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2481158797?profile=originalSteve Eichler is the President of Tea Party, Inc. and serves on the board of several  prominent Tea Party organizations and is a lifetime Minuteman.

"I Love The Smell Of Hot Tea And Gun Power In The Morning"

“The hour is too dark, the danger too great for division. We must   unite all Grass-root groups into a cohesive and functional force.   The restoration of our beloved nation, the United States of   America, shall be the unifying call to action; anything less will   fragment our hearts resulting in ineffectiveness and Patriotic disintegration.” Steve Eichler – 2010

 The Tea Is Strong! Drink Up Patriot!

“We shall not play; ‘Follow The Leader’, just the opposite. Each   Citizen must become the leader, bearing the weight of   self-governance squarely upon their shoulders, individually and   conjointly. Only then ‘We The People’ can beat back the tyrannical   assaults on our Constitution and baneful attacks against our core beliefs.” Steve Eichler – 2004

 "I support the efforts of all the Tea Party organizations - Tea Party Inc./, Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriots and all the men and women who are protecting our beloved nation." Steve Eichler President of  Tea Party, Inc.


Steve Eichler,  J.D.  -   “America’s Legal Analyst”

  • Graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science Degree.
  • Graduated from American Schools – Studies in Real Estate, Insurance, Financial Services.
  • Graduated from Trinity Law School with a Juris Doctorate in Law.
  • Continued Studies in International Law beyond the Doctorate Degree.
  • Member of the International Bar Association.
  • Life member of Delta Theta Phi (ΔΘΦ) professional law fraternity.


 America’s Legal Analyst – Holds the title of Legal Analyst, and is a consultant to Attorneys, Judges, Talk Show Hosts and Authors.  Recognized for the analysis of the Constitution, Statutory Regulation,  Black Letter Law and the review of Public Policy.  Heard weekly on Nationally Syndicated radio shows as ‘America’s Legal Analyst’

Founded  several very successful companies from 1974 to 1994. Including a General Construction Company, Import/Export Company, Financial Service Firm, facilitated over 250 brokers and agents.  Founded and operated a personal consulting firm for business and marketing development. Specializing in the formation, funding and management of Nonprofit organizations.    


  •     Regional Champion for Toastmasters International.
  •      Author of the book: From Rags To Royalty.
  •      Author of the book: Last Chance For Liberty. 
  •      Lifetime Minuteman
  •      C.E.O. – TeaParty.Org
  •      Founder – Tea Party, Inc.
  •      Chairman - State Department Watch
  •      Command Center Founder 48,000 Tea Party Bloggers.
  •      Directed  Minuteman Watches on U.S./Mexican border.
  •      Has toured Europe, Canada and is Pro-Israel.
  •      Lecturer/Writer – Constitution, Immigration
  •      Member in good standing International Bar Association
  •      International Bar Association - Dispute Resolution Committee,          Arbitration Committee, Mediation Committee 
  •      Senior Lawyers Committee - Good Standing
  •      President and Founder of: Tea Party Super PAC377727832?profile=original


          Articles published on: Canada Free Press, World Net Daily, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and others. Steve is heard weekly on several Nationally Syndicated Radio Shows.      

It is my turn to save our beloved nation. We owe our founders and future generations our best.                 

“When  a free Republic surrenders the responsibly of self governance to a bureaucracy, totalitarianism results.”          Steve Eichler J.D.     

“If   WE THE PEOPLE wish to retain our freedom we must hold tight to the U.S. Constitution, for once it slips from our fingers, lost forever.”    Steve Eichler J.D.             

    We owe future generations a great nation, not a sorry nation.  If we don’t fix our problems now, our children will inherit a 3rd world country called; The Sorry United States of Nowhere.”   Steve Eichler – 2012

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Newport Beach, CA

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Steve Eichler posted a blog post
Oct 30
Steve Eichler replied to Albert R Fromberger's discussion WHAT IS KILLING THE PEOPLE ????
"I think Covit, winter and mass illegal immigration is the reason.
1.The weather in UK & Germany now is moving to winter.
2. Also, the reporting may be better than the curpt US media so the numbers will be higher. 
3. Furthermore, the death rate…"
Oct 27
Steve Eichler replied to Admin Dee's discussion What if it’s NOT a supply chain problem?
"If it would be a Communist plot, then the Govt would have stepped in and seized the products and then 'redistributed' them to the masses. of course, all in the name of the greater good. Then they can claim they are protecting the 'working man'…"
Oct 7
Steve Eichler replied to Admin Dee's discussion What if it’s NOT a supply chain problem?
"Perishables do take priority, because the loss factor is too high, however most of the ship in Long Beach Ca. are bring products from China not food stuffs from Mexico.  "
Oct 7
Steve Eichler replied to Admin Dee's discussion What if it’s NOT a supply chain problem?
"I agree with your point, but once again inflation means the manufacturers will pass their cost on to the end user. This time all they have to do is slow down delivery and then they can raise prices on products they already paid for with slightly…"
Oct 7
Steve Eichler commented on USA 4ME's blog post Oh By The Way F*CK THE U.N. 
"Rock On!"
Oct 7
Steve Eichler replied to Admin Dee's discussion What if it’s NOT a supply chain problem?
"HI everyone, I live in SoCal and can see the Long Beach harbor. There are probably 200 ships waiting a few miles out, but why? 
Covit created massive shortages and the stock yards are full. Next cargo containers must be opened and then distributed…"
Oct 7
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Oct 7
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