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#Blexit2020 — How Black Voters 
Will Turn Out in 2020
Patrick Hampton

Trump's China Tariffs Will Succeed
16wnDP08r0YnHOpmZne3kcQ513mkp-eN0EuGRzSmcleA1ZkjDv_kLe3Kz98iuAIVV_YB3hBUc2dRCkcu3DjT6Fax52aGYQzoS9XXpI2OLFj6gKHh42E=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=by Jesse Richman, Howard Richman, and Raymond Richman } ~ For the last four decades, the United States has often engaged in trading away its future by running up debt and selling assets instead of products... This brought about the stagnant living standards and incomes experienced by the U.S. middle class during the presidencies preceding Trump. The countries with which the U.S. had the largest trade deficits goods and services in 2018 were: China - $379 billion  Mexico - $78 billion  Germany - $67 billion  Japan - $58 billion.  These countries accounted for 93% of the total, with China, by itself, accounting for 61% of the U.S. trade deficit. Donald Trump was elected by the people who have borne the brunt of this policy failure, with a mandate to fix it.  On Friday, President Donald Trump took a huge step toward doing just that. He raised the U.S. tariff rate from 10% to 25% on $200 billion per year worth of Chinese goods that were being imported into the United States. Back in July, when Trump had initially imposed the 10% tariffs on Chinese imports, China responded by imposing tariffs on $110 billion of U.S. exports to China. Trump also threatened to place tariffs on the other Chinese goods being imported each year into the United States. This gives the U.S. leverage that China can’t match. As a result of its mercantilist strategy, China exported $540 billion worth of goods to the U.S. but only let $121 billion worth of U.S. goods into China in 2018. Mercantilism is the “beggar-thy-neighbor” economic strategy of maximizing exports and minimizing imports in order to grow at one’s trading partners’ expense. China has been engaged in economic warfare against the U.S. for decades. China leverages all available means to achieve its mercantilist ends -- from manipulation of its currency, to tariffs, to non-tariff barriers, to forced technology transfer, to outright stealing of technology...
Don Jr To Testify In Front 
Of Senate Intelligence Committee  
by Evie Fordham } ~ President Donald Trump’s eldest son will give private testimony in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee in mid-June... as a result of a deal revealed on Tuesday. Donald Trump Jr. will answer questions limited to five or six topics for up to four hours, reported Politico. Committee chair Richard Burr, the senior Republican senator from North Carolina, created tension with Trump’s allies after issuing a subpoena for the president’s son’s testimony, reported The New York Times. Trump Jr. had already volunteered to show up for interviews but failed to appear twice, Burr told other Republican senators last week according to The NYT. Now Burr is accused of caving to Democrats who are trying to weaken the White House’s position. “Apparently the Republican chair of the Senate Intel Committee didn’t get the memo from the Majority Leader that this case was closed…” Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul wrote on Twitter May 8. Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday that Trump Jr. should answer the committee’s summons but should “plead the Fifth” and not answer any questions. “You just show up and plead the Fifth and it’s over with,” Graham said according to The Washington Post.  
The Real Omar Suleiman
slZtZ7-MmbusSVl1mBTmEC5Q4QO3sellLY5feD_rQWPzTy67N-daygChxOnwC1xcich0UzOTnyKIWnbrKl1fMw1SCmT1ISwjJlTCfGIFXWZxck2_HiQ=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Anne-Christine Hoff } ~ On Sunday, the Dallas Morning News published an op-ed by Muslim Brotherhood linked anti-American Omar Suleiman... In this editorial, the Dallas-based imam claims that the accusations of anti-Semitism by Rep. Lee Zeldin of  New York, Fox host Lou Dobbs, and others following Suleiman’s delivery of the invocation last Thursday, May 9 are motivated by hate and are comparable to the hate that led to the New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Pittsburgh, and San Diego massacres. After giving the invocation in Congress last week, I have been attacked online and threatened with violence. This hate is similar to the hate that led to the other massacres above. It’s a hate that seeks to fracture the communities it targets. It’s a hate that takes the most vulnerable communities in the country and intimidates them into silence so that the only thing they can do is brace for another attack.  From his rhetoric it’s easy to forget that Suleiman has provided no direct evidence of any threats of violence and that he has also neglected to mention that the criticisms lobbed against him are based on his social media footprint. In other words, the “haters” are using fact-based evidence to make an argument. It’s also easy to forget that, in terms of growing influence, Suleiman has had a pretty good year. He has 1.3 million Facebook followers and just last year he was able to convince Google to alter its algorithm on searches related to Islam and Muslim-related issues. This year his fellow Islamists worthless-Rashida Tlaib and worthless-Ilhan Omar occupy seats in congress. And on Thursday, May 9, 2019, Suleiman, by the request of Texas Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, delivered the invocation from the House floor.  Suleiman’s prayer was innocuous enough, calling “for peace, not war; love, note hate; benevolence, not greed; unity, not division.” Such calls for love and not hate were also part of his rhetoric last December when Suleiman and 32 others were arrested at the Tijuana-San Diego border in the “Love Knows No Border” rally in support of immigrants and asylum seekers.  But a closer look at his speeches and his social media footprint reveal his disdain for the country he calls home...
The axis of oppression
by Clifford D. May } ~ How do you kill a lion? Years ago in Kenya, the question arose no doubt over too many Tusker beers and someone gave me what sounded like an authoritative answer... He said even a skilled tribal hunter, armed with only a spear, would be unlikely to survive such an attempt. So a strategy was developed. Several hunters would surround the beast, and whoever found himself behind it would step forward and stab it. When the lion turned, the hunter now at its rear would do the same. On and on until, sooner or later, bloodied and exhausted, the lion would succumb. The current administration deserves credit for addressing multiple threats to America’s national security that previous administrations chose to ignore or deal with fecklessly. But the sheer number of crises now coming to a head has to be cause for concern. Start with the Middle East to which the Pentagon has deployed an amphibious assault ship, a Patriot anti-missile system, an aircraft carrier and a strike group. The reason for this show of force: Intelligence reports indicating that the Islamic Republic of Iran has been plotting attacks on U.S. troops in the region. Over the past 40 years, Iranian theocrats have been responsible for killing hundreds of Americans, and with virtual impunity. Perhaps President Trump has caused them to have second thoughts about trying their luck again. Move to Asia, where North Korea last week tested short-range missiles that military experts believe are modeled on Russia’s Iskander missiles — capable of carrying nuclear warheads. Might additional economic sanctions, a real “maximum pressure” campaign, make clear to Kim Jong-un that climbing the escalation ladder is not in his interest? I’d argue it’s worth a try. Meanwhile, trade talks are at an impasse with China, whose rulers for decades have been stealing hundreds of billions of dollars of U.S. intellectual property, high-technology weapons systems and private information on American citizens. Disabusing President Xi Jinping of the notion that such thievery is China’s entitlement would represent a major achievement.  Shift to Latin America, specifically Venezuela where Juan Guaido is recognized by more than 50 nations as the legitimate interim president. But Russia, Cuba, Iran and China are colluding to prop up Nicolas Maduro who, following in the footsteps of Hugo Chavez, has turned what was once a rich and promising land into a hellhole...
The Moment of Truth for the Oroville 
Dam-New Data Indicates the Coming Failure
OQMFQOcUnJpVdHENOFYBE6DiuCs9LQ3UHZVMKIQ-dnrKKsHvT6Zq3bSi6RCdRfVSgZVUegsUKgU9Oo3d2-C7DqCfwoTDe2891sMLE3Z1tmfIfnkTQSy7pAIk7Dik69o__cDRJNwg_RbYWbnbaSptGLXdJkM4yxmA-8IFjQ=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Dave Hodges } ~ I spoke with Paul Preston late last night and he indicated that some people, downstream from the Oroville Dam have packed up and left because of the anticipated dam failure... I asked Paul Preston, "How close is the dam to failing?" Preston replied "It could go by this weekend".. His comments, in part, are based upon the dire weather forecast in which intense rainfall is forecasted between Wednesday May 15 and Sunday, May 19th. This is significant because this could greatly add to the inflow and the outflow data which shows an extreme imbalance. And when we consider that the dam is 12 feet from overtopping, the danger multiplies exponentially. When any structure takes on more water, whether it be a ship or a dam, it is going to fail/sink. Paul Preston and myself had an intense conversation about the timing of my next article on the Oroville Dam. We both decided that putting out this progress report on the conditions related to the dam was prudent because it could save lives, before it is too late. This article is a progress report. However, it is also a warning to the residents in the Central Valley which lie below the Oroville Dam and are in the direct path of the torrent of water that will be released when the dam fails. Some are leaving and some more will undoubtedly leave before it is too late. However, we many unsuspecting potential victims that are oblivious to the present set of conditions. This article is aimed at getting the present state of the Dam in front of as many people in the Central Valley as possible.I am told that the California data which speaks to "inflow" and "outflow" are being purposely understated. However, even if we use California's state government figures, one can only conclude that disaster is coming and with the water level only 12 feet from the top, disaster is coming sooner rather than later. Please note the highlighted columns. One can clearly see, that within the last 24 hours, the dam is clearly taking on more water than it can release. And with a compromised spillway, the failure of the dam will be hastened. Remember, the latest weather forecast is calling for heavy rain between Wednesday and Sunday...
#Blexit2020 — How Black Voters Will Turn Out in 2020

Patrick Hampton

Blexit opened many black eyes to the truths of the Democrat party. Now we look forward to the 2020 presidential election and examine the pressing issues black voters are truly concerned about.

The horde of progressive Democrats are running on empty, using any sensitive issue to fuel their campaigns. It’s their way to reach for low-hanging fruit that appeals to the uninformed. Topics like reparations and marijuana legalization are worn like a brand shown only to black voters to keep them emotional. For one, it’s insulting that these candidates believe black voters would give up their precious votes in exchange for free money and drugs. And two, it’s cheap. This is why the Blexit movement matters.

In 2020, the Blexit movement will shine a guiding light on the real issues affecting black Americans. I think of it as a lighthouse designed to help our lost sailors find their way home through the thick fog cast over them. To see this light, some of us have a long way to go, but more than ever before has the black population been closer to reaching the shores of sound political insight and the true issues that affect us.

Gun Rights: The Impact on Black Americans

Gun rights are becoming a growing issue among blacks. NBC reported on the increasing awareness of the importance of gun ownership in the black community, with more black first-time gun owners enrolling in gun-safety and concealed-carry courses. While demographic records are not kept on the race of gun buyers, more black people in my own circles and across the nation are showing concern for keeping themselves and their families safe by owning a gun.

Republican haven’t voiced a platform for gun ownership to date, yet Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker suggests a national gun registry that would put licensing in the hands of the federal government. Booker claims to want to “fight” the NRA, the very organization that has historically fought for gun rights for minorities. The idea of more limitations is dangerous because when increasing crime disproportionately affects your community, having protection is all you can think about. To restrict gun ownership is to keep guns further out of reach for black Americans.

Putting Abortion in its place

According to The Washington Times, six minority Democrat legislators in North Carolina voted nay on an infanticide bill. In Nevada, two minority Democrats voted nay on the Trust Nevada Women Act. State Senator Marcia Washington stated that she had no issue casting a different vote from her Democratic colleagues because she doesn’t “believe in any form of abortion,” according to the article.

More black people — regardless of party affiliation — are seeing the light and truth about abortion, which is actively reducing the black population in our nation. Progressive candidates are all for it, calling it “health care” yet at the same time minimizing the number of abortions that actually take place at Planned Parenthood clinics. While Democrats actively obfuscate the truth about black genocide, movements like Blexit help put this and other issues front and center. Because to those of us who are part of the movement, black lives actually matter.  ~The Patriot Post  

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