He Took His Own Advise!


    • Hahaha! Great!      "I'm from the government I'm here to help!" 

    • Not nice.   One could only hope so for the good of mankind.

  • Should be in front of a firing squad!

    • Absolutely, without question! Make a "public example" of the little commie rat-snake!

  • Where ever faux fauci has gone, I hope he stays there and out of our hair, UNTIL we are ready to arrest him and charge him with genocide - - -or something worse!

  • Where is Fauci?  Unnamed sources confirm he's on vacation in Venezuela and has been de-stressing by burning Chihuahua puppy  testicles with a "Bic" lighter.

    • Confess I do like that concept.

    • That would not surprise me. The man is demented.

  • In my book, Fauci is over-due for the "I" list; indictable!

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