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Doug Richards commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Happy Independence Day! Could This Be Our Last?
"Folks, I hear and read many posts here that beating Obama is our goal and getting him out of office in November is at the top of the list. It is very hard to win an election when the entire election is rigged for the Obama administration to win.…"
Jul 6, 2012
Doug Richards commented on PHILIP TROPEA's blog post There isn't a darn thing that Obama and his Commie-pinko bedwetters (take your pick it's the same old trick) won't do to destroy America. I am more disgusted with the brain-dead democrats than with Ob
"I'm sure we will get the chance and it is just a matter of time.......JMHO"
Jun 26, 2012
Doug Richards commented on Elmer Williams's blog post Troops May Be Punished For Following Orders and Burning The Quran
"Obama may be building his own Militia, but it may be his private security he will need after he is voted out in November to protect him so he can walk down the street in Chicago. Kimberlee he is not giving consideration that this entire country is…"
Jun 24, 2012
Doug Richards commented on Jake Martinez's blog post ‘CIVILIZATION JIHAD’ AND OBAMA’S CONNECTIONS!
"I will fight to my last drop of blood to protect family, Country, Constitution, Bill of Rights from all enemies both foreign and domestic. I made that oath to this Country I love with all my heart and soul back in 1968 -1974 and that has not…"
Apr 30, 2012
Doug Richards posted a blog post
Here is a link that talks about Obama's lies and about the Keystone pipeline that I think many Tea party members my enjoy watching. I know I did. It shows the real true side and lies of Obama which I want to see him…
Apr 7, 2012
Doug Richards commented on Marcia Wood's blog post Patriots – Never Let A Crisis Go to Waste
"I think a New Party is a good idea and I think a good name for it would be "The Constitution Party"...........JMHO"
Apr 6, 2012