The Tea Party: Last Hope for America

4063764177?profile=originalMary read it out loud from her computer, “Booker Wins!” The news hit me like a punch in the gut. Despite months of intense campaigning, making remarkable gains in the polls and rallying the Tea Party, far left radical liberal Democrat Cory Booker beat conservative Republican Steve Lonegan for the New Jersey U.S. Senate seat.

The cold reality is Booker's $11.2 million war chest vs Lonegan's $1.35 million. Still, the race was much closer than panicked Democrats expected. Lonegan boldly touted conservative principles. He outperformed Mitt Romney's Nov. 2012 vote totals in most New Jersey counties.

On election day, I felt a bit yucky, fighting a cold and tired. Booker's win added to my yuckiness. Camped out on the sofa, I watched a TV show titled, “The Book of Manning”, a documentary about the Manning family and their amazing football legacy.

Folks, that TV show helped to get me through the night. It reminded me of what I am fighting for, an American ideal. I am fighting to preserve an America in which striving for excellence, working hard and trying to do the right thing is rewarded.

My involvement in the political arena goes far beyond politics. It is about two opposing visions for America and what it means to be an American.

Booker, like his idol Obama, seeks to transform America into a nation where entitlements reign supreme, achievers are demonized, standards are lowered and mediocrity is spread equally; a land of baby daddies and welfare checks.

Democrats feel morally justified in their relentless efforts to redistribute wealth. They dismiss achievers as mere “winners of life's lottery”. Hogwash! Biographies of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Peyton, Eli and Archie Manning and countless others confirm that superior performance is birthed out of a superior work ethic.

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” Aristotle

As I stated, we are in a war of two opposing ideas; striving for and celebrating American exceptional-ism vs a gimme-my-government-handout America.

Washington elites on both sides of the political isle have launched an all out assault to destroy the Tea Party and the lawmakers who represent our principles and values.

However, the reality is that thanks to the Tea Party, Steve Lonegan earned the highest percentage of the vote for any Republican candidate for Senate in New Jersey in the last dozen years. I am extremely proud of you folks. Thank you very, very much.

The closeness of the Senate race confirms that conservatism does resonate with voters when properly articulated. We lost because Booker had $11 million to smear Lonegan and sell lies to masses of low-info voters. Pundits are erroneously blaming the Tea Party.

We, the Tea Party are the instruments of real change in DC. Quite frankly, Washington elites are appalled by our arrogance. Who do we Tea Party yahoos think we are trying to make demands on them?

Patriots, I wish to send out a clarion call to stand strong in your commitment to preserving the freedoms we have left and restoring those we have lost. Also, it is vitally crucial that you remain loyal and defend our representatives Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee with every fiber of your being. Without their courageous voices championing our mission, the battle for America is easily lost.

As I stated, watching the Manning Family documentary gave me hope. It was about a young man who worked very, very hard to be the best football player he could be. But his greatest desire was to be a good dad to his sons. Without pressuring his sons to following in his footsteps but simply leading by example, both Peyton and Eli embraced the family work ethic which has lead to pro football excellence. Their mom was loving and supportive.

Laugh, poke fun and call it “Leave it to Beaver” if you like, but it is the kind of America I miss and see swiftly slipping away.

Just an observation, Archie Manning was a live in father rather than a baby daddy with numerous out of wedlock births resulting from his sperm donations.

Hang in there Tea Party. Though they slander you with false accusations of racism, in reality, you are the last hope for America.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American


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  • It is a mess.  

  • We Tea Partiers should work our buns off supporting Tea Party canidateds.We should call on senator Ted Cruz to run as our Tea Party canidate in 2016 And Rand Paul and Mike Lee switch parties.What we need to do is to stop supporting republican canidates.We are never gonna win if we dont begin to get down rough and tough and dirty and walk the walk we are never gonna win.You cant appear to be lil lambs when the wolf is guarding the sheep fold.All dems are wolves so we must turn on the wolves and beat them at their game.We all know that they are cheaters.They cheated in 2008 and again in 2012.Being Mr nice guy want get us anywhere with them we got to get down dirty.

  • The Democrats are using the same big money war chests to smear Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia's gubernatorial race. In August alone the democrats spent 8.1 million  airing attack ads full of lies. Michael Bloomberg's PAC is donating 1.1 million to McAuliffe's campaign specifically to go after the Second Amendment rights here in Virginia. Hitlary Clinton is hosting fundraisers for him. Fundraisers have also been held in New York and Hollywood to benefit former DNC fundraiser McAuliffe who has never held office but considered running for Governor of Florida or New York. The race is tight because the democrats are using this money to saturate the air waves with these attack ads. McAuliffe is planning on using Virginia as a stepping stone to aid Hitlary in 2016. He lives just across the river in N. VA. Tea Party unite to defeat McAuliffe. Support Cuccinelli, a true conservative constitutionalist.

  • Stay alert... Make sure uRpowderdry... The time to bow your back is rapidly approaching
  • hust for the facts hre is this piece from the huffingtomn post Where Ted Cruz's wife admidted that he recieves insurance from a Goldman sachs company in which she is in management and has been for how many years?

    The wife of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) confirmed in an interview with The New York Times what the tea party star's opponents have insinuated gleefully for weeks: The most vocal opponent of Obamacare enjoys a high-priced health plan through investment bank Goldman Sachs.

    "Ted is on my health care plan," Heidi Nelson Cruz, who has worked in the firm's management division for eight years, told the paper in a story published Wednesday.

  • Not only because of money, but most likly the election was rigged by money!

  • If we take most of the Dems. out and put in Repubs., even those we don't like.....THE POWER OF THAT MOMENT WILL SEND A CLEAR AND LOUD MESSAGE TO THE REPUBS. .......IF YOU DON'T OBEY THE CONSTITUTION AND WORK FOR THE PEOPLE AND AMERICA, YOUR NEXT !!!!!

  • Lloyd..I could not agree with you more...and what is even better we do have God on our side. Washington and the Founders lost many battles but won the war....we must not falter! At least O'Reilly finally called a spade a spade last night on FOX....

  • What will save America is the day we all base our arguments on being Americans fighting for the America we grow up in! Once we identify our selves as Tea Party, White, Black, veterans, we separate our selves from the base group. Yes I am a veteran! Yes I am a conservative! yes I am a white middle class! yes i am a father! do not identify your self as being part of a group unless your gathering with that group. Rather speak from being American concerned about the future of America. with the Obamacare roll out many people are beginning to recognize just how dictatorial the Obama agenda is and they don't like what their seeing!

  • Jefferson said that the American people will always get the government that they deserve, but I feel sorry for those who did not want this guy. The question is did they vote and contribute money? If not, they deserve it too.

    It is sad that the supposedly party of the average, poor and workers is backed by super rich, power hunger people like Soros who pour money into these races. 13 million dollars could help a lot of poor people and was over 10 times more than the opposition. It is all about power, control and making more money. Soros picks people he can manipulate and control and that sums up the average democratic voter.

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