4063707026?profile=original  Sarah Palin Returns to Fox News as Conservative Tea Party Champion and movement leader

With the stroke of a pen, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin returns to Fox News as a contributor while liberal bombast Chris Matthews of MSNBC loses his weekend syndicated show in July. Does this spell the resurrection of the political street bona fides of Palin who has been a lightning rod for conservatives and the national Tea Party movement since its inception?

What seems clear is that Roger Ailes, the chairman of Fox News has reached a conclusion that the scandal beleaguered administration of President Barack Obama is fair pickings for conservatives. And what better conservative to have on your news team than Sarah Palin who has done considerable heavy lifting for the conservative movement since Obama took the oath of office as president in 2009.

This is especially critical when one considers that the upcoming mid-term elections of 2014 are rife for the political pickings in terms of governorships, the U.S. Senate and increases in the GOP House majority.

Examine the landscape of the world of politics now where the polls are pointing toward a downward slide regarding Obama’s favorability and a notable upward surge in the public’s rejection of Obama’s handling of Benghazi, the IRS attack on Tea Party organizations’ First Amendment rights and spying on journalists.

The surge in public outrage has changed dramatically since Obama’s reelection when he cobbled together a number of key state victories with Chicago style political strong arming that would make dishonored former President Richard Nixon blush. Yet, while America was having its news hijacked by a compliant mainstream media, Sarah Palin remained on the forefront using their own vehicles to communicate the cracks in Obama’s administration armor.

You remember Benghazi, the murder of four honorable Americans, including America’s Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens scandal that would not go away? The investigation by the House Republicans continued to peel back the wall of lies constructed by the White House and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice under the direction of unnamed State Department and White House officials.

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  • I say give her support, but be aware there is plenty of other work to be done. Once she's back in the media her credibility may be reduced to SNL punditry. 

  • the Tea Party "has a bad name" only because the left's propaganda has been so effective. No matter, Tea Party people represent the backbone of this country and we need not be defensive.  Sarah Palin represents what is good about America, and she's willing to stand up and take the heat for her beliefs - and ours.  Think about this:  were God Himself to come back to earth in human form and run for president, He would have millions of enemies.  While nobody here on earth is perfect, at least Sarah Palin has the faith and the respect for the Constitution that will make her a great leader no matter where she chooses to exercise her influence.  Hope it's in 2016! 


    It will help.  We need clarity for the Republican party.  I am so worried because the Tea Party has a bad name....why.. I tell everyone we consist of Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents concerned citizens.  We want smaller government, we want to bring back common sense in the government..Sarah Pain represents us.

  • She expresses the ideas so plainly that I believe she helps...

    Plus, she drives the left CRAZY & thats an added bonus!

  • She has experience as Gov. in charge of the AK National Guard, so she could organize a good Army in a heart beat!  She can't be bought either.

  • Perhaps Sarah Palin can organize the Tea Party for offensive plays.

  • Welcome Back... Please help stop Obama from turning our nation into "The United States of Amexica".

    We love you Sarah!  You are truly one of us Patriots!

  • May God bless Sarah Palin and protect her and her family; she know what she is in for and she is brave enough to face it.  Her return will help the Tea Party AND America, if people will just listen to what she says instead of "badmouthing" her!

  • This is a good thing! She brings intelligence and common sense along beside her! Something truly missing in today's media!!!!!

  • If Sarah helps the Tea Party is probably up to Sarah, she apparently left Fox over a money dispute not over principles. Ailes and Fox are not pro Tea Party Murdock is totally against what we stand for and FOX IS NOT OUR FRIEND.  Our hope is with the new news service  starting July 4th America News One

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