we are to go out let it be on our feet fighting with a bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

    It is amazing how the communist subversion worked so well on the children of this country.

    The ex KGB agents did say the ones who have been threw this subversion will not see the truth till a communist boot is firmly on there neck.

    But I think what will happen is the states that see the tyranny on them coming will just not obey the communsit tyranny. They will refuze to bow down.

    People will be running to these states form refuge. I don't think the army will help the communist dictatorship. Obama is not liked in the army. My hope is the army will end this quick and all the communist from the schools, government, media, Judges, politicians and business will arrested and jailed.

    Warning to all communist/liberial/progressive/democrat evil leadership if a second revolution is coming then let it come. We the people will be coming after you first. You will not be able to hide.

  • As we watched the fireworks I imagined a future with a country filled with Millions of Illegals & Federal Government dependent people that could care less about our Founders and history, not even understanding their Freedoms are being eliminated rapidly under Obama's Socialism and disregard for OUR Constitution.   But Americans that are Patriotic will rise up seeing the utter disaster and hopelessness of Obama.   We will have him on the ropes and take our country back. STAY active, Stay informed, and of course, VOTE.........

  • STOP OBAMA IN 2012!

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