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Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
Will mumbling/socialist/scumbag/liar-Joe Biden Cancel His Fellow Seniors’ Medicare Plans?By Christopher Jacobs { thefederalist.com } ~ Twelve months after mumbling/socialist/scumbag/liar-Joe Biden claimed at the final presidential debate that “not…
23 hours ago
Rudy Tirre replied to Rudy Tirre's discussion The Worst Is Yet To Come From mumbling/ socialist/scumbag/liar-Biden’s Vaccine Coercion
You bet, the worst is coming."
Oct 14
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Oct 14
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
Codifying the Collapse of the Demos’ Russian Collusion Conspiracyby Mark AlexanderI am obliged to record two cable news programs each evening, both of them from Fox News because I am already inundated with Leftmedia “journalism.” Those programs are…
Oct 6
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
Habitual Liar mumbling/socialist/scumbag/liar-Joe Biden Confronts the Winds of Truthby SHMUEL KLATZKIN {spectator.org} ~ In the way that the last president was enamored of hyperbole and name-calling, the current president is enamored of outright…
Oct 3
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Sep 20
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
MacArthur was fired; Milley should be court-martialedBy John Mastronardi { americanthinker.com } ~ Douglas MacArthur was one of the nation's greatest generals.  In his time, there was no more revered, lauded, and beloved military figure. He…
Sep 18
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
Blinken’s Senate Grilling No Answers And More BlameBy: Jeff Charles {libertynation.com} ~ Fresh off the verbal beating he received in front of the House Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State Antony Blinken had round two on Tuesday with the…
Sep 15
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
China licks its chops for Bagram AirfieldBy Monica Showalter { americanthinker.com } ~ Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, abandoned by mumbling/socialist/scumbag/liar-Joe Biden's military leaders in the dead of night without telling the Afghanis, is…
Sep 9
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
Complete the wall...around mumbling/socialist/scumbag/liar-BidenBy Edward R. Zuckerbrod { americanthinker.com } ~ Let's hope mumbling/socialist/ scumbag/liar-Joe Biden has finally gone a fib too far, taking to the airways with false indignation to…
Sep 8
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
The Roads Not Taken in Afghanistanby KORI SCHAKE { outline.com } ~ Since the fall of Kabul on August 15, U.S. President bumble/socialist/scumbag/liar-Joe Biden and his top advisers have advanced four main claims to justify the decision to withdraw…
Aug 28
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
bumble/socialist/scumbag/liar-Biden’s Blowup: Back to the Future of Islamic Terrorism by MARK ALEXANDERWhere to start on the disgraceful failure of bumble/ socialist/scumbag/liar-Joe Biden’s retreat from Afghanistan?First and foremost, with prayers…
Aug 19
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
No, bumble/socialist/scumbag/liar-Biden Can’t Blame Trump For The Afghanistan Withdrawal DisasterBy Margot Cleveland { thefederalist.com } ~ While the bumble/socialist/ scumbag/liar-Biden administration has already attempted to shift blame to Donald…
Aug 16
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Aug 11
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Aug 10
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Aug 9

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  • Amen-Amein!!
  • Amen-Amein Brother in Christ Jesus-Yeshua Rudy!! You're very welcome!!

    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/


  • Ahh, I understand. Hopefully she is, but you never know these days with who they are letting across the boarder and corrupting this great nation

  • Cant say for sure but I dont think know anybody named Donna. How come you ask?
  • Rudy, thank you!  Good lookin out.  Members like yourself prove that this site does not revolve around them.

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