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The Politics of Racism
Tom McLaughlin
U.S. Deal with China 
Saves Huawei, Threatens America
by Gordon G. Chang ~ American and Chinese trade negotiators, meeting Tuesday and Wednesday in Shanghai, are cooking up an interim deal that is deeply injurious to U.S. national security... There is growing pessimism that Washington and Beijing can reach a comprehensive agreement, given the fundamental differences over, among other things, industrial policy, intellectual property protection, and restrictions on foreign investment. The Wall Street Journal reports, however, that a "small agreement" is in the works. The Commerce Department, according to the paper, would grant exemptions from its Entity List to Huawei Technologies. This would allow American companies to license tech and sell products such as chips to the embattled telecom-equipment manufacturer, and China would buy more American agricultural products. There is just one problem: this is the worst possible time in what is called the "cold tech war" to give relief to Huawei. Huawei is vulnerable to American measures for only a short period, so this is the time for the Trump administration to exert leverage. The Wall Street Journal report is consistent with recent developments. President Trump, for instance, told the press after his meeting with Chinese ruler Xi Jinping at last month's Osaka G-20 that he was prepared to grant reprieves to Huawei. Since then, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has talked about the conditions under which the reprieves will be doled out. Moreover, Chinese state media on Sunday reported that the U.S. has shipped to China several million tons of soybeans, a claim not matched by U.S. customs data. Beijing, Chinese outlets report, has been also inquiring about buying U.S. cotton, pork, sorghum, and other items. What could be better? Both halves of the proposed arrangement involve the export of U.S. products. Nonetheless, this would be a fundamentally bad deal for America because it would help Huawei, the world's largest networking-equipment manufacturer and second-largest smartphone maker. The company, an across-the-board bad actor, undermines vital U.S. national security interests...
Six in ten say Iran, North Korea pose 
a threat to US safety
By Victoria Balar 
{foxnews.c} ~ As tensions heat up with Iran and North Korea over nuclear weapons, a majority of registered voters thinks the rogue nations pose a risk to the country’s safety... Sixty percent say North Korea poses a real national security threat to the U.S. – and an equal number think the same of Iran. "What's interesting here is the stability of threat perception," says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News Poll along with Democrat Chris Anderson. "Despite changes in the partisanship of the White House and shifts in geo-politics, the percentage of Americans who see Iran and North Korea as threats has been quite consistent. "Additionally, 53 percent support military action to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons, while 57 percent support military action to curtail the expansion of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program a record-high. More voters oppose military action against North Korea (36 percent) than do on Iran (30 percent). The latest Fox News Poll (July 21-23, 2019) was conducted before Iran fired a medium-range missile on Wednesday and North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles on Thursday. Democrats are more likely to think North Korea (68 percent) poses a threat to national security than Iran (57 percent), while Republicans say the opposite Iran 65 percent a threat vs. North Korea 53 percent.  Independents are equally concerned about both (58 percent each)...
Trump Admin Sanctions 
N. Korean Nuclear Weapons Enabler
N9ZjTIPnEkdqsH74GLejjTIxhhe6LKnhZ9mjtxas6ADnGlXDFQKFsX1IPALIClndmOVTFfXhBrOx9xUJllYqB458Ohe1IzM=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Adam Kredo } ~ The Trump administration on Monday issued new sanctions against a North Korean official who the United States accuses of aiding Pyongyang's... illicit nuclear weapons and ballistic missile research programs. The latest disclosures indicate that a senior North Korean official sought to import and export sensitive materials through Vietnam, a matter that is rankling U.S. diplomats working to push North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un back to the negotiating table. North Korea's illegal efforts to skirt international sanctions on its weapons of mass destruction program have occurred as the country continues efforts to test nuclear weapons in defiance of international restrictions, according to information provided by the Treasury Department. The administration is leaving the door open to further sanctions on North Korea and those tied to its nuclear weapons program. "Treasury continues to enforce existing sanctions against those who violate United Nations Security Council resolutions (UNSCRs) and evade U.S. sanctions on North Korea's unlawful nuclear and ballistic missile programs," Sigal Mandelker, Treasury's under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, said in a statement...   
Mark Levin has ‘had enough of’ House 
Judiciary chairman scumbag liar-Jerry Nadler
by ~ Conservative author and radio host Mark Levin has “had enough of” House Judiciary Committee chairman scumbag liar-Jerry Nadler and his calls for President Donald Trump’s impeachment... On Friday’s episode of his hit radio show, Unfreedom of the Press, Levin asserted that scumbag liar-Nadler has “declared war on the American people” and on “the office of the presidency” with his continued calls for impeachment proceedings against Trump over allegations that even a two-year probe couldn’t prove. “Mr. scumbag liar-Nadler is hell-bent on reversing the election results in 2016 and disenfranchising nearly 63 million of you,” Levin lamented, according to Breitbart. “This is a direct attack on you and me and our vote.” Levin didn’t pull any punches on Friday when he blasted Rep. scumbag liar-Nadler (D-NY) as a “pompous ass” and a “coward” whose opinion on Trump’s impeachment isn’t as influential as the congressman may believe. “Mr. scumbag liar-Nadler is a throwback, he’s a reprobate from one district — one congressional district out of 435 congressional districts — a dark blue district filled with reds,” Levin said. “He doesn’t get to run this country.” Levin went on to rip scumbag liar-Nadler for his attempts to “cripple” Trump’s agenda. “I’ve had enough of this guy,” Levin said. “I’ve had enough of his efforts to cripple this president and his agenda. And make no mistake about it, that’s what this is about.” scumbag liar-Nadler reportedly has plans to continue trying to investigate Trump on charges of “collusion” with Russia and obstruction of justice, including by enforcing a subpoena for testimony from White House counsel Don McGahn. Trump has invoked presidential privilege to block McGahn and Attorney General William Barr from testifying, arguing that Democrats shouldn’t get a chance to “re-do” Robert Mueller’s costly investigation...  
China Covertly Subverting Trump Reelection
by Bill Gertz 
{ } ~ China is conducting an aggressive disinformation and influence campaign designed to block the re-election of President Trump in 2020... according to a dissident Chinese billionaire who until recently was close to senior Beijing leaders. Guo Wengui, an exiled Chinese real estate tycoon-turned-anti-communist critic, said in an interview that details of the influence operation were disclosed recently by Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan in Beijing. The campaign has been underway since the 2018 mid-term election and involves enlisting pro-China elements inside the United States to end the Trump administration after four years. "China has been protesting western powers trying to interfere in the domestic politics of China but in fact China is not only trying interfere in the domestic politics of the United States, they are interfering publicly with U.S. elections," Guo told the Washington Free Beacon. According to Guo, who has known current Chinese President Xi Jinping for more than 10 years, the anti-Trump influence operation is being directed by Xi and Wang through the Communist Party of China (CCP) National Security Commission, a high-level body created in 2013 that since then has tightened control over all other security organs...
The Politics of Racism
Tom McLaughlin } ~ Has Democrat identity politics so saturated our culture that we must all think our race the primary determinant of who we are? It sure seems that way when listening to what passes for political discourse these days.  
It’s been a long time — so long I cannot remember the last time it bothered me when someone called me a racist. It did sting the first few times and it put me on the defensive. I felt compelled to refute the charge, but I don’t anymore. The accusations are most often in anonymous comments on my web site, but also in signed letters to the editor in newspapers carrying my column.  
When on my “Left & Right” TV show, one leftist opponent habitually calls Republican policies or individuals racist, I ask for specific evidence. His answers indicate he doesn’t know what racism actually is. defines it as:

a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.
Early charges of racism against me came after I wrote columns arguing against Affirmation Action policies enforced by the federal government. According to Legal Resources:

The purpose of affirmative action is to promote social equality through the preferential treatment of socioeconomically disadvantaged people.

My point was that in order to grant preferential treatment to historically disadvantaged groups like blacks and women in hiring, college admissions, and granting of government contracts, other groups like white men must necessarily be passed over. That, of course, requires bona fide racial and sexual discrimination.
There can be no argument that so-called “affirmation action” discriminates against white men. College admission policies discriminate against Asian men and women as well as whites as evidenced in recent lawsuits against Harvard University by Asian students who have been denied admission on the basis of race. Evidence indicates other Ivy League colleges do the same.  
A 2015 LA Times article reported on a Princeton studyusing SAT scores to measure advantages and disadvantages of applicants according to their race. It was summed up by a college admission specialist named Ann Lee who said: 

African Americans received a “bonus” of 230 [SAT] points. Hispanics received a bonus of 185 points. Asian Americans, Lee says, are penalized by 50 points — in other words, they had to do that much better to win admission.
It’s the ultimate irony that Asians and whites who argue against such racially discriminatory policies are the ones accused of racism. Who is making these racist accusations? New York Times columnist David Brooks last week claimed that for the past twenty years: “

…white educated Democrats have moved left is true, but it’s not the essential truth. The bigger truth is that this segment is now more likely to see politics through a racial lens. Racial equity has become the prism through which many in this group see a range of other issues.
While I find myself agreeing with Brooks less and less lately, I’m with him on much of what he says in this column. Charges of “racism” hurled against me for more than twenty-five years have nearly always come from educated white liberals. Though many are still impressed by them, I’ve learned that college degrees do not prove intelligence, and I believe educated liberals yell “racism” when they run out of logical arguments. Another driving force behind accusations of racism is “white guilt,” especially as described by Shelby Steele in his 2006 book by that name. Educated white liberals are terrified that anyone may think them racist, so they bend over backward to forestall any such possibility.

As Brooks put it last week: 

“…if you’re a rich white child of privilege you have to go to extraordinary lengths to prove you’re one of the good children of privilege and not one of the bad ones. In this take, white progressives don noble clothing to make themselves feel good…
Are educated white liberals signaling their virtue when calling the rest of us racist? It was less than three years ago that candidate scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton labeled half of Trump supporters racist. Compared to today’s far-left Democrat candidates she was a moderate. It’s Tuesday as I write this and I expect charges of racism against the president and his supporters to dominate tonight’s Democrat debate in Detroit.  
Our Supreme Court recently forbade the 2020 US Census to ask people if they’re citizens of the United States but has no problem with questions about race — for which there are over a dozen possible categories. If even the United States government is now officially more concerned about people’s race than their citizenship, what kind of country have we become?  
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