America Becoming A Sick Animal Reserve

Will America remain a civilized nation or become a sick animal reserve? 9499800460?profile=RESIZE_400x

 I am hugely disappointed to see large portions of California, Illinois, New York, Oregon and Washington exhibiting marginal forms of civilization.  The Left Cabal has allowed the level of civilization to deteriorate to that of a third world nation.

Like most of you, I have seen a bit of what is going on in San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, New York and Seattle.  Seeing it on television and seeing it in person is dramatically different.  Video bites just don’t demonstrate the level of degradation that real life does.   

If Americans don’t demand civilized behavior, our civilization is doomed!

I learned that when in the wild, the first rule of human behavior is not to feed the wild animals.

Feeding wild animals has several consequences that are bad for the animals and bad for humans.  If life gets too easy, the animals look for the easy way of life and lose the ability to fend for themselves in the wild.  Human food, more often than not, is not good animal food.  When wild animals become too used to being around humans, they appear warm and cuddly until they are not.  When animals revert to nature, often humans are injured or killed.  The law of unintended consequences strikes again.

Human beings are subject to the same basic behavioral characteristics as wild animals.  When life is too easy, humans lose their ability and/or willingness to conform to civilized standards of behavior.  We see this all over America and particularly in Liberal controlled cities and State.  Well-intentioned people provide food, some services, and even money to panhandlers.  Some of these third world mimicking Americans throw up cardboard or a tarp shelter, and even some pretty nice tents to set up house on public lands.  Then the uncivilized behavior starts to exhibit itself.  Their trash gets thrown outside their shelter, and their toilet is any convenient spot they choose.  Public health is destroyed and replaced with filthy sick animal behavior. Only sick animals desecrate on their food and sleep in their mess.

In Missoula, Montana and other States there is a severe shortage of people willing to work. All levels of restaurants, fast food and otherwise, can’t find enough help to stay open traditional hours, even when offering $15.00 an hour.  Restaurants are not the only businesses needing help.  By the same token, panhandling is thriving and the “homeless” are living satisfactorily. 

What’s wrong with this picture?

The truly sad thing is that too many Americans are enabling this behavior and too many more are simply holding their nose and remaining silent.  We are on a slippery slope that will not lead to a good result.  The time has come to hold every citizen’s feet to the fire.  Those capable of working should work.  Those with mental or physical issues should be in appropriate facilities. 

If Americans don’t demand civilized behavior, our civilization is doomed and will slide beyond 3rd world lifestyle and into filthy sick animal status.

American individual freedom is a great thing to have, until it interferes with other people’s individual freedom. What is happening in America today is endangering other people’s health and freedom. 

Will America remain a civilized nation or descend into a national sick animal reserve?

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  • AND THE COMMUNIST DEMOCRATS with the fearless leader at the helm are importing countless thousands of 3rd world trash into our country each and everyday. We the People are supporting not only ourselves and our families but millions of illegal aliens as well. But we who pay attention know the left has successfully re-tagged illegal aliens as just plain ole harmless IMMIGRANTS the word illegal has been completely dropped by all mainstream media and our representative's in Washington DC (the district of corruption). What is really sad most Americans are not paying attention to what is going on, if they only knew D.C. is robbing them of their money and giving it to 3rd world trash that should not even be here!!!
    America doesn't have a Homeless problem, America has a leadership problem!!!
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