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Socialism and Fascism
Lewis Morris  
Trump celebrates ‘great day for civilization’ as 
Pence, Pompeo secure Syria cease-fire agreement
By Ronn Blitzer 
{ } ~ President Trump declared Thursday "a great day for civilization" as Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced terms of a cease-fire agreement... that would end violence between Turkey and Kurds in Syria, following a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara. The deal is for a 120-hour cease-fire, during which time the Kurdish-led forces could pull back from the roughly 20-mile-wide safe zone on the Turkish-Syrian border. All Turkish military operations under the recent offensive known as Operation Peace Spring will pause during that time, and the operation itself will come to an end entirely upon the completion of the Kurdish withdrawal, under the terms of the deal. "This is a great day for civilization," Trump declared in a tweet following a press conference where Pence and Pompeo discussed the deal. "I am proud of the United States for sticking by me in following a necessary, but somewhat unconventional, path. People have been trying to make this 'Deal' for many years. Millions of lives will be saved. Congratulations to ALL! "Trump claimed that just three days ago, such an agreement "could NEVER have been made," but that "tough love" was required to accomplish it. In addition to agreeing to the terms of a cease-fire, both the U.S. and Turkey  "committed to defeat ISIS activities in northeast Syria," Pence announced during a press conference. “Turkey and the United States agree on the priority of respecting vulnerable human life, human rights, and particularly the protection of religious and ethnic communities in the region,” the vice president added. It remains to be seen whether the Kurds will agree to the terms of the deal, which Pence said was reached after more than five hours of negotiations with Erdogan and Turkish officials. "We think the agreement today first ends the violence, which is what President Trump sent us here to do," Pence said. "We achieved that." Pence said that the U.S. did not approve of Turkey's military operation, but under the terms of the deal will lift sanctions against Turkey upon the fulfillment of the agreement from both sides. The Turkish offensive began after Trump announced the withdrawal of American troops from northern Syria. Trump was heavily criticized for the move by lawmakers from both parties. Last week, Trump sent a letter to Erdogan encouraging him to “work out a good deal,” threatening to “destroy” the Turkish economy if Erdogan continued his aggression against the Kurds. “Don’t be a tough guy. Don’t be a fool!” Trump said, before stating that he would call Erdogan. It was reported by the BBC Thursday that Erdogan “thoroughly rejected” the letter and threw it “in the bin,” but hours later Pence announced the potential cease-fire.
Ceasefire reached between Turkish and Kurdish forces after US delegation meets in Turkey
by Zachary Halaschak
{ } ~ Vice President Mike Pence said that a cease-fire has been reached between Turkey and Kurdish forces in Syria. The move comes after Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan... “Today I'm proud to report, thanks to the strong leadership of President Donald Trump and the strong relationship between President Erdoğan and Turkey and the United States of America, that today the United States and Turkey have agreed to a cease-fire in Syria,” Pence said. Pence said that Turkey agreed to pause its military operation, Peace Spring, in Syria for 120 hours until Kurdish forces withdraw from a nearly 20-mile wide safe zone south of the Turkish border in Syria. “All military operations under Operation Peace Spring will be paused, and Operation Peace Spring will be halted entirely on completion of the withdrawal,” the vice president added. "In addition, the United States and Turkey have both mutually committed to a peaceful resolution and future for the safe zone, working on an international basis to ensure that peace and security defines this border region of Syria,” he added. Pence also said that Turkey and the U.S. have “mutually committed” to defeat the Islamic State's operations in northern Syria.“This will also include an agreement renewed today to coordinate efforts on detention facilities and internally displaced persons in formerly ISIS-controlled areas,” Pence said. A copy of a statement outlining terms of the agreement was released on Twitter. It shows a number of points that the two sides negotiated, including the pause Turkey's military operation. It also said that pending the successful implementation of the ceasefire, the U.S. would end its recently imposed sanctions against the Turkish economy. After meeting bipartisan backlash, Trump has continued to defend his decision to move troops out of the area allowing Turkey to invade Syria. He said troops shouldn’t be in the region as “two countries fight over land that has nothing to do with us.”  
Dems Cut Mic On House Floor To Avoid 
Steve Scalise’s Impeachment Question
by Dean James  
{ } ~ Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) released the following statement after Democrats cut his microphone on the House Floor instead of answering his simple yes or no question... has the House been authorized to conduct an impeachment inquiry?  “Democrats are so determined to keep their impeachment process a secret from the American people that they cannot and will not give us a simple yes or no answer as to whether the House has authorized an impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Every impeachment inquiry in history was authorized by an initial vote, yet Speaker liar-Pelosi has refused to follow that precedent. Does Speaker liar-Pelosi not realize the appalling position she has put the House in? For proceedings with such monumental consequences, the American people must know that a fair process has been followed. Democrats continue to cast aside all historical norms in their insane and obsessive effort to overturn the results of the 2016 election.” Full question:  Madam Speaker, my parliamentary inquiry is this: has the House been authorized to conduct an impeachment inquiry into President Trump? Madam Speaker, we ought to know the answer to that question. Madam Speaker, either the House has started an impeachment inquiry or it has not. Can we get an answer to that question, Madam Speaker? [mic cut] These dems are ruthless and corrupt as all hell.  
A Texas Mayor Defends the 
Constitution from Sharia Law
By Amil Imani
{ } ~ Time and again in every election we see politicians promise everything, and once elected deliver very little or nothing. Beth Van Duyne is a welcome exception and her past record clearly proves it... A person of impeccable integrity, Beth has always remained loyal to the values and wishes of her constituents and has not compromised them on the altar of political expediency so widely practiced by self-promoting politicians. A devoted mother beaming with energy and the talent to get things done, Beth is indeed the kind of person the US Congress desperately needs. Under Beth’s leadership as a Mayor of Irving, TX, the city became one of the best and safest towns in the great state of Texas. Beth Van Duyne’s achievements attracted the attention of President Trump’s administration and accepted to serve, this time, at the national level in the Department of Housing and Urban Development Office in Fort Worth. Van Duyne’s reputation soared outside her city since February 2015, when she became aware that some Muslims intended to create a Sharia court in Irving, TX. To follow with her oath of office, she wanted to make sure if in fact, these stories were accurate. Van Duyne   went directly to the source, the website. What she noticed was shocking. The imams at the website referred to themselves as “attorneys” and “judges” even though none of them were lawyers or practice law in the State of Texas. She noted a phone number for legal services. There was also a disclaimer at the bottom that read: “Don’t send us any confidential material, before an attorney client relationship has been established.” They were even charging for their services. They listed divorce cases, product liability, business, and real estate litigations as their legal specialties. Mayor Van Duyne wanted to know why anyone would subject themselves to Sharia law in the United States while everyone is protected under the U.S. Constitution! And she repeatedly noted, her biggest concern was for women were treated differently than men under Sharia law, put at a great disadvantage, and denied basic rights we are all guaranteed...
The Democrats -- Who They Are, What they 
Want and How to Confront Them
By Alexander G. Markovsky
{ } ~ Every time the Democratic presidential contenders take the stage, we witness a stunning display of the Democratic Party's ideological conversion to a Marxist-sponsored socialist cartel... In pursuit of utopian/egalitarian virtue, the party has adopted the language of the ideology and is growing perpetually out of sync with American liberties. In a frightening sense of déjà vu, the downsized American replicas of Leon Trotsky, Nikolai Bukharin, Clara Zetkin, and Rosa Luxemburg are seeking to impose the moralities of a flawed society through seductive promises of fairness and equality with an intensity and passion that rivals that of their precursors a century earlier. However, unlike the originals, the candidates are hardly thinkers or mavericks; they sound like pedestrian opportunists having no intellectual basis and as such are unable to define independent philosophical identities. But it doesn’t make them less dangerous. The contenders enjoy widespread support among the ideologically driven legislators who with medieval fanaticism demand the implementation of socialist agendas. Some bombastically prophesy environmental calamities and the end of the world unless we implement insane ideas they put forward as the key to salvation. Those loonies cannot be persuaded by facts, historical records, or common sense. For them, acceptance of reality equates to a denial of faith. “It is more important to be morally right than factually correct,” so asserted socialist commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “Morally right” is a method of persuasion that epitomizes radicalism in its most extreme form. A maxim, not bounded by the concepts of reasoning or moral restrains, that justified the Red Terror in Russia, the Cultural Revolution in China, the Holocaust in Germany and many other atrocities that cost tens of millions of lives by those who proclaimed themselves “morally right.” This madness can be stopped if people realize in time where the Democratic Party’s newly adopted ideology may lead...
Feds Kill the Internet’s ‘Largest Child Porn Marketplace,’ 300 Arrested
{ } ~ Federal investigators have announced that they have taken down the biggest child porn marketplace on the Internet... Federal prosecutors filed multiple charges against a 23-year-old South Korean man who they claim was behind the Internet-based child porn website on the dark web, according to NBC News. The website called Welcome to Video,” reportedly hosted more than 200,000 videos — almost 8 terabytes — of child pornography involving children of all ages. Prosecutors said that they also tracked 7,300 Bitcoin transactions worth more than $730,000. The site was allegedly run by Jong Woo Son, a South Korean citizen who is already in jail in South Korea of child porn charges. Federal officials say that Woo Son operated the site up until law enforcement agencies shut it down in March of last year. U.S. officials reported that 337 suspects of the site had been arrested worldwide. “You may try to hide behind technology,” U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Jessie Liu said on Wednesday, “but we will find you and arrest you and prosecute you.” The scale of this crime is eye-popping and sickening,” added John D. Fort, chief of IRS criminal investigations. Nearly half the videos on the site were previously uncatalogued by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children...
commie-Sanders and dinky/liar-Warren,
Socialism and Fascism
Lewis Morris:  In the game of primary politics, presidential candidates have to differentiate themselves for the voters, even if they’re cut from the same ideological cloth. Take two big names in the race for the Democrat nomination, commie-Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren. Both are statist lackeys of the far Left, dedicated to shredding (“fundamentally transforming”) the Constitution and instituting a People’s Republic of the United States. Or is it the United Soviet States of America? So, if you are useful idiot, how do you choose between the two?

commie-Sanders, who has been falling behind Warren in the polls, especially after his health issues, tried to put some daylight between himself and his leftist rival. He attempted to use her own quote against her, saying, “She is a capitalist through her bones.” But only a socialist would think that calling someone a capitalist would be a mark against them. The trouble is Warren is no capitalist.

dinky/liar-Warren has called for a whole host of tax hikes, including significantly raising taxes on upper income families and individuals to pay for universal childcare. She has called for canceling student-loan debt and making college “free.” She supports a $15 federal minimum wage. dinky/liar-Warren wants to make fracking illegal, break up large agricultural businesses, and put multibillion-dollar companies under the control of the federal government. This among a whole pile of steaming leftist manure that includes government-run healthcare, abolishing the Electoral College, opening the borders, slashing the military, and rejecting the USMCA trade pact in favor of greater labor and environmental concessions.

Does this sound like someone who is a capitalist through her bones? Didn’t think so.

dinky/liar-Warren and commie-Sanders are both hardcore leftists, but while commie-Sanders is a socialist, dinky/liar-Warren is arguably more of a fascist.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming that fascism is an ideology of the far Right. It is not. That is a deliberate falsehood spun by leftists going back 80 years — and it’s meant solely to distance themselves from the actions of Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. These two fascist dictators were initially embraced by the Left for their statist views — until they started gobbling up Europe and killing people for ethnic reasons. Socialists couldn’t publicly support them after that, so they rewrote them as creatures of the political Right. It’s one of the more bizarre BIG Lies, but that’s what public “education” will get you.

Let’s take a moment to set the record straight.

Socialism is defined by state ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods and services. Fascism is defined by the state control of the economy, while the means of production remains in private hands. When we talk about state control of anything, we are talking about the left side of the political spectrum. The greater the control a government exhibits, the further left it is politically. Ergo, socialism and fascism are right next to each other on the spectrum, not on opposite ends of it.

On the right side of the political spectrum is capitalism, which is private ownership and private control. If you travel further right on the political spectrum, how would you arrive at state control of the economy? You don’t.

Make no mistake, though. Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren is no more a capitalist than Chinese President Xi Jinping is a champion of human rights.

dinky/liar-Warren is a fascist because she advocates for government control of large corporations and heavy taxation to keep those corporate interests in line. She wants to use the economy as a cudgel to force people in line behind her policies. Every policy position she holds embraces the concept of government control over the citizenry. Keep that in mind as the media sings the “dinky/liar-Warren for President” mantra, or as she and commie-Sanders both try to convince voters that she’s just another “capitalist” vying for the socialist vote.   ~The Patriot Post  

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