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Want Better Schools? Parents, It's Up to You
Robin Smith  
Iran injects uranium gas into Fordo 
centrifuges, in worst breach of nuke deal
by ~ Iran began inserting uranium gas into centrifuges at the Fordo nuclear facility, state television announced Wednesday, marking its latest step away from the nuclear deal... Iranian state media said uranium hexafluoride gas was injected into advanced centrifuges at the Fordo nuclear facility Wednesday, a day after Iran announced the move. It said inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency were on hand. As part of the 2015 accord with world powers limiting its nuclear program, Iran was barred from enriching uranium at Fordo, which was converted to a research center. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who announced the move Tuesday, confirmed on Twitter that enrichment activity had restarted at Fordo, converting the facility back into an active enrichment center. A centrifuge enriches uranium by rapidly spinning uranium hexafluoride gas. Since the United States pulled out of the nuclear deal last year and imposed tough sanctions, Iran has taken a number of steps to curb its adherence to the international agreement in a bid to receive economic relief from the European signatories to the pact. “Iran has taken its fourth step to decrease its nuclear commitments to the deal in reaction to the increased US pressure and inactivity of European parties to the deal to save it,” Iran’s state TV said...  The IAEA were on hand shows how worthless they are.   
Real Talk: Impeachment Is Going Poorly 
For Democrats And The Media 
By Mollie Hemingway
{ } ~ Impeachment is going so poorly for the media and other Democrats that “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd was forced to broadcast false information to support it... A graphic was posted on Sunday’s show that purported to identify how many people in the president’s party voted in support of an impeachment inquiry in the cases of Presidents scumbag/liar-Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. It accurately noted that 31 Democrats voted in favor of impeachment proceedings for scumbag/liar-Clinton. But it inaccurately claimed that a single Republican had voted in favor of House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment rules last week. There are multiple problems with this graphic. For one thing, zero Republicans voted with House Democrats last week. Zero point zero. Zilch. Nada. None. For another, Todd’s team is hiding the bipartisan nature of the opposition to the vote last week. Not only did not a single Republican vote with Democrats, two Democrats voted with Republicans in opposition. Todd knows that no Republicans voted for impeachment, despite the graphic he put up on national television. In fact, he said during the show, “I have one with an asterisk here. I don’t know what you do with Justin Amash. It’s not a zero. At the same time, he’s not a Republican anymore.” I know what you do with that, Chuck. You don’t lie and call him a Republican. Todd himself gave Amash national media attention for leaving the Republican Party in dramatic fashion, interviewing him two weeks prior. In the first six seconds of the interview, he noted twice that Amash was not a Republican. The impeachment inquiry, such as it is, has tremendous struggles. It’s been conducted in secret, with heavy control from Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the man who falsely claimed for years he had evidence of Trump’s treasonous collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election. The inquiry is being handled by him because the more appropriate committee chair, Rep. scumbag liar-Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., made a mess of the previous impeachment efforts by mismanaging his hearings with Robert Mueller, John Dean, and Corey Lewandowski. In fact, the Mueller hearing was such a disaster for impeachment efforts that it more or less killed a multi-year effort put in place by Resistance bureaucrats and their supporters...  
Republicans consider putting Jordan, 
Meadows on Intelligence for impeachment
{ } ~ Top House Republicans are considering temporarily placing two of President Trump's most ardent allies on the House Intelligence Committee... a move that would shore up Trump's defense on a key panel that will take a leading role in questioning witnesses during the public phase of Democrats’ impeachment inquiry. The two Republicans — Reps. Jim Jordan (Ohio), the top Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, and Oversight member Mark Meadows (N.C.) — would be added as Democrats seek to bring in witnesses who they believe can deliver the most damning testimony about President Trump’s contacts with Ukraine, according to two GOP sources familiar with the deliberations. The resolution Democrats recently passed laying out how they plan to conduct the public phase of the impeachment inquiry says members of the Intelligence Committee will be able to ask witnesses questions while those on the other two committees involved in impeachment — Oversight and Foreign Affairs — will not be allowed to do so. By moving Jordan and Meadows, both senior members of the House Freedom Caucus, Republicans will be able to get around this procedure. And both are viewed as being highly invested in the president’s defense. They frequently attend the closed-door depositions that Democrats have held over the past five or so weeks — even during a House recess week. And when they emerge, they have sought to undermine negative testimony from witnesses or tout testimony that they view as favorable in defending Trump against the claims that he asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to open politically advantageous investigations. The irregular move — one produced by the irregular circumstances of an impeachment inquiry — would put two of Trump’s most vocal defenders in position to go head-to-head in televised hearings with House Intelligence Chairman scumbag-Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and other Democrats who have claimed that Trump used nearly $400 million in financial aid as leverage to get Zelensky to commit to investigating interference in the 2016 election as well as former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden, one of the president’s top 2020 political rivals...   
Mitch McConnell Wins In Kentucky
By Sean Davis
{ } ~ After all the money spent and all the trash-talking from the Left, it appears that Sen. Mitch McConnell has won his re-election bid in Kentucky... McConnell squared off against Alison Lundergan Grimes, a Democrat who is currently serving as the Secretary of State of Kentucky. Grimes was elected statewide in 2011 with over 60 percent of the vote. The Left poured tens of millions of dollars into the coal state in order to unseat the Republican minority leader in the Senate. For months it looked as though the race would be a squeaker, with McConnell holding a small lead in the polls. However, in the last couple of weeks the race broke open. The final Real Clear Politics poll average as of last night showed McConnell with a decisive lead of over seven percentage points.According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the two campaigns spent over $30 million this cycle. Outside groups not directly affiliated with either campaign spent tens of millions more. Eight groups spent more than a million dollars each to sway the election results. If the GOP takes control of the Senate, McConnell is expected to be elected as the Senate majority leader.  
Trump Offers Mexico Assistance 
in ‘Cleaning Out’ Drug Cartel ‘Monsters’
by Mary Chastain
{ } ~ A shootout in northern Mexico killed nine American citizens, including six children. Apparently, a drug cartel thought the SUVs belonged to a rival drug cartel... President Donald Trump declared the U.S. “stands ready, willing & able” to help Mexico eliminate “these monsters.” The victims resided “in the La Mora religious community in northern Mexico, a decades-old settlement in Sonora state founded as part of an offshoot of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints around 70 miles south of Douglas, Arizona.” The gunmen murdered three women and six children. The shootout left six children injured. Fox News reported it may not have been mistaken identity: Early reports indicated the tragedy could have been a case of mistaken identity, but recent history also raises the possibility the LeBaron family was the intended target: only a decade ago, two members of the family opposed to local drug trafficking groups were kidnapped and murdered, according to the New York Times. Mexico’s federal Department of Security and Citizens’ Protection said security forces were reinforced with National Guard, army and state police troops in the area following “the reports about disappearance and aggression against several people.” The troops were searching for the missing community members, believed to include 11 children or more. Trump responded this morning with an offer to help Mexico. Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador began his presidential administration by swearing the drug war over in Mexico. Unfortunately, the “murder rate has hit record highs this year.” People have said the president’s situation has notworked...  
Mexico-Based Smuggler Trafficked Six People 
From Terrorist Hotbed Over U.S. Border 
By Todd Bensman
{ } ~ Often lost in the discussion of hundreds of thousands of Central Americans pouring over the southern border is that migrants from Muslim-majority countries where Islamist terrorist groups operate arrive among them almost every day... The corporate media hates talking about this. But most border-crossers show up without any identification and little vetting, giving rise to U.S. national security efforts to stifle this human traffic for fear of terrorist infiltration, a threat about which I have written extensively. Every so often, smugglers of migrants from countries of national security concern — known in government parlance as “special interest aliens” — are caught and brought to American justice. Such was the case last week, when a federal judge in a Del Rio, Texas, courtroom empty of news reporters sentenced a Mexico-based Jordanian smuggler named Moayad Heider Mohammad Aldairi to three years in the federal penitentiary on a guilty plea. His case is interesting because it briefly illuminates a fascinating kind of American counterterrorism-immigration operation reporters must do acrobatic yoga to avoid covering. The Aldairi case also demonstrates why this exotic sort of human smuggling presents a national security threat to the homeland and has spawned James Bondian foreign efforts to take other Aldairis offline. Who Were the Yemenis Aldairi Smuggled? Before a complex, multinational Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations dragnet snagged Aldairi last year at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, he ran a business that in 2017 smuggled over the Mexico-Texas border at least six Yemenis for whom he was charged. He likely brought in many more than that. That at least six unknown and unvetted Yemenis were smuggled over the Texas border from Mexico should be a recognizable problem on its face, although it’s often denied as perfectly innocent immigration that nativist right-wingers baselessly play up. Yemen is embroiled in a civil war in which one major armed faction, which controlled sizable chunks of territory, is al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Throughout the 2018 prosecution of Aldairi, U.S. prosecutors wouldn’t say whether any of the Yemenis that Aldairi smuggled through Latin America were part of al-Qaeda or their victims. But San Antonio Express-News reporter Guillermo Contreras reported this spring that “law enforcement sources” told the newspaper “some of the six Yemenis” that successfully crossed into Texas were on the U.S. terror watch list. Federal law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the investigation have told me the same...   
Want Better Schools? Parents, It's Up to You
Robin Smith:  “To promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.” —U.S. Department of Education Mission Statement

Umm… Achievement and preparation via education excellence with equal access sounds terrific, but it’s not what’s happening after federal spending has been increased six fold since the U.S. Department of Education’s first budget in 1980.

Last week, the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) for 2019 — a.k.a. the “Nation’s Report Card” — was published. If you believe parents have a responsibility to be the First Teachers, the data will support your thoughts that too many are sending their children to America’s public schools for teachers to raise, not just educate. If you subscribe to the narrative that public schools are racist establishments that deny minorities access and are institutionally prejudiced, you’ll use data to support your thesis despite the trillions of dollars that have been spent on America’s urban core. In other words, the data might support any sort of dissection of the results, but let’s just boil it down in this sense: The proficiencies of children in public schools are embarrassingly low and will continue to be a true barrier to the success of generations to come.

Since 1980, Congress has appropriated spending for public education in excess of $1.5 trillion. According to the U.S. Department of Education’s website, the funding formula is 8% from the federal government and the rest from state and local sources. So, clearly, the funding of public schools is vast.

Exactly how embarrassing are the 2019 scores of America’s students? Looking at reading, children testing for proficiency taught in public schools were 34% at the fourth-grade level, 32% at the eighth-grade level and, at graduation, 36% in the twelfth-grade year. Yeah, that means around 65% of kids at all grade levels are below taught and expected capability in reading — a foundational skill needed throughout life.

In math, the respective numbers were 40%, 33%, and 23% at the same ascending grade levels, while science numbers were 37%, 33%, and 21% at the same times of assessment.

How do these numbers compare over the years? Since the mandate of Common Core — the federal required standards with money attached from the U.S. Government — a decline has been measured by consistent data. Scores for the lowest performers in the bottom 10% have fallen and the only improvements have been scored at the top 10% of students. Put simply, the gap is growing between those who achieve and those who struggle.

Despite almost 76% of teachers surveyed noting that they have changed “at least half of their classroom instruction” and another 19% responding that they’ve changed almost all of their teaching to fit the new mandates, it appears that attempts to create a one-size-fits-all curriculum has failed. The test scores have fallen for a third consecutive time since the 2015 implementation of Common Core. On the same day that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos declared, “This country is in a student achievement crisis” based on the relatively small number of students proficient in academics, a second barometer of achievement validated the dismal results.

The Condition of College & Career Readiness report cited by Secretary DeVos that substantiated her concern looked at the performance of 1.78 million high-school graduates who took the National ACT test. “Readiness levels in English, reading, math, and science have all decreased since 2015, with English and math seeing the largest decline” across all races according to DeVos, with the only improvements among Asian-Americans.

So, for the Department of Education to meet its stated mission, real change must occur. Now, we’ll also stipulate that there is no provision for education in the Constitution. But in any case, leftists have a weaponized agenda to divide and pit one group against another rather than work toward a true solution.

A massive amount of money has been spent. While some argue that the funding has been inequitable, the data continues to support that targeted funded has been directed to problem classrooms, schools, and districts above and beyond that of regular appropriations for “average” schools. Put simply, the inequity in spending, one could argue, has been in favor of underperforming schools, not to reward those or to reinforce the behavior of those that excel. So, money doesn’t fix the problem.

Federally mandated standards have been attempted with significant strings attached to access this targeted funded. Again, the promised improvements just didn’t happen. Instead, as the recent NAEP demonstrates, kids already performing well continued to do so. The ACT report states, “This year’s ACT score data — as well as five-year trends — confirm that students with higher levels of academic preparation are maintaining or slightly improving their readiness, while students with lower levels of academic preparation are falling further behind.” Well, those sure-fired-standards helped those who would likely have performed with proficiency without them.

OK. So, what’s missing?

Rather than offer any editorial, let’s just look at another published report that was based on an extensive survey of almost 650,000 students commissioned by Congress — The Equality of Educational Opportunity. This data included both measurements of the quality and quantity of educational resources available as well as the achievement of those students — a measurement of performance and equitable access.

The conclusions of this report were deemed controversial because the narrative was shattered that a bureaucracy could guarantee a positive educational outcome. Among key findings of the publication that was renamed The Coleman Report, as required by the Civil Rights Act of 1964, variations in school quality as measured by classroom size, per pupil expenditure, the size of features such as a library, showed “little association with levels of educational attainment.” The 737-page report noted, according to a Johns Hopkins Magazine analysis, “The physical amenities of a school weren’t the most important factor in a child’s educational success, and neither was funding, which, it turned out, was relatively equal within regions.”

Get ready for haters and head explosions in 3-2-1… “All factors considered, the most important variable — in or out of school — in a child’s performance remains his family’s education background,” surmised the data in the original 1966 study. In 2016, a national gathering that included then-Secretary of Education John King reviewed the landmark research and presented The Coleman Report at 50: Its Legacy and Enduring Value noting, “The conclusion that family background is far more important than people realized has remained a solid empirical finding for 50 years, and Coleman and his colleagues were the first to show the power of that relationship. But that insight has not done enough to shape policy. Too many proposals for innovative educational reforms fail to recognize how important family is. Policymakers have dropped the ball on that insight.”

It’s not popular to hear, but if Americans want proficiency in their students, parents must be the First Teachers and commit to a lifetime of learning.   ~The Patriot Post  

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