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I believe that we as a nation are weaker with Obama in the White house.

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GreggHoulden posted a blog post
This is amazing.  Even more amazing is that this hasn't been published long before now.Unbelievable, but the speech below was written in 1899... (check Wikipedia - The River War).The attached short speech from Winston Churchill, was delivered by him…
Sep 16, 2014
GreggHoulden posted a blog post
OBAMA PROMISED THAT OBAMACARE WOULDN’T RAISE TAXES ON THE MIDDLE CLASS PROMISE: Obama Promised That He Wouldn’t Raise Taxes On The Middle Class. OBAMA: “I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any…
Apr 5, 2013
GreggHoulden commented on GreggHoulden's blog post The Cyprus the EU and HUGE warning to the US
"Should Spain or Greece or Portugal or even Ireland once again teeter on the brink, will their citizens not fear that they too may get the Cypriot treatment?  Should we be worried that an increasingly desperate Obama, as his tax to spend ratio…"
Mar 18, 2013
GreggHoulden posted a blog post
There are some very frightening aspects to the horrific decline of the Cypriot economy and reputation. I visited the Island almost 15 years ago and even played Rugby against the RAF team based there. It was truly an idyllic, blessed, historic and…
Mar 17, 2013
GreggHoulden commented on Semper vigilo fortis paratus et's blog post Knock Knock, We've come to take your guns, Hand them over and no one gets the Thug treatment.
"I think at this point we have to question if the Police simply removed it to a safe place until the situation is clearer as to the spouses mental state. My neighbor in AZ was asked to take his weapons to a safe location..In his case the local gun…"
Mar 13, 2013
GreggHoulden left a comment on Moderators
"I might be being too sensitive here but is this a little threatening? Reply
by only1way2win 15 minutes ago DeleteIf you dont trust glenn beck,who do you trust,he is all there is left,you better rethink that statement. GLENN BECK IS ALL THERE…"
Mar 13, 2013
GreggHoulden posted a blog post
By Gregg HouldenWe have a huge problem with youth unemployment and as I leave the UK today after a long 2 months. I wanted to share this great idea we should borrow from the Brits. It's not ground shaking innovation its eminently sensible pragmatic…
Mar 11, 2013
GreggHoulden replied to Admin Dee's discussion Members who might be a problem in Moderators
"I think we have to be concerned about Carter Sellman, hes a little schizophrenic in his posts but can be both controversial and disagreeable...http://teapartyorg.ning.com/forum/topic/listForContributor?user=0iq..."
Mar 11, 2013
GreggHoulden left a comment on Moderators
"OK chaps and chapesses I think we need to keep on top of Dee's otherwise excellent "Tomorrow You will be Betrayed by these Two Men" It's getting testy and some of the comments are again close to Threatening an elected official as Terri jumped on!…"
Mar 10, 2013

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  • When you learn to speak American you will not be so confused. Jumper
  • Rather than pundits and personalities broadcasting their wonderment about the insane actions of Obama and his hacks, we need to spread actions to take against this marxist to stop, slow down or thwart his intent.  We need to demand of this weak congress, specific actions to tie up and head off any plans of this regime.  We pay them to represent.....now its time to flood them with what they plan to do to stop this psychopath.  We need them to "unfund" Obama's destructive spending.  Who gave Obama the checkbook....open ended.  As if he only is deciding what is spent.  Congress needs to indict for contempt, investigate and otherwise tie up Obama's czars, appointees.  They need to threaten arrest, trial and any options in their power to throw roadblocks to stop these criminals from further damage.  As for citizens, we need to defy unconstitutional rules and edicts from this tyrant.  Do not provide them correct info, tie up their administrative nazis with b.s., incomplete info, illegible data, file constant complaints, grind down their machinery to a halt.......until they are finally gone......to see if we can recover from this disaster.

  • Hi Gregg!

    Thank you kindly for accepting my friend request. :-) Sorry about the "English" thing! ;->


    Jim :-)

  • I am not on twiitter, facebook etc. I joined tea party community but do not have the time to participate much.

  • I am very concerned complex government bureaucracy makes it extremely difficult to remain vigilant to all attacks. We need to simplify our government by first focusing on our Constitution & Amendments. I am so thankful & elated Senator Rand Paul filibustered this past week confronting Eric Holder & Obama on the absolute fact the President does not have the authority to fire on American citizens on American soil not in involved in combat. This & our other constitutional rights needs to be spoken about on a regular basis in all daily activity with neighbors, friends & acquaintances in public & private. These topics need to be discussed & explained repeatedly in daily training of our children. The democrats & socialists do this repetitiously through our public schools & universities. Your & my taxes are paying for them to indoctrinate our children. I am also very aware of the NEA implementing the past 50 yrs a gradual integration into all subjects taught in public schools & universities, teaching & training our children to become socialist. In Austin, Texas an elementary school class teacher told the children to draw & create a socialist flag appropriate to fly over our country as each item on a socialist flag symbolizes something specific. One of our Texas judges expressed his disagreement over this during a court case. Why not teach our children the importance of each symbol on our United States & Texas flags? This denigration by deliberate intent of our own country & state is outrageous! This is only one instance of public schools throughout the nation training our children to be socialist in thought & view. It is integrated into the math ciricula; into every subject period. In a math problem the question was phrased not how many some one had but how many should the person give to the person who had the least. This very far removed from teaching math facts. Our history books, which should be statements of facts are revised to exclude many important facts. We can only secure the accurate information by researching the original documents & original texts. There is a multifaceted attack to destroy the Constitutional rights of every United States citizen. We are a great nation because we began the nation as a Christian nation; not any other religion. And because we adhered to Christian morality & behavior. This does not mean we did not make mistakes but it does mean overall we followed God's principles & He blessed us with this country and its freedoms. One of the reasons the United States broke away from England was the judicial branch was over extending its authority & establishing laws. Does that sound familiar? Right now in our country this is happening every day. As a homemaker & mother I am re-teaching the accurate information to counter public school error taught to my children every day. When I was working I found myself speaking up & re-teaching ever so gently & graciously many of my younger & not so young co-workers every day. The battlefronts are numerous. We need our parents to serve God & teach each child to serve God. By doing this the country will begin to rebuild the ground we have lost. We need more Senators Rand Pauls, Ted Cruzs, & Jim Cornyns. We need to humble ourselves & pray, turn from our wicked ways & then God will hear us, forgive us for our laziness, poor stewardship of our schools & resources, (the Christians not the unsaved) & heal our land.

  • Gregg,

    Please view this video then I would like your opinion





  • Thanks Greg,

     I always appreciate reading your comments!


  • Thanks so much!  You are greatly appreciated as well ;)

  • HI Gregg,

    patriotic welcome



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