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Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?


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Is America a republic?

Yes - - - My new video verifies this - - - http://www.nagsx.com/wddim.wmv

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Bob Anderson commented on john lillpop's blog post America Cannot Wait Until 2016: Barack Obama Must Go NOW!
"Hold up there John,
As awful as Obama has been,   so far it won't make an impeachable case - - - If Trey's committee comes up with an undeniable case for impeachment,   I will immediately change my position - - - As it stands,   any impeachment…"
May 4, 2014
Bob Anderson posted a blog post
Obma's scandals must be publicized to the nation (Republicans,   Democrats,   everybody) - - - Mainstream media isn't doing their job,   but the Tea Party (collectively) could put "scandals" in the heart and mind of everyone if they sent out a…
Apr 10, 2014
Bob Anderson posted a blog post
I sent the following to every Governor in the nation (looking forward to 50 feeble excuses) - - -70% of Americans don't approve of Government (White House and Congress) - - - Abuse of "Distribution of Powers" is at the forefront of the problem - - -…
Mar 31, 2014
Bob Anderson posted a blog post
Please check out my new music video (posted in 'Videos" - - - currently on page 2) - - - It deals with Benghazi - - - It also reveals what some past presidents have to say about present day "DC",   Obama,   and Obama's people - - - 
Mar 7, 2014
Bob Anderson posted a blog post
I've uploaded this video - - - How do I get it placed in the "Featured Videos" line? - - http://www.nagsx.com/wddim.wmv
Mar 2, 2014

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