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  • Grace, I live in Tucson, Arizona.  The weather is great most of the time, no shoveling snow except in the mountains and I doubt anything will happen here with regards to guns.  Maricopa County has Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  It's a big county with Phoenix at the center. 

  •  Do not ever forget that we Veterans are here to stay and we are Ready, Willing and Able to "Stand Our Ground" please relay my challenge to Van Jones that pathetic woosie and Commie that I will gladly take him out to the Wood Shed and teach him some well needed manners as he just insulted all American Veterans and Patriotic citizens with his proverbial rants.

  • Grace, Aha! Another fine American patriot enters our Tea Party Veteran freight train. Glad to have you here Grace. your comrade Roland

  •  In the following comment you refer to G-d's mercy and G-d can trun this around.  My question to you is if you can't wright God's name without fear of ofending someone, how do you think he will answer this????

    Comment by Grace Polaris3 hours ago

    We must get on our hands and knee's and pray for G-d's mercy and help as only an act of G-d can turn this around...

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