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Boris Badinov posted a discussion in Florida
May 9, 2012
Boris Badinov left a comment for josh conway
"I am a member of the Florida group.  I am going to vote against Sen. Bill Nelson and I already voted in the GOP primary.  I even changed my party affiliation from Libertarian to Republican just for the 2012 election."
Feb 28, 2012
Boris Badinov posted a blog post
Feb 15, 2012
Boris Badinov left a comment on Florida
"Read the following folks.  This is history in the making.
Jan 31, 2012
Boris Badinov commented on Albert R Fromberger's blog post ALERT ~ THIS IS NO GAME ~ THE CONSTITUTION AND YOUR CIVIL RIGHTS !!
"Wilson, FDR, Truman, LBJ, Clinton, Carter, Clinton, etc. have all been guilty of shredding the Constitution.
The Dept of Education has been dumbing down the American student since 1964.
Today teachers tell their students that America is a…"
Jan 18, 2012
Boris Badinov left a comment on Florida
"Vicky King,
Ron Paul simply want the government to start following the Constitution.
A great many of our Founders were not Christians, but were Deists.
Paul is correct about the cause of 9/11.  The Wahhabi Muslims saw our presence in Saudi Arabia as…"
Jan 11, 2012
Boris Badinov commented on Tea Party Founder's blog post Tea Party Plan to End the Debt Crisis
"A consumer tax on NEW goods only.  Used items would not be taxed.  I think a 10% tax would be very fair.  With deductions I'm paying about 2% in Income taxes."
Aug 12, 2011
Boris Badinov left a comment on Florida
"Leah, a minor bit of info.  The Nazi movement and Fascist movement were both socialist.  How can you possibly join dictatorial socialism with Islam?"
Aug 6, 2011

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  • Dear Boris:

    I am honored-thanks for the invite. 

    Have a great day.

    God Bless-Keep The Faith.

    Semper Fi!


  • I am sending you a message on behalf of Donna Rogers Florida state Director for the Tea Party Command Center.  The only way we are going to save our Republic is to take back the power and authority the federal government was never intended to have in the first place and restore it back to the states. Therefore, please take the time:


      1.            Add Donna Rogers as your friend.

      2.            Register under the Florida group so you can get timely action alerts impacting our state. You go to the main tool bar and put your cursor under the groups title and you should see states groups appear.  Click on the state group link and register under the Florida group please.

    If you need help please contact Josh Conway at conway072002@yahoo.com. Thank you we need your help for the state of Florida desperately.

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