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Leftist Gov't Officials Discriminate 
Against Chick-fil-A
Thomas Gallatin  
Barr testifies 'spying did occur' on Trump 
campaign, amid reported review of informant's role
by Brooke Singman } ~ Attorney General Bill Barr testified Wednesday that he believes "spying did occur" on the Trump campaign in 201... as he vowed to review the conduct of the FBI's original Russia probe -- and the focus of a related internal review shifted to the role of a key FBI informant. "I think spying did occur. The question is whether it was adequately predicated. … I think it’s my obligation.  Congress is usually very concerned with intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies staying in their proper lane," he testified before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee, while noting that "spying on a political campaign is a big deal." The comments follow a new report that the Justice Department’s internal watchdog also is scrutinizing the role of an FBI informant who contacted members of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, as part of a broader review of the early stages of the Russia investigation. The New York Times reported that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz is looking into informant  Stefan Halper’s work during the Russia probe, as well as his work with the FBI prior to the start of that probe. Halper, an American professor who reportedly is deeply connected with British and American intelligence agencies, has been widely reported as a confidential source for the FBI during the bureau’s original investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. That official counterintelligence operation was opened by then-senior agent Peter Strzok, who has since been fired from the bureau...
Why Democrats Are Messing with Voting Rights
by Veronika Kyrylenko } ~ The right to vote is a cornerstone right that is essential to a well-functioning democracy. This idea was enshrined both in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution and is protected by five separate amendments...
 But every single right comes with responsibilities, and the greater the right, the greater the responsibilities. The outcomes of elections shape a political course for the nation and fundamentally affect the lives of every American. That is why it is so troubling to hear Democrats' fallacious propositions to alter voting rights. Their main idea is to expand voting rights to new population groups. Recently, they proposed to grant voting rights to 16-year-olds. "I myself have always been for lowering the voting age to 16," speaker of the House Nancy Pulosi said.  "I think it's really important to capture kids when they're in high school, when they're interested in all of this, when they're learning about government, to be able to vote." Oh, sure, Nancy — you would like to capture them, all right. Have you ever wondered what the reason is for a long list of age-related legal restrictions? All of them are based on the stages of physical and psychological development of a person, including the natural development of the human brain. Undoubtedly, there are lots of smart teenagers out there scoring sky-high on SATs and ACTs. The fact is, it doesn't matter when it comes to good judgment — it is something they can't excel in yet, because the rational part of the brain isn't fully developed until age 25 or so. Also, recent research has found that adult and teen brains work differently. Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, the brain's rational part. This is the part of the brain that responds to situations with awareness of long-term consequences. Teens process information with the amygdala, which is the emotional part responsible for immediate reactions, including fear and aggression. All of these facts are from the realm of science — something Democrats seem to have declared war on. But I honestly believe that the top Democrats are extremely intelligent people and know exactly what they are doing. Considering a rapid radicalization of the Democratic agenda and overall political style that dismisses basic knowledge of government, economy, and social issues with a simultaneous raise of violent methods of political struggle, American teenagers are undoubtedly a group that Democrats would die to "capture" as the energetic voters — and fighters — that tend to be idealistic and easily manipulated with the emotional arguments that picture a perfect world of a common well-being and absolute kumbaya. Then just point at the enemy who stands between them and the socialist paradise — and the enemy will be torn apart. The "enemy" is easily recognized by the red hat...
4 Big Issues in Attorney General’s First 
Hearing After Getting dirty cop-Mueller Report
zPd3TB3t7eU4tqcaoTq3hhYYjmAuB3YdBB7TcnrUWm-X3SRQwxhnhJXFAzoeQTtEvV-LaumgV6y2EKWB9DJvZwys0_AM-XsmIjyq0QQB4URs2z1dACrGtl6fYG4=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Fred Lucas } ~ The special counsel’s report on Russia’s election meddling will be released with redactions within a week, and the results of a separate probe into alleged Justice Department misconduct... is coming within two months, Attorney General William Barr told a House panel Tuesday. House Democrats, who weren’t happy to hear about redactions in special counsel dirty cop-Robert Mueller’s report, also grilled the attorney general on other issues such as the Justice Department’s position on states’ litigation over scumbag/liar-nObamacare. Barr delivered an opening statement on the Justice Department’s budget priorities, under the purview of the House Appropriations subcommittee. Aside from that, though, there was little talk about fiscal issues. Here’s a look at four big issues that came up during Barr’s first hearing before Congress since dirty cop-Mueller completed his report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, which found no conspiracy between Moscow and Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.
1. FISA Abuse Probe
2. Making the dirty cop-Mueller Report Public  
3. scumbag/liar-nObamacare Lawsuit  
4. Illegal Immigration and Border Enforcement  
Pentagon Awards Almost $1 Billion 
to Build Trump’s Border Wall
by Marissa Martinez } ~  It’s been almost two months since President Donald Trump announced the southern border as a national emergency declaration... On Tuesday, the Defense Department US Army Corps of Engineers publicly announced it had awarded $976 million worth of contracts to two companies in order to build the border wall. The contracts have a completion date of October 2020. LSCO Ltd., a Texas-based company, was awarded a $789 million contract to begin the construction of the wall in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Barnard Construction Company, a Montana-based company, was awarded a $187 million contract for border wall construction in Yuma, Arizona. In New Mexico, the border wall will have a “30-foot bollard fencing and a five-foot anti-climb plate,” according to Lt. Col. Jamie Davis, the spokesperson for the Department of Defense. The Yuma area will have an “18-foot bollard fencing and a five-foot anti-climb plate.” A total of nine companies put in bids for the two contracts. The border wall funding originates from the Pentagon, which does not need Congressional approval to divert funds for these specific projects. In fact, the Pentagon does not even need a national emergency declaration to reprogram the $1 billion from counter narcotics programs. The crisis along the southern border has spiked in the last month alone. In March, there were more than 90,000 illegal immigrants apprehended crossing the border...  
China Rising in the Caribbean
KNvnxCEthF21QyW7Qx80jOWcQahLRLPIuDRti0f6DO8idlwWRcSTgI0NduiltM1QBhqDo5_8mHJd9nAZ79fPUjXhfg=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Gordon G. Chang } ~ There's a "Red Storm Rising" just miles from America's shores. "In point of fact, the entire hemisphere is on fire,"... said Lou Dobbs on his widely watched Fox Business Network show on April 4. "China and Russia are engaging us in almost every quarter in this hemisphere. Russia and China in Venezuela, but China throughout the hemisphere and throughout the Caribbean." Throughout the Caribbean, China's influence is growing fast. Trade and investment have made Beijing a power. Chinese motives are not solely commercial, however, and do not appear benign. We begin on the island of New Providence, in the Bahamas. The Export-Import Bank of China in 2011 extended a $2.45 billion construction loan for the Baha Mar resort, near the capital of Nassau. The project, troubled from the start, is the largest and most expensive in the Caribbean. The project's size is a curiosity, and China's large commitment to the Caribbean is, from an economic viewpoint, intriguing. As Evan Ellis of the U.S. Army War College points out, China, on a per capita basis, has more equity invested in the Caribbean than in the rest of Latin America. This is noteworthy in that the Caribbean has, in comparison to the rest of that region, far fewer natural resources and only a tiny market for Chinese goods. As Ellis told Roll Call, "It really isn't about the market or the materials if you look at the amount that they are investing."...
SHOCKING Israeli Election: 
IT’S BIBI -97% Votes Counted
FJ6w3jyDgGIj24eUptrupxEvqW5UNYMQmVxGmkq0F7FAmkzh8TDspkOgaNaZ9il86cJJfBPc6NRa80WIon4Npjr8nwNpQ293OTqHfvUqpKdRzYoQt5_B6PWm1r2aqf-5ghPVfUJpYyg-eT9dNdPnBpNsfJY=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Jeff Dunetz
/ } ~ About 97% of the votes have been counted. Unless something major happens with the final counted ballots Bibi Netanyahu’s Likud Party will be at worst tied with Blue and White... These results are a shocker, the Blue and White were projected to win big, and if these results hold the Likud-led coalition will be able to grow its size from the 61 seats it presently has to 64 and some pundits are projecting  In other words, Netanyahu will be able to solidify his coalition. And the very last votes to be counted will those from the IDF, generally younger voters. And in this election, the younger voters are going with Likud.  Another surprise is the Labor Party which began as a socialist party and is still far left. For most of Israel’s history was the dominant political party controlling the Knesset and the Prime Minister’s office with center-left coalitions. That changed with the failed Oslo process and the violence of the Second Intifada. Labor and the left have been in decline since 2001. With this election, Labor has joined the ranks of the minor parties. And Israel has solidified for now as a center-right country. When Israelis went to the polls today, they voted for a party list. The list was a docket of candidates in a particular ranking of importance set by the party leadership first on the list was the party leader/Prime Minister, candidate. The final pre-election, the leading parties will be either Benyamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party or The Blue and White party led by former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz–that’s right Bibi vs. Benny. While one of them will probably be the next Premier, they won’t be the ultimate political powers. It is the smaller parties that will put a coalition above the 61 seats needed to build a coalition government that may be holding all the cards...
Leftist Gov't Officials Discriminate Against Chick-fil-A
Thomas Gallatin:  Chick-fil-A combines making great chicken  sandwiches with top-notch, friendly service, and as a result it has become one of America’s favorite fast-food restaurants. But unlike its competition, Chick-fil-A is closed every Sunday, and this is due to the traditional Christian values of founder S. Truett Cathy — values shared by his son and current CEO Dan Cathy. And like many privately owned companies, Cathy has given money to organizations and causes that he supports, including Christian and pro-family organizations. This is America, after all, where the First Amendment protects the freedom of speech and thought.

However, Cathy’s First Amendment rights are being threatened by leftist government officials who reject his support of traditional Christian values. In San Antonio, City Councilman Robert Trevino banned Chick-fil-A from the local airport, and New York State Assemblyman Sean Ryan (D) announced that Buffalo’s airport would be prohibited from operating a Chick-fil-A in its food court. The justification for these bans?

Well, as National Review’s Rich Lowry writes, “The left-wing outfit ThinkProgress issued a report cited widely in the press and among Chick-fil-A opponents accusing the company’s foundation of ‘anti-equality’ giving. By which it means it donated to the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (and a small Christian home for troubled young men in Vidalia, Ga.).”

Using absurd doublespeak, Trevino rationalized his decision to ban Chick-fil-A by claiming, “Everyone should feel welcome when they walk through our airport.” Well, except Christians selling chicken sandwiches. Ryan was at least more to the point with his excuse, arguing, “The views of Chick-fil-A do not represent our state or the Western New York community.” When did the Left abandon its loudly proclaimed support for tolerance?

The fact of the matter is that Chick-fil-A has never run afoul of antidiscrimination laws. The fast-food company has received no allegations of discrimination against either homosexual customers or homosexual employees. In fact, it has regularly been recognized as one of the best fast-food restaurants to work for.

Thankfully, both of these cases are being looked into. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has initiated an investigation into the actions of the San Antonio city council, and New York’s Civil Liberties Union has condemned Buffalo’s decision, which should lead to a lawsuit. These intolerant actions by leftist thought police are antithetical to the Constitution and must be met head-on.  ~The Patriot Post  

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