America Unglued – What Will Happen?

America Unglued – What Will Happen?

What if the Dems hijack the election process in November and retained power?

Without a doubt they cheated! They used vote mules, ballot box stuffers, thousands of dead and nonexistent people and illegal aliens voting and unquestionably hijacked the complete election process to win.

Do you think America will become ‘unglued’ and if so, what will happen?


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  • The MULES ARE LINING UP for November.   They will steal this election just as they did 2020 AND NOBODY WILL EVEN WHISPER A COMPLAINT.

    America has a few awake that gripe and moan about the theft and a lot more that insist that PRAYER WILL TURN IT ALL AROUND,   Well, maybe it's time to CRANK UP THE PRAYERS.   So far, God has seen fit to leave it up to the praying masses.   MAYBE THE PRAYERS AREN'T STRONG ENOUGH?   OR LOUD ENOUGH? Maybe God believes that those he created should be using what he gave them to turn it around themselves.  You know, their BRAINS, COMMON SENSE, AND THEIR BODIES,   Why would he give them and not expect us to use them?

    We're not OUR FOREFATHER'S DNA any longer.   None of this COMMUNISM would have been tolerated for a minute, forget a year and a half of hiding.  

    • ADMIN

      The Dems are nothing more than Neo-Confederates. They lost the Civil War and their slaves, now they are using existing systems (like cheating) to turn their defeat into a win from the Civil War. It is no longer the 'South' but everywhere the Neo-Confederates will turn their loss into a complete nationwide victory which will enslave us all, unless We The People stop them. 

    • Really?

      I fail to see the logic in that saga.

      The dem party has been replaced in place by COMMUNISTS.   Their goal is to DESTROY THE USA.  That was 0blabla's intent which he failed to complete.  The intent was for Killery to finish that chore.    That failed and so 2000 MULES aka JACKASSES STOLE the election and doing everything possible with 0blabla in his 3rd term one arm firmly up BiteMe's behind directing every action.

      WAKE UP AND WAKE UP FAST or the USA as we have known her is all over.

      What you are saying IMHO is way off the wall.

    • Are you saying the southerners are the communists? I'm not sure I understand your comment, what does any of this have to do with the slaves, Civil War? The cheating is taking place in many states, not just the south, but East to west coast all through the north.

  • Venezuela timeline 

    1992- Became the 3rd richest country in the Southern Hemisphere. 

    1997- Became the 2nd largest purchaser of F-150 American jet fighters. 

    2001- Voted for their first Socialist president under ‘Income Inequality’. 

                               (This is where we are now). 

    2007- All higher learning became ‘Free’. 

    2009- Socialist banned ALL ownership of privately owned guns. 

    2012- Bernie Sanders praised their ‘American Dream’. 

    2014- Opposition leaders are imprisoned. 

    2016- Food/ Healthcare shortage became country wide. 

    2017- Their Constitution and all elections was suspended. 

    2019- Unarmed citizens massacred by their own Government. 

             (This is also the time line of the Nazi regime, 1933- 1945). 


      It took just one generation of progressive leadership to plunge that country into Civil caucus that they will never get out of. If you can’t see this coming here, you’re a fool! 



    • The 'Income Inequality" has been tried in several major Democrat Ran Cities in the late 1960's and early 1970's, it was named 'Income Maintance' I worked for that group 'GARY INCOME MAINTANCE', Gary, Indiana. You can go on-line and see the results. (it did NOT help the People in need, but sure helped the leaders running this group)

  • I hear more to come.  I am hoping for punishments all the way to the top.  Joe told us on youtube that he and barack had created the best voter fraud system ever.  We see the results, now it is time for punishments.

    • It is coming.

    • ADMIN

      I'm Waiting............

    • AMEN


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