We must throw Obama & his consiglieres out!

Friends, As you were made painfully aware, Obama & his thuggish consiglieres targeted our group by using a Government institution to silence our voices so that he can gain political traction. His actions are worthy of John Gotti. Obiviously this President has forgotten that he works for us, & not the other way around. He has forgotten that he`s the President of the United States Of America, and not some third-world banana republic, (even though he wants to turn us into one).Obama has created a culture of corruption, deceit, & duplicity, with his consiglieres using the Sgt. Schultz defense, "I know nothing, NOTHING"......", when pressed by congress to sing about what they know. What kind of country have we become, What kind of legacy are we going to leave our children & grandchildren? This is beyond unacceptable, this is a total outrage, & Obama is a mockery of everything our brave men & women fought (& some have given their lives), for. We can`t have two governments at the same time, (the one that was elected, & a shadow government that was created like a mob family). Obama is compromising our rights, our security, our prestige, For the sake our our country, We must throw the bums out. President Grover Cleveland said: "A public Office is a Public Trust", Obama  obviously forgot that, (He`s not a student of history apparently). He`s losing the trust of the people ( I never trusted him, & you probably didn`t either),He & the Chicago Mafia should lose theirs. Keep fighting all the way, You your guard up. I`m riding with y`all all the way.



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