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MCW commented on Aubrey Lee Mason's blog post An open letter response to Congresswoman Bachmann's statement "Congress must have support from voters to Impeach Obama"
Feb 26, 2014
MCW commented on Kristi Ann Mod's blog post Training for Treason: US Military Trains for Taking Over America!!
"Lets do it, its time, WAKE UP AMERICA! Also note any officer of the law along with the military are sworn to the Constitution and the American Flag, therefore any desecration of the Constitution or Bill of Rights make it TREASON. They are the…"
Feb 17, 2014
MCW commented on capblack's blog post Holder Pleads Voting Rights For Hold Up Men & Crack Dealers
"Well of course, just another PLOT to get the votes, same as AMESTY! Wake UP AMERICA! NOW!"
Feb 17, 2014
MCW commented on Marcia Wood's blog post 3 Generals, Sec. of Defense, Joint Chief of Staff -"Nail Obama & Clinton"
"My dream is a little more to the point....it involves a very high tree!"
Feb 14, 2014
MCW commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Happy 50th Birthday Sarah Palin
"Beautiful ? How about stunning! Happy B day Sarah !"
Feb 12, 2014
MCW commented on james c. cochran's blog post ky state police
"Must be some special jet as the only one I know of that can land on SPOT is the Harrier."
Feb 10, 2014
MCW commented on Donnie Lowe's blog post WHO'S SIDE IS THIS MUSLIM ON ?
"GUESS!!!!!!! But do it with facts and you will be shocked!"
Jan 30, 2014
MCW commented on Michael Toon's blog post Illegal Immigrant Allowed to Practice Law, California Court Rules
"Why not, WE LET an illegal immigrant become President! WO ARE WE THE PEOPLE!"
Jan 3, 2014
MCW commented on vanguardoffreedom's blog post U.S. District Judge Rules NSA Program Likely Unconstitutional
"Hey patriots this along with NSA, IRS, steping down of the IG at HS, The minions are falling....and Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.........We must keep the preasure on to bring on the rest of the riddle!"
Dec 17, 2013
MCW commented on The Tradesman's blog post Obama And The Democrats In Violation Of 17 Year Old Federal Law Passed By Democrats As Well As Constitutional Law
"He has done tromped al over the Constitution and we have done nothing about it so whats another nail in the coffin!"
Nov 27, 2013
MCW commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post The Tea Party: Last Hope for America
"Not only because of money, but most likly the election was rigged by money!"
Oct 23, 2013
MCW commented on Kevin Fobbs's blog post Keeping God In Pledge of Allegiance Faces New Legal Attack on America’s Soul
"Wake up America it time We The People took our country back! Bring on the scare crow blood on the plow!"
Oct 22, 2013
MCW commented on Kevin Fobbs's blog post Should Detroit Receive $100 Million From Obama With Government Shutdown Looming?
"Who in the Hxll do you think is going to stop king o.........unless WE THE PEOPLE DO! Bring On The  Scarecrow, Blood On The Plow!!!!"
Oct 11, 2013
MCW commented on james c. cochran's blog post truckers to D.C
"Our Vets will be there too.....I believe the rest of American patriots should be there also, 1million how about 20 to 30 million and hell yes arrest all of the treasonous bastxxds starting with the King. all. Bring on the scare crow blood on the…"
Oct 8, 2013

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