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November 21

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Is President Trump keeping his campaign promises?

yes; I am able to write letters or notes of encouragement. I don't know of any other task that would help.

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Holly Campbell commented on Michael J. Fell's blog post Lady Liberty
"I keep wondering what is the hold up? Obama should have been removed from presidency long ago."
Mar 17, 2013
Holly Campbell commented on Michael J. Fell's blog post Lady Liberty
"  I understand Mr. Fell's view & there is a lot of truth in this however the moral decline in our nation began many years ago even before the socialist & communist agenda began integration into our educational systems.  Where the Constitution &…"
Mar 17, 2013
Holly Campbell left a comment for Thomas Schuckman
"Thanks for the invite. I hope to participate when I have the time. Seems I have less time these days! Really enjoy the comments read so far. I am newly retired 2/28/13 psychiatric RN from state of Texas. Have upbringing as military kid - father was…"
Mar 15, 2013
Holly Campbell left a comment for GreggHoulden
"I am not on twiitter, facebook etc. I joined tea party community but do not have the time to participate much."
Mar 13, 2013
Holly Campbell left a comment for GreggHoulden
"I am very concerned complex government bureaucracy makes it extremely difficult to remain vigilant to all attacks. We need to simplify our government by first focusing on our Constitution & Amendments. I am so thankful & elated Senator Rand Paul…"
Mar 13, 2013

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  • You are absolutely right about education, public schools.  I have been "ranting" this problem for some time.  The radical left infiltrated the education system a long time ago and know has about 2 generations of brainwashed, or dumbed down citizens.....why else would we have a marxist in the WH twice?  The curriculum is void of anything pertinent or valuable to make the youth self reliant and well rounded on various topics.  After WWII the old soviets sent many "refugees" to the US who landed at our Ivy league colleges to "help" create a generation of socialists......who would eventually become our politicians.....and teachers to filter down to our state colleges and public schools over the last several decades.  This was Kruschev's meaning when he pounded the desk with his shoe and proclaimed "We will bury you"........not by nukes or war.......by infiltrating our schools and society......and they are doing it.....anarchists like Soros and others are the problem......along with hundreds of "hate America " groups from LaRaza, Aztlan, Black Caucus, as well as commie led unions.  All the common sense actions that nations take for their well being......is being ignored, removed and twisted into race baiting or creating distractions.......from illegals, open borders, muslim coddling, expanding welfare to bring down the economic platform and tax base.  Defying logical economics.....ie the mortgage disaster, printing money, needless bailouts, excessive spending on invisible causes, borrowing from China, massive trade imbalance, destruction of the manufacturing base.......are planned actions by this regime to drag down the US. Obama is a blatant racist.......his upbringing, mentoring and now his actions are all directly drain the net assets of seniors, companies..large and small.  He is a criminal......and action is needed.

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