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Opening Salvos in the Trump 
Impeachment Trial
Nate Jackson
House impeachment managers target top 
Trump defense attorney Cipollone, 
claim he is 'material
By Brooke Singmanou 
{ foxnews.com } ~ House Democrats prosecuting the Trump impeachment case took aim Tuesday at White House Counsel Pat Cipollone... claiming in a stunning letter that the lead member of the president's defense team is actually a “material witness” to the charges in both articles and demanding that he disclose all “first-hand facts and information” before proceedings begin. The impeachment "managers" said they need that information in order to weigh potential “ethical” issues or conflicts of interest concerning his defense of the president. Just hours before Senate trial proceedings were set to resume, the impeachment managers claimed that during the House inquiry they gathered “evidence” that indicates he is a “fact witness to numerous critical events related to the president’s scheme, and remains deeply involved in actions implementing the president’s directive to obstruct the House’s impeachment inquiry.” “In preparation for the trial of Donald J. Trump before the Senate, we write to notify you that evidence received by the House of Representatives during its impeachment inquiry indicates that you are a material witness to charges in both Articles of Impeachment for which President Trump now faces trial,” the managers – Reps. scumbag/liar-Adam Schiff, scumbag liar-Jerrold Nadler, Val Demings, Hakeem Jeffries, Sylvia Garcia, Zoe Lofgren and Jason Crow – wrote in a letter to Cipollone on Tuesday. “You must disclose all facts and information as to which you have first-hand knowledge that will be at issue in connection with evidence you present or arguments you make in your role as the President’s legal advocate so that the Senate and Chief Justice can be apprised of any potential ethical issues, conflicts or biases,” they wrote. The managers then outlined Cipollone's alleged connection to both articles of impeachment — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. “Evidence indicates that, at a minimum, you have detailed knowledge of the facts regarding the first Article and played an instrumental role in the conduct charged in the second Article,” they wrote. They went on to say that ethical rules generally "preclude" a lawyer from acting as an advocate in a trial if he or she is also a witness. “These issues are directly implicated by your involvement in the events underlying the Articles of Impeachment,” they wrote...Does this apply to scumbag/liar-Schiff also?
Senate resolution sets a fast pace
 for Trump impeachment trial
by Susan Ferrechio
{ washingtonexaminer.com } ~ President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial is going to move quickly, at least at first. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has drafted the rules for the trial... which allow 24 hours across two days for House impeachment managers to present their case that Trump abused the power of his office and obstructed Congress. The resolution also prohibits the testimony of witnesses unless they are first deposed privately. The resolution, which senators will pass Tuesday afternoon at the start of the trial, provides Trump’s White House defense team with the same amount of time to present their case. It also provides Trump's team the chance to offer a motion to dismiss the case as soon as the resolution setting the terms of the trial is adopted. But that motion is likely to fail because Republicans have indicated they want to hear the case before rendering judgment. Senior Republican aides say the 24 hours provided to present both the case and the defense line up with the 1999 impeachment trial of President scumbag/liar-Bill Clinton, except, in that case, the 24 hours were used by both sides over a three-day period. According to the resolution, obtained by the Washington Examiner, senators would be provided 16 hours to ask written questions after the presentation of the case and the defense. After that, the Senate will hold a four-hour debate on whether to subpoena or call witnesses to testify or to seek additional evidence. If senators vote to call witnesses, the witnesses will be deposed first, “and the Senate shall decide after deposition which witnesses will testify” in the Senate. Finally, after witnesses are interviewed, the Senate will vote on each of the two articles. It takes 67 votes to convict the president on either of the articles, so it is unlikely Trump will be removed from office. The resolution does not automatically allow all of the House impeachment investigation material to be used as evidence in the Senate trial...   https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/senate-resolution-sets-a-fast-pace-for-trump-impeachment-trial?utm_source=WEX_News%20Brief_01/20/2020&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WEX_News%20Brief&rid=5261   
scumbag-Schumer will force votes 'right off the 
bat' on impeachment witnesses and documents
by Susan Ferrechio
{ washingtonexaminer.com } ~ Senate Democrats will call up votes on witnesses and documents at the outset of President Trump's impeachment trial Tuesday afternoon, setting up an immediate partisan battle that is likely to last the length of the trial... Senate Minority Leader Chuck scumbag-Schumer, a New York Democrat, told reporters he'd force a vote "right off the bat" to subpoena the administration for documents related to Trump's call with the president of Ukraine in which he asked for help investigating former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden and Democrats. scumbag-Schumer may also try to change the Senate rules to allow more days to present arguments. Democrats charge Trump with abuse of power for withholding security aid from Ukraine while seeking its help investigating loose lips liar-Biden. "The documents are of equal importance. People should understand that the documents can shed as much light on why the aid was cut off, who did it, and how it evolved as the witnesses, and we feel very strongly that we need documents," scumbag-Schumer told reporters. "And that's why it's our first call." Democrats are opposed to the rules Republicans plan to pass governing how the trial will proceed. They want Republicans to agree to subpoena the documents and to call several Trump administration officials to testify. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, unveiled the rules Monday night. They prohibit a vote on calling witnesses until after the impeachment managers and Trump's White House lawyers present their arguments. But Democrats want the GOP to agree to call witnesses and subpoena documents at the start of the trial...  https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/schumer-will-call-votes-right-off-the-bat-on-witnesses-and-documents?utm_source=breaking_push&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=push_notifications&utm_source=WEX_Breaking%20News%20Alert_01/21/2020&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=WEX_Breaking%20News&rid=5261  
Hundreds of US-Bound Migrants 
Storm Border, Rush into Mexico
By Jack Davis 
{ westernjournal.com } ~ In a chaotic scramble, Honduran migrants seeking to enter the U.S. illegally tried to cross into Mexico on Monday... Mexican authorities used tear gas and troops in an effort to contain migrants who waded across the river separating Mexico and Guatemala in an effort to reach America’s southern border. The day began with a caravan estimated to hold more than 4,000 migrants massed on a bridge spanning the river, to be met by Mexican officials who, as promised to President Donald Trump, would not allow them entry. Shortly after noon, a group numbering in the hundreds then tried to wade across the knee-deep Suchiate River that separates the two countries. As the migrants crossed, Mexican National Guard troops were there to meet them. Many migrants successfully found their way around the troops, while others were blocked from entering Mexico by the guardsmen, some of whom were hit by rocks thrown by the migrants. It was unclear at the end of the day how many migrants had successfully made it past the troops and into Mexico. Many migrants remained at the edge of the river and some returned to Guatemala, according to The Associated Press. Mexico’s National Migration Institute told the migrants that it planned to send undocumented foreigners to immigration stations and then to their home countries if they were in Mexico illegally...
Erdoğan's 'Make-Turkey-More-Islamic' 
Campaign Is a Failure
by Burak Bekdil
{ meforum.org } ~ Trust for Islamist politics in both the Middle East and North Africa has plummeted since the beginning of the Arab Spring... A survey for BBC Arabic found that since 2012-13, public trust in Islamist political parties in Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, Sudan and Iraq has significantly declined, from nearly 40% to less than 20%. The survey also found a similar decline in trust for religious leaders in the same countries. In the Gaza Strip alone, public trust in Hamas fell from 45% to 24%. In Turkey, Islam does not appear to be appealing to masses as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan apparently hoped it would. In 2012, Erdoğan described his political mission as "raising devout generations," a remark for which Turkey's main opposition called him "a merchant of religion." In November 2019, Erdoğan repeated his quest for "devout generations" so that "we will not see alcoholics on the streets." He boasts that since he came to power in 2002, the number of imam school students has risen from 60,000 to 1.3 million. No doubt, that is an impressive record for an Islamist strongman. But too premature to cheer about. A survey, part of OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment, has revealed that 54% of imam school students do not feel they belong to their school, compared to 27.5% to 29.1% of students at other types of schools. It seems a greater number of families have forced their children to enroll at imam schools but, at least at the high school level, these students are unhappy. There are empirical studies that theism is on the rise in Turkey, especially among imam school students. The pollster Optimar found that in 2017, 99% of Turks identified themselves as Muslims, but in 2019, only 89.5% said they were Muslim. An unexpected 4.5% said they were theist, 2.7% agnostic and 1.7% atheist, and 1.6% did not answer...
scumbag-George Soros Launches Campaign 
to Silence “Climate Deniers” on YouTube!
By Spiro Skouras
{ activistpost.com } ~ Many would agree that climate change is perhaps the biggest and most critically important issue that we face globally as a society... And I personally would agree with that 100%. But it all depends on which side of the fence you land on. And of course just like any argument, or debate, there are at least two sides to every story. One side is currently being championed as the people who want to save the world, young people mainly, who are willing to speak out against the establishment and their evil ways for the good for mankind and mother earth. This side of the argument which portrays itself as grassroots, just so happens to fall in line essentially word for word with the establishment, whom they blame for this supposed climate crisis. The other side of the argument is anyone who dares to even question the legitimacy, or science behind the claims that the world is about to end unless we do something about man made climate change right now! This side is known as the climate deniers. That’s right, if you wish to have an open discussion, dialogue, ask questions, engage in a debate or any such action which does not fall in line with the UN 2030 climate agenda you are part of the problem and must be silenced. This report exposes how billionaire powerhouse scumbag-George Soros is bankrolling a campaign to silence ‘climate deniers’ on YouTube. How can we have a civilized discussion that could potentially lead to a solution, if one side of the debate is being silenced by a collaborative campaign with special interests and a loaded deck?  https://www.activistpost.com/2020/01/george-soros-launches-campaign-to-silence-climate-deniers-on-youtube.html?utm_source=Activist+Post+Subscribers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=138dc4e3f6-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_term=0_b0c7fb76bd-138dc4e3f6-387888649  
Opening Salvos in the Trump 
Impeachment Trial
Nate Jackson:  “The Articles of Impeachment submitted by House Democrats are a dangerous attack on the right of the American people to freely choose their President. This is a brazen and unlawful attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election and interfere with the 2020 election — now just months away.” That’s the summation of the Democrat impeachment charade according to a letter to the U.S. Senate from White House Counsel Pat Cipollone and Donald Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow. The letter was the opening statement from Trump’s defense team as the Senate’s impeachment trial gets underway.

The blistering letter continues, “The Articles of Impeachment are constitutionally invalid on their face. They fail to allege any crime or violation of law whatsoever, let alone ‘high Crimes and Misdemeanors,’ as required by the Constitution.”

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, a self-described liberal Democrat, has also joined Trump’s legal team in a limited role, though, as he put it, “I think it overstates it to say I’m a member of the Trump team.” In any case, he’s been a harsh critic of impeachment for months, and he slammed Democrats for impeaching Trump over “two non-criminal actions” that aren’t’ actually impeachable. Worse, Dershowitz said, their actions amount to “the greatest nightmare” of Founders like James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. Rather than counter Dershowitz on the merits, Leftmedia outlets just reiterate that he served on the defense team for Jeffrey Epstein … though somehow the name of Epstein’s buddy scumbag/liar-Bill Clinton eludes the Beltway’s intrepid reporters.

What else is the Leftmedia doing? Worrying over how partial Republican senators are going to be during the trial.

Speaking of being impartial, here’s what one senator had to say about this partisan political theater:

It has shaken me that we stand at the brink of removing a President — not because of a popular groundswell to remove him and not because of the magnitude of the wrongs he’s committed — but because … a small group of people who hate [the President] and hate his policies … very cleverly and very doggedly exploit the institutions of freedom that we hold dear and almost succeed in undoing him.

That was a letter written by now-Senate Minority Leader Chuck scumbag-Schumer in defense of scumbag/liar-Bill Clinton in 1999. The extent to which scumbag-Schumer gets it backwards would be funny if it weren’t so serious.

As a final note, expect to frequently hear the name Lev Parnas in the same scandalized tones usually reserved for Russian mobsters. Who is Parnas? A crony of Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, who has documents pertaining to both Trump’s policy toward Ukraine and the firing of former Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Like the Government Accountability Office’s bogus finding that Trump broke the law by temporarily delaying military aid to Ukraine, however, Parnas is part of the Democrats’ new narrative that “further investigation” is critical before the Senate can vote on Trump’s fate.   ~The Patriot Post


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