• Very disappointing... getting to be a constant stream of disappointments on the conservative voice ... betrayal after betrayal... makes one ask why and what's behind it. 

    • The deep state is just too entrenched. That's all there is to it. It might be hopeless......

  • God bless General Flynn and President Donald J. Trump and all the people that are letting us know what has been going on around the whole!

    • Judith, I am grateful to Trump just like you are. Without his honesty we and the world would not know that the US is closer to a failed state than to a free country. In the US we can't trust the elections, the courts, law enforcement, and most government agencies and departments.

    • agree

  • General Flynn, Sir Thank You for Your Service For This Country!!! I will apolize For The Unjust Action of The Obama Administration-!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, Yourself and Your Family-!!!

    • I 2nd this!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes!  I can't swallow any option where Trump would leave our country to be led mostly by criminals and traitors, and I hope Trump remains until he can't do the job anymore, I think presidential elections are putting our country through a very dangerous roller coaster especially lately (if Trump Republicans don't stop a two party system, democrats will).

    • Oleg, it would be great if Trump could be president for life and groom Don Jr, who could then take over from his father. This would surely safe our republic,  our Constitution, our freedom and liberties. 

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