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September 7

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Sam Bradley posted a blog post
Friends, I read an article in the Pro-Obama "Hip-Hop" magazine called "Vibe" that compared us to the KKK (which is ironic, considering the KKK was a militant arm of the Democratic Party during both Reconstruction &the Civil Rights eras), Have they…
Mar 10, 2014
Sam Bradley posted a blog post
Friends, We can rejoice that the fly in the ointment that is the media is gone. That lying Limey Commie named Piers Morgan is no longer on CNN ( The Communist News Network). He shot off his mouth once too often & alienated the wrong people. If we…
Feb 24, 2014
Sam Bradley posted a blog post
As you know Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Fl.), made a damning remark about our organization, comapring us to the KKK. Such language wouldn`t be tolerated if Grayson were, say a Republican, so why is it ok  that he`s a liberal Democrat? There`s…
Oct 28, 2013
Sam Bradley commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Republicans: Black America's True Friend
"I totally agree, & besides if it was`nt for the Republicans, Blacks would not have been freed from slavery & segregation, Blacks would not have had a voice in Government or even served in Government. It was a Republican President named Ulysses S.…"
May 29, 2013
Sam Bradley posted a blog post
Friends, As you were made painfully aware, Obama & his thuggish consiglieres targeted our group by using a Government institution to silence our voices so that he can gain political traction. His actions are worthy of John Gotti. Obiviously this…
May 29, 2013
Sam Bradley left a comment on Florida
"Communism has infiltrated academia, the media, and thanks to Obama, (& other liberal dems. before him), the Government. This is not a new phenomenon. 60 years ago, a courageous patriot named Joseph R. McCarthy, was the first to sound the alarm, We…"
Apr 6, 2013
Sam Bradley left a comment on Florida
"Obama has proven tie again his true colors, (all RED), we cannot let the sacrifices our brave men & women made be in vain by allowing the same system they fought against to infest our country."
Dec 17, 2011
Sam Bradley left a comment on Florida
"The candidates should put aside whatever differences that have with each other, and concentrate on the big picture, making Obama a 1 term President. We must save our country from the dangerous path the current chief Executive has put us on."
Dec 17, 2011
Sam Bradley posted a blog post
Friends, Recently our group has been attacked by the leftist media when pictures of Obama with a Hitler mustache or as a witch doctor has been portrayed as racist, but when radical leftists painted Bush as a Fascist or as being unintelligent, it is…
Oct 5, 2011

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  • I am sending you a message on behalf of Donna Rogers Florida state Director for the Tea Party Command Center.  The only way we are going to save our Republic is to take back the power and authority the federal government was never intended to have in the first place and restore it back to the states. Therefore, please take the time:


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