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February 10

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


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Dan Short posted a blog post
Plagiarizing this quote from Margaret Thatcher – who challenged the legislation of the British Parliament – concerning this condition, is not this same question needing answer in this nation? Today the separation of wealth is exponentially…
Jun 1, 2015
Dan Short posted a blog post
Our nation, this nation, this group of states in America, initiated a legislative law, that is in abject diametric opposition to this American idealism of all men are equal. It is the legislation from the Pandora’s Box of allowing civil rights – not…
Apr 17, 2015
Dan Short posted a blog post
Writing to create some solid foundations for what I find of validity, having some basis of fact, and to synthesize what is known as comparative to our current scenario, is this not what all – all who love, who bleed Red, White, and Blue – should not…
Apr 16, 2015
Dan Short posted a blog post
Dow closes at record high! – The leaders of the five BRICKS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have signed a deal to create a new $100bn development bank and emergency reserve fund.   The Dow rose 77.52 points, to 17,138.20The…
Jul 20, 2014
Dan Short posted a blog post
As we celebrate the day of this nation’s birth, when we recognize that event of the American declarative, we reject the rule of others, and accept it upon our own citizens. Was this a remarkable event? No, it was more than remarkable; it was the…
Jul 3, 2014
Dan Short posted a blog post
Who could possibly view this nation differently than as identified by our Nation’s father, in a letter to Lafayette – what we have created can only be described as a miracle! Today not only do not the citizens not comprehend that reality, they seem…
Jul 2, 2014
Dan Short commented on Admin Dee's blog post Liberal Blogger: If Ben Carson Runs for President, He'll Play the Role of 'Black Avenger for White Self-Pity'
"Qualifications, qualifications, how can anyone anywhere for any reason every ever even consider such a comment as qualifications after the nihilism and incompetence of our current Mea Maxima Culpa, this nation’s greatest mistake.
We are in some…"
May 18, 2014
Dan Short posted a blog post
The number of ways you can be shown as confirmation of the antithesis occurred in this nation would provide enough material for an encyclopedia of examples. While the facts remain, all of these actions are most easily identified as the diametric…
Apr 19, 2014
Dan Short posted a blog post
 On the other hand, could it be the mental atrophy, seemingly unabated, continuing on this same path?Is there any proof needed to confirm that our atrophy—this absolute illogical irrational reasoning—of our society and the individuals…the citizens…
Apr 18, 2014
Dan Short posted a blog post
Does this question not resonate whenever one thinks of the ‘debauchery’ that has occurred to the American dollar by government design. ‘Why is Bernie Madoff incarcerated, while the administration, the congress, and the bureaucracy that is their…
Apr 16, 2014
Dan Short posted a blog post
What has happened that those who live in this nation of wonder have forgotten that as Americans it is our wonder that creates that miracle?As most of us wake up I the morning, read the news, and check outside to insure that by some magical…
Jan 28, 2014
Dan Short posted a blog post
What a New Year, yet can we not wonder this simple question. Is this the end?Could there be more of a premise to the future of this nation than our present condition? Are we as a nation not in the same irony of the end of civilization before? The…
Jan 5, 2014
Dan Short posted a blog post
In the ethnicity of our nation’s history, the song, ‘The World Turned Upside Down,’ is included! Is it not perhaps time, our nation revisits and rewords this ballad for who we are today?One remarkable event in this nation’s history we acknowledge is…
Dec 10, 2013
Dan Short posted a blog post
Has the hypothesis of evolution been confirmed? Is man today nothing but identified as not Homo sapiens, but more correctly identified as Homo obliviosus? Our use of Latin to identify the stages that some men hypothesize man in his journey of…
Dec 9, 2013
Dan Short posted a blog post
To stop and contemplate this reality; the Democratic Party with this simple foundation advances the communist ideology; ‘all men are victims?’ This accomplished with passing legislation and laws that insure and perpetuate the simple communist…
Dec 8, 2013
Dan Short posted a blog post
Attempting to explain the difference between the society we are, a republic, and the illusion that so many think we are, a democracy, this retort was offered to this simple fact. We are a democracy because we have representative government.That…
Dec 4, 2013

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