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The Totalitarian American Left
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Benny Gantz to Receive Mandate 
From President Rivlin Wednesday Night
{ jpost.com } ~ President Reuven Rivlin will formally task Blue and White leader Benny Gantz with forming a new government on Wednesday evening at the President’s Residence... Rivlin’s spokeswoman announced on Tuesday. Gantz will have 28 days to build a coalition, beginning Wednesday night at midnight and ending just before midnight on November 20, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned his mandate to Rivlin on Tuesday evening. Sources close to Gantz said Blue and White would speak to representatives of each of the nine other factions in the Knesset during the four weeks. But they stressed that there was a difference between such talks and official coalition negotiations, which would only be held with possible coalition partners. “We will invite the Likud first, as we promised, but listen to all the factions,” a source close to Gantz said. “We will hear from those who know we will not sit in a coalition with them and continue with our potential partners.” When asked who could be a coalition partner, the source’s response left open the possibility of every faction except the Joint List. “We will not build a government with parties that do not believe in Israel remaining Jewish and democratic,” the source said. “This has not changed since the election.” The four Arab parties that make up the Joint List are divided over the question of whether they could provide a parliamentary safety net for a Gantz-led minority government. Balad leader Mtanes Shehadeh said his three MKs could not vote for such a government, but both Ayman Odeh, Hadash Party leader and Joint List chairman, and Ta’al Party head Ahmad Tibi spoke in favor of such a scenario. “If Gantz goes in the path of former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, I would be happy to lead the safety net,” Odeh told Channel 12. But Gantz’s associates said he does not intend to build a minority government and would stick to his promise to form a unity coalition with Likud, Yisrael Beytenu and Labor-Gesher. Other parties on the Right and Left would then be invited...   https://www.jpost.com/Israel-Elections/First-day-of-Gantzs-mandate-Shaked-willing-to-come-to-negotiations-605373   
They Aren’t Whistleblowers
They’re Double Agents
by GianCarlo Canaparo
{ dailysignal.com } ~ The New York Times on Oct. 4 reported that a second intelligence official “alarmed by President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine” is considering whether to file a complaint with the intelligence community inspector general... Like the first whistleblower, however, this individual is apparently trying to advance his agenda outside of the process provided by federal law. As we have detailed, the first whistleblower began with the office of Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. The Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act, however, prohibits that direct contact, requiring instead that complaints follow a process that begins with the intelligence community inspector general. In like fashion, this second individual, who claims to have firsthand information regarding Trump’s July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has chosen to talk to the media through his or her lawyer, rather than file a complaint. According to the lawyer, this person has firsthand knowledge of some of the allegations included in the first complaint and has spoken to the inspector general. Until this official files a complaint and it’s made public, we have no idea whether his or her account will, as the media have reported, bolster the secondhand and thirdhand information recounted in the first complaint. Until we see his or her complaint and the information actually detailed in it, the information the media report that his lawyer told them is still secondhand. Naturally, that hasn’t stopped the media from calling this a “firsthand” account and speculating wildly about its impact on Democrats’ impeachment efforts. The New York Times, for example, claims that it “would potentially add further credibility to the account of the first whistleblower.” There’s that word again: “whistleblower.” The media often use it, but all we know is that the second person has something to say that his or her lawyer has shared with the media. How does that make him or her a “whistleblower”? For that matter, is the first person a whistleblower? Let’s start with the law that protects intelligence officials who blow the whistle. The key provision of the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act is codified in Title 50 of the U.S. Code Section 3033...  https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/10/21/they-arent-whistleblowers-theyre-double-agents/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=they-arent-whistleblowers-theyre-double-agents&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTURBNVpXSmtaalZoTWpFdyIsInQiOiJBakZtaGFNZmlzWW5Ia3hnNis5TkdCb3ZXYnpJQzVoeXM1Q1NWRTdPMmt4N0xCbzJZSkN4U09qSTVoZnVZZXV4WEFPdm1sT1dTQXZaSFFEb2E5SWhXYmRBXC96Q0pFU1F0VGJnc0FtZDJzOG1KNldvMzkxYm9aeWhiTmcySG05WGIifQ%3D%3D 
Democrats Consider Undermining 
Administration’s Crackdown on Tax Avoidance
by Adam Michel
{ dailysignal.com } ~ Senate Democrats are trying to chip away at critical elements of the 2017 tax cuts. Included in the 2017 tax cuts is the new $10,000 cap on the state and local tax (SALT) deduction, one of the reform’s signature achievements... The cap advanced the bipartisan goal of treating taxpayers across the income scale more fairly by diminishing the previously unlimited subsidy for high-income taxpayers in high-tax states. The Senate is set to vote to overturn regulations that are necessary to implement the cap according to congressional intent. Overturning the regulations could increase the deficit by more $673 billion over 10 years and encourage high-income taxpayers to avoid taxes and make a profit in the process. The SALT cap was part of the most sweeping update to the U.S. tax code in more than 30 years, which cut taxes and has allowed the American economy to continue its longest economic expansion in recorded history. Undermining the SALT cap would begin to chip away at the core achievements of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Senators may be motivated by two misconceptions about the SALT deduction and the implementing regulations. Myth No. 1: The Cap Hurts Middle-Class Taxpayers. Before the 2017 tax cut capped the SALT deduction, 70% of taxpayers received no benefit from it. Most of the benefits flowed to wealthy taxpayers in high-tax states. Despite the SALT cap, the vast majority of taxpayers still got a big tax cut for three reasons. First, the tax law doubled the standard deduction, which means that about half of the people who previously chose to itemize their taxes which allows access to the SALT write-off now voluntarily choose to take the new larger standard deduction. Most of these people are better off than they were before...   https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/10/21/democrats-consider-undermining-administrations-ability-to-crack-down-on-tax-avoidance/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=democrats-consider-undermining-administrations-ability-to-crack-down-on-tax-avoidance&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTURBNVpXSmtaalZoTWpFdyIsInQiOiJBakZtaGFNZmlzWW5Ia3hnNis5TkdCb3ZXYnpJQzVoeXM1Q1NWRTdPMmt4N0xCbzJZSkN4U09qSTVoZnVZZXV4WEFPdm1sT1dTQXZaSFFEb2E5SWhXYmRBXC96Q0pFU1F0VGJnc0FtZDJzOG1KNldvMzkxYm9aeWhiTmcySG05WGIifQ%3D%3D   
Democrats Memo LEAKS 
Entire Impeachment Plan Just Got Revealed
by Martin Walsh
{ explainlife.com } ~ House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi crossed the red line and caved to the radical wing of the Democratic Party. She held off on trying to remove the president from office for a long time... but she agreed to launch an impeachment inquiry over a nothing burger phone call President Donald Trump had back in July with the Ukrainian.The move is already blowing up in the Left’s face. And now an internal memo from the Democrats just leaked, and it reveals their entire impeachment plan. Illinois Democratic Rep. Cheri Bustos, who chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, sent a memo to her colleagues advising them on messaging tactics regarding impeachment. But it was leaked to the Axios – and the memo clearly admits that this entire impeachment scam is purely political. The memo from Bustos is largely geared toward vulnerable Democrats in battleground districts that could decide who controls the U.S. House in 2020. “Below is a memo with messaging guidance on the impeachment inquiry,” Bustos wrote in an email to House Democrats.“This comes from research conducted by the DCCC’s pollsters over the past weeks. It reaffirms the strong position Democrats hold on this issue, due to the focus and restraint with which our Caucus has approached this pressing and serious matter. We hope you will find this guidance useful and we appreciate you keeping this within our Caucus.” The memo then provided House Democrats with “message guidance,” which is where it becomes obvious that this is nothing more than a total sham to bring down the president for political purposes. “When discussing Trump’s actions, keep the language simple, direct and values-based: President Trump abused his power and put himself above the law when he asked the Ukrainian President to interfere in the U.S. election,” the memo reads. Finally, the memo says House Democrats should “focus on the biggest issues facing families in the country,” acknowledging that issues like health care and wages “continue to out-rank impeachment as priorities for voters, especially swing voters.” There’s another big tell: Democrats are admitting that voters do not care about impeachment, yet it is all they talk about. Do-nothing Democrats in Congress refuse to work with Republicans to pass anything that would help the American people because all they care about it removing Trump from office.This memo makes that very clear. Democrats concede that several other issues “out-rank impeachment as priorities for voters, especially swing voters.” But the Left is still ramming ahead with their latest pipe dream of trying to remove the duly elected president from office because they hate him.
Why LBJ’s Great Society 
Gets a Failing Grade in Improving Education
by Fred Lucas
{ dailysignal.com } ~ President Lyndon B. Johnson’s vision for a Great Society unleashed an army of bureaucrats on American schools but produced little or no improvements to public education in 54 years... according to a new report published by The Heritage Foundation. The report, titled “The Not-So-Great Society,” delves into the impact of Johnson’s string of initiatives—among them Medicare, Medicaid, and various social welfare programs—on American education. Scholars from the leading think tank, as well as some outside experts, contributed to the report. One-third of Johnson’s touted War on Poverty invaded classrooms across the United States, which, the president said in 1965, is where “your children’s lives will be shaped.” “The federal Head Start program had as its goal—to quote Lady Bird Johnson—to ‘rescue our disadvantaged children’ and utterly has failed in that mission,” Lindsey Burke, director of Heritage’s Center for Education Policy, told an audience gathered Monday in Washington for the think tank’s annual President’s Club meeting. “We have spent $240 billion on Head Start since it was launched as a small summer program in 1965,” Burke said during a panel discussion about the report. “We have seen no impact on parenting practices, children’s social and emotional wellbeing, their access to medical care, nothing. What we have today, that legacy, is a $9 billion federal jobs program, to be honest. Head Start employs 255,000 adults.” The 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act also expanded the federal government’s role in education, with the stated goal of closing the achievement gap between rich and poor students. But it hasn’t achieved that goal, Burke said. “Since 1965 when the Great Society launched, we have seen federal education spending quadruple, and yet that achievement gap remains the same between poor children and the more affluent kids today, a four-year gap in learning. We have not moved the needle at all,” Burke said. The problem hasn’t just been K-12, as 90% of all student loans to pay for college now come from the federal government...   https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/10/21/why-lbjs-great-society-gets-a-failing-grade-in-improving-education/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=why-lbjs-great-society-gets-a-failing-grade-in-improving-education&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTURBNVpXSmtaalZoTWpFdyIsInQiOiJBakZtaGFNZmlzWW5Ia3hnNis5TkdCb3ZXYnpJQzVoeXM1Q1NWRTdPMmt4N0xCbzJZSkN4U09qSTVoZnVZZXV4WEFPdm1sT1dTQXZaSFFEb2E5SWhXYmRBXC96Q0pFU1F0VGJnc0FtZDJzOG1KNldvMzkxYm9aeWhiTmcySG05WGIifQ%3D%3D   
Supreme Court Delivers Huge 
5-4 Ruling; Dems Suffer Major Defeat
by Martin Walsh
{ explainlife.com } ~ There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the U.S. Supreme Court lately. Conservatives currently control a 5-4 majority on the nation’s highest court... and now there’s serious speculation circling throughout the mainstream media that at least 2 liberal Justices may retire in the near future. Democrats are freaking out that President Donald Trump could add more conservatives to the Court given two of the most liberal Justices — Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer — could step down soon because they are “aging” and have “serious health issues.”But that’s not what people are talking about this week. The U.S. Supreme Court granted the Michigan Republican party a win on Monday by throwing out a lower court ruling that required dozens of congressional and legislative districts to be redrawn. Democrats alleged that Republicans in Michigan had gerrymandered the districts to favor them and hurt liberals. The high court’s 5-to-4 decision reverses a ruling by the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, which demanded the state redraw nine congressional districts and 25 state districts by August 1, 2020. Monday’s decision follows the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June that it would leave gerrymandering cases to state courts. “Partisan gerrymandering claims present political questions beyond the reach of the federal courts,” Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the June decision, which dealt with district boundaries in Maryland and North Carolina...
The Totalitarian American Left
94fuUGGIUhFqFBkhrpKYpYUEMt7HQtSbeDZEAATehLOXddJPoLEoXRuwMBtEJS9MVgCcmqBwfpGTfgoG9IEec8wJJHisFwU1VEaK5dxKWLH_Nhss7dds4HcQJYAQdjWDcCe4KyBy8UNofZ3yDSWJenvlaI0fbTA=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href= David Limbaugh

The left is becoming more unapologetically totalitarian every day. Every freedom-loving American should be alarmed.

From hounding conservatives out of restaurants to spitting on Trump supporters at rallies, from firing employees for politically incorrect statements to fining people for “misgendering” a person, the left is on a path toward absolutism.

Even some former and current leftists have recognized this intolerant trend and broken from their colleagues, lamenting their intolerance of opposing ideas and disturbing mission to suppress dissenting opinion.

Just the other day, three incidents typifying the left’s authoritarianism popped out at me as I was surveying the morning news.

The Federalist reported that venues in three North American cities — Toronto, Brooklyn and Portland — canceled screenings of a movie about Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson because of leftist criticism. Peterson exploded onto the scene in recent years with his no-nonsense, brilliant and clear-eyed critique of insane cultural trends, especially those concerning gender.

Peterson’s book “12 Rules for Life” is wildly popular, and there are countless viral videos featuring his encounters with various leftist interviewers, panelists and audience members who have tried and failed to entrap him on a number of issues, and been reduced — in every case — to blundering, ineffectual bullies. If you haven’t partaken of these videos, you owe it to yourself to witness one arrogant leftist after another being gobsmacked by the simple weapon of unadulterated logic. These videos are irresistibly contagious and imminently satisfying for those longing to see intellectually defenseless, virtue-signaling finger waggers brought to their knees through the medium of polite debate.

Peterson, you see, won’t kowtow to the leftists’ demand that we embrace the tenets of gender ideology, which teaches that gender is less about biology and more about personal identification. He refuses to support laws that criminalize one’s failure to use a person’s preferred pronouns, such as “they” instead of “she.”

Peterson has the temerity to say that men and women are biologically different, and that gender is not a fluid, human construct. That doesn’t sit well with the left, who not only insists that we accept its cockeyed ideas as normal but also advocates imposing them on us by force of law.

Can you get your mind around the irony of the left banning a movie about Peterson because he’s  dangerous? Who is more dangerous: a person who peaceably expresses an opinion that happens to be supported by thousands of years of human experience and common sense, or those who try to ban his voice or even a movie about it? This is “1984”-level scary, and it’s getting worse by the hour.

On what possible grounds is the left arguing that Peterson’s views are dangerous? He doesn’t advocate violence; he isn’t a rabble-rouser or revolutionary. He simply states his opinion instead of genuflecting to the despotic left.

But they claim that if Peterson’s views are openly expressed, he might convince other people that he’s right, and that could lead to the proliferation of conservative thought. Peterson’s “conservative perspectives on feminism and gender,” according to an opinion piece in The New York Times, “are very popular among young men and often are a path to more extreme content and ideologies.” Think about this. Conservative speech is dangerous because it is a slippery slope to the adoption of conservative ideas? This must be satire. Do these clueless cranks know how ridiculous they sound?

Again, who is more extreme and dangerous: Jordan Peterson, who advocates the silencing of no one and expresses mainstream opinions, or leftists, who are actively trying to censor Peterson?

Please don’t make the reckless mistake of dismissing this crusade against Peterson as exceptional. This is the left’s pattern, and it is becoming more aggressive all the time.

The second and third incidents I came across are further proof that the left is increasingly Stalinist. In the most recent Democratic presidential debate, Sen. lowlife-Kamala Harris pushed for the suspension of President Trump’s Twitter, speciously alleging that he is trying to obstruct justice and intimidate and threaten witnesses. You see, the left always has some urgent rationale to smother conservative speech — whether it’s to prevent the incitement of violence or obstruction of justice. But it just wants to shut us up.

Those who would silence the other side are the very definition of dangerous. Don’t take lowlife-Harris’ musings lightly, even if she is mostly posturing to gin up more support from the Trump-hating Democratic base. It is instructive that efforts to muzzle speech almost always come from the left, not the right, because the left is insecure about the popularity of its kooky ideas.

The third incident involved demagogue and former Rep. socialist-Beto O'Rourke, who said in a CNN forum on LGBT issues that churches and religious organizations should lose their tax-exempt status if they oppose same-sex marriage. If I have to explain how outrageous this is, the country is in even greater danger than I imagined.

I found these examples in 15 minutes of reading this week. They are everywhere. America was founded on the idea of claiming and preserving our God-given liberties. The illiberal left, which believes our rights and freedoms come from government, is hell-bent on destroying our liberties and forcibly imposing its thoughts and ideas on all of us.

God save us.   ~The Patriot Post


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