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September 4

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Haroldl10 replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Mega Thread Reveals Where CoVid-19 Money in Democrat House Bill Goes..and YOU aren't included
"The big problem is he is sending our chilren's tax dollars out also and probably their children's also. "
Feb 20, 2021
Haroldl10 replied to Admin Dee's discussion Sarah Palin eyed as Murkowski primary challenger after impeachment vote
"I was very unhappy that Trump ignored her after he was elected as he did many TRUE supporters, and another bigproblem was his lack of support for his true allies such as Rep Steve King of  Iowa a victum of pathetic Cheney and rino swampers. His…"
Feb 20, 2021
Haroldl10 replied to Admin Dee's discussion Sen. Thune Equates Primaries Against Republican Senators Who Voted to Convict Trump to Cancel Culture
"As a South Dakota resident I have been railing against Thune since before the Bush-Rove amnesty attempt in the second year of the Bush debacle, hopefully we will get him next time. And also hopefully his partner in crime Rounds will get the message…"
Feb 20, 2021
Haroldl10 replied to Admin Dee's discussion Don Lemon: White Men Denying Systemic Racism Is Essence Of White Entitlement, That Is "Whitemansplaining"
"Half my life I have had to walk on eggs afraid I would say something harmless and a black would take offense and report me, happened a couple of times! and blacks now blame me for racism? Also the same with the females that showed up in formerly…"
Jun 13, 2020

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