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January 12

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Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
.TheFrontPageCover~ Featuring ~ ACB Hearings Day Two: Barrett's Real Agenda NATE JACKSON   Amy Coney Barrett hit a home runby washingtonexaminer.com ~ In three days before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett did more than just…
1 hour ago
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Rudy Tirre replied to Rudy Tirre's discussion Wednesday PM ~ TheFrontPageCover
You hit it right, and I agree with you in all you mention. Make America Great!!!"
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Rudy Tirre replied to Rudy Tirre's discussion scumbag drumbling lips liar-Biden's Self-serving Lies
All I can say is thanks.Thats right---right on!!!"
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Oct 12
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Oct 10
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
scumbag/liar-Pelosi's Devilish Demandsby Betsy McCaughey ~ finance.townhall.com  On Tuesday, President Donald Trump called off negotiations over a stimulus bill until after Election Day. Blame House Speaker scumbag/liar-Nancy Pelosi's outlandish…
Oct 7
Rudy Tirre posted discussions
Oct 6
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
Don't Be Suckered Into Diversion Over Debate Chaosby David Limbaugh ~ townhall.com  Don't fool yourself; the Democrats and the mainstream media don't want to cancel the next two presidential debates because they are worried about Americans' delicate…
Oct 3
Rudy Tirre replied to Rudy Tirre's discussion Don't Be Suckered Into Diversion Over Debate Chaos
That is correct the dems are very happy that the President is diagnosis with Covid. And yes, the President diagnosis is mild according to his doctors and I do believe he will overcome this Covid very soon."
Oct 3
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
Chris Wallace Just Gave The Most Embarrassing Moderator Performance In HistoryBy Kylee Zempel ~ thefederalist.com  Debating one person is difficult, especially if he’s had oodles of alone time in his basement to prepare while you’ve been a little…
Sep 30
Rudy Tirre posted a discussion
scumbag drumbling lips liar-Joe Biden: Unfit for OfficeBy Gary M. Wilmott ~americanthinker.com Never in American history has a major political party nominated two candidates for president and vice-president who are so manifestly unfit for the…
Sep 29

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  • Amen-Amein!!
  • Amen-Amein Brother in Christ Jesus-Yeshua Rudy!! You're very welcome!!

    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/


  • Ahh, I understand. Hopefully she is, but you never know these days with who they are letting across the boarder and corrupting this great nation

  • Cant say for sure but I dont think know anybody named Donna. How come you ask?
  • Rudy, thank you!  Good lookin out.  Members like yourself prove that this site does not revolve around them.

This reply was deleted.