Believe in a NWO or not, Donald J. Trump is not a part of it. He is just the opposite. There have been threats made to Trump and his family. Eric Trump's wife opened a letter with white powder in it.

Trump's main purpose of running has always been to disassemble the cabal of global powers, and take control of their enterprise to be placed back into the people's hands.

Never in any election has there been such a conspiracy to take out one man running for the presidency. Over $200 million has been spent, so far, to stop Trump as the rich elite of the establishment cabal have gathered 3 times to give money and plot to stop Trump. They're in 'panic mode'.

The system has not educated those under 35. Only Reagan, before Trump, have NOT been picked from globalist's crop. The puppets of the elite do as told.

Americans must must align ourselves or suffer the consequences 'they' decide.

America has vast resources. Enemies within have been created to divide us. They have broken our unity to dismantle our systems. It's time to end political correctness.

The end of the Democrat Party was changed to the Communist Party right after Kennedy was assassinated. The Republican Party sold out to global fields. The two Parties are now one.


Donald Trump understands this, and vows it will end. This is why he is attacked. Rioters are organized like never before, bringing in recruits who sympathize with racism, sexism and bigotry.


The elite believe borders, immigration, abortion is sexist, wealth is bigotry and military is used to help us to dominate other countries.

Free trade (TPP and NAFTA), wasn't designed for America to prosper but to give the world our wealth and resources by legal authority.

ObamaCare wasn't designed to help give health insurance to those who couldn't get it but to redistribute wealth back into the insurance industry that is owned by the major banks. This is not working well.

ISIS wasn't allowed to prosper to unite a region in historic disruption, but to caliphate the planet under one religion and Sharia law.


Donald Trump is in favor of America. Trump is a true conservative, a nationalist, who only wants to see the end of globalization to make America great again.

For over a century, the American government has been controlled by lobbyists and by special interests groups. America can no longer continue on its present course. America will either crash, or we can unite and rebuild America strong again. They don't have their candidate in yet. Let's put him in.


Ted Cruz and John Kasich can be manipulated, and possibly already a part of globalization. Donald Trump is NOT, nor never will ever surrender to them or their plans for a NWO.


Trump has placed his life, his family, and his enterprise as the target because he will not surrender to a NWO.


Trump's spokesperson has stated that Trump is in a state of war with these people and he plans to expose these people and their evil plans.

Trump will not become another Kennedy. Support Trump and make America Great Again or fall into the NWO the other candidates will lead you to.

Daveda Gruber

Daveda Gruber

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  • Joseph, I agree. Trump will get Independents and cross-over dems. He reaches to people who have never voted. He has more people voting Republican than the Democrats have voting for Killary.

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