The number of ways you can be shown as confirmation of the antithesis occurred in this nation would provide enough material for an encyclopedia of examples. While the facts remain, all of these actions are most easily identified as the diametric opposite of the philosophy, the ideals, and the principles of this nation’s design.

Where do we begin? What is the first identifier that would confirm this reality?

Is it that in this nation are populous, our (?citizens?) have no idea of what the foundations of this nation are? Could it be that we have reached some place in our history that too many of this nation only claim to being an American is some paper confirming their citizenship? While in reality, the reality is, they have no more idea of this nation than the rest of the world.

There is no more obvious example of just how far this strategy has advanced the statement of our current president on the Lyndon Johnston and the anti-American legislation of civil rights. Obama made these comments on LBJ's civil rights laws of the 1960’s. Stating, ‘are a foundation’ for the future, ‘we cannot be complacent.’ He urged younger Americans to recognize that civil rights is more than a law, that ‘our rights, our freedoms are not given, they must be won.’

In my life, I do not believe I have ever heard anyone make a statement that is complete antithesis of what this nation is. Why is it not obvious that this man is completely clueless of any knowledge of the wonder of this marvelous nation? How can anyone who has lived in this nation…even if gaining citizenship, not knowing this nation…ever conclude such a conclusion that is opposite of this nation's foundation?

Everything that explains the philosophy, the ideals, and the principles on which this nation is founded can be found in this little refrain of the Declaration of Independence. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

Who cannot identify that the statement, ‘our rights, our freedoms are not given, they must be won’ is not the direct antithesis of what our nation’s evaluation of rights, where they come from, and why—rights—are applied to all men as equal? Our rights are the only things we know of that are actually free—given by our creator—at our birth. It is not the duty, it is not the responsibility, and it is not even suggested that government…either has the design too, or the authorization of…creating rights—civil rights—as their duties or responsibilities. 

What could be more obvious? Is it not that civil rights, are the antithesis of endowed rights? Are not endowed rights, given to all men, thus preserving that all men are equal? Is it not also obvious that if the government—in advancing some inequality of condition, insuring men are not equal—by some ‘relativism—of fundamentally transforming’—is not the exact antithesis, the opposite of the philosophy of this nation? If not, what is there that is hiding this obvious reality from anyone’s reason?

Our current…Mea Maxima Culpa, the president, our greatest mistake…for the first time in his presidency said the first thing I’ve hear, which was fact and truth.

“Because of the civil rights movement, because of the laws President Johnson signed, new doors of opportunity and education swung open for everybody…’  “They swung open for you, and they swung open for me. And that’s why I’m standing here today — because of those efforts, because of that legacy”

There are no clearing or accurate words this absolute incompetent individual could possibly make that is fact. He never earned anything he ever was—because of civil right, being a foreign student, and most of all, because he was black—qualified to have…if he would have been treated ‘EQUAL’ and been as all other, forced to compete for whatever he applied ever advanced.  

I’ve not read the book, but there is only one quote of his rendering, ‘I dreamt I had a father,’ one must remember. ‘I chose the race of black, for the other held no advantage.’ By his own volition, he confirms, I did not, cannot, nor am able to be an American as all others. I can only be functional in this society, if and only if, the tragedy of civil rights, evaluating me—as I’m black—above others to compete.

It is the exact identification that all of this insanity of civil right advances. If you are an American, and if you can reason, and you do not see that the government advancing civil rights, is identical to the King, the lord of the manner, dictating the social structure of society—then you are incorrigible. So propagandized in false ideology it is your mantra—and you accept this false dogma without thought, reason, or logic.

There are few things ever passed in this nation—as legislation, resulting in laws—that are as anti-American in principle as any concepts ever conceived from the mind of man. The philosophy of this nation is so simple, that to apply the rubric of how it would be administered needed only approximately 3,500 words, in such…The Articles of Confederation…not only legislated every intrusion that nation federal government would have. It dealt with, and explained why little things such as courts, confirmation that national government is required to be, and will remain subservient to the control and political design and power, of the states, who will remain—with total sovereignty—independent. There are those who say this design this wonder, was insufficient to have the power federal government must have. If there ever was a greater lie, a falsehood, or a convoluted illusion proposed to the citizens of this nation—I challenge anyone to either show it, explain it, or justify it.

This nation has a problem in the knowledge of the citizens in accepting the false ideologies of others, while never stopping—considering—or even engaging their mental processing to contemplate the reality of the fallacy of our current political  oBOMBination.

The genesis of this man—simply he’s black. What nation in the literate history of mankind can even comprehend such a ridiculous reason, such insanity, to elect anyone as a government administrator? It is the most irrational, unreasonable, and incomprehensible decision ever of any society every known.

Why, there is a reason. Do you know why, can you explain why, do you know the reason why, this nation ever by the actions of those who made this decision, did so? Here is the saddest evaluation, my postulate…my simple objective conclusion…of those who voted for, and those who didn’t vote did so determining this result. My conclusion didn’t come easily, for the subterfuge of all the reason, the whys, have some validity—but nothing, nothing even suggested or explained can even come close to any rational reasoning of this absolute national tragedy.

Perhaps I’m retarded in my reasoning. For in my life, I look only at whatever I analyze from the simple reasoning of cause and effect. It is the same as everything as an example in the Bible, that record of the mistakes of man, that man is a sinner, and that man’s driver for everything he does, is driven by self-interest and self-interest alone. Man must have something in it for himself in order to do what he does. In the record of all there is; there is no example of anyone, any man—except for so few, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand—that did for others over their own interest. In the history of mankind, there is only one organization that came closest to this idealism as a political entity. Those who wrote our Declaration of Independence, who constructed the Articles of Confederation, in the whole history of man, created ideals, based on philosophy—principles—that are the conclusion of man’s dreams since the beginning records of recorded time.

As a society, we hear those who are in opposition make reference that those who voted for this absolute disgrace did so because of the ‘candy,’ the theft of stealing from others to ‘redistribute’ to them.

It has some feasibility. There is some logical reasoning, some insight, and some rational conception attitude that would make this possibility a consideration. There is one factor being ignored, and not considered, which destroys the whole fallacy of the presentation. For the reality is, as much as we’d like to think those identified in the Articles of Confederation…that had no protections of citizenship…identified as paupers, vagabonds, and fugitives, incidentally the exact voting constituency those who would destroy this nation cultivate…were not allowed to vote.    

This is the reality; this nation’s direction is based on one ideology and one ideology only. It is simple for it refutes everything that civilized society advances. It is the ideology of the nihilist, based on the antitheism of the design specific for this nation’s destruction. It has been so successful, that today we don’t even recognize those who elected…and the reasons they did…this absolute disgraceful interlude of this nation’s history.

For this reprobate was elected by—those white Americans who in some irrational incomprehensible decided that a proven incompetent, a proven communist, proven islamist, proven to reject and disregard every concept of this nation—electorate that had enough. They had enough of a political party that has lied, to them, rejected the foundations of this nation, refuted the enumerations of our society, advanced the inequality of legislation, and legal jurist prudence, ignoring the American foundations and values. A disgrace that can only be blamed on the Republican Party, not the institutionalized paupers, not the vagabonds, who are also the fugitives breaking our laws with illegal entry into this nation, not the illegals of criminal activity—advancing voter illegality—and promoting election fraud.    

The largest voting bloc in this nation is—white people who, though eligible, don’t vote—resulting in the reality, though we are not, nor ever were designed to be the worse form of government ever envisioned…damn-o-crazy…using the mistake of universal suffrage, another catastrophe, allow the rule of the ‘mob, of the minority,’ majority. Strangely, this is the exact scenario that allowed Lenin to declare his minority party the majority—though he had to prevent them, the majority, from voting—which was complete fabrication.

Proof of the postulate that it is antitheism electing the mistakes we are experiencing.

When this reprobate was brought upon the political scene, who was the candidate front-runner for those advocating the ‘progression’ away from American philosophical idealism? They advanced a woman, not a Golda Meir, not a Margaret Thatcher, but one who had a record of American nihilism without one example of ever providing, advocating, or advancing any American idealism. One who had matriculated under the tutelage of Saul Alinsky, advancing cultural communism of Antonio Gramsci—and who had said, ‘I can effect more change from inside government than outside.’ The mirrored retort of our current debacle, that using government to dictate society is acceptable! If there was the total diametric opposite of this nation, this concept is that.

She insulted the very foundations of this nation. She was the antithesis of every concept of the American idealism, American philosophy, and American principles existing from the day of our…nations…creation.

Yet when along came Barack, she was discarded like an old shoe. Did you ever stop and ask why? Why did this absolute reprobate of a—perhaps human being—rise like a shooting star in the adulation of those advancing their nihilism, their ‘fundamental—not transformation, but destruction’—of our form of government, and our nation’s philosophical principles?

Is it not the obvious hypothesis, he was actually a greater antithesis, the anti-everything American in one package. He represented the ultimate denigration of the culture, ethnicity, mores, morals, and definitely the religion of this nation! The perfect antithesis of those advancing disparage of this nation’s wonder, its idealism, and its exceptionalism!

The examples are numerous. The dementia of islam is the antithesis of the concept of religion, and the theology of Christianity. Communism is the antithesis of our form of governance based on individual liberty, and government protecting that liberty. Atheism is the antithesis of civilization, refuting the simple reality that man is more than animal. Slavery, totalitarian sovereignty of government over man, is the antithesis of a nation of liberty, preserving freedom.  

To go on can be continued by anyone who has the minimum of knowledge of this nation. We live in, and are blessed to have a nation of such wonder. We forget that the words left us by Thomas Jefferson are as true today as the day he spoke them, ‘eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.’ It is not those who would destroy this nation that allow us any relief; allow us exception; or excuse our actions from preventing the tragedy this nation is facing. The enemy, the real enemy is not our perceived enemies, our enemy is our own innocence, our own naivety, and of not identifying that antitheism is the tool of the enemy. It is our lack of realizing that reality, has allowed those who destroy this wonder, to bypass our vigilance…if it existed…advancing their agenda resulting in the—fundamentally transformation of this nation.             

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  • Your question: "Is it that in this nation are populous, our (?citizens?) have no idea of what the foundations of this nation are?"

    Answer:  This ignorance is generated in the school system and the media.  I call it Mis-Education.  Shut down the Dept. of Education and give control of the school systems back to the states.  It was the states that established the Federal Government and it long past the time for the states to take back control of this countries destiny.  Avoid the major media...avoid their brainwashing BS.  Eventually they will go out of business.  Patronize the honest media even though they may be scarce these days.

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