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The Democrats' $100 Trillion Agenda Could
Easily Tilt the Nation
Stephen Moore
Blankenship Is Right: Sue the 
Mainstream Media Out of Existence
by Gavin Wax
{} ~ Don Blankenship, the former CEO of Massey Energy and GOP candidate for West Virginia’s U.S. Senate seat last year, filed a massive defamation lawsuit  against several mainstream media outlets this past Friday... In the lawsuit, Blankenship alleges that these news organizations among them CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and even Breitbart knowingly and willfully misreported him as a felon instead of a misdemeanant. Blankenship, a former CEO of Massey Energy, was acquitted on three felonies but convicted of a misdemeanor for conspiring to violate safety regulations, after a deadly 2010 mining disaster. Blankenship alleges that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who backed Blankenship’s primary challenger and state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, was behind the coordinated effort to falsely smear him as a felon. Whatever one thinks of Blankenship, one can’t deny the chilling effect his being wrongly libeled has one other candidates willing to take up President Trump’s rallying-cry to “drain the swamp.” Blankenship cast himself as firmly anti-establishment and anti-McConnell, dubbing the longtime U.S. senator “Cocaine Mitch,” and even declaring himself “Trumpier than Trump” even after the president told West Virginians to reject the controversial candidate. He ran on a firmly populist platform which included many Trumpian policies, including “eliminating environmental regulations every month until the economy is growing like China’s,” working to end the opioid epidemic, and building a wall along the U.S.’s southern border...
Democratic 2020 Hopefuls Back Four Policies 
That Require Constitutional Amendments  
by Virginia Kruta
{} ~ Democratic 2020 presidential hopefuls have so far proposed or signaled willingness to discuss at least four major policy ideas... that would require the U.S. Constitution to be amended. Lowering the voting age to 16... Introducing term limits for Supreme Court justices... Dissolving the Electoral College and adopting a National Popular Vote... Reintroducing the Equal Rights Amendment. As more and more Democrats enter the rapidly expanding field, each vying for the chance to challenge President Donald Trump’s re-election bid, it is becoming apparent that most of them are looking for ways to change the status quo — even if that means changing the Constitution as well...
Major Science Journal Embraces 
‘Nature Rights’ Movement
O3Jvtrf0G6NxOU2Xmk1GFc7QhRO-9oAuAIJdsKh_kmpzOfJIQ3kC6QX4wiPBLRIsjaEKGiKB9MMaWiCM_RjY77EUuOy8DhtJa1YkrjqUQzM0sGYLUkZE9FLeHF1YJPIXbzM0D4GHxGr94znr3wJQxXxT3p2whEktqcHJKaywYFpFEKMHMwhirpyE9ZwwBDbRig=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby Wesley J. Smith
{} ~ Polls show that people increasingly distrust science. Why might that be? Most surely don’t reject the scientific method... using the powerful tools of observation, careful measurement, falsification, testing, experimentation, and the like to understand the physical universe. No, the suspicion toward “science” arises naturally when ideological advocacy assumes a scientific guise to exploit our respect for scientists to attain often radical ideological goals. Alas, Science — one of the world’s most important scientific journals — has now put itself in such harness by publishing an article advocating a radical environmentalist agenda known as “nature rights.” “Nature whats?” some readers might be asking. No, I didn’t make a typographical error. “Nature rights” is a hard-leftwing and anti-free market movement — once on the fringe but now growing increasingly mainstream within environmentalism — that doesn’t seek tighter legal regulations over our use of the natural world, but rather, advocates personalizing nature  toward the end of granting flora, fauna, ecosystems, and geological features human-type rights. In a saner era, the idea of granting rights to “nature” would be laughed off the public stage. But it’s not funny. The nature rights movement is serious, it is growing in power and influence, and it becoming alarmingly successful. Indeed, the movement has made important strides in the last few years: four rivers have been granted enforceable rights, including the Amazon and Ganges. So too have glaciers. An orangutan was declared a “non-human person” in Argentina and granted a writ of habeas corpus to be released from a zoo to a sanctuary. Most recently, a special election in Toledo, Ohio passed that granted “rights” to Lake Erie. The “Lake Erie Bill of Rights” — yes, you read that right — guarantees, among other provisions: Lake Erie, and the Lake Erie watershed, possess the right to exist, flourish, and naturally evolve. The Lake Erie Ecosystem shall include all natural water features, communities of organisms, soil as well as terrestrial and aquatic sub ecosystems that are part of Lake Erie and its watershed.  That’s very close to a right to life — for a lake! At the very least, the right to “naturally evolve” could be construed to prevent any human use that altered Lake Erie’s natural features or deleteriously impacted any of the naturally occurring organisms or soils of the region. How that will impact local farmers use of watershed lands is anyone’s guess...
This Harvard Law Professor Keeps Spreading Conspiracy Theories — But Media 
Outlets Keep Citing Him  
by Peter Hasson
{} ~ Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe has habitually spread conspiracy theories, but that hasn’t prevented him from maintaining a presence in the national media... Tribe was among several high-profile figures to amplify a false conspiracy theory in February that President Donald Trump  had teamed up with Saudi Arabian Prince Mohammed bin Salman to leak Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s affair to the National Enquirer. “Are Donald Trump and the murderous Saudi Prince bin Salman co-conspirators with David Pecker and AMI in a failed criminal plot to blackmail and extort Jeff Bezos as owner of the Washington Post? Asking for a friend in the Southern District of New York,” Tribe wrote on Twitter, where he has more than 492,000 followers. The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that the Enquirer had paid the brother of Bezos’s mistress $200,000 for text messages between the two lovers, confirming a Daily Beast report that identified the brother — not the Saudis — as the Enquirer’s source. Tribe’s  tweet was still up as of Wednesday evening. The Harvard Law professor has made a habit of spreading baseless conspiracy theories, seemingly without repercussion... Why would people believe this Law professor without proves.
Ten Years after Climategate, the 
Global Warming Fraud Is on Life Support
TAzsmjKbbXfKYZxK8prOpTBGsTIumErsRG3kgV47jX-bUP1cwFWSdGXmJqm8yllcCE2JcDX_8xWlsKil1nXDoKTWy_lK5Nya5nNiMXjTv_lFipYz880=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby David Archibald
{} ~ The global warming hysteria was reaching a crescendo in the lead up to the climate confab in Copenhagen in 2009 when a civic-minded person released the Climategate emails, deflating the whole thing... Those emails, concocted from the fevered imaginations of the scientists involved. Nigh on 10 years have passed since then and we are currently experiencing another peak in the hysteria that seems to be coordinated worldwide. But why? Why now? The global warming scientists have plenty of time on their hands and plenty of money. Idle curiosity would have got some to have a stab at figuring out what is going to happen to climate. Do they see an imminent cooling and they have to get legislation in place before that is apparent? The passage of those ten years has given us another lot of data points on the global warming. There are now 40 years of satellite  measurements of atmospheric temperature and this is how that plots up for the Lower 48 States: What the graph shows is the departure from the average for the 30 years from 1981 to 2010. The last data point is February 2019 with a result of -0.03 degrees C. So we have had 40 years of global warming and the temperature has remained flat. In fact it is slightly cooler than the long term average. Is it possible to believe in global warming when the atmosphere has cooled? No, not rationally. Is it possible for global warming to be real if the atmosphere has cooled? Again no...
The Democrats' $100 Trillion Agenda Could Easily Tilt
the Nation

Stephen Moore

Remember when Democrats complained that $5.7 billion for a border wall was too expensive? Well, that’s chump change compared to what many of the congressional Democrats and nearly all of those 15 declared Democrats in the presidential race are now rallying behind.

The price tag isn’t in the billions but in the tens of trillions. President Trump was attacked earlier this month by Democrats for a budget blueprint that would run fiscal deficits of 5 percent of GDP. That’s too high, for sure, but count up the spending plans of Democrats and deficits could easily hit 20 to 30 percent of GDP and tilt the nation toward Greek and Puerto Rican-style bankruptcy.

Let’s start to add it all up.

Start with “Medicare for All,” the new health care anthem of the left. It is touted as a way to make medical services “free” for everyone. The cost to taxpayers? By some estimates, $32 trillion over the next decade, according to a study by the Mercatus Center. Medicare, just for the seniors it was designed to cover, is already projected to run deficits in the tens of trillions of dollars over the next four decades, according to the program’s own Trustees.

Then there is Rep. commie-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal,” which is supposed to turn America into an eco-friendly paradise and avert the apocalypse that commie-Ocasio-Cortez claims will occur in just over a decade. At least four presidential candidates have endorsed some or all of that agenda.

Of course, the politicians pushing these plans remain suspiciously quiet whenever they’re asked to explain exactly how much their pet projects will cost U.S. taxpayers and whether they’re worth the investment. But thanks to public-policy watchdog groups, we have some preliminary estimates. According to one recent study by the American Action Forum, the “Low-carbon Electricity Grid” proposed in the Green New Deal will cost taxpayers $5.4 trillion over 10 years or $39,000 per household.

Similarly, a “Net Zero Emissions Transportation System,” another part of the environmental proposal, could require as much as to $2.7 trillion or $20,000 per household, while “Guaranteed Green Housing” could cost an additional $4.2 trillion.

The Democrat-backed welfare programs in the Green New Deal are even more daunting. According to the study, “guaranteed jobs” and “universal health care” would together cost each American family as much as $582,000 or $80.6 trillion in total.

Then there is the loss of as many as 10 million jobs in the oil, gas and coal industries, which would add to welfare and unemployment benefit costs, let alone the severe   financial hardship this would impose on millions of middle-class families whom Democrats once said they cared about.

Added together, these preliminary Democratic proposals are projected to cost about $92 trillion over 10 years.

But wait, there’s more.

Another hot proposal on the left gaining momentum is called “universal basic income.” Everybody gets a free check from the government. A key sponsor of this is U.S. Sen. lowlife-Kamala Harris of California, a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination. This would give families making less than $100,000 a check of up to $6,000 from the government every year. “Americans are working harder than ever but stagnant wages mean they can’t keep up with cost of living increases,” Harris says.

Then there is the cost of “free” college tuition, another federal freebie supported by Democrats. That would add trillions more to the taxpayer tab over the next decade while further inflating the outrageous tuitions that universities already charge.

The $15-an-hour minimum wage would also impose new costs on government at every level.

Now the latest craze on the left is for “reparations” payments for slavery. Julian Castro and other presidential wannabes have endorsed this radical income redistribution scheme. A 2015 study by a professor at the University of Connecticut estimates that the cost of reparations would be between $5.9 and $14.2 trillion. These results were published in the Social Sciences Quarterly journal.

Add it all up and the estimated 10-year cost of creating the Democratic-socialist utopia envisioned by the likes of commie-Ocasio-Cortez, Sen. commie-Bernie Sanders and other leaders of the Democratic Party reaches well north of $100 trillion.

Who will be left to pay for the Democrats’ America when everything is “free”? To the extent that any of the Democrats currently running for president has offered an answer to this question, they’ve invariably claimed that they would finance their schemes by levying punitive taxes on “the wealthy.” But even if you took every penny of income from every millionaire and billionaire in America, it wouldn’t even pay half the cost. Some say we will just put it on the federal credit card. President scumbag/liar-nObama took our national debt from $10 trillion to nearly $20 trillion, but that might be loose change compared to the new spending spree.

Ultimately, the burden of paying for this radical transformation of America would fall predominantly on the middle class, as usual. Just one example: Many Europeans pay gas taxes that are double what we pay in the United States. That’s part of the tab for their green energy policies that Democrats are eager to bring here. Anyone want to pay $5 a gallon to fill up?

The Democrats balked at spending $5.7 billion to protect American communities by securing the border, but they’re perfectly happy to mortgage our future by spending nearly 20,000 times that amount on their own utopian fantasies. We will all have everything we want, and our country will be bankrupt.  ~The Patriot Post
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